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Sloughi: Dog Breed Information And Pictures

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Sloughi, beautiful and noble in his approach, belongs to the sighthound family, which is vastly admired for its ability to hunt. Originally, they were bred to hunt wild game such as foxes, ostriches, and gazelles.

They are smooth-coated and very elegant in appearance, yet very muscular and strong. They have a very high prey drive, as their natural instincts of hunting kick in very fast.

If you are looking to bring Sloughi home, you should be an experienced holder in breeding dogs, as these dogs may give you a hard time if you are naive.

We will further discuss and learn more about these noble creatures.

Let us have a look at some stats first.

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Breed Characteristics

Sloughi is one of the few breeds that are very healthy without any genetic disorders. They were used as hunting dogs in their northern african history.

Sloughi are fast and quick-running dogs with slender and high legs. Despite the body being slim, it is very muscled.

They are big dogs but incredibly lightweight, which helps them run fast and apparently makes them better at hunting wild animals.

They are still used as hunting dogs in their native regions of northern Africa but can also become good family dogs if given proper training and affection.

Sloughi can develop close bonds with their owners and family members, making them very loyal and protective. However, they are generally reserved around strangers.

More About Sloughi

Sloughi has a hunger for activity and does not like to sit idly. If you are looking for a dog who will sit with you while you watch movies after coming from work, then this is not the dog for you.

They require exercise for around 2 hours per day. Walking every morning and evening will do. They do not drool often and can live alone for a few hours after training for it.

They require a big yard or a good open garden to run in and should be securely fenced. They are more suitable for rural owners as they have open spaces and fewer modern issues.

Sloughi is a vocal and chatty dog that will bark at anything suspicious or unusual. Socialization early will help them get more comfortable around people and other pets.

Let’s dive into the topic and learn about Sloughi’s history, temperament, and a lot more.


History of Sloughi

Although the origin of Sloughi dates way back and is still unknown. These wonderful creatures are believed to be bred around the 13th century or even earlier.

Origins are related to North African regions bordering Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, and even the Sahara deserts.

They are one of the oldest domesticated dog breeds used to hunt in the robust, harsh, and sandy conditions of Sahara deserts. They were used with the falcons in some regions for hunting.

They were used to guard tents and livestock in their native regions. Their existence was critically decreasing when hunting with Sloughi was banned in their native place, Morocco, and also in the world war era, but it has gained popularity in Western countries.



Sloughi are large dogs, and Sloughi male adults stand 26 to 29 inches at the shoulder, while females are seen at 24 to 27 inches. Male Sloughi weigh between 50 to 63 pounds, while females weigh around 40 to 50 pounds.

The body is much taller than long, making these breeds unique. Always ensure that Sloughi is taller than longer to distinguish between breeds.


Sloughi is very calm and quiet indoors. They are very proud and confident in themselves. They are often shy and reserved with strangers, which makes them very alert and protective of their families.

Their affection for their loved ones is often very visible with Sloughi, as they can build a strong relationship with their owners. They can be trained to behave well but are known to be stubborn, especially with new dog owners.

They like going out for a run and need regular exercise. They are active and kind of outdoorsy. If you are unwilling to go through the trouble, this is not the dog for you.

They don’t like to be left alone for long periods of time. If trained well, they can stay alone for a few hours, but that does not mean they will do well living alone. They do not bark or howl a lot until anything feels off to them.



Sloughi, being an athletic dog, remains calm and steady when not on the move. These elegant dogs have short, smooth coats and thin physiques, with low fat and muscular bodies built for hunting in the wild and running speed.

They are aloof, as they don’t go along with strangers right away, and they will flag any suspicious or unusual activity.

They appear very attractive as they have thin, layered fur attached to their skin, which comes in various colors. They have a whip-like tail that is curved slightly at the end or has a curl.


Sloughi is generally a very healthy breed. They are very sensitive to anesthetics.

Sloughis are prone to genetic diseases or infections like every other breed. Some diseases that are found in Sloughi are:

  • Addinson’s Disease: This condition causes your adrenal glands to be dysfunctional, which prevents the body from producing normal levels of hormones needed to balance electrolytes.
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA): This condition is often called night blindness, which is a very rare condition in Sloughi.

Besides the above-mentioned major health risks, Sloughi has no other health issues. Minor infections like ear infections can occur in Sloughi, so it is important to clean their ears regularly.

It is practically impossible to wave off any genetic health disease from any breed, but you can mitigate the risk with proper health care and regular check-ups.



Sloughi requires minimum care as compared to other large breeds. Their requirement to exercise is an important one; for a healthy Sloughi, at least two hours of daily exercise is prescribed.

As they are short-haired, not a lot of care goes into grooming. They are trainable, and a positive approach is recommended for training as they are very sensitive, and harsh methods can lead to stubbornness.

It is important for Sloughi to be socialized when they are a puppy, especially with children and other pets. Even after the dogs have been trained, they can still pose a threat if there are animals or other pets in the house.

They are usually good with children, although their interactions should never be unsupervised. They are big and require a large garden area to run and feel free. They can live ideally in rural or suburban areas.

They require a good place to sleep and relax, hard or cold floors make them fussy.


Sloughi need fresh water most of the time, and a nutrient-filled diet is required for their healthy growth. As they are the natural habitat of deserts and hotter weather conditions, they do not gain weight or fat but like fresh water.

Their metabolism works to burn fat and is not known for obesity. They require a high-protein diet, and two meals a day would be enough. All meals should be monitored and in accordance with veterinary care to prevent health problems.

Give them a treat on training as the positive approach is encouraged. Their food requirements will change according to their activity level, age, and body.

Coat Color And Grooming

Coat Color And Grooming

The coat is short, very fine, and dense all along the body, with no double coat. The color varies from light sand to fawn or red sand-like color with no large white markings.

They are seen cleaning like cats as they don’t want themselves to be dirty. They generally don’t require a bath, twice every year is enough. They don’t have any doggy odor until they are wet.

A soft rub with a brush or a towel will keep them clean. They are light-skinned with no fur, so a casual check every now and then for any cuts or scratches is better.

A canine sunscreen can be used for them if they are out in the sun too often, as UV rays can cause skin burns as they have thin skin compared to other breeds.

Sloughi is an average shedder and requires minimum effort to clean dead hairs. Clean their teeth regularly, as dental hygiene is important to prevent tartar bulging. Trim nails if they grow too long.


Q. Are Sloughi Dogs Sensitive?

Yes, they are very sensitive. New people, surroundings, and animals can make them act out. Early socializing is very important in the early age of Sloughi.

Q. Are These Dogs Good for Families?

Yes, they can become good family pets if proper socialization and training are given. They are very loving and loyal to their owners and shy and reserved with strangers.

Q. Does Sloughi Get Along with Other Pets?

Sloughi have a very high prey drive, and despite that, if socialization is done from a young age, they can learn to behave well with pets and other animals. However, they may seldom chase animals with furs, like cats and birds, owing to their high prey drive.

Q. Do Sloughi Require a Big Garden or Open Spaces?

Yes, it is advised to give Sloughi a big garden space or an open yard for their exercise. They like to run without a leash in open spaces.


Sloughi is one of the noblest dogs, loyal and immensely loving to their family members. If you are looking for a companion to run alongside you on a morning walk, hiking, or in an adventure hunt, this is the best dog for you.

They can be family dogs but are well suited in rural areas. We provided all the information necessary to decide which breed suits your family the better. Let us know which one you are bringing home.

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