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Can I Paint My Dog’s Nails? A Guide to Safe Canine Nail Care

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As a dog owner, you must consider what can be done to make your dog look more cute and presentable. Basic grooming needs of dogs include doing their furs and trimming their nails, apart from cleaning and bathing them.

But did you know that your dog’s nails can now be given a different look? There are many different nail paint options for dogs in the market. Giving a glossy look to your dog’s nails is now possible, but you should also know that nail paints made for humans are not at all safe for dogs.

Nail paints made especially for dogs should be used. If you are not sure how to paint your dog’s nails and how to choose the right nail polish, do not worry, we are here to help.

In this article, you will find all the information regarding nail paints for dogs, a step-by-step guide on how to apply nail polish on dogs’ nails, along with some insights into the most popular nail polish products for dogs.

Let us start the article by understanding if nail paints can be applied to dogs’ nails.

Can I Paint My Dogs Nail?

Yes, to your surprise, a dog’s nail can be painted, and you can flaunt it at events. Many people are hesitant to use nail paints for dogs, and rightly so, as human nail paints should not be used not in dogs for various reasons.

Many companies are now making dog-friendly products, including nail polishes which are easy to use, more accessible, and require less effort in their application.

Although naturally, dogs get their nail paint removed by playing or through scratches or other means. But if you need to remove the nail paint from your dog’s nails, try a natural method or a dog-friendly nail remover instead of a human nail remover, which can be harmful to your dog.

How to Apply Dog Nail Polish? Step-by-Step Guide

How to Apply Dog Nail Polish? Step-by-Step Guide

If there is any special occasion, such as your dog’s birthday or just a normal day with your pet, painting nails is a fun art and a very harmless thing to indulge with your pet. But carefully applying the nail polish is tricky. Following some steps will help you complete it without much hassle.

Check out the below steps to smoothly paint your dog’s nails:

1. Set a Comfortable Parameter

Your dog will need to sit patiently for a few minutes while you do their nails, and setting up a place where the dogs feel comfortable will help them stay calm throughout the process.

Choose a room where the dog can do minimal damage if it runs away. Nails, if not dried, can damage carpets, furniture, etc., so ensure if anything goes wrong, the damage is minimal.

2. Get him Used to Grooming

If your dog does not like grooming, especially getting their nails trimmed, or does not like getting their paws handled, then you have to make them used to it before you start painting their nails.

One way of doing that is to encourage their time and good behavior with treats during and after grooming. This will make your dog want to get groomed and nails painted.

Take short breaks; if your dog does not like short sessions, just let them go and wait for some time before you begin another session.

3. Use Dog-Friendly Products

Harmful chemicals are used in many nail paints and nail polish removers, so it is very important to use dog-friendly products. If your dog licks or ingests the nail paint, it can be harmful to them. There are many nail paints that are specially designed for dogs which prevent any toxicity.

There are nail paints that get dry quickly and a nail paint cover that allows the paint to dry without damaging the nail paint.

4. Keep it Planned

Before you start with nail painting, decide and plan what design, patterns, and colors you want to use in your dog’s nails.

If you are a first-timer, try to keep the design simple. If you have done it before and want to change the pattern, opt for a nail polish pen instead of a nail paint brush, which will give you more control in creating patterns in a dog’s nails.

If you are confused about the nail paint color, simply paint it over a white coat which will easily adapt to any color creating a good effect.

5. Prepare the Paws

Before you start painting, make sure the nails are trimmed well so that you don’t have to do them at the time and make your dog sit for long. Keep all the required tools and objects within your reach, such as towels, scissors, nail polish, nail polish removers, and lots of treats.

Can I use Human Nail Paints to Paint My Dog’s Nail?

Can I use Human Nail Paints to Paint My Dog's Nail?

The simplest answer to this question is no, you can not, as nail paint made for humans contains toxic chemical compounds and can be harmful to dogs.

Dogs like to lick their paws, and if they ingest toxic chemicals through nail points designed for humans, it can be harmful. There are several harmful chemicals in human nail paints which can cause health issues in dogs. Let’s read about those to understand the toxicity.

Dibutyl Phthalate: It is widely used in many products besides nail paints. This chemical in nail paints, if ingested by dogs, can cause poison them, and vomiting is a sign of such ingestion.

Toluene: It is a known pet poison, and just a mere smell of this toxicant can make your dogs sick.

Formaldehyde: It is one of the top reasons for cancer, but unfortunately, it is still used in many things. Keep this away from your dog’s reach.

How to Choose the Right Dog Nail Polish?

How to Choose the Right Dog Nail Polish

Since every nail paint made for humans is toxic to dogs, what nail paints can be used for dogs is the biggest question.

There are dog-friendly nail paints manufactured by many companies. You can find them easily on any online shopping platform or at your favorite groomer’s place.

They come in brushes or even pens to help you apply the nail paint easily and conveniently. You should choose nail paint which gets dry quickly and can be removed easily through a wet cloth.

Although you would not find as many options in the dog’s nail paint section as you may find in human nail paints, you will still find a lot of safer options.

Recommended Dog Nail Paints

Recommended Dog Nail Paints

There are a lot of nail paints that are being widely used today, but there are a few which stand out and are a perfect choice for your dogs. Below are some of the most popular and safer choices for dog nail paints.

1. MPP Dog Nail Polish Pet Paw Safe Formula Grooming Fast Drying Choose from 20 Colors (Clear Glitter Lilac)

All that glitters is not gold, but this one surely is equivalent. This amazing doil nail paint gives a glittery touch to your furry friends and comes in 20 color options for you to choose from.

It is very convenient to use, and it dries very quickly, eliminating the issue of your dog waiting. It is long-lasting and made with safe compounds. Paint your dog nail’s with different colors every next day and flaunt it everywhere.

2. Warren London Dog Nail Polish in a Bottle for Premium Coverage and Color all 6 Colors

Who does not like options? Everyone does, especially when your favorite brand provides you with varieties in your dog grooming section.

Warren London provides a set of 6 colors for your dog’s nails, which includes red, blue, pink, purple, and two different sparkly shades for every day of the week, so your dog does not miss out on the beauty routine.

It offers very good quality with durability and is perfectly safe for your dog’s health. Easy to buy, affordable, and fast drying makes it a perfect choice.


Is there a difference between dog nail polish and human nail polish?

Yes, dog nail paint does not contain any harmful chemical compounds which are used to make human nail paint. Dog’s nail paints contain healthy ingredients, including aloe vera and vitamin E, to ensure safety.

Is it normal to paint my dog’s nails?

Yes, it is perfectly normal to paint your dog’s nails, it is trending, and many companies are manufacturing safe nail polishes, especially for dogs.

Does the dog’s nail paint smell?

Dog’s nail paints do not have any toxic chemicals as used in human nail paints, so dog’s nail polishes do not release any harsh lacquer smell.


If you want to paint your dog’s nails but thinking about whether it is safe or not, then the answer is yes. This article provides you with a guide to safe canine nail care. Read this article, and you will learn all about nail paints made for dogs.

This article also provides you with a step-by-step guide on how to apply nail polish to dogs’ nails, along with recommendations for the most popular nail polish for dogs.

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