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Dog is Drooling Clear Slime: Potential Reasons and Actionable Step

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Having a dog is a matter of absolute responsibility, and you have to be cautious and extra alert, as these furry animals can get in trouble anytime and anywhere.

One simple yet big concern in dogs is when they drool clear slime, it is not noticeable at first, but it is visible when the drooling gets heavy.

This can happen for various reasons; maybe the dog senses a treat around the corner, which makes its mouth wet, or its cut little mouth are now unable to hold some excess drool; reasons can be many.

In this article, you will learn about what are the potential reasons for your dog drooling clear slime and actionable steps you should take to stop it.

Let us begin the article.

Why is my Dog Drooling Clear Slime?

Why is my Dog Drooling Clear Slime

The first step towards knowing why my dog is drooling clear slime is to determine the amount of earlier slime production and then compare the drooling with the current slime production.

Also, if it happens once or twice, then it is normal, but if the excess drooling of clear slime continues, you might want to look at why this is happening.

A few common reasons why your dog is drolling clear slime a lot are:

1. Some Dogs are Natural Salivators

There are some specific breeds that drool a lot due to their differently-shaped lips and muzzles. They either can not hold too much slime, which falls from their lower lips, or they spread everywhere while running or headshaking.

Some cute breeds that salivate a lot are:

  • Bloodhound
  • English Mastiff
  • Boerboel
  • Great Dane
  • Boxer
  • Bullmastiff
  • Bulldog

If your dog is among these breeds, then there is nothing to worry about, but still, if the drooling exceeds usual, do consult a veterinarian.

2. When Dogs Sense a Treat

When Dogs Sense a Treat

If your dog is not among the breed of heavy drooling dogs, and they were not heavy droolers earlier, you should try and find out why they are drooling slime so often.

Another reason why a dog is drooling clear slime is that they are sensing a treat or something to eat. Saliva helps in digestion, and when they sense a treat or good food around, they drool clear slime.

It is just a normal mechanism in dogs when they are excited about eating, and there is nothing to worry about.

3. Food That they do not Like

They may release clear slime as they might have eaten something they do not like or is causing trouble with their digestion.

In most cases, medicine ingestion causes excessive drooling in dogs or some food items they hate.

In other cases, they might eat something that shouldn’t be eaten, like a piece of cloth, a toy, a poisonous plant or wood, or anything that can even be toxic and harmful.

If they are drooling excessively, check their mouth to see whether any toxic thing has been consumed. In this case, you will also see some signs like vomiting and diarrhea. If they are showing these symptoms, then it’s time for dogs to visit a veterinarian.

4. They may have a Medical Condition

They may have a Medical Condition

If none of the abovementioned reasons are for your dog’s excessive drooling of clear slime, they may be suffering from a medical condition making them drool this lot.

There can be any medical condition that can cause this excessive drooling, and a veterinarian will be able to identify the medical condition and treat it accordingly.

When Should I Worry About my Dog Drooling Clear Slime?

Many dogs drool clear slime as they have a different jaw structure, and specific breeds tend to drool a lot because of their mouth structure. So you do not need to worry about them or when they are sensing some food and drooling.

They may drool because they have eaten a medicine, and it’s normal and needs no action, but the only time you should worry about your dog drooling a clear slime is when you can not figure out a reason.

This simply means it can be a health issue that is causing your dogs to drool clear slime.

The following medical conditions could be some potential reasons why your dog is drooling too much slime:

1. Mouth and Throat Problem

Mouth and Throat Problem

Any difficulty in the mouth and throat can cause excessive drooling in dogs. If they have an injury or any piece of bone or similar object is tucked in the mouth, it will cause drooling of clear slime.

Dogs will be restless, continuously pawing at their mouth and trying to fix the issue. Be quick and run a scan, or take them to a vet to determine the actual cause of the problem.

2. Dental Issues

Another main reason for the heavy drooling of clear slime can be the infected gums or tartar buildup in your dog’s mouth.

Try cleaning your dog’s mouth or get it checked at a vet’s place to prevent any major problems.

3. Allergies and Infections

Allergies and Infections

Your dog may drool if they come in contact with anything they are allergic to, and you may see swelling of the lips or face or other signs along with drooling.

Drooling will also be seen if they are infected with any mouth or throat-related infections, including throat infection or sinus infection.

4. Heat Stroke

Your dog may have suffered a heat stroke and is trying to cool itself down by releasing salivas.

Excessive drooling can also be a sign of some serious internal medical issues and always attend to this situation as a priority.

5. Other Serious Medical Conditions

Other Serious Medical Conditions

There are other major serious health issues that can cause excessive drooling of clear slime in dogs; they are:

  • Kidney Disease
  • Digestion Problem
  • Cancer Issues
  • Liver Disease

If you see your dog continuously drooling a clear slime, please hurry up and take a veterinarian’s opinion to be sure of the reason, as it can turn out to be a serious issue anytime.

What to do About Your Dog Drooling Clear Slime?

There are a few things that can be done depending on the reason why your dog is drooling clear slime.

If your dog is from a breed that releases salivas a lot, then you need to have a soft cloth to clean their muzzles and mouth whenever they are drooling or after when they have eaten or had a drink.

You can also tie a little cloth or anything you like, which will prevent the drool from falling and act as a bib.

If they are releasing clear slime because they do not like what they have eaten, refrain from giving them that food that they do not like.

If they are drooling clear slime after they have eaten a medicine, then you can not do much as it’s their natural defense mechanism, but if the drooling exceeds or continues, contact your vet, they may check and change the dosage or the medicines if necessary.

When to Contact Your Vet?

When to Contact Your Vet?

When you are checking your dog for any health issues or why they are drooling excessively and you find out that they have a bone stuck in their teeth or throat or any such dental issues, you should head straight to your vet.

Similarly, if you suggest that the drooling is a result of some allergies or infections, and you are not able to conclude a proper reason for that, you should let the vet know.

If you are unable to determine why your dog is drooling so much clear slime, it’s time that you should contact your veterinarian and let them know of the situation.

The veterinarian will run some tests to check whether your dog has some health issues or they are naturally drooling.


Q: Is drooling a sign of pain?

In many cases, drooling may happen because your dog is in pain, has dental problems, or has issues in the mouth and throat that results in drooling.

Q: Are there specific breeds of dogs that drool?

Yes, there are certain breeds that naturally drool a lot when compared with other breeds. Bloodhounds, English Mastiffs, Boerboels, Great Danes, Boxers, Bullmastiffs, and Bulldogs are some of the heavy drooling breeds.

Q: My dog drools clear slime after eating medicine: why?

It is a natural mechanism for dogs to drool after eating something they do not like or stuff like medicine, as the saliva aids in digestion and eases the swallowing.
However, if the drooling continues, you should contact the veterinarian, as they may assess the situation and change the dosage or medications to help your dog’s drooling.


If your dog is drooling a clear slime, it can be a topic of concern for pet owners, and in this article, you will learn everything about their drooling and what causes drooling in dogs, including the breeds which are known for drooling.

Upon reading the whole article, you will know when you should worry about your dog’s drooling and what to do if your dog excessively drools clear slime.

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