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Hovawart – Dog Breed Information and Pictures

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Do you want a loyal, watchful friend who makes a great family dog? The Hovawart is your only option.

The Hovawart breed will win your heart with its stunning appearance and endearing personality. As Germany has been breeding these devoted and protective dogs for decades, they are a true gem among dog breeds.

The Hovawart is an absolute head-turner with its sleek coats and outstanding character. These dogs are the best guards and friends since they are extremely dedicated to their people and have striking good looks.

Whether you want a watchdog or a snuggle friend, Hovawart provides something to offer all dog enthusiasts. Let’s delve deeper into this remarkable large dog breed and learn more about its fascinating past, defining characteristics, and stunning appearance.

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History of Hovawart

History of Hovawart
Image Source: akc.org

The Hovawart is a rare breed of dog that originated in Germany. They are a different breed, even though they resemble mixed-breed shepherds or Golden Retrievers. Initially, working breeds like Newfoundlands, German Shepherds, and Leonbergers were crossed to create Hovawarts. As with several older canine breeds, their populations declined over time.

By adding comparable farm dogs to the genetic pool, the Hovawart breed began to thrive in 1922. The Hovawart was acknowledged by the FCI in 1937. Their population started to decrease once more following World War II. The breed was revived nonetheless, thanks to the efforts of committed breeders and their membership in the German Kennel Club in 1948.

The Hovawart has been a part of the AKC’s Foundation Stock Service since 2010, which shows that there is growing interest in this unusual breed. Hovawarts have seen several setbacks, but they have grown in acceptance through time and are still a beloved breed among many dog owners today.

Hovawart Breed Characteristics

Hovawart Breed Characteristics
Image Source: akc.org

The calm demeanor and observant nature of the Hovawart breed have earned it widespread acclaim. Hovawarts are naturally reserved around strangers. They are a guardian breed and protective of their families. However, to make sure that these canines can engage with new people positively, early socialization is essential.

Hovawarts are kind and gentle with kids. But as adults, they sometimes try to show dominance over unknown dogs. As a result, it’s critical to socialize them early on and avoid any future disputes by introducing them to other pets.

Prospective Hovawart owners need to be aware of the breed’s high energy level and need for frequent exercise. Also, they require ongoing mental stimulation through training and interactive activities. It helps them to avoid boredom due to their above-average intelligence.

Hovawarts make loving, devoted pets for the right owner despite their need for activity and protective attitude. They can thrive in a family setting and show everlasting devotion to their loved ones with the right care and attention.

More About The Breed

The versatility of the Hovawart breed is one of its distinctive qualities. They were first developed for guarding and herding. They have since been employed as therapy dogs, search and rescue dogs, and even as performers in films and television programs.

Hovawarts thrive at obedience training and agility, as well as other canine sports, and are quick learners. Also, because of how devoted and compassionate they are, they make excellent therapists since they can comfort and companion people in distress.

No matter what kind of physical exercise they do, these dogs need at least one hour-long walk daily due to their medium-to-high energy levels.

Hovawarts are excellent family pets, and when early socialization with kids occurs, they can get along well with kids. Because they tend to be dominating and protective of children, they often find it difficult to get along with other dogs. Yet, early socialization can make it easier for them to get along with cats and other household pets.

Hovawarts are not suitable for apartments and do best in a house with a big, fenced-in yard. They could turn destructive if they don’t have adequate room to release their energies. They demand someone who can be strict and consistent and behave as the pack leader because of their overbearing temperament, which is not advised for novice dog owners.


Image source: dog-breeds-expert.com

The average height at the shoulder of a Hovawart is between 22 and 28 inches, making them a medium- to large-sized dog breed. They can range in weight from 55 to 90 pounds on average.


Image source: wallpaperflare.com

The Hovawart is a big, strong dog known for being friendly and even-tempered, yet their size may make them seem threatening to some. The most defining characteristic of their personality is their fierce instinctive need to defend their home and loved ones.

They are often peaceful dogs despite their size, and when they do bark, it’s generally for a good reason since they are not a barky breed. Hovawarts might be cautious of strangers, but over time and with the support of their human family, they can learn to be more tolerant of outsiders.

Hovawarts are considered quite strong-willed and stubborn, so training them should start as soon as possible. The Hovawart is a great pet for people who are busy with work or for families who have a big and safe yard. These dogs can become aggressive if they do not get enough exercise, making them unsuitable for apartment living. They also thrive in more rural settings because of their background as guardians of farms and cattle.

Like any other dog, Hovawarts require proper socialization. It can help them gain confidence and become well-adjusted by exposing them to various situations, people, dogs, and noises. It is critical to provide your Hovawart with games that will stimulate both their minds and their physical activity.


The Hovawart breed is renowned for its devotion to and loyalty to human families. Their natural suspicion of strangers enhances their tendency to be guarded. Hovawarts favor an active way of life, whether on a farm or spending much time with kids. Although they require a lot of care, which can be overwhelming for novice dog owners, their steadfast loyalty makes it worthwhile.

Hovawarts are canines with a great sense of smell and intelligence, which can get them into trouble if they are not properly trained. Like other working breeds, Hovawarts need a strong, assured leader to follow, as well as a sense of direction to keep them motivated. Despite appearing calm, these dogs can have strong personalities and may challenge their owners’ authority in the house.

Hovawarts have a playful side despite being bred originally for farm work, making them ideal for active and busy families. Hovawarts require space to roam and explore, but since they tend to trail their nose, a barrier is recommended.


Image source: wall.alphacoders.com

While Hovawarts generally have good health, they are susceptible to common health issues like other dog breeds. Hip dysplasia is a joint disease that impacts many large dog breeds as they age. Hypothyroidism, which causes a reduction in the production of vital hormones, and degenerative myelopathy (DM), which affects the tissue in the spine and can cause paralysis, are some health issues to watch out for.

The prevention of these and other health problems depends on ethical breeding techniques. To protect the health and wellness of upcoming generations of Hovawarts, reputable breeders will check parent dogs for common health disorders. They seek to breed dogs lacking genetic predispositions to these diseases selectively.


Hovawarts were originally bred as working dogs, requiring a lot of physical activity to stay happy and healthy. Although they are not a particularly needy breed, they do need their pet parents’ attention to get the activity they need. Hovawarts are renowned for their adaptability and make wonderful hiking friends, especially on difficult treks, and good running partners. The dog parent should always lead the dog on walks to demonstrate their dominance as the group leader.

Also, you’ll need to maintain your Hovawart’s dental, ear, and nail care. The teeth of your dog should be brushed a few times per week, and the ears should be checked for any dirt that needs to be removed. It’s recommended to begin brushing your dog’s teeth when they are still young so that they become used to it and find it simple to do it more frequently and eventually daily.

This breed needs regular, ideally twice-monthly, nail trimming due to its propensity for quick nail growth. You’ll know the nails are too long if you hear them clicking on the floor.


Image source: kidadl.com

The Hovawart can be fed easily. This breed can be nourished with any high-quality dog food. You should be mindful of a balanced diet, just like with all other pets. It should have a lot of the finest ingredients. The necessary nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and trace elements are often included in prepared foods.

Over several thousand years of domestication, its stomach has become accustomed to carbohydrate diets. At all times, consider the quality of the cereals, rice, and other vegetable sources.

The Hovawart’s nutritional requirements will increase from the formative years to adulthood. It will keep changing into their elderly years, just like all dogs. However, you should seek your vet’s advice so your dog will not compromise on high-quality food.

Coat Color And Grooming

This breed comes in three different color variations and has a distinctive and unmistakable coat. The solid and dark black coat is sophisticated, contrasting the solid blonde coat’s light and warm color. A black coat with tan or gold markings creates a stunning contrast that enhances the breed’s attractiveness.

Like most dog breeds, the Hovawart is prone to shedding hair frequently, with shedding being more evident at certain times of the year. This breed’s smooth, long coat needs constant care to stay tidy and avoid mating. The dog should be bathed once in a while, and it should have its coat brushed once a week, according to grooming recommendations.

Although the Hovawart has a minimal undercoat, allergy sufferers should use caution around them due to their moderate shedding. Nevertheless, it is feasible to minimize the amount of hair shed with routine grooming and cleansing. Because of their long coats, Hovawarts are well-suited to colder climates. They are eager to play outside and take long walks during the fall and winter because they can handle colder weather easier than many other breeds.

However, they struggle in extreme heat or cold, so it’s crucial to give them the right cover and protection when the weather is bad.

Children And Other Pets

Children And Other Pets
Image source: ukpets.com

The Hovawart is a devoted and loving dog that is great for families. They can be wonderful companions and get along well with their owners and family members if appropriately socialized with children at a young age. They are fiercely devoted to their loved ones and will do anything to protect them. Hovawarts are big dogs that have the potential to knock kids over accidentally, so it’s crucial to watch how kids engage with them and train them how to do so safely.

Hovawarts are renowned for having a dominant personality, which can make interacting with other dogs tough. Hence to ensure they learn acceptable social behavior, it is crucial to begin socializing them with other dogs when they are puppies. Hovawarts can avoid becoming aggressive or defensive by developing positive connections with other dogs early on due to early socialization.


The Hovawart is a rare dog breed, and finding one in your area might be difficult. These canines are incredibly intelligent and have a strong sense of independence, making them one-of-a-kind. They are admired for developing close relationships with their owners and exhibiting a high degree of devotion, which makes them excellent companions.

It is crucial to remember that the Hovawart is unsuitable for every household. They require a high level of mental and physical engagement, so owners must keep them busy and stimulated by involving them in various activities. If you’re considering getting a Hovawart, be sure you have the resources and time to give them the care they require. This breed flourishes in a home where they can be a family member, and being left alone for long periods might create separation anxiety.

Despite their unique needs, they are extremely protective and loyal to their owners. This makes them a wonderful choice for anyone looking for a devoted and loving companion.


Do Hovawarts make good family pets?

Hovawarts are renowned for developing close relationships with their owners and showing a high level of devotion. So yes, they make excellent family pets.

Do Hovawarts get along well with children?

Hovawarts can be nice with kids, but it’s important to socialize and teach them early to make sure they behave properly with kids. They are often warm and kind, but if they are not properly watched, their size and energy levels could accidentally damage young children.

How much do Hovawarts shed?

Yeah, Hovawarts do shed a lot, particularly as the seasons change. To keep them healthy and clean, they need to groom their thick double coat regularly. Their coat can look good and reduce shedding with routine combing.

Are Hovawart excellent watchdogs?

Yes, Hovawarts are frequently employed as guards or watchdogs due to their exceptional protective instincts. They are good security dogs since they are inclined to guard their owners and homes. Hence, to prevent them from becoming overly protective or violent, their protective nature necessitates proper training.

Does Hovawarts demand a lot of physical activity?

Yes, Hovawarts need a lot of physical activity due to their high energy levels. To keep them healthy and active, they require regular walks, runs, or games. They are good fits for training in sports like obedience, speed, or search and rescue. They enjoy learning new things and need intellectual stimulation.

How smart and clever are Hovawarts?

Hovawarts are extremely clever dogs that excel at problem-solving and quick learning. Puppies need mental stimulation; training and acquiring new skills can keep them interested and prevent boredom. But they can also be stubborn, so they might not always comply with orders if they think they’re pointless or boring.

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