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When owning any breed of dog, one of the most important items to have on hand is a crate, whether it’s for transport, or as a way to keep your dog pinned up when you are away from home.

Metal crates are ideal for several reasons, but mainly because they don’t feel so enclosing for a dog.

When owning a large dog however, things aren’t so simple. It’s not all that difficult for a dog to break out of a metal crate, often done by either bending the wire bars apart, or separating the cage altogether. A large dog requires not just more room, but more reinforcement.

Midwest Homes for Pets takes aim at lower quality crates with their own Heavy Duty Metal Crate. Designed to comfortable accommodate the biggest of dogs while still offering plenty of security and durability, this crate is built to last for years, and also provide plenty of convenience for you and your dog.

Notable Features

This crate has the appearance of your basic metal crate, but it has several features that make it a superior crate that will last for years to come.

  • Double Door Configuration - The crate comes with two doors instead of one, giving you more leeway in where you can place the cage, and how you can set up items inside if desired. Each door also included two heavy-duty latches for added security when you’re away.
  • Leak-Proof Pan - A durable, heavy-duty bottom pan guards against any leaks that could come as a result of water spilling, or any other accidents. It’s designed to prevent damage from clawing and chewing, and easily remains in place.
  • Rubber Feet - Four rubber feet are included on the bottom of the crate to prevent damage to wood floors, and also prevent the crate from any sliding.
  • Drop-Pin Construction - Four drop pins ensure added security and durability after assembly, helping keep the cage intact from any movement.
  • Protective E-Coat - Each bar in the crate is covered with a protective coating the prevents rust, and any wear your dog might put on it as well.
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty - Midwest Homes for Pets includes a full manufacturer's warranty that gives you coverage for the first year of use against any defects or failings of the crate.

About The Product

It’s hard to fully trust a metal crate when you have a large dog, as many of you likely have experiences that involve locking your dog up for the day, only to come home to a destroyed home and demolished cage. It’s not a good situation. This is unfortunate, as metal crates are ideal for many reasons.

Most dogs prefer the more open feel a metal crate has, but they aren’t always the most secure or durable. This crate from Midwest Homes for Dogs has all the things you could want out of a metal crate, while still being mobile when needed.

Make no mistake about it, this is a huge cage, and it weighs a lot. You can fit a large breed in it with ease, and maybe a few more while you’re at it. If your dog loves having extra space in a crate, they’ll love this one.

Since this is a large crate, you may be better off having someone help you assemble it, but it can still be done with one person. After assembly, the crate is ready to go, and doesn’t require any additional equipment, unless you'd like to include water and food bowls inside, and any blankets or pads.

The double door setup is very convenient, and the double latches on each door are easy to use, and hold firm in place once engaged. Your dog will have to step over a small ledge to get in and out, as the doors don’t go all the way to the bottom. This guards against a dog prying under the door.

Opening and shutting the doors takes just a few seconds, and you’ll never have to find yourself struggling to get the latches open, or wondering if they are fully engaged when leaving your dog in for long periods of time.

Drop pin construction adds some more stability and strength to the crate, with a pin in each corner providing better security, and guarding against any bending for the crate. There is a little bit of sway back and forth when you push on the crate, but this can be fixed with a few zip ties, or even just a twist tie.

The crate is perfectly fine for any floor surface, as rubber feet on each corner can help not only protect a hardwood floor, but also prevent it from sliding and moving around on a tile or cement floor. Even though the crate is 80 lbs, this is still definitely needed.

The bottom pan is strong enough to withstand any clawing or chewing, and firmy remains in place. The crate’s protective coating ensures that you won’t have to deal with any rust down the line, which is one of the biggest reasons dog owners end up discarding previous metal crates.

Reviews for this crate show an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars. Reviewers frequently commented on how big the cage is, with some saying that it was actually too big. Be sure to measure your dog properly before ordering. If your dog prefers big spaces in a crate, you’re more than fine.

There was some mentioning of the crate swaying just a bit, but again, this is easily rectified in numerous ways.

Buying Advice

Amazon offers free shipping of this crate for Prime members, which can save you a lot of money due to its size. You should probably order some new food and water bowls for the crate as well, along with any bedding your dog may prefer.


This crate is simply one of the best metal crates you can get for a large dog, and it’s still able to be broken down to flat pieces for travel when needed. The durability and stability are its biggest asset, as you can leave your dog in the crate with the peace of mind that they’ll still be in it when you get home.

Additional features and a smart design help push this crate into the top tier of large dog crates. If you need a big crate, this should be your first choice.

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