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Black Pitbull: Everything You Need to Know

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Dogs are amazing creatures and everyone’s foremost choice for a pet. They are loyal, friendly, courageous, caring, and amiable towards humans. There are many dog breed varieties out there, and one of them includes the Black Pitbull.

Black Pitbulls are one of the most lovable canines in the world. However, these dogs have a troubling reputation due to years of bad press and misinformation. If you have ever owned an all-Black Pitbull, you would know what a joy it is to share your life with these goofballs.

The truth about the Black Pit is simple – they are loyal, sweet, and smart companions.

What is a Black Pitbull?

Some people think that Black Pitbulls are a separate breed of dogs, but this isn’t the case. Dogs breeds like the American Pitbull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier often produce pups with a solid black color or black with white color.

Black Pitbulls, as their name implies, have an all-black coat with no other color on their bodies. Originally bred for blood sports like bear baiting and bull baiting, they were later used as fighters.

Due to their power and aggression, the breeding of Black Pitbulls was more focused on enhancing their hunting, cattle driving, and guard instincts. Today, this dog has found his place as a pet for families.

When it comes to size, the full Black Pitbull stands 17” to 19” at the shoulder. The jaws are well-defined, the head broad, the cheekbones pronounced, and the dark eyes are set wide apart.

The movement of the Black Pit is graceful and agile with a springy gait that advertises the innate confidence of the breed. This dog is keenly aware of its surroundings and likes both physical and mental challenges. They are also highly trainable.

Nutritional Needs of All-Black Pitbulls

The solid Black Pitbull, as with most dogs, will thrive on a healthy and nutritious diet, whether home-prepared with the supervision of a veterinarian or commercially manufactured.

It is worth noting that the diet should be appropriate to the pup’s age, size and activity level. We discuss the particular nutritional needs of the Pit Bull in our guide: Best Dog Food for Pitbulls.

Treats can help in training, but owners should ensure not to give too many to avoid obesity. If you plan on giving the Black Pitbull human foods, learn about which foods are safe for him and which aren’t.

all black pit bull

Grooming Needs

It is generally easy to take care of the Black Pitbull’s short and stiff coat. Use a soft bristle brush on him every week to remove dirt and any other foreign matter.

You can expect seasonal shedding and good brushing will distribute skin oils through the coat, and this helps keep it healthy.

The nails of the Black Pitbull should be trimmed on a regular basis because overly grown nails can be quite painful and would cause problems to your feline friend while walking or running.

Black Pitbull Health

The solid Black Pitbull is generally a healthy and robust breed but not without health problems that afflict most dogs.

A responsible caretaker will screen him for health conditions like cardiac disease, coat and skin allergies, and canine hip dysplasia.

As with all dog breeds, the teeth of the dog should be brushed regularly, and the ears should be examined often.

Training Black Pitbulls 

Puppy training classes and early socializing are recommended for all dog breeds, but given the strong will, exuberance, and physical strength of Black Pitbull puppies, they are absolutely essential.

Due to the canine’s desire to please and intelligence, training can be a fun and easy process. Even so, it might be hard to resolve certain behaviors like digging and chewing.

Exercise Requirements

The all-Black Pitbull is an athletic and energetic dog, and as such, it requires plenty of exercise. However, they should not be left alone in the yard because they are people-oriented pets and thrive when you make them a part of your family.

Long play and exercise sessions with the owner will develop his psychological and physical health. In addition, many Black Pitbulls enjoy participating in canine sports like dock diving, agility, and obedience.

You can even train these dogs in search-and-rescue, and they would excel at it.

solid black pitbull puppy

Why There Is Negativity About the Pure Black Pitbull?

The negativity that surrounds the full Black Pitbull is underserved.

The main reason behind this negativity is bad press and misinformation. Exaggerated reports of Black Pitbull attacks have developed some negativity in the minds of people.

It is true that some all-Black Pitbulls attack animals and humans; however, these attacks happen because of improper socialization and training. Solid black Pitbulls who are socialized and trained properly are more restrained in their behavior.

Another sad fact is that there are some people out there who use this dog in dogfighting. Since they often use solid Black Pitbulls as fighters, many people mistakingly think of these dogs as inherently aggressive.

Black Pitbull Breeders

The price of Pitbulls will vary amongst different dog breeders. However, compared to a Blue Nose Pitbull or Red Nose Pitbull, for example, a pure Black Pitbull will be more common making it a lower cost option for those seeking a Pitbull puppy.

When searching dog breeders, you can expect to find a quality fully Black Pitbull puppy for sale around $800 to $1,000; however, Black Pit puppies from a well-known bloodline may cost significantly higher.

It is worth noting that Black Pitbulls are often mistaken for a Blue Nose Pitbull. The Blue Pitbull has a blue coat, which is so dense that it can look black to the eye.

Make sure to check the color from a Black Pitbull breeder to ensure that you get a truly Black Pit puppy.

pure black pitbull puppy

Final Thoughts

Black Pitbull dogs are smart, sweet, loyal, and friendly companions. The negativity surrounding these dogs is underserved, and you shouldn’t think that these canines can’t make great pets.

Pure black Pitbulls are just as great as any other dog, and if you are fond of its black color or other qualities, you shouldn’t hesitate to bring one home. As long as you train it from an early age, the Black Pit will behave well and get along with you and your family members.

We hope you find the information provided above about the Black Pitbull helpful. In case you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us and be sure to check out more of our articles below.

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