How to Clean Your Dog Between Baths

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Taking the dog to the groomer can be expensive and grooming your dog at home can be a time-consuming ordeal. However, your dog will be happier and healthier with regular baths and brushings, and your house will smell better, too!

But life happens, and sometimes you have to put off your dog’s bath for a week or two.

So how can you clean your dog between baths and keep them smelling fresh? Below are 5 quick tips.

cleaning a dog between baths

1. Brush, Even if You Can’t Bathe

Depending on what kind of dog you have, brushing is usually a lot less time-consuming than bathing, especially if you keep up with it regularly. Dogs with thick or curly hair (like Poodles) may need to be brushed more often to avoid mats and tangles, but it’s worth it. Brushing removes dirt and debris that can contribute to a foul stench.

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2. Doggy Wipes

Doggy wipes work to freshen your dog up between baths. They are gentle, non-toxic, moisturizing, and usually, smell lovely (just like the ones for babies!) Use doggy wipes to clean your pup’s paws and paw pads, their rear end, and even their entire body. A good option for large dogs is the Pogi’s Grooming Wipes, which are bamboo-based and hypoallergenic.

3. Dry Shampoo for Dogs

If you want to clean, deodorize, and refresh your dog’s coat between baths, try a dry shampoo for dogs. Waterless dog shampoos are very easy to use. These powder, mouse or spray formulas can either be sprinkled or sprayed onto your dog, rubbed in, then brushed through.

They instantly absorb excess oil and grease, break down dirt and grime, and leave your dog’s coat looking soft and shiny and smelling great. This waterless no-rinse foam mousse is a convenient option for bathless coat cleaning and removal of pet odor between baths.

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dog perfume

4. Dog Perfume or Cologne

Dog perfumes (pet colognes) are a popular choice for stylish pups or pups who aren’t smelling so swell between baths. They are designed to be light, aromatic, long-lasting, and safe. Some companies even make perfumes that mimic popular men’s and women’s designer scents. If your dog seems even the slightest bit irritated by the perfume’s smell, discontinue use, and never use human perfumes or colognes on a dog.

If looking for a quick recommendation, we like the Bodhi Dog’s Pet Cologne, which is a safe scented body spray with a non-toxic formula that does not affect flea and tick treatments.

how to clean dog between baths

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5. Clean Your Dog’s Bed!

If you do everything you can to keep your dog clean between baths, it will all go out the window if their bed is still dirty and smelly. Wash your dog’s bed and blankets regularly to remove dirt and body oils. If you have the option, choose a bed that allows you to wash both the cover and the cushioning. Your dog will thank you by curling up for a sweet-smelling slumber.

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