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Native American Indian Dog: Breed Information And Pictures

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Inuit Sled Dog, the Greenland Dog, the Eskimo Dog, and the Carolina Dog are all considered Native American Indian dog breeds as they have remained mostly unchanged throughout all these years since the 15th century.

Not to forget that there is the cutest looking Alaskan Malamute that also falls under this category.

Today, we will be exploring some exceptional Native American and Indian dog breeds. But before learning more about these breeds in general, let us also look at the background of native Americans.

Who Were Native Americans?

Who Were Native Americans

Native Americans are the indigenous people of the Americas and were the ones who were the inhabitants of the Americas much before the European settlers arrived in about the 15th century. This group relied on agriculture and depended heavily on hunting and farming. Their lifestyle expected them to domesticate some animals, including guinea pigs, turkeys, Muscovy ducks, and of course – dogs!

No wonder even today, in their appearance, these dogs resemble wolves as they are considered to be the direct descendants of the wolves. However, it is believed that their breed was not an outcome of mating between wolves and dogs.

They appear wild and rough and are fairly large in build. However, they possess defensive instincts, which make them stay on alert, always. Their eyes are meant to spot any potential danger, and their ears can catch almost every sound that comes their way.

Origins of Native American Indian Dogs

Origins of Native American Indian Dogs

Their history can be traced back to the times when the western world opened its doors for trading and many people migrated to different cities. In doing so, they brought various breeds of dogs from their indigenous homelands. In North America, the Coyote, a native dog, was bred with other dogs to produce the Common Native Dog, a distinct breed of its own.

If one were to describe the original Native American Indian Dogs, one would say that they were fairly intelligent and versatile. Some of these qualities are reflected in today’s Native American Indian dog breeds as well when we look at their hunting abilities and the nature that allows them to be great family pets.

This breed is known to have a similar heritage as that of the Dingo – an ancient dog breed originating in Australia.

One can make a distinction between today’s breed and the original. They have also been domesticated well, which is why they are now loved by people who like to pet them and keep them close to their families. These are mostly calm and composed in their temperament; however, there can get highly neurotic and anxious. Therefore, they need to be looked after with care and treated with proper training.

Appearance: Native American Indian Dog Breed

Appearance Native American Indian Dog Breed

They are a highly attractive dog breed with a wild appearance and large build. Both these traits make them resemble their ancestors. In addition, they can weigh up to 100 lbs and are often used as rescue dogs due to their intelligence. Not to mention that they have a considerable lifespan of about 14-19 years.

They are easily recognizable and are built for the outdoors. This is why most owners like to keep them in the woods, as it seems to be the most comfortable space for them. All these years of breeding have naturally taken away the traits that their ancestors possessed. Yet, the mix has resulted in some unique canine breeds that possess the most qualities of their ancestors and are also good-looking.

Some of their distinct qualities include erected ears that protect them greatly against any trouble. Their almond-shaped eyes are another feature that makes them stand out. They also have a muscular build that allows them to look strong and dominating.

Like them, their coat is also unique and can mostly be spotted in two lengths. The overcoat has a rough texture and could be long or short, depending upon the dog. The waterproof undercoat protects them from the wind and is also thick for the same reason.

Another distinct feature about them is that their coat is hypoallergenic, which is quite a relief for those who suffer from allergies. Their coat is also odor-free and can be easily maintained by brushing daily. They may shed their coat heavily once in a while, which is when you must consider vacuuming their coat.

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How to Train Native American Indian Dog Breed?

Given its history, this breed needs extra work during the training period. Once done right, one can expect them to be extremely patient and loving with family members.

Using positive reinforcement techniques with them is the best way to go about it as it ensures that they understand what is expected out of them. If not, they could prove to be dangerous. However, that happens when they are left alone for a long period of time on their own and are not taken care of.

You need to introduce some activities in their training period that requires them to move out in wide-open spaces as it allows them to exhaust themselves and thus keep them energized. They require regular exercise to lead a healthy life, like any other dog breed. They generally cannot be kept confined to limited space.

Various Breeds of Native American Indian Dogs

Various Breeds of Native American Indian Dogs

After gaining some knowledge about NSAIDs as they are commonly known, you would have got the idea that they have a distinct identity of their own. They can easily be spotted against other dogs.

There are many different breeds, each with its distinct features and characteristics. These breeds include the Alaskan Husky, American Eskimo Dog, Chinook, and the Siberian Husky. For example, the Alaskan Husky is known for being an excellent working dog, while the Chinook is known for being a gentle and loyal companion.

  • Bergamasco Shepherd is a rare breed known for its thick, matted hair coat. They are loyal and protective dogs.
  • Bichon Frises are small and are known for being affectionate and gentle. They make great lapdogs.
  • Boston Terriers are lively little dogs full of personality, and they also make great city pets. 
  • Canaan Dogs are ancient and are still used as working dogs in some parts.

All these dogs are known for their loyalty, intelligence, and strength. They also make great family pets and are excellent watchdogs.

Fun Facts About Native American Indian Dog Breeds

  • Owing to their build, they can easily sport numerous outdoor activities. One of them is skijoring, and they love to be a part of it. It does require patience and training to ensure that your dog has learned the necessary skills to survive this sport without any major injury.
  • It is important to provide them with high-quality food to keep them active and maintain their energy levels. Of course, whatever you feed them, foods that are high in protein value.  
  • One needs to timely fulfill their food and diet requirements and ensure they get the right amount of exercise daily. Again, training can take this breed of dog very far.


This dog breed has a long history of ancestry, and its origins can be easily traced back. They are entirely distinct from their ancestors. However, there are a few similarities because of which one can trace their ancestry.

They are an intelligent breed and require some attention and proper training to showcase their best side. However, when loved the right way, they reciprocate the emotions, which is why people adore them and make a great option for families.

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