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Here, you’ll find everything you need to navigate the challenges and joys of large dog ownership. We cover every facet of pet care imaginable, including breed profiles, dog food, grooming, product reviews, and training. Aand we always do so while specifically focusing on large dog breeds.

And by “large” we mean dogs that are at least 50 pounds. We hope that small-dog owners still find our content helpful, but we want to be perfectly clear: We are big-dog people!

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Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever: Dog Breed Information And Pictures

Everyone needs a companion who plays with them, is loyal to them, and is loving and well-mannered around…


Saluki: Dog Breed Information And Pictures

A breed that was considered a ‘Gift from God’ in ancient times. Saluki is one of the oldest…

Slovensky Kopov

Slovensky Kopov: Dog Breed Information And Pictures

Are you willing to choose the Slovensky Kopov as your pet? This one is a rare breed, yet…

Few aspects of dog care are more important than nutrition, so we cover large dog food and diet thoroughly.

homemade food for belgian malinois

Homemade Food For Belgian Malinois: Tips For Providing a Nutritious Diet at Home

The Belgian Malinois is one of the finest working breeds and a fabulous family companion. One look at…

large breed puppy foods

10 Best Large Breed Puppy Food Picks for 2023 – Reviews and Guide

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can dogs eat snap peas

Can Dogs Eat Sugar Snap Peas? | All You Need to Know

Have you come home from the farmer’s market with a bag full of fresh sugar snap peas? Do…

We’ll explain some of the best ways large-breed owners can help with health & care for their pets.

is creeping thyme safe for dogs

Is Creeping Thyme Safe For Dogs? Expert Insights And Advice

Dogs are curious beings, always keen on knowing their surroundings through their mouth and nose. They’ll have their…

dasuquin vs cosequin

Dasuquin vs Cosequin: Which Joint Supplement Is Best for Your Dog?

Many dogs suffer from joint problems, but large breeds are particularly susceptible to issues like hip dysplasia, elbow…

why is my dog hyperventilating

Why Is My Dog Hyperventilating? [6 Reasons And Remedies]

Hyperventilation in dogs can be scary. When your dog is panting or breathing quickly, it may appear hyperventilating.…

We’ll explain some of the best ways large-breed owners can help with health & care for their pets.


The 20 Best Toys for Big Dogs of 2023: Chew Toys, Ropes, Balls & More

When you have a large dog, shopping for big dog toys can be more difficult than it is…


How to Calm Your Dog During Storms? [ 7 Helpful Tips in 2023]

Does your dog have a terrible time during a thunderstorm? Is he absolutely petrified, leaving you at a…


How To Get Rid Of Dog Tear Stains At Home?

Are you a pet owner? If so, have you ever observed those unpleasant brown and red spots under…

Training & Behavior Advice

Whether you’re having a hard time housebreaking your puppy, or you can’t get your dog to stop dragging you around during walks, you’ll find the answers in our Training & Behavior articles. You can start learning about dog training commands and more.