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Dog Ate Combat Roach Bait | Here’s What You Should do Before it’s Late!

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Taking care of your dog and keeping track of its whereabouts is a difficult but necessary task. As dog parents, no matter how hard we try, we’d always end up in some sort of crisis. We try day and night to keep track of their activities, yet we find our dogs landing themselves into one or a few trouble. The intensity of these troubles may vary, but we need to ensure that over time, it minimizes.

I came across one such dog parent whose dog had accidentally eaten Combat Roach Bait. The situation became dire, and called for professional help. The details of this incident are unimportant, however, there are a few learnings that will come in handy if, God forbid, your dog goes through a similar situation.

What is Combat Roach Bait?

What is Combat Roach Bait

The Combat Roach Bait is one of the most potent poisons used to get rid of the cockroaches in your house. The Combat Roach Bait is poisonous for cockroaches, and if your dog accidentally consumes it; they can become seriously ill. Not only is it toxic, but it can also prove to be potentially fatal to your dog. Once ingested, it can have severe health implications for your loved pet. The combat roach bait is so poisonous that it can make your dog sick even if they inhale it without eating anything. Also, if your pet dog accidentally eats a cockroach that has been poisoned with the combat roach bait, it will poison your dog in the process. Combat Roach Bait can make your pet dog vomit, suffer from diarrhea.  And they can also suffer from severe ailments, like violent episodes of seizures.

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What to do if Your Dog has Consumed Combat Roach Bait?

What to do if Your Dog has Consumed Combat Roach Bait

Since we now know about the potency of the combat roach bait, let us now look at the ways of dealing with a situation in case your dog has accidentally consumed Combat Roach Bait.

1. Immediately Call Your Veterinarian

The combat roach bait is poisonous for your dog, and if you discover that your dog has consumed it, determine the amount of the poison they have consumed. Thereafter, do not waste any time, and take your pet to the veterinarian. Remember that if they have consumed large portions of the poison, it may prove fatal to your dog. The veterinarian shall take the necessary steps and ensure that your pet dog is healthy. 

2. Call Poison Control Hotline

If you discover that your dog has consumed Combat Roach Bait and is in an excruciating situation, this calls for emergency action. But what if your vet is away, or for some other such reason, you can’t get in touch with him/her? Do not wait for your vet then. Quickly dial the designated phone number of the poison control helpline in your area. Let them arrive and take your dog to a place where they can receive immediate treatment.  

3. Do not Attempt to Make Your Pet Vomit

Many dog parents have this preconceived notion that making a pet vomit is the easiest way to save their dog, especially if it has consumed anything poisonous. But let us tell you that this method is not apt, as forcing your dog to throw up may lead to other kinds of complications. It is advisable to do so, only when instructed by your veterinarian.

Similarly, do not feed your dog with water or food as this might further complicate your dog’s condition.

4. Bring a Sample of the Roach Bait to the Vet

As dog parents, many times, we are unable to exactly understand what our dogs have swallowed. Your dog may have consumed something else, which has made it sick, and you may confer that it is the combat roach bait that is responsible for the same. 

Remember that treatment against poisons depends on the nature of the poison ingested by your pet. So, it is advised to bring a sample of the roach bait to the veterinarian, who can run a few tests if required, confirm if it’s the same poison that your dog has consumed, and treat your pet accordingly. Give as many details of the incident to the vet as possible to help the vet come up with a treatment plan.

5. Bring the Container Too

If you find your dog showing any symptoms of potential poisoning by Combat Roach Bait; you should carry the container, or the box of the bait while visiting your vet along with your dog. 

Many times, these packets contain relevant and important information, which can come in handy for your vet, especially when time is short. This can allow your vet to eliminate the possibilities, apart from enabling them to better understand the potency of the poison that your dog has consumed.

6. Keep an Eye on Your Pet for the Next Few Days

As dog parents, we are careless and think that our pets are safe from any potential hazard if they consume anything poisonous. But, if your dog has consumed Combat Roach Bait, make sure to look out for any potential indication of signs of your pet being stressed out or in an uncomfortable situation, even after your vet has declared them to be out of danger. 

Lack of supervision or a relaxed attitude may adversely affect their well-being, even after they have been saved from the poison.

7. Set Boundaries for Your Pet

Once you find that your dog has consumed Combat Roach Bait, it is better to be careful about the places where you place the poison for the cockroaches. Please set a boundary for your pets, and ensure that they do not have access to those nooks and corners of the house where you have applied combat roach bait. 

If you use the product in the pantry, always lock the gate and disallow your dog to visit the pantry without your supervision. These steps shall ensure that they do not consume the poison again, and save them from any health-related danger. 

What are Some of the Symptoms to Watch Out for?

What are Some of the Symptoms to Watch Out for

After Eye Contact

As mentioned previously, Combat Roach Bait is highly poisonous and could cause harm to your dog’s eye on coming in contact with their eyes. It may cause mild irritation in your dog’s eye.

In such cases, it is best to immediately wash your dog’s eye with lukewarm water for about fifteen minutes. If the irritation persists, then it would be best to consult a veterinarian as soon as possible.

After Consumption

If your dog has consumed Combat Roach Bait by chance, it would take time to react or show symptoms. Do not ignore if you notice symptoms such as hiccupping, swallowing, or smacking their lips unnecessarily.

Other serious symptoms of consumption may call for immediate action. Such symptoms include nausea or vomiting.

After Inhalation

Though the possibility for this scenario to occur is much less as compared to the previous two situations, one should always be conscious of such an occurrence. It is best to take precautions and not leave a deadly drug around your home unattended, especially if you have kids or pets at home.

Try to move your pet from the exposed area to an area with fresh air. Do let their vet know in case something happens or they show further signs of discomfort.

Precautions to Take While Using Combat Roach Bait

It is advisable to take a few precautions while using a product like this. As someone using this product you need to keep your eyes well-protected by wearing glasses. Also, don’t let this product come into contact with your skin for which you can use gloves. 

In case of spillage, this product can cause additional trouble, not just for you but also for your pet. Try to evacuate the area where it got spilled to avoid any accidental slipping. The area where combat roach bait was spilled must be cleansed and washed thoroughly with water before use.

Why is Combat Roach Bait Harmful to Dogs?

There are many reasons why Combat Roach Bait is harmful for your dog, but here I am stating some main reasons that can help you understand why you need to keep your beloved pet away from this product. 

  • It contains chemicals that may prove to be harmful and toxic for your dog in case ingested.
  • It could cause digestive issues and lead to vomiting or diarrhea.
  • It can cause allergic reactions and make your dog hyperactive or restless.
  • It can attract other insects that then come and bite or sting your pet, which can lead to a series of other problems as well.
  • It can leave your dog fearful, which can be a cause of anxiety and depression in your pet.

The Final Verdict

Despite your utmost precautions, if your dog ends up consuming Combat Roach Bait, you need to look for the symptoms and analyze how much of the quantity was consumed by your dog. If the quantity is large and your dog begins to react to it, you should not delay in seeking professional help. If the quantity is low and your dog shows no symptoms then it is best to observe for any signs of discomfort. In case you are unaware of the situation yet you observe something unusual in your dog’s behavior, you must pay attention to it. This is regardless of the fact whether they consumed a product like this or not. Voiceless animals have no other way to communicate and that is why we need to be extra cautious and more observant in trying to guess what they are trying to imply.

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