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Spinone Italiano: Dog Breed Information And Pictures

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Deciding whether you need a dog in your family is easy. Deciding which dog to get is different. And we understand that; thus, we bring all information there is to know before you choose your companion.

How about the Spinone Italiano breed? A devoted, affectionate, and sociable dog that will fit right in your family.

This article will give you all the information you require about Spinone Italiano, including Breed Information, history, temperament, health, grooming needs, and more.

We have even included pictures of the Segugio Italiano so that you understand their physical appearance better. Let us start with knowing some interesting stats.

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Breed Characteristics

Breed Characteristics

Spinone Italiano is a hard-working and loving breed that is used for hunting. In fact, it is considered as one of the oldest hunting breeds available today.

Spinone Italiano is a large breed with a long head. They are very intelligent and love to be around kids, whether they are strangers or not.

Spinone Italiano has high stamina and is focused when they are working. They have a high prey drive, and their instincts are to chase when they see other small pets like cats and squirrels.

They are good around other dogs and love the company of their family members. Spinone Italiano is an easy-going breed with no tantrums.

They are good swimmers and don’t like being alone. They want to be treated as family members and may become stubborn if their leadership is loose.

More About Spinone Italiano

There is hardly anyone whom Spinone Italiano doesn’t see as a friend. Like many other sporting breeds, it is a high-energy breed that requires intense daily exercise.

This is a breed that will do well in both indoor and outdoor conditions. They do not bark a lot until there is something they want you to know. Although occasional howls with sirens can be expected.

This dog can love participating in dog sports and competitions for agility and obedience. Training them with a positive approach will give good results.

Spinone Italiano can sometimes be stubborn, and new dog owners are not advised to get this dog. They are also known to shed and drool a bit.

If you are a clean freak, this may not be the right breed for you, as they will load you with kisses right after they have dived face-first into the water bowl.

History of Spinone Italiano

History of Spinone Italiano

The exact history of Spinone Italiano is still being determined, but it is believed that this breed is one of the oldest hunting dog breeds. They are ancient, like all Italian dogs.

They have been in Italy with their owners for over a hundred years now. In Italy, they are considered a versatile breed of dogs as they are all-purpose hunting dogs used in any given terrain and conditions.

The most recent breed of Spinone Italiano was developed in Italy’s vastly thorny Piedmont region.

They have very sharp noses and can smell things from miles away. They are even good in water also, which makes them invaluable.


The Spinone Italiano is a medium to large-sized dog. Some may be smaller or larger than average, like any other dogs. They are generally around 22 to 28 inches at the shoulder; you can expect their weight to be around 61 to 86 pounds.



Spinone Italiano has a lovely personality. They look like old wise dogs, but beneath those soft furs, they are just another happy and cheerful pup ready to play.

They have beards and same-colored eyebrows with a slightly dense coat. They are clownish in their puppyhood which evolves and makes a calm and well-poised adult yet a bit churlish.

They need at least two hours of exercise daily to stay mentally and physically fit.

Spinone Italiano is a hard-working dog that loves swimming. They can tolerate good weather conditions.

They are much of a work-focused breed with high stamina. Not a fast runner, but have strong and muscled legs perfect for all-terrain runs.


Spinone Italiano wants to be treated like a family member. They are sweet, caring, intelligent, and have all other qualities which make them the perfect dogs.

They are a bit naughty and clownish when they are juvenile, but as they mature (they mature slowly compared to other dogs), they tend to become calmer and more understanding with a joyful nature.

They are good with kids, very patient and tolerant, provided they know how to behave. Always supervise the interaction between them until the kids are old enough.

Spinone Italiano is equally well-mannered with other dogs. Early socialization is very important at an early age as they have a high prey drive. Proper training is needed when Spinone Italiano is around pets like cats, as they follow their instincts and chase them.

They do not like being left alone for long periods, and they like to go for a walk and then cuddle with you while watching movies.



Spinone Italiano is generally a healthy dog, but some diseases, such as hip dysplasia, occur due to its large size. Bloating is another issue, but it’s a minor one.

Some health issues can be genetic, hence it is recommended to always get a pup from a breeder who has done all the necessary screenings.

Some common health issues in Spinone Italiano are:

Minor Health problems

  • Cataracts
  • Ear infection
  • Gum disease

Major Health Problems

  • Addison’s Disease
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Cerebellar Ataxia
  • Heart issues

It should be noted that not every Spinone Italiano will have any or all of these health problems, but regular tests are also important to minimize any risk.


Spinone Italiano is a picky eater and might take you time to realize which food to be given. Two to three meals per day in measured quantities is recommended.

They require fresh water, always keep a bowl of fresh water accessible to them. They are known to bloat, so please keep an eye on them while they eat and do not let them overeat.

Spinone Italiano is a high-energy dog and requires high-nutrition food throughout their life depending upon the activity level and body size, i.e., puppyhood to adulthood.

Obesity is also a concern, especially in the United States, as more and more cases are reported of obesity in dogs.

Healthy treats of carrots and cereal are advised rather than something else, which may increase the risk of obesity.



They are a happy soul with many clownish acts, but they can be stubborn when not trained in their puppy days.

They do not like being home alone for long periods; they can be destructive, especially if training has yet to be given.

Spinone Italiano has high energy levels and needs at least an hour of walking and playing with them. They need free spaces with high fencing as they are high jumpers and known to dig as well.

When they are young proper socialization is essential; making them familiar with neighbors, pets, and various sounds is advised. This helps Spinone Italiano become a good social, and confident dog.

They don’t do well in hot temperatures, so make sure they are not exposed to hot weather a lot and always have water available when traveling by car.

Coat Color And Grooming

The Spinone Italiano has a dense single coat with a wiry texture which protects them from cold weather and thorny under bushes where they breed initially.

This coat can be in orange, brown, or solid white. Their grooming is not hectic, and just a weekly brushing is needed.

Spinone Italiano has a long beard which can get wet while they eat or drink and sometimes stinks too. More focus on beards and cleaning and brushing them often might save them from stinking and enhance their looks.

Spinone Italiano has ears that are hairy and can cause ear infections. Regular cleaning of ears is important. Once per week will help them stay healthy.

Brushing teeth is also important for dental hygiene and will save them from bacterial overgrowth. Trim their nails as they grow rapidly, and trimming them will help them from cracking.


Q. How much exercise does an Italian Spinone need?

They are an energetic breed, requiring at least an hour of walking and exercise daily to keep their mental and physical health in check.
Spinone Italiano likes to play indoors and outdoors. It will take up to 2 hours daily to fulfill their activity requirements.

Q. Which temperature is suitable for Spinone Italiano?

Spinone Italiano likes cold and mild weather and can not tolerate hot summers. They love swimming and won’t think twice about jumping in the cold waters.

Q. Are Spinone Italianos aggressive?

No, they are generally a good docile, and calm breed.
Spinone Italiano loves to be around people and is even friendly towards strangers as well but it is important to provide good training in puppyhood to make them social.

Q. Can Spinone Italiano live in an apartment?

They like open yards and grounds to feel comfortable as they like jumping and digging. Also, they are too big to live in an apartment.


Spinone Italiano is calm, patient, and loyal and loves humans. They are very good with kids and energetic dogs who love walking and playing all day.

If you need a jogging partner or a family companion never to leave your sight, this is the breed you have been looking for.

They can be relatively stubborn and sometimes act independently. This is the major reason why new dog owners are not advised to get this dog.

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