What Are The Best Guard Dog Breeds?

What Are The Best Guard Dog Breeds?

Today’s world seems to be getting more and more dangerous. Whenever you watch the news, you see stories of increased violence, and understandably, you’re going to want to protect your family at all costs. While many people feel that guns are the way to go, we feel that you don’t need to rely on them if you have one of the best guard dog breeds protecting your family.

With that said, you don’t want to choose any large dog because they may not have the qualities that top rated guard dog breeds have. So, what qualities should the dog have?

Three Doberman Guard Dogs

Qualities To Look For In The Best Guard Dog Breeds

First thing first, we should clarify that a guard dog is not the same as a watchdog. A watchdog is one that will bark whenever someone that isn’t part of the family approaches the home. These dogs will alert you if there is a threat or danger nearby, but they aren’t going to be able to follow through with their bark.

A guard dog, however, will have the power and force to follow through with their barking. They are strong, large, and intimidating. These dogs are protective, and if they are ever provoked, they will attack and ultimately cause some serious damage to the intruder or the source of the threat. Many guard dogs are going to look tough, but with the right training, they can (and will) be lovable family pets, too.

5 Large Guard Dog Breeds To Consider

If you’re looking for the best guard dog breeds, you’re going to want a vocal dog that is going to have the bite to go with their bark. Here are five examples of big guard dog breeds that will have a bit as big as its bark.

Giant Schnauzer

These dogs are large and in charge. They’ve got a fierce bark and will bite at the first sign of danger. These dogs are watchful, and they will become suspicious of anyone that they feel may be a problem.

Giant Schnauzer Guard Dog

While they are great guard dogs, we don’t consider them to be one of the best family guard dog breeds because they don’t do too well with children under 12 years old.


The Rottweiler has a menacing look, but they are pretty friendly when around children. These dogs are one of the smartest guard dog breeds, and when you take the time to train them, they can be fantastic guard dogs.

Rottweiler Guard Dog

With professional training, your Rotty can be a good family guard dog, even around small children.

Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman pinscher is a very loyal dog, and they will listen to your commands if you’ve trained him well. These dogs are athletic and agile despite their great size. These dogs are alert and very cautious of people that they aren’t familiar with, but they’ll listen to you when you command them.

Two Doberman Pinschers

These dogs are best suited to be raised as puppies in a household with children, however, if you are getting them after the puppy stage, they aren’t going to do well with small children.

Tibetan Mastiff

When they are puppies, these dogs look like living teddy bears, but when they are full grown, they live up to the title of being one of the greatest rare guard dog breeds. These dogs may have a “solemn but kind” demeanor, but when push comes to shove, they will protect their family with ferocity.

Tibetan Mastiff Fact Sheet

Just be aware that if you want one of these big dogs, it’s not going to be cheap, as the starting price for a puppy will set you back at least $2,000!

German Shepherd

When you think about the best guard dog breeds for families with children, a German shepherd is probably the first dog you’ll think of. After all, if they are used by law enforcement, they have to be pretty awesome right?

German Shepherd Guard Dog

These dogs are obedient, intelligent, able to adapt to whatever task you give them, and they are incredibly smart and willing to learn. With a bit of patience and love, you can train your German shepherd to be a fierce guard dog but a loving companion for your toddler—the perfect blend!


Protecting your family should be your main priority, especially in today’s world. Instead of relying on guns alone, welcome a dog into your home. These dogs have the bite to go with their bite, unlike smaller water dog breeds who’s bark is worse than their bite.

By welcoming a puppy from one of the best guard dog breeds into your home, you don’t have to worry if your family is safe when you’re away at work. With proper training, these dogs can be everything you would want in a guard dog, but still, give you the loving companionship you’re looking for.

Many large dog breeds will make good guard dogs. The ones we discussed in this article is just a small selection. When you do want to bring a puppy into the family, you will want to find a reputable breeder to ensure your dog will be healthy.

Also, if you are unfamiliar with raising a dog, especially a guard dog, we recommend that you hire a professional dog trainer to help you out as soon as you get your dog. When you begin training them early on, the better adjusted they will be and the better they will listen to you and your commands.

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