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Dogs Throw up Smells like Poop 3 Reasons and How to Deal with them?

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If you have a pet in your family, they are probably like a family member rather than a pet animal.

People who pet dogs are extra sensitive, just as dogs are, and if your pooch is not well, your heart starts to pump out.

You might have seen your dog feeling unwell and then vomiting all around, and sometimes their vomit smells like poop, and that’s where things get tense.

Dogs are good at vomiting, that may sound absurd, but it is what it is. You may have noticed your dog not feeling well, then throwing up and returning to normality as if nothing happened.

But if their vomit smells like feces, you need to know why because it is abnormal. In this read, you will learn about different colors of vomit in dogs, why your dog vomit smells like poop, and how to deal with it.

5 Different Colors of Vomit in Dogs

5 Different Colors of Vomit in Dogs

The abnormalities in your dog’s vomit are generally identified by the different colors of vomit and the smell it has. We will discuss the different colors of vomits in dogs to see what it reflects.

1. Black Vomit

Vomits in black colors occur when a dog has eaten a big lot of mud or dirt.

It is also a sign of some sort of internal bleeding, which can be dangerous.

Ulcers are also a reason for black vomits; if the black-colored vomits happen regularly, they should be brought to a vet’s notice.

2. White Foam Vomit

White foamed kind of vomit usually occurs if your canine partner is going through a resentful stomach. It’s interesting to note that dogs often experience digestive upset, and consuming non-edible things can cause this. Grass and mud or dirt are a primary cause of this.

If this colored vomit is not frequent, there is not much to worry about, but if this happens too often, seek medical assistance.

Another reason for white-colored vomit can be kidney issues or acid reflux. Kidney issues can show signs of tiredness and laziness. Take a visit to a vet and get this checked out.

3. Yellowish Vomit

Vomit happening in yellow color is a bile that is produced in the liver for digestion. And when the dog’s belly is empty, they throw up this yellow fluid that goes from the liver to the gallbladder and then small intestines.

Yellow vomit is usually considered unharmful if a dog is healthy, but sometimes yellow vomit can be a sign of gastrointestinal disorder or cancer.

Try providing your dog with a small frequent meal instead of one large meal. If the yellowish vomit continues, visit a veterinarian for a check-up.

4. Green Vomit

Dogs may vomit green liquid if they have an upset stomach, often due to eating grass. This can also be caused by bile, which is a yellow liquid produced by the liver.

If your dog vomits once and then returns to their normal routine, then there is nothing to worry about. However, if the vomiting occurs frequently, it’s best to consult a veterinarian.

5. Red Vomit

Red vomiting is a serious sign of internal bleeding, which can be caused by a cut in the throat or internal organs. A speck of blood in vomit can also be a sign of illness, such as stomach ulcer or poisoning.

If you see more dark red blood in vomit, it is not a good sign and requires immediate medical attention.

3 Reasons why Dog Vomit Smells like Poop

There are many reasons why your dog’s vomit smells like poop. Below are some basic causes of dog vomit that smell like feces or poop.

1. Eating Decayed Food

The primary cause of your dog’s vomit smelling like poop is because they have eaten something decayed or decomposed. Eating rotten food increases the chance of bacteria and fungal ingestion, leading to vomit.

Many times dogs eat an infected dead animal or its remains and other things similar to that leading to a pungent or poop-like smell in the vomit due to the strong bacterial or fungal smell in the digested substance.

2. Eating Animal Waste

Eating Animal Waste

Another possible explanation of why dog vomit smells like poop is that they may have eaten feces. This could be their own feces or the feces of some other animal. When the body detects that it has ingested something that is harmful or indigestible, it may induce vomiting as a way to expel the offending substance.

It is generally expected in dogs and many other animals and is called coprophagia. Yes, it is gross and unpleasing, triggering tummy upsets and stomach aches.

3. Bowel Obstruction

Intestinal obstruction is also a reason for the smell of vomiting. When dogs ingest anything inedible and undigested, this results in bowel obstruction.

Bowel obstruction is caused because an inedible substance like a wood bar, glass, rubber toy, or any such thing is consumed by the puppy, blocking the intestinal tract, and ceasing digestion, making it impossible to process and turning it into dog waste.

If the digested substance cannot be processed and comes out like feces, it will come out as vomit. And the longer it stays in the tract, the worse the smell gets.

Can a Dog Throw up Poop?

It is abnormal for dogs to throw up poop in vomits, but it can actually happen in exceptional instances.

Bowel obstruction or obstruction in the lower intestines can add up to the odor of vomit as dogs ingest inedible substances, which get blocked in the intestinal tract and are unable to digest.

It also depends on the food they are eating, like rotten or decayed meat or veggies can lead to the foul smell of vomit, but it is not actually poop. They are throwing up nothing but the jammed undigested food they have consumed.

Why is my Dog Throwing up Brown Stuff that Looks like Poop?

Vomits in brown or black colors are generally considered a significant health risk and should be brought to a veterinarian’s notice as soon as possible.

Dogs throw up brown or black colored liquid when there is some sort of internal bleeding, which can be fatal. This type of vomit is also a result of indigestion from something poisonous, and if they have pale gum, it is a sign they need immediate medical help.

Another major reason for brown or black vomit is that they could have developed a bleeding ulcer. Ulcers are developed for several reasons, including bacterial and fungal infections and kidney diseases.

The pooch may lose some weight, and their feces will turn brown in this case and require urgent medical help.

When to Take Your Dog to the Vet?

When to Take Your Dog to The Vet?

If your dog throws up just once with a foul odor and seems to be doing fine after the vomit, it is probably nothing to worry about, as vomits can happen from an upset tummy, and as mentioned earlier, the dog can vomit very easily and still be okay.

But if the vomit with a poop-like smell starts to happen often, you must get your dog checked thoroughly by a vet.

It also depends on you; as a pet parent, you know your dog more than anyone, and if you feel they are not well and need to see a doctor, take them straight to a vet.


Q: How do you get rid of the pungent and foul smell of dog vomit?

Soak the affected area with a handsome amount of baking soda, and after some time, you clean the remaining baking soda.

Q: What home remedy can I give my dog for vomiting?

For dogs’ vomiting and upset stomachs, ginger is the best home remedy. Ginger water or tea can help their digestive system; just boil the water with ginger root, cool it, and give your dog.

Q: Can dogs take human vomiting medicine?

No, you should not give any human medicine to dogs. Always consult a veterinarian before giving any medicine to dogs, and only give a vet’s prescribed medicine and dosage.


If your dog vomit smells like poop, you must be wondering and stimulating for reasons. This article will provide you with all the answers to your questions, like the different colors of vomits, what they mean, and what precautions you should take.

This read will complete your search about what causes a dog’s vomit to smell like poop and when you should take your dog to a vet. Hoping this read helps your dog stay fit and healthy.

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