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Pitbull Lab Mix: Labrabull Facts, Temperament, Grooming & Training

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The Pitbull Lab Mix (aka Labrabull, Bullador, Pitador) is a popular mixed breed dog made up of two widely loved breeds.

Being most commonly half American Pit Bull Terrier and half Labrador Retriever, this combination is one that has been welcomed into homes all over the world.

This Lab Pitbull Mix has gained its popularity with their fun-loving personalities, and their love of being a part of a family.

While so many stand behind the Labrabull, there are still some that are wary of the Pitbull’s aggressive past.

In this article, we’ll discuss this breed’s characteristics in detail, and their ability to be an incredible addition to your family.

Pitbull Lab Mix History

The Pitbull Lab Mix is made up of two parent breeds that have quite a long history in the book of human and animal companionship.

With their original purpose of being bred for work, this combination of dog is determined to serve their owner and get the job done!

Labrador Retriever History

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever was originally bred for hunting purposes, where they would assist their owners in retriever ducks and fish. Their coat was suited for the cold waters of the Atlantic, and their tails served as a powerful rudder to push them through the water.

As they spread in popularity, their kind and outgoing nature began to shine. It wasn’t long before they came one of the most popular breeds, and made their way into homes all over the world.

To this day they are listed as one of America’s favorite breeds, and still utilize their impressive work ethic through search and rescue and service dog roles. They are man’s best friend in a number of ways.

American Pitbull Terrier History

American Pitbull Terrier History

The Pitbull has had quite a rocky past. They have alternated from being wonderful family dogs to fighting dogs, to everything in between.

One thing that is certain through all of their history is if they are trained and cared for properly, they have the ability to be a lovable and trustworthy family pup.

The Pit Bull was originally bred in the United Kingdom, where they were used in the cruel sport of “bull baiting.” These dogs would harass a bull for hours until the bull would collapse from fatigue or injury.

These matches were unfortunately held for entertainment and helped pave the way into the use of Pitbulls in bloodsport.

Once the bull-baiting era ended, the Pitbull soon made its way into a much more kind role, where they served alongside their owners in a number of work-related duties.

They were often used to herd cattle, protect livestock, and were even considered a “nanny dog” due to their sweet nature around children.

For quite some time, Pitbull Terriers were seen as a loving fixture in a home, so it’s quite unfortunate that the breed yet again took a turn into breeding for bloodsport.

While some Pitbull’s are still bred to this day for cruel dog fighting purposes, more and more people now understand that their temperament and kind nature has everything to do with the way they are raised.

Pitbulls are a kind and loving breed, who are exploited at times for their past. If you plan to raise your Pitbull Lab Mix in a loving home, they will be your very best friend!

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Pitbull Lab Mix Appearance

Since the Lab Pitbull Mix is a combination of two breeds, there are no set rules to their appearance. Their appearance may vary, but they often have some features in common.

Depending on the parents, the Pitbull Lab Mix can range anywhere from 50 to 90 pounds on average. On average, they are considered medium-sized dogs with an athletic frame. Due to the variety of parents, the Pitador can be quite muscular.

The Lab Pitbull Mix can come in a variety of colors. The most common colors include tan, black, black and white, brindle, white, or a combination of any of the above.

Their coat is often short and silky and has some of the water wicking features of the Labrador Retriever. With daily brushing, their shedding can be managed well.

With the combination of shorter and longer noses, the Lab Pitbull Mix usually has a nose that is somewhere in between. Some will have long and slim noses, while others will have a bit more of a broad snout.

Personality of the Lab Pitbull Mix

The Labrador Pitbull Mix is often surrounded by a bit of concern, due to the Pitbull’s past. While it’s important to be aware of their history, it’s equally important to understand that they are a product of their surroundings.

Pitbulls and Labradors are both eager to serve, making the Lab Pitbull Mix incredibly loyal breed. They are often quite clever, and quick to catch on to training and commands.

Since they are so smart, it’s important to keep a Labrabull stimulated as often as possible, as they will easily become bored. They truly love to serve and are happiest when they are learning alongside their favorite humans.

While this breed has a long list of advocates for their ability to be family dogs, there are of course things you should be aware of when choosing Labrabull regarding the potential for aggression.

Are Pitbull Lab Mix Dogs Aggressive?

Any Pitbull lover will most likely attest to the breed’s potential to be aggressive when raised in an environment that does not serve them properly.

While the Labrabull is equipped with all the tools to be an incredible member of the family, it’s important to be aware of this small chance of aggression.

Since the Lab Pitbull Mix is such an intelligent breed, they require extra time and energy to expel energy. When they are not feeling stimulated, or are unable to burn off energy daily, this can lead to pent up energy that can lead to unfavorable behavior.

Most Pitbull Lab mixes that are unruly or rough are often left alone for extended hours throughout the day and are not trained or exercised to their best potential.

Since there are genetic links to aggression in the Pitbull’s past, it’s important to socialize your Bullador at a young age.

Dog aggression and aggression towards humans can be easily eliminated when they are exposed to these factors at a young age and are taught how to behave accordingly from the start.

These special tips are true of any dog breed but are especially important surrounding this breeds stigma. Just like any other dog, as long as you meet their needs and provide them with a fulfilling environment, they will thrive!

Overall Health of the Pitbull Lab Mix

Overall Health of the Pitbull Lab Mix

Pitbull Lab mixes often live a healthy life of anywhere from 10-15 years.

Labrabulls are generally low maintenance dog breeds, but they are predisposed to certain conditions from both sides. Some of these conditions include:

Hip and Elbow Dysplasia

Dysplasia is a structural problem of the joint, and causes the grinding and wearing down of the joints over time. Since this can be a genetic condition, the onset of these diseases will vary from dog to dog.

Some signs of elbow or hip dysplasia include looseness of the joint, limited range of motion, stiffness, pain, limping, and slowing down with time.

It’s important to keep your Pitbull Lab Mix at a healthy weight and talk to your vet about starting dog joint supplements in their adult years.

Gastric Bloat

Gastric bloat is a possibility in any breed that had a deep chest. This is when the stomach expands, causing it to flip and cut off the blood supply, and trap the contents of the stomach.

Not only is this incredibly painful, but it is considered the mother of all emergencies in veterinary medicine. This condition requires quick action and attention from a veterinarian, or it will be fatal.

Signs of bloat is attempting to vomit without any production, gagging, panting, distended abdomen, limb weakness, and collapse. You can help to prevent this condition by limiting physical activity after your dog eats.


This is a condition where the thyroid gland production is insufficient. Because of the lack of production, dogs can gain weight, have an irregular heartbeat, have trouble regulating temperature, and experience skin problems.

Diagnosing this condition is quite easy with a visit to your veterinarian and performing routine blood work.

Skin allergies

Pitbulls and Labrador Retrievers are both known for their high chance of developing dry skin and skin allergies.

It’s important to keep an eye out for dry skin, dandruff, lack lister coat, skin irritation, or sores on the body. If you see any of these symptoms, it’s best to see your veterinarian for a plan of action.

Training Your Pitbull Lab Mix

Training your Bullador will be fairly easy, as they take to the process eagerly. This breed truly loves to please, so you will be pleasantly surprised by how quickly they catch on to basic commands.

It’s recommended to start your training process from as early as 8 weeks, or from the point of adoption.

From the moment they enter your home, they are building habits and becoming acclimated to their environment. The sooner you start the training process, the sooner your pup will fit into your family’s life.

When starting your obedience training, it’s important to focus on a positive reinforcement style of training. Pitbull Lab mixes, and any other breeds, don’t take well to fear-based training, and it is no longer an approved style of training as it can mask behavioral problems.

Work to train your dog with yummy treats, rewards, and positive encouragement. This will create excitement to learn and will help to build a positive relationship between you and your pup.

The Importance Of Socialization

Socialization is the most important part of your Pitbull Lab Mix training process. Since Lab Pitbull mixes do have a possibility of showing aggression in unfamiliar situations, it’s important to introduce them to as many outside factors as possible.

By exposing them to other dogs, other people, new people in your home, new environments, and any other potential stressors, you are helping to build your dog’s confidence in a number of situations.

When they feel confident, they are no longer fearful. A fearful dog is often dangerous, and you want to limit this possibility as much as possible.

A socialized dog is also much more enjoyable than one who is not. By socializing your Pitbull Lab mix, you are opening up the possibility of activities you can do together. A well-socialized dog can be trusted in many settings, making them ideal for family life.

Pitbull Lab Mix Exercise Requirements 

The Labrador and Pitbull mix will require daily exercise since both parents are an active breed. With access to daily walks, time in a yard, fetch, frisbee, and any other physical activities, they will truly thrive.

Behavioral problems in the Pitbull Lab Mix often arise when they have excess energy pent up. By working to provide them with a minimum of 30 minutes of daily exercise, you will make them a more enjoyable part of your family.

Are Lab Pitbull Mixes Good Family Dogs?

With their fierce loyalty and loving nature, they make incredible companions in the right home. They will bond well with all members of the family and thrive in your presence.

They are an incredibly active breed, so it’s important to create a life that your Pitbull Lab mix can thrive in.

By setting aside daily playtime with your Labrabull, you are giving them everything they need to be the perfect family pup. Not only does this mean the world to your dog, but it is also an incredible time to bond.

As long as your family has a commitment to socializing your Pitbull Lab Mix, giving them daily exercise, and providing them with the love they seek; they will thrive in your home.

They were once called “nanny dogs” for a reason. Their families are their lives, and they will show you an everlasting amount of loyalty.

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Are Labrador Pitbull Mixes Safe Around Children?

Labrabulls can be great with children and are often seen cuddling with their favorite human friends. While they have the potential to love everyone in their family, it’s important for the adults in the equation to monitor this closely.

Just like with any other breed, Pitbull Lab mixes have the potential to bite. Since their bites are known to be more severe, you should never force a child’s presence on any dog without proper monitoring.

If you are unsure of your Bullador’s tolerance of children, make sure to take the introduction slowly. Never leave your Labrador Pitbull mix alone with children until you are well aware of their behavior around children.

Once you know that your Pitbull Lab Mix can be trusted with the children in your home, it’s equally important to teach children how to respect your dog. Any dog can become agitated when children are not respecting their boundaries, so it’s essential to teach your children proper boundaries with dogs.

Make sure children are never sitting on dogs, pulling on dogs, biting dogs, or any other behavior that can cause a dog to feel uncomfortable. While it’s important for a dog to never be aggressive toward a child, it’s equally important for a parent to teach their children how to respect their furry friends.

Important Tips For Owning A Pitbull Lab Mix

Now that you’ve learned about the Lab Pit mix, here is a quick review that covers some of the important tips when deciding to bring a Lab and Pitbull mix into your home.

  • Be aware of their size (50-90lbs), and make sure this works for you.
  • Keep their energy level in mind, and be committed to providing daily exercise.
  • Socialize them from the moment they come into your home.
  • Make sure you have the time to commit to them, as they can become depressed when separated from their owners too often.
  • Educate yourself on the common medical conditions that these breeds face (hip dysplasia, gastric bloat, hypothyroidism, skin allergies).
  • Make sure children in your home know how to respect a dog’s boundaries.
  • Understand the Pitbull’s past, and be committed to giving them a loving home.

Once you’ve reviewed this check-list, then you have all the tools you need to decide whether a Pitbull Lab Mix is ideal for your home.


The Pit Lab Mix can be an amazing addition to any home and has the ability to bring you loyalty and love for years to come.

Just like with any other breed, they have their own set of quirks that make them special.

Once you fully understand what this lovable breed requires to thrive, you can rest assured that you are ready to welcome the Labrabull into your home!

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