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OxGord Dog Crate With Divider

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How many times have you went out for the evening and come home to chewed up toys, garbage strewn about the house, and your pup sitting there looking cute and innocent?

Or, how about when you travel and your pup doesn’t like sitting in the backseat, instead they try hopping in the front with you? With the OxGord dog crate, you can give your pup a place of their own where they can feel comfortable, keep them safe, and keep them out of trouble!

In this review, we are going to talk a little more about the features of the OxGord 36″ Dog Crate with Divider, but we are also going to give you an overview of what people who have purchased the dog crate had to say about their overall experience with it. Then, we’re going to give you our recommendation on whether or not this dog crate is something you should consider purchasing for your own dog!

About The Product

OxGord Inc. is known for being distributors of automotive accessories and they know how important it is to keep your pet feeling safe and secure when you’re on the road or even at home.

Dogs are den animals and they like being in a place where they can relax, rest, and feel comfortable in their own little space. With this dog crate by OxGord, your pet can feel like the king of his own domain.

Notable features of the OxGord 36″ Dog Crate with Divider include:

  • Versatile Design allows for extremely easy setup and takes down to fold and store it away
  • Convenient space-saving design means it can be stored practically anywhere when not in use
  • Materials are Made from Heavy Duty Solid Metal “Steel”
  • Maximum Security Refuge Safe
  • Easy to Clean 100% Washable
  • Dimensions: 36″ x 22″ x 25″ + Free Split Divider + Multiple Doors + Versatile Carry Handle

This premium quality crate uses commercial-grade materials, ensuring that the crate is built for long-lasting security and incredible durability. The all-steel, high tensile-strength wire is formed and welded into a design that allows for optimal visibility and airflow without sacrificing the integrity of the overall design.

The crate features a lightweight tray that is made from a durable ABS plastic with a lip around the perimeter in case your pet has an accident while in the crate. This tray can be removed for easy cleaning and it also acts as a layer of protection so they don’t potentially harm themselves on the sharp metal pieces on the bottom of the crate.

A nice feature of this crate is that it features a divider panel that you can use to adjust the size of the crate to best suit your dog as he grows. When the crate isn’t being used, everything folds up nicely for easy storage.

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What Others Say

When we looked at the user reviews, we saw that 69% had great things to say about the dog crate and left 4 or 5-star reviews. Of these reviews, people commented on how quickly their pet took to the new crate.

Customers appreciate the removable tray in the crate and are glad they don’t have to worry about stepping in any messes on accident at night. Customers have also said that the double doors are useful for getting the pet in and out of the crate.

One customer said they intend on using the crate from puppyhood to adulthood and the divider is a wonderful feature. Customers also report that they are very grateful that they didn’t need any special tools to put the crate together.

In fact, several customers said they prefer this crate because it is so easy to put together because they aren’t handy and they were able to assemble and disassemble the crate within minutes.

So what did the remaining 31% of customers who left 3-star or below reviews have to say? The most common complaint customers had was that they felt the kennel is only good for calm dogs who don’t mind being in a kennel.

Customers have said that those with anxious dogs or dogs who get overly excitable when you come home, the cage isn’t going to be enough to keep them contained. Customers have also said that the latches are incredibly easy to undo, so a smart dog could figure out how to get out of the cage. Another customer said that their particular crate didn’t snap together completely, enabling their dog to escape.

Our Recommendation

There’s nothing more aggravating than stepping in a mess that your dog has made in the middle of the night or coming home after a long day at work to find that your lovely pup got in the trash and it’s all over the kitchen.

You can avoid finding lovely little surprises like this by purchasing a crate for them. With the OxGord Dog Crate with Divider, you have the convenience of an easy to set up a crate that can be stored in a closet when it isn’t being used.

While a third of the customers who have purchased this crate had less than stellar experiences with the crate, we feel that for a crate being less than $40, it is still a great option. While the crate may not be ideal for particularly rambunctious dogs, it is a nice crate for calmer dogs or dogs who need a place to get away and relax.

We recommend that before you purchase your own dog crate, you measure your dog and go from there. Ideally, your crate should be large enough for your dog to turn around and lay down comfortably. Also, if you are keeping the crate in a cooler area in your home (or outdoors), make sure you properly insulate the bottom of the crate with bedding so they’ll be warm.

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