Caucasian Mountain Dog Temperament

Caucasian Mountain Dog Temperament

Caucasian Mountain Dog Temperament

The Caucasian mountain dog is a wonderful animal. His size, strength, and loyalty make him an amazing companion. Because generations after generations of Sheppard dogs have taken care of flocks for thousands of years, protector is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the Caucasian mountain dog temperament.

With a life expectancy of 10-11 years, this Sheppard dog can be a great companion. Great care and providing him with quality food can lengthen this dog’s life significantly.

If the animal is not under constant threat while guarding livestock, and he can enjoy roaming freely in a large yard, his life expectancy will be higher. This is why usually it is not recommended that the Caucasian mountain dog is raised in an apartment.

Most families that adopt such a pet are not fully informed about what it truly takes to develop a strong bond and close friendship with an animal as complex as the Sheppard dog.

It is not an easy task to train him as a pet and make no mistake, training is required. The Caucasian mountain dog temperament can be quite dominant, so his owner must show a firm hand.

Understanding how to properly train and keep in check the Caucasian mountain dog temperament is essential in molding the perfect house pet or guard for your livestock. The animal has certain natural instincts that cannot be altered but some develop more strongly than others.

The following article will focus on explaining the dog’s personality, and the best way to approach him. You will find information on the most dangerous aspects of the Caucasian mountain dog temperament and how to avoid bad situations. An in-depth analysis of the animal’s most special traits will help you to understand whether adopting such a pet is a good idea.

Featured Qualities of Caucasian Mountain Dogs

Alert and Quick to React

Despite this dog’s impressive size, with a height that can reach 28 inches and a weight of up to 154 pounds, the Sheppard dog can still react very quickly. Generations of protective detail have transformed this animal into the perfect guardian.

Even though the Caucasian mountain dog temperament can be associated with a calm demeanor, the dog is lightning fast and can stand toe to toe with wolves and other large predators if necessary.

This attribute can come in handy when you have a Sheppard dog as a pet. Not because of its combat capabilities but because of how much fun he can be to play with.

Few other animals have a temperament that is similar to Caucasian mountain dogs temperament because few are as complex as this one. The ability to switch gears fast between playful and aggressive while differentiating friend from foe is quite remarkable.

Powerful and Majestic

Having this dog around the yard or on a large property will give you a great deterrent to outside threats. Having a lion-like looking dog in the yard is one way of getting someone to back off and mind their own business. These attributes, however, will not matter much if the dog will be an apartment pet.

As far as pure strength goes, the Caucasian mountain dog is an absolute beast. It can stand toe to toe with wolves and even smaller bears.

His bite will tear through most opponents, and his ability to quickly move in and out and avoid attacks helps the dog to overpower even larger enemies. The fact that his size doesn’t reflect his speed is one of the reasons why most attackers fall short of winning.

The bravery displayed by this animal, trained or not, is impressive, to say the least. No matter how big of an opponent he faces, he doesn’t back down or retreats even when injured.

As a guardian, the animal keeps a defensive stance and waits for a threat to reveal itself. Even then, unless provoked, the Caucasian dog will not be the first to attack.

If the situation should present itself, the dog would gladly give his own life to keep the livestock and his owner safe. The Caucasian mountain dog temperament displayed will be similar to that of a loyal secret service agent.

Once a threat is neutralized or the enemy starts running away, the Sheppard dog will not pursue it as it will consider it weak and not worth the trouble.

Interestingly enough, all the qualities that make this dog the perfect guard also make him a great companion even when no protection is needed. Having a strong and majestic looking dog will often boost the owner’s self-esteem. The Sheppard dog also gives his human partner a feeling of complete safety, unmatched by other breeds.

Dominant Pack Leader

Proper training must be provided so that the Caucasian mountain dog temperament doesn’t display as an alpha pack leader mentality. Owners and trainers have to show strong will when dealing with a Sheppard dog and they should always be the ones making the decisions.

If the animal senses a fearful hand trying to lead him, he might try to assert dominance by growling and even biting in some cases.

The Ultimate Protector

There’s nothing quite like having a Sheppard dog providing protection. Even if living in enclosed spaces the native Caucasian mountain dog temperament ensures that the dog will do everything to keep its adoptive family safe.

They may even be seen on occasion, pushing young children around to guide them which is reminiscent of how they would take care of livestock.

Once again, training the animal is crucial especially when it is adopted into a family. Because of the protective Caucasian mountain dog temperament, the animal must learn to adapt when dealing with small children or people coming in and out.

Unless properly taught, the dog could potentially cause accidents around the house or mistake a meaningless sibling quarrel for an act of aggression and react.

Family friends and acquaintances should be introduced to the dog by a trusted member family member. Bringing in too many people at once to meet your new pet is not the best course of action when you are a proud owner of a Sheppard dog.

The animal needs to take his time when familiarizing himself with new people. Just because you trust someone doesn’t mean your dog will do so too.

Calm Unless Provoked

When a Sheppard dog is raised by humans, the Caucasian mountain dog temperament becomes more docile. As a house pet, he will happily great guests and friends of the family and will not display suspicious or aggressive behavior.

If provoked, however, things can escalate quickly, and the Caucasian mountain dog temperament can cause the animal to go into protector mode.

A well-trained Sheppard dog still maintains his natural instincts to serve and protect and to be wary of the surroundings. This doesn’t mean that the Caucasian mountain dog temperament will be defensive.

But, it is still not a good idea to provoke the animal even when he does become more lenient when raised as part of a family.

Training Caucasian Mountain Dogs

By the time the dog reaches nine months, the owner should have earned his obedience through training and constant attention. The Caucasian mountain dog temperament can reflect most of its natural instincts, and then the animal will remain defensive, even aggressive at times. Teaching the dog to be obedient should not take more than three or four months at most.

Proper gear is required when attempting to train a Sheppard dog. The Caucasian mountain dog temperament will make the animal bite really hard and try to tear his opponent apart.

He uses the same tactic against a trainer and against a real threat, and ultimately, this is what makes them great protectors of livestock and a strong match against wolves.

A good way to go about disciplining your Sheppard dog is to focus on his loyalty and obedience and stay away from pointless commands.

This animal is highly intelligent, and unless he really feels the need to go fetch, chances are it’s not going to happen. Often, he will show no desire to perform exercises or pose in certain positions for entertainment purposes.

Most of the time, it is best that the owner is the one doing the training instead of sending the animal away to a special facility. Because it is not in the dog’s nature to pick up circus-like actions, the Caucasian mountain dog temperament needs to just be tempered and not completely altered. Even when taken in as an apartment pet, it is still best to let his personality evolve as naturally as possible.

Taking Care of Your Caucasian Mountain Dog

This dog has a very long and dense coat. Constant grooming is required to keep your pet happy and his Caucasian mountain dog temperament in check. A well-kept pet will be a pleasant sight to see.

As a family companion, the Sheppard dog can sometimes be a handful in the cleaning department. Even when not roaming the yard or the woods, his extra lairs of fur can still present a problem for both the dog and your house. Avoiding excess fur balls can also help the animal to stay healthier and maintain the cleanliness of the apartment.

The occasional wash can help the dog to stay clean, especially dogs that venture outside a lot. Since most dogs don’t have issues with water and actually enjoy taking baths or swimming, you should have an easy time soaping him up, hosing him down and drying him.

Always talk to a veterinary specialist to get advice on what shampoos to use so that no allergic reactions occur. Never get the cheapest products when it comes to your dog’s safety.

Because of the long-haired coat, quite constant brushing is necessary, with special attention given to the tangled areas. A well-trained dog will not exert resistance when made uncomfortable during grooming.

Even with the typical Caucasian mountain dog temperament the way it is, if all you are trying to do is clean him, he will behave calmly, provided he has received proper training.

The animal requires enough space to exercise and act naturally as opposed to just sleeping and playing with small toys inside a house. Families that can provide a large yard are best suited to take care of a Sheppard dog.

When the animal has plenty of space to roam and act freely, its Caucasian mountain dog temperament will be calmer and happier than ever.

Even when you can offer your pet enough room outside, if he is trained, he will not revert to the ultimate protector of livestock. Family-raised Sheppard dogs differ greatly in behavior from those raised and trained to specifically protect other animals.

As long as the dog isn’t threatened by anyone or anything, chances are that his Caucasian mountain dog temperament will resemble that of other more docile dog breeds.

As with any other animal, the Caucasian mountain dog needs to breed from time to time. Trying to find a similar mate is usually the best way to let this happen. This has nothing to do with preserving a certain bloodline.

More often than not, dogs of the same breed will have an easier time getting accustomed to each other before the mating process.

Unlike the adult Caucasian mountain dogs, puppies will have finer coats so they might not withstand harsh weather conditions early on; even more care is required to keep them healthy.

Training should also start as soon as possible and constant socialization is a must to keep them from becoming too aggressive too fast.

If you own a female Sheppard dog it is best that after the pregnancy, you keep the puppies as long as you can. They need to be taken care of by their mother while also getting accustomed to living among people. Too little of each and your pup might not be so easy to train later on in life.


The Caucasian mountain dog is a very complex animal that requires more care than most people think. He can be adopted at an early age by a family and will flourish into a very friendly and protective companion if he is trained by a firm hand and cared for by loving people.

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