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6 Best Dog Head Halter Reviews

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If you’re looking for a dog head halter, then find the right one for your dog in this guide. I have compiled a list of the best dog head halters around, including full reviews, pros and cons, and where to buy.

Dog head halters have increased in popularity over recent years. Designed to be a method for pull-free walking, they certainly have their place in the animal community. This guide will explain the benefits and drawbacks of using a head halter before providing reviews of the best six available to buy today.

I have included dog head halters of various materials and across the price points so that every owner can find a suitable product within my best dog head halter reviews. I will finish the post by answering some popular FAQs about dog head halters.

If you’re in a hurry, you can briefly see my chosen six just below.

At a Glance: 6 Best Dog Head Halters

GoodBoy Head Halter
  • 5 Color Options
  • Extra Padded
  • Quick Release Buckles
Wintchuk Reflective Headcollar
  • 3 Size Options
  • Luminous Reflective Threading
  • Highly Affordable
PetSafe Headcollar
  • Vet Recommended
  • Training DVD Included
  • Created by Veterinary Behaviorist
Coastal Pet Head Halter
  • Unique Design
  • Padded Noseband
  • Attach to Regular Collar
Halti Head Collar
  • World-famous HALTI Headcollar
  • Patented design
  • Includes a Free Comprehensive Training Guide
Canny Collar
  • Nickel-plated Steel Buckle
  • 7 Sizes
  • 4 Color Options

What is a Dog, Head Halter?

What is a Dog, Head Halter?

With so many different training collars and aids on the market, it can be challenging to know what sets each one apart. Head halters are basically a harness for your dog’s head. The concept behind them is that head halters reduce pulling, as dogs can’t pull with as much force from their heads as they can when putting their entire weight against their shoulders and chest.

Halters are different from gentle leaders and harnesses, as they loop over the dog’s muzzle and are attached to the leash below the dog’s chin. When the dog attempts to pull, the head halter pulls down his chin – or pulls it sideways – and puts pressure on the muzzle. This causes discomfort and dissuades the dog from pulling.

As well as reluctance, the dog’s strength is reduced, and the owner’s control is so much more. A head halter makes it easier to redirect a reactive or pulling dog during a walk.

It is important to note that using a head halter will not teach a dog to walk nicely or not to pull on a leash; it simply makes it uncomfortable for a dog to do this. Without correcting him or training him otherwise, often, when a head halter is removed, you will find that the dog automatically goes back to undesirable leash behavior.

If you are struggling to teach your dog to walk well with a regular leash, I will use a product like a head halter in the interim. But, look into puppy training classes in your area, or check out our many training guides in the training section of our website to fully correct this issue.

How to Buy and Use a Head Halter?

How to Buy and Use a Head Halter

Things to Consider When Buying a Dog Head Halter

As with any dog product out there, there are considerations needed when initially shopping for that item. And for a dog head halter, these are as follows:

  • Size

Head halters come in a range of sizes to suit all sizes of dogs. It is essential to get the right size for your dog, and to do this, you should measure the snout (closest to the eyes, not muzzle) and the neck circumference. I would measure these areas at least twice, and for optimal fit, choose the smallest result.

Many halters have adjustable side and neck straps, so you don’t need to be to the mm here.

  • Material

You’re going to want a durable, tough, and waterproof material for the head halter for it to be effective. Most head halters will be made from a material that also takes the dog’s comfort into account. The best materials for the collar will be heavy-duty nylon, oxford cloth, or high-grade cotton fabric.

  • Features

A dog head halter is a relatively simple product without frills. However, there are some great features such as reflective straps, quick-release mechanisms, and extra padding. The more features there are, the more likely the price is to rise. But, some features are pretty important to have, such as the extra padding, for a dog’s comfort.

  • Reviews

If you’re unable to shop in person for a dog head halter, then you should take into account the experiences of those who have tried and tested the product. This guide will include honest, transparent reviews of the best six dog head halters around, but if you prefer another not featured here, then ensure it has lots of unbiased reviews to support its claims.

Using a Dog Head Halter

Once you’ve decided on a specific dog head halter, it is unlikely to be as simple as putting this onto the dog’s face and heading off on a walk. Some dogs will accept the head halter without problem, but there will be some reluctance for many. Follow my steps below for a better chance of quick success with your head halter:

  • Step One

Positive praise, encouraging words, and tasty treats are the basic tools you will need to get started here. Familiarizing your dog with the head halter, with bribery if need be, will show him that this is a good experience, with nothing to be afraid of. It is crucial to never force the head collar on the dog as this leads him to associate fear with the collar.

Start by showing him the collar. When he sniffs it or goes towards it, he gets the praise and the treat. Move onto gently placing the top loop over his snout and support this with encouragement and another treat. If he allows you to leave the un-tied collar on his muzzle, you’re halfway there. If not, repeat the first step until he does.

This isn’t going to be a quick process, but if done with patience, it is the best way to lead to a successful outcome.

  • Step Two

Once step one is mastered, it is time to move on to securing the head halter. With lots of encouraging words, strokes, and treats, gently secure the collar to the muzzle and back of the neck. He is likely to be curious about this, and it could well take several attempts.

When the collar is secured, play, pet, praise so that he associates this new head and face sensation with good things.

  • Step Three

When the dog is comfortable wearing the head halter, you can start to walk him with it. Be prepared for mishaps and reluctance initially, but make sure that you remain calm and don’t use excessive force. With positive reinforcement training, hopefully, you will now enjoy walking a much more manageable canine!

My Chosen 6 Best Dog Head Halters

#1. GoodBoy Head Halter – Our #1 Top Pick!

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Coming in five color options and four different sizes, the extra-padded GoodBoy Head Halter is an excellent option for any owner wanting to try this type of collar. This halter features a reflective strip, which increases visibility and safety when using after dark, and has extra padding on the strap for the snout – this padding is where the colored part of the halter is; the rest is black.

I found the material to be strong yet comfortable, which gives great peace of mind. The leash fastens under the snout of the dog, giving maximum steering efficiency and great control. There is a quick-release buckle at the back of the head, and the halter is adjustable, with both the side and neck straps being able to be made longer or shorter for optimum fit.

The GoodBoy head halter is regularly recommended by vets and considered a game-changer for owners of dogs that pull. It is highly affordable, and you can find so many tutorials on YouTube regarding this halter – my favorite one is this here, which is by the brand and shows you exactly how to fit the head collar.

The warranty deserves mention; it is for a one-year period and covers incorrect sizing, as well as a replacement when there has been chew damage!


  • Great Price
  • Thick Padding
  • Excellent Warranty
  • Simple to Use


  • Photos a Little Dishonest: The product looks like it comes with a leash – it doesn’t. However, Amazon recommends this leash as a ‘frequently bought together’ purchase, and as this is genuinely the leash I use for my Rottweiler, I am happy to recommend it too.

#2. Wintchuk Reflective Headcollar – Our #1 Bargain Pick

Wintchuk Reflective Headcollar
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With three size options and at an absolute bargain price, the Wintchuk Reflective Headcollar is perfect for those who are considering a head halter but aren’t entirely convinced. For less than $14, you can try out this product, and it genuinely may surprise you. Many other reviewers have considered this product a ‘life saver’ and a ‘game changer.’

Compared to others, the material is a little thin, but there is padding and reflective stitching, neither of which I would expect to find at this price point. The straps are made from nylon and are adjustable, and the padding around the snout prevents any skin irritation. The padded strip comes in red, blue, or black, while the rest of the collar remains black with each buying option.

There is a quick-release buckle conveniently positioned at the back of the dog’s head. I like that even when closely secured, the straps are not too tight, allowing the dog to open his mouth, pant, and bark as much as he wishes to. The Wintchuk Reflective Headcollar is made in the USA.


  • Great Value for Money
  • Reflective Stitching
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Quick Release Buckle


  • Cheaper Materials – Chrome Plated Rings over Stainless Steel
  • Snout Strap a Little too Close to Eyes

#3. PetSafe Headcollar

PetSafe Headcollar
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You know, with the PetSafe brand that you’re guaranteed a high level of quality, and their headcollar doesn’t disappoint. The PetSafe Headcollar offers incredible value for money; the quality is outstanding, and veterinarian trainers designed the product. It is also vet recommended. This headcollar is also a steal at under $20.

The design is relatively basic, I detected very slight padding over the snout strap, but other than this, the unit is of a fine nylon material. The rings are very secure, and the one for the leash sits under the dog’s chin, which gives excellent steering control to the owner.

The brand recommends adjusting to a tight fit that allows no more than one finger between the strap and the dog; this is perfectly adequate to prevent pulling and lunging while ensuring the dog doesn’t feel too uncomfortable. Fitting the head collar is very easy to do, and I like the quick-release buckle that sits at the back of the dog’s head and makes it so simple to take off.


  • Trusted Brand
  • Simple Design and Fit
  • Good Safety Features
  • Great Value for Money


  • More Padding Over the Snout Strap Would be an Improvement

#4. Coastal Pet Head Halter

Coastal Pet Head Halter
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The Coastal Pet Head Halter fits more like a regular collar but guides the head as you would expect from a no-pull dog halter. Gentle pressure is applied to the snout, which reduces the dog’s ability to pull – as well as his want to.

The quick-drying polyester webbing of this head halter is an excellent material to use, and I find this works very well for extra durability and longevity. You can get rid of that wet doggy smell by simply hosing this headcollar down and hanging it to dry.

There is a safety loop attached and a quick-release snap. The noseband is well padded, and the item is easy to fit. There is an additional safety feature with this headcollar, and that is the safety loop which is attached to the regular collar, so the dog remains tethered if he is to slip the halter. I feel this head halter would be especially suited to breeds with longer noses and more narrow faces.

With the Coastal Pet Head Halter, there is a 60-day guarantee, where refunds or replacements will be provided.


  • Extra Security – Safety Loop to Attach to Regular Collar
  • Quick-Drying Polyester Webbing
  • 60-day Guarantee
  • Padded Noseband
  • Quick to Fit


  • Other Color Options May Appeal to Some
  • Slides Quite Close to Eyes on Broader Faced Dogs

#5. Halti Head Collar

Halti Head Collar
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The Halti Head Collar is designed to be one of the more customizable head collars on the market. This headcollar would be a great option for dogs with flatter noses or more extreme head shapes. The Halti’s design has slightly thicker straps than most, which spreads pressure in a more even fashion across the dog’s face; I believe this would be much more comfortable.

The Halti has a patented design; a high-up neck collar, nose loop, and a safety clip that connects to the dog’s regular collar for additional safety. Established by world-renowned animal psychologist Dr. Roger Mugford in 1979, the brand is a firm favorite with dog behaviorists and trainers worldwide. This headcollar has also been approved by vets globally.

My favorite aspect of this head halter is the Neoprene-padded noseband; this offers a great comfort level for dogs’ snouts and prevents the strap from going near the eyes. The head collar is made from nylon webbing, which is both lightweight and strong and comes in six different sizes. The item arrives with a free comprehensive training guide, which offers some great tips.


  • Vet Approved, Dog Trainer Recommended
  • Six Size Options
  • Patented Design
  • Great Comfort for Dogs
  • Easy to Use
  • Free Training Guide


  • It needs to be Re-adjusted Every Time (as loosened to remove)
  • Other Head Halters Offer More Mouth Movement

#6. Canny Collar

Canny Collar
View Latest Price

The Canny Collar is one of the more expensive head halters around, but with some great features that help to justify the higher price point. Firstly, it is extremely simple to fit, there are no fiddly parts, and it is very similar to putting on a regular collar. Dogs seem to take to this headcollar more-or-less straight away, which tells me that the comfort level is very high and the feeling of restriction low.

The Canny Collar is not a restraining collar but a training mechanism. This means that the dog has plenty of room to move his mouth as he wishes; panting, breathing, barking, and breathing can all be done naturally. I am a great fan of this and believe walks should be as fun for the dog as the owner. The leash attaches to the back of the neck rather than under the chin, so you’re not tugging the dog’s head around to control him.

The item comes with carabiner clips to fasten the slip line under the chin, and the metal components are nickel-plated steel for great security. The Canny Collar works humanely, and this is backed by its regular use within rescue shelters, training schools, and by veterinarians worldwide.

This would be a suitable product for most breeds, but the brand recommends their Canny Colossus for larger breeds, which is the same design but with larger, more heavy-duty fittings.


  • Lots of Buying Options; 7 Sizes and 4 Colors to Choose From
  • Excellent Comfort Level for Dogs
  • Simple to Fit and Use
  • Humane Control – Attaches Behind the Head


  • No Padding on Snout Strap
  • A Little Expensive

FAQs About Dog Head Halters

Are Dog Head Halters Suitable for Every Breed?

Head halters are not recommended for every breed, mainly because they just won’t fit around the short-snouts of breeds like Bulldogs and Boxers. You would also struggle to find appropriate sizes for very small or toy breeds such as Chihuahuas.

Will This Be Comfortable For my Dog?

When the right size is purchased and the head halter has been correctly fitted, it should be comfortable for the dog. It is important to ensure that it doesn’t rub, ride up the snout or slip down and off the muzzle, to maintain his comfort.

How do I Know I Have the Head Halter on Properly?

You should be able to fit one finger comfortably between the collar and the dog. The dog should also be able to exhibit natural behavior such as breathing and panting. If the dog can’t hold a tennis ball in his mouth, then you have the collar on him too tightly. If he can lunge, jump and pull, then it is too loose.

So, Which Is The Best Dog Head Halter?

If you’re going to try a head halter on your dog, then any of the six I have featured would be good options. Some offer more than others, and some are more affordable than their counterparts. The Canny Collar is a good example of a high-end product; I love its humane fitting but wish there was a little more padding for the snout strap.

Our bargain pick, the Wintchuk Reflective Headcollar, offers excellent value for money, but the quality of the materials sadly reflects this, in my opinion. The Halti Head Collar has a patented design, is recommended and approved around the globe by canine experts, and is very easy to use. However, the dog’s mouth is fairly restricted, and the item needs to be adjusted every time.

My favorite part of the Coastal Pet Head Halter is the quick-drying Polyester webbing material; I also like the safety loop to attach it to a regular collar for extra security. I found the color options to be very limited, though, and that the product can slide quite close to dogs’ eyes.

Our number one pick is the GoodBoy Head Halter, which has many buying options and offers incredible value for money. The padding is very thick, and the collar easy to fit – enabled further by the brand’s video tutorials on YouTube. The warranty for the GoodBoy head halter is remarkably generous, but I feel the advertisement pictures could be a little dishonest.

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