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Hi, I’m Dr. Lillian, Dogs have always captured my attention due to their loyal attitude and love for human beings. Since childhood, I have always felt that I need to do something so that people become aware of these lovely creatures. I started researching them, and my interest grew the more I discovered the interesting facts about dogs, which led me to pursue a career in animal care. Along with my full-time career, I started sharing my expertise and knowledge through my blogs on canineweekly.com. So, as I started writing for canineweekly.com, the influence that created on some of my aficionados that they, too, became contributors, and we expanded to give detailed info on dog breeds, dog products, and other tidbits that could help our audiences to learn more about them. So, following my D.V.M., my experience with animal care has largely been around internal medicine, dermatology, emergency and critical care. I provide regular counseling to clients from various economic backgrounds. In the course of my practice, I have treated and handled not only the usual pets but also some unconventional and exotic specimens. I have also mentored local practitioners who are working with NGOs and zoological centers towards the goal of animal welfare. I am interested in contributing meaningfully to the wellbeing of our furry friends, and am committed to sincerely disseminating knowledge about the same. Growing up, Lillian was naturally curious about the fields of botany, microbiology, and zoology. She even considered pursuing a career in biotechnology. Nevertheless, she found that her passion for learning about diseases and curing them could be directed to a more practical field. Dr. Green went on to earn her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the Denver Vet College. Following that she has been practicing at the Denver Animal Hospital, and the VCA Park Hill Animal hospital. She is interested in rigorously researching aspects of animal disease across different cultures, and has published original material in a couple of internationally reputed journals. While keeping her scholarly credentials alive, she was also interested in reaching out to a wider audience. She came to realize that with the rise of telehealth apps, people are increasingly relying on popular websites for animal care and treatment. In order to connect with the lay person, she has been a regular contributor to Canine Weekly.

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