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Large Dog Breeds

Everything You Want And Need To Know About Large Dog Breeds

Many large dog breeds make wonderful pets, but they also present several unique challenges for their owners. Large dog breeds not only need a suitable diet, comprehensive obedience training and […]

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german shepherd dog food 1

The 8 Best Dog Foods for German Shepherds

Smart, beautiful and loyal, the German Shepherd (GSD) is a very popular breed (they rank second among all dogs, according to the AKC), who excels in a wide variety […]

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flea prevention for dogs 3

Best Flea Treatment for Dogs: The Battle Against Biting Bugs

Updated June 7, 2018 There's a lot to like about the summer. From barbeques to pool parties to summer concerts, this time of year can certainly be a blast. But there‚Äôs […]

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