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10 Dogs with the Strongest Bite (Measured by PSI Bite Force)

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No doubt, dogs have been serving humanity for centuries. These loyal and affectionate animals are still playing their useful role as the most common pet throughout the world. They are friendly and protective in nature, making them one of the best companions even in modern-day domestic settings.

Although most dogs are docile and peaceful animals, they become fiercely aggressive when needed. The smallest provocation can trigger the beast within them.

Their possibility to deliver a strong bite adds more strength to their protective behavior. Different dog breeds have multiple levels of bite force.

The overall bite strength depends on the type of dog. Usually, guard dog breeds have terrific jaws, which allow them to offer a strong defense against intruders.

But, some breeds have the strongest jaws, which means they can clamp down with extensive dog bite force. The power of a dog’s bite is measured in PSI (pound per square inch).

Dog Breeds With the Strongest Bite

RankingNameHeightWeightLife span Breed size TemperamentOrigin
1Malinois22 to 26 inches61 to 100 pounds14-16 yearslargewatchful, hard-working, alert, stubborn, confident, active, friendlyBelgium
2Chow Chow17 to 20 inches40 to 70 pounds12 to 15 yearsmediumaloof, independent, quietChina
3Dutch Shepherd22 to 25 inches66 to 88 pounds8-15 yearmediumaffectionate, alert, loyal, trainableNetherlands
4American Pitbull17 to 20 inches30 to 50 pounds8 – 15 yearsmediumfriendly, affectionate, gentle, intelligent, stubbornUnited States
5German Shepherd24 to 26 inches70 to 88 pounds9 – 13 yearslargeintelligent, obedient, courageous, stubborn, curious, confidentGermany
6Tosa Inu21.5–23.5 inches130 to 200 pounds10–12 yearsextra largeaggressive, intelligent, sensitive, brave, suspiciousJapan
7American Bull Dog20 to 28 inches75 to115 pounds10 – 15 yearsmediumfriendly, loyal, gentle, energetic, confident, dominant, assertiveUnited States
8Rottweiler30 to 34 inches80 to 120+ pounds8 – 10 yearslargeloving, affectionate, driven, protective, confidentGermany
9Cane Corso23 to 27 inches90 to 130 pounds8 – 11 yearslargeStable, Even Tempered, Intelligent, Fearless, Alert, Loyal, Reserved, Quiet, Trainable, CalmItaly
10Kangal30 to 34 inches120 to 150+ pounds10 – 13 yearslargesensitive, alert, protective, self-controlled, calmSivas

Given below is a list of the 10 top dog breeds with the strongest bite.

1. Malinois

The Belgian Malinois is a brave, alert, and loyal pup, which appears to be a smaller version of German Shepherd. These dogs are also playful and intelligent. Their extreme muscular appearance and strong jaws give them a clear edge over some other breeds.

The bite force of an adult Malinois may go up to 195 psi. Due to its amazing jaw power, these beautiful creatures can serve as a perfect guard dog. They are very well capable of protecting both their pack and humans.

These dogs are sensitive to smell, which makes them an ideal option for law enforcement authorities. They also get assigned as detection dogs at the airports. Furthermore, due to their high level of intelligence, these dogs are easy to train.

Malinois Bite Force: 195 PSI (pressure per square inch)

2. Chow Chow

Chow Chow

This dog breed originated from Mongolia, where they were developed and bred for more than 4000 years. Later on, China adopted this breed, and they met the rest of the world. These fluffy and soft dogs don’t appear to be fearsome at first glance, yet they served for centuries to herd livestock.

However, this breed is relatively hard to train. These dogs need regular grooming due to their voluminous fur. The bite strength of a Chow Chow is 220 psi, which is not bad for a cute looking dog.

Chow Chow Bite Force: 220 PSI

3. Dutch Shepherd

Originated in the Netherlands, this hardworking and energetic dog breed was named as shepherd due to their continuous relationship with the farmers and livestock owners. Dutch Shepherd can literally adapt to almost any climate. They are loyal, friendly, and strong dogs, capable of biting with a force of 224 psi.

Dutch Shepherd Bite Force: 224 PSI

4. American Pitbull

These medium-sized dogs are one of the most powerful and muscular dog breeds developed in America. They have an athletic body, which needs frequent exercise for regular maintenance. They are usually calm, but when not engaged in any kind of activity, these dogs may turn out to be quite destructive.

Their jaws can exert a bite strength of 235 psi, making them a nice competitor among other heavy hitters. American Pitbulls are muscular, affectionate, and playful pups, having a blast of energy stored within them. Besides, their legs are strong too. So better be careful when taking your Pitbull out for a walk.

American Pitbull Bite Force: 235 PSI

5. German Shepherd

German Shepherd

It is one of the most famous dog breeds, which is known for its agility, power, and sensitivity to smell. For decades, German Shepherds served as guard dogs. Their presence signals a sense of strength and power. These dogs were initially used for taking care of sheep and cows.

These dogs can easily adapt to any kind of environment. German Shepherds are intelligent, affectionate, and playful. Besides, their powerful jaws can bite with a tremendous force.

German Shepherd Bite Force: 238 PSI

6. Tosa Inu

Tosa Inu is one of the rarest breeds of Japanese dogs. The growth rate of this dog is relatively slow, and they reach their maturity after four years. Tosa Inu is the largest Japanese breed, which can live up to 12 years. They are also known to be messy, as they continuously shed their hair when roaming around the house.

Although this breed is popular as a sensitive and sweet pet, they may turn out to be aggressive at times. Hence, it is not recommended for first-time dog owners. The possession of Tosa Inus is even regulated in the UK under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. Furthermore, this breed is banned in some countries like New Zealand and Australia.

The bite force of Tosa Inu is 238 PSI, which is on par with its strong appearance. For safety, it is necessary to keep these dogs at a distance from other breeds because these dogs don’t miss a chance to challenge the authority of other dogs.

Tosa Inu Bite Force: 238 PSI

7. American Bull Dog

American Bull Dog

American Bull Dogs are famous for their power and strength. This is because they have a strong and sturdy physique. The large head with a muscular body casts a powerful impression. They are capable of attacking their opponent with sheer force.

The bite force of the American Bulldog is 305 psi. Besides having this massive jaw force, these dogs are playful and comical. However, they can switch to a protective mode within a split second.

American Bull Dog Bite Force: 305 PSI

8. Rottweiler

A Rottweiler isn’t an appropriate breed for faint-hearted people. Notably, male dogs are quite aggressive. Hence, before thinking about keeping this dog as a pet, make sure to consider this aspect. They are capable of one of the strongest dog bites with a force up to 328 PSI.

The Rottweiler is one of the most ancient breeds, which has some genetic connection with most of the existing dogs. This suggests that these dogs have a tremendous ancestral heritage. They accompanied the Romans while moving towards Germany.

Although a Rottweiler may have a bit of a bad reputation, they do serve as a smart pet. Due to their intelligence, learning abilities, and docile behavior, they turn out to be a perfect dog for domestic life. However, due to their temperament this dog needs to be continuously socialized.

Besides, the Rottweiler breed is prone to a wide range of health issues, including cardiac disease to blood disorders like Von Willebrands’s disease. These health problems can reduce the average lifespan of a Rottweiler to just 8 to 10 years.

Rottweiler Bite Force: 328 PSI

9. Cane Corso

Italy is the place where this breed was first originated and developed. The Cane Corso has a powerful and strong personality, and they look fearsome even during their early life.

The name comes from the word ‘Corso’ which means ‘protector.’ This is true to a great extent as a Cane Corso has proven its ability as a born protector.

This breed is naturally inclined to repel intruders and offer required security for their loved ones. These dogs turn out to be an excellent pet and perfect addition to a family. Their strong legs are perfect for running long stretches, and their hearing power is impressive too.

The Cane Corso breed is highly intelligent and active, which means you have to give them reasonable time to work out at least once in a day. Their jaws are strong enough to exert a bite force of 700 PSI making one of the strongest bites of dogs. They are playful and affectionate towards children.

However, the owners must be careful when training them. You need to be consistent and assert your position as a boss from the day first.

Cane Corso Bite Force: 700 PSI

10. Kangal


The Kangal dog first originated from the Sivas city in Turkey. This is the strongest dog breed throughout the world. They serve their purpose well for protecting sheep and other livestock from predators like wolfs, bears, and jackals. According to some estimates, the Kangal has one of the hardest and strongest dog bites of all breeds at 743 psi.

These dogs have been selectively bred over hundreds of years within the outskirts of Turkey. The farmers and livestock owners used this breed as sheep guardians. These dogs have a gentle nature and perfectly adapt to a wide range of conditions.

Training these dogs is also fun, as they quickly learn whatever you want to teach them. In addition, they have a reputation for being loyal and fierce when needed.

This particular breed also behaves well in a domestic environment. The Kangals are magnificent dogs and remain calm when staying with kids and family. In a nutshell, these dogs are sweet-hearted animals, who remain loyal to their owners throughout their life.

Kangal Dog Bite Force: 743 PSI

Summing Up the Strongest Bite Force Dogs

The dog breeds listed above are amongst the strongest biting dogs around. However, this doesn’t suggest that you can’t keep them as pets. Dogs are amazing and have been loyal companions to humans for centuries. They are prolific athletes and wonderful playmates.

However, to have any of these dogs as pets, be sure to research a bit about their behavior and habits. Even after being raised in a domestic setting for centuries they can still have an instinct to act aggressively when protecting themselves and their loved ones.

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