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Saluki: Dog Breed Information And Pictures

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A breed that was considered a ‘Gift from God’ in ancient times. Saluki is one of the oldest and most desired dog breeds in existence.

A very calm, loyal, and intelligent breed, now one of the most loved pets in the world. Their patience and smartness go well in a family with kids and seniors making them great house dogs.

If you are interested in getting one for your home, hang in here and read all about them. We will learn all about the Saluki breed, their history, temperament, personality, and everything else.

In this read, you will find all the information about the Saluki breed and the pictures that will help you understand them even better.

Let us start with knowing the basic attributes of Salukis.

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Breed Characteristics

Breed Characteristics

Some say Salukis are supermodels of dogs, possessing a uniquely beautiful appearance with stunning slim body figures. They are often calm, composed, and aloof with strangers.

Salukis are great hunters, and they are from the family of sighthounds, which means they use their eyes more often than their noses to identify their prey.

They have excellent endurance and can run miles. Their agile body helps them stay fit, and they can adapt to any conditions and hunt perfectly, even in rough terrain.

Salukis are very attached to their family members, even kids. They are devoted to the house members and do not do well when left alone for long periods.

History of Saluki

History of Saluki

Originally bred to chase gazelle, Salukis were a royal pet of Egyptian kings for thousands of years.

Their origin is fairly unknown, but they are believed to be as old of a breed as 5000 years ago. In ancient tombs and sculptures, there are images and cravings of their likeness.

Arab tribespeople was fond of these Salukis, often known as the Gift of Allah, god’s gift to mankind. They even cared for them as they cared for their horses.

Saluki was used with falcons and other birds to hunt. Falcons fly high, locate the animals, and signal them to Saluki, then Saluki sprints and pins the animal down, waiting for their masters to arrive in camels or horses.

Arabs or their ancient masters ensured they stayed purebred without mixing them with other breeds.

However, a lot of time has passed since, and there have been some changes when they were brought to the West after world war I, but they remain pure and one of a kind.

More About Saluki

Salukis are medium-large dogs, graceful and elegant, and can run swiftly without troubling much.

They have long ears, which help them locate prey when running fast and hunting. They do not bark or howl too much, and drooling is not a problem either.

They have an unusual gait when running at full speed as all four legs are in the air, which is a rare, pleasant sight.

They are not advised as apartment dogs due to their need for running and exercise. They need experienced dog owners and someone who understands their needs.

Salukis may need additional training to live with other dogs. Although they do not have problems with other dogs, they are not much of playing dogs and want to live by themselves.

They have a higher prey drive, and having pets like cats would kick their hunting instincts, and they may chase anything with furs.



As in all major breeds, male Salukis tend to be bigger in size than female partner Salukis.

Their average size is 23 to 28 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs around 35 to 70 pounds.

They can live up to 12 to 15 years when taken good care.



Saluki is generally calm and likes to remain quiet. If you want a dog who will show love and express its attraction to you, then Saluki is not the one.

They like running and going on walks but are not too active in the house. Saluki is not much expressive; they can be shy around strangers. And this is why it is very important to socialize them at puppyhood. They prefer living indoors more often than outdoors as they ask for human companionship.

They need extra training to be around dogs and pets. They have a high prey drive and will latch rapidly onto anything that moves, and smaller pets like cats are not that safe around them.


They are a smart, sensitive, and intelligent breed of dogs that are loyal and friendly toward their owners.

They are very patient towards kids and loves to be around human. If left alone for a longer period, it may cause separation anxiety.

They are alert and can make good watchdogs. They do not bark often but can be destructive when home alone or not trained well.

They are smart, so training a Saluki is not a problem, but training should be positive and not harsh as they might get stubborn if they do not see affection.

They are loyal, but if they like someone other than you, they will go to them without hesitating as they are more like to be around one person around the house.


Saluki is considered as one of the healthiest breeds in existence. They are not prone to a lot of inherited or genetic diseases.

However, as with all big-sized dogs, there are some diseases that pose a risk for Salukis, such as Bloating, heart disease, and even cancer.



Saluki likes to run and run without a leash, so they require big open spaces with high fencing around them as they can jump over 5 feet easily.

Salukis are one of the fastest sprinters among dogs in America, and they can almost click around 30mph when at full speed.

When you go out with them, make sure you have a leash around because when they see anything moving, they will run after it, and no commands will get them back until they want to.

They need good bedding, as they are tight-muscled and require soft cushioned beds, or calluses will form.


Every dog has different food requirements, and Saluki’s food requirements vary throughout their growing years.

They prefer a balanced diet with all nutrients. Three cups of dry food daily at regular intervals are recommended.

Obesity in dogs is now in trend, and to avoid that, please do not make food available all day. Provide food when you think they are hungry.

They have no known food allergies and will eat anything if they are in the mood. Always make fresh water available as they like to drink water more constantly.

Coat Color And Grooming

They may have a coat of two types, either smooth or feathered. Salukis like to be clean; hence, they always try to clean themselves.

They have a very smooth, shiny, and short coat, and they do not shed much. Their coat is relatively easy to groom and take care of.

They need combing and shedding twice a week and bathing whenever necessary, although they will groom themselves independently.

Regularly check and monitor Saluki’s ears as wax can build up inside them. They like massage, so combing them won’t be an issue.


Q. Is Saluki a fast-running dog?

Saluki is one of the fastest-running dogs in the world. They can go up to 30-35mph. All four legs are in the air while running at full speed, which is a good sight to watch.

Q. Are Saluki aggressive dogs?

Saluki is one of the calmest dogs you’ll come across. They do not bark much and are shy around strangers. They have a high prey drive and will latch onto anything that moves and have furs, so be cautious.

Q. Do Saluki dogs like warm weather?

Yes, as their origin is from a desert and sandy country, they can tolerate warmer conditions, but they also like water.


Who does not want a dog with whom you can flex around your town? Saluki is one of them, and their elegance is unmatched.

They can be your perfect companion and even acts as watchdog being, forever loyal to you. With no drooling or shedding, it can be your perfect house companion.

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