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7 Best Vibrating Dog Collar Reviews

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At Canine Weekly, we regularly look at different products that are around to help our dogs. This guide will focus on the best vibrating dog collars available today. Learn too if this is something your dog will benefit from or if there are better alternatives out there.

I am passionate about humane products, so I am not looking for shock collars or collars that can cause pain, discomfort, or physiological damage to a dog to feature in my guide. I will also explain how best to use a vibrating dog collar and help you to decide if this really is the best product you could be using.

Vibrating dog collars are often considered a kinder version of the prong or shock collar, which is somewhat true. They also have an additional benefit of helping owners to communicate with a deaf dog – so, they have their place if for this reason alone.

Some people consider vibrating collars an effective training tool and behavior corrector – we will look into this in the article as well.

If you’re in a hurry, here are the 7 best vibrating dog collars (full reviews further down).

At a Glance: 7 Best Vibrating Dog Collars

Paws Furlosophy NO Shock Dog Collar
  • 3 Humane Training Modes (Tone, Vibration, and Light)
  • 100% Waterproof
  • 3 Ways to Conveniently Hold the Remote
PawPets No-Shock Vibrating Dog Collar
  • 2 Pack
  • Adjustable: Small, Medium, Large
  • Automatic Vibrations
Dogtra 1900S / 1902S Remote Training Collar
  • Ergonomically Shaped
  • Remote Trainer has a 3/4-mile Range
  • Customer Service Based in the USA
DogRook Humane Rechargeable No-Shock Vibrating Collar
  • Unique Design
  • Padded Noseband
  • Attach to Regular Collar
Paipaitek No Shock Vibrating Dog Training Collar
  • 3 Color Options
  • 1-10 Level Vibration Adjustment
  • USB Charging Port
Sport Dog Brand Training Collar
  • Can Support Training 3 dogs With the Same Remote
  • 21 Levels of Static Simulation
  • Waterproof and Submersible
NBJU Vibrating Dog Collar
  • Online Best Seller
  • 5 Color Options
  • 7 Sensitivity Levels

7 Best Vibrating Dog Collar

#1. Paws Furlosophy NO Shock Dog Collar – Our #1 Best Buy!

Paws Furlosophy NO Shock Dog Collar
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My favorite thing about the Paws Furlosophy NO Shock Dog Collar is that there are three different training modes to try and see which is the best fit for your dog. You can choose from vibration, tone, and light, with 1-16 sensitivity levels. The remote has an LED backlight display which indicates the sensitivity level and battery status.

The Paws Furlosopy color is waterproof, which is a great feature for those longer walks when the streams and rivers are just too tempting on a hot summer’s day. The IPX7 waterproof rating receiver has a durable ABS shell, tightly-sealed rubber plug, and TPU strap to keep the electronic components well secured and air-tight. It also feels sturdy and robust.

There are different ways to hold the remote on your person, all convenient. You can attach the device to a belt clip, neck strap, or finger ring. There is no electric shock, irritation, or prongs included, so this is one of the best types of vibrating collars when humane training is desired. It has a wide range of 4,650 yards, and the remote can control two collars – another collar purchase required.


  • 16 Sensitivity Settings
  • Choose Between Tone, Vibration, or Light
  • Easy Ways to Carry the Remote
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Battery Status Easy to See
  • Remote Works for Two Collars


  • Fairly Expensive
  • No Color Choices – Black is the Only Option
  • Not Suitable for Small Breeds
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#2. PawPets No-Shock Vibrating Dog Collar – Our #1 Budget Pick

PawPets No-Shock Vibrating Dog Collar
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The PawPets No-Shock Vibrating Dog Collar is advertised for ‘caregivers who favor the humane way .’ A fabulous feature within the collar backs this. The collar will automatically shut down into ‘sleep mode’ if the dog barks more than seven times within one minute. The idea behind this is that the dog should not be subject to unnecessary discomfort; this, I love.

The collar is well built, with strong materials that, although are not anti-chew, are highly durable. When the package arrives, you will receive two collars with two face plates, in orange and blue. Put in the battery, attach the faceplate, adjust the collar to fit correctly around the neck, and you’re good to go. It feels like an ordinary nylon-type collar, so dogs take to it without fuss.

There are beeps and seven different vibration settings, from barely noticeable to a higher level – but never extreme. The collar fits necks from 8-in to 22-in, so it is suitable for most breeds. This is a remote-free vibrating collar, working automatically when the dog barks. There is a rechargeable version of this collar set at nearly double the price.


  • Great Value for Money
  • Automatic Sleep Mode to Prevent Excessive Vibrations
  • Adjustable to Fit Most Breeds
  • Two Collars Included
  • Strong Nylon Collar


  • Automatically Vibrates, No Owner Control
  • Two-Face Plate Colors Only
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#3. Dogtra Remote Training Collar

Dogtra Remote Training Collar
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Suitable for small-to-medium dogs (from 35 lb and up), the Dogtra 1900S / 1902S Remote Training Collar is an expensive but good option for those wanting to try this collar type. The training collars come with a PetsTEK clicker, which can aid positive reinforcement training along with some tasty treats.

A guide is also included, which teaches you how to use the collars correctly, and a gear bag. The collars are slim, ergonomically shaped, and entirely waterproof. They fit neck sizes from 8-in to 26-in and have 127 different training levels, including Vibration Only, High-Performance Pager, Momentary Nick, and Constant – all ranging from low to high.

Dogs can be up to ¾-mile away and still be within range of the remote control, so these collars are great to use on walks and adventures. The Dogtra collars are used by award-winning pet obedience trainers within hunting and competition trials, contributing significantly to confirming their effectiveness.


  • Great Safety Guide Included
  • Positive Training Clicker Included
  • Wide Sensor Range
  • Rubber Collars – Highly Durable
  • US Based Customer Service


  • Very Expensive
  • Rubber Collars Not to Everyone’s Liking
  • Orange or Black Color Only
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#4. DogRook Humane Rechargeable No-Shock Vibrating Collar

 DogRook Humane Rechargeable No-Shock Vibrating Collar
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The DogRook Humane Rechargeable No-Shock Vibrating Collar is an automatic collar with five safe stages of beeps and vibration; they switch based on the amount of barking, increasing as the barking does. This collar is an absolute bargain price for a rechargeable collar and charges fully within 2-3 hours for 14 days of use.

This vibrating dog collar is suitable for dogs of all shapes and sizes, weighing from 11 to 110 lb. The collar strap is adjustable and made from durable nylon with reflective stitching. I was impressed with the included USB cable, which makes charging much more straightforward.

There are five levels of vibrating sensitivity, with even the highest setting being only moderate. As it is automatic, it will work in your absence and maybe save your neighbor’s ears! This vibrating collar is 100% waterproof. There is currently a $50 saving on the collar, and if you purchase from Amazon, you are entitled to discounts for additional DogRook vibrating collars.


  • Currently at an Amazing Price
  • Additional Collars Discount, After Original Purchase
  • Five Sensitivity Levels
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Thousands of 5-Star Reviews


  • List Price is High
  • cSome Consumers Feel the Vibration isn’t Strong Enough
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#5. Paipaitek No-Shock Vibrating Dog Training Collar

 Paipaitek No-Shock Vibrating Dog Training Collar
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The Paipaitek No Shock Vibrating Dog Training Collar comes with two collars, in black and red. There are other buying options available, with different price points; the singular Orange Vibrating Collar and the singular Red Vibrating Collar. I chose to review the two-pack due to being a fan of reflective collars and noting this stitching on the black collar.

The collars are non-shock, no-prongs, and use beeps and vibrations to reduce barking, lunging, or pulling. There are ten levels of vibration adjustments, and the brand cites the benefits of their collars for deaf dogs, small dogs, and medium dogs up to 60lb. At a little over 1lb in weight, the receiver is lightweight and comfortable for the dog.

There is a 1600ft control range, and the collar is 100% waterproof, and owners can choose between three different modes; Beep, Vibration, or Beep and Vibration. There are some fabulous reviews from owners who have actually tried the collar on themselves before their dog – kudos to them! Dog trainers have been recommending the Paipaitek vibrating collar for hard-of-hearing dogs, and this is an all-around kind, effective, and humane collar.


  • Great for Dogs That are Hard of Hearing
  • Reflective Collar (in Black)
  • Humane Collar – Tested on Humans!
  • Three Different Kind Modes
  • 10 Levels of Vibration Adjustment


  • Not Suitable for Large Dogs Over 60lb
  • Some Consumers Had Difficulty Trying to Contact the Manufacturer
  • Vibration isn’t Strong Enough to Stop all Dogs
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#6. Sport Dog Brand Training Collar

Sport Dog Brand Training Collar
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The Sport Dog Brand Training Collar is an elite model and an updated and improved version of the brand’s origins. There are further buying options, including a camouflage training collar and a collar designed for stubborn dogs, called the Stubborn Dog E-Collar. This collar is expensive but jam-packed with features that I had to find out more about.

There is a 500-yard range, and the collar can support the training of an additional two dogs via the same remote (extra collar purchases needed). Owners can choose between vibration training or beep training, and there are 21 levels of static stimulation. The simulation can either be applied to the neck momentarily or continuously.

The collar is not only waterproof, but submersible up to 25 feet – this is a unique feature that I haven’t found elsewhere. It takes just two hours to charge the device fully, and there is a handy low battery indicator to let you know when it is nearly time. This vibrating collar is suitable for dogs from just 8lb and comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Training Manual Included
  • Fully Submersible
  • 500 Yard Range
  • One Remote can Control 3 Collars
  • Suitable for Dogs from 8lb


  • Top End of Price Point
  • Charged for up to 70 Hours – Others are Upto 14 Days
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#7. NBJU Vibrating Dog Collar

NBJU Vibrating Dog Collar
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The NBJU Vibrating Dog Collar is an Amazon bestseller, with so much going for it – including a great price! There are five different color options, with the lowest priced being orange or blackish green. I love the material for the collar, which is leather so highly soft next to the sensitive skin of the neck; it is then finished with a reflective nylon tape for safe night walking.

This collar is suitable for a wide range of dogs, from 11lb to 110lb, and has seven sensitivity levels. There is the mention of shock being one of the training modes, but the brand says that there are two silicone sleeves to protect the dog’s neck from any kind of electric shock. There is a downside to this collar, and that is how ultra-sensitive it is; responding to other dogs’ barks and vibrating on your dog’s neck, so I wouldn’t use this in areas where other dogs will be.

The NBJU collar is IP7 waterproof, but one of the greatest aspects for me is the rapid charge of just 30 minutes to get 12 days of use. This is rated as the number one choice for bark collars online. Although there is the option of shock, this is down to the owner to activate or not. For those who do, there is protection to stop the dog from severe irritation.


  • Good Value for Money
  • Lots of Color Options
  • Leather Material
  • Reflective


  • Shock Can be Activated
  • Triggered by Barking and Will go off if Another Dog Barks.
  • The Prongs are Longer Than I’d Like
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How do Vibrating Dog Collars Work?

There are a few different kinds of vibrating collars, but they fundamentally work in the same way. The collars attach via a fabric or rubber material, connecting with a buckle, velcro, or straps. The vibrating component usually features a pair of prongs (metal or rubber) that contact the dog’s neck.

Contact is sometimes made automatically; when the dog barks, for example, or when the owner activates the vibration through remote control.

What is Vibrating Dog Collars For?

What is Vibrating Dog Collars For?

Vibrating collars are typically designed for two reasons. The first is to correct excessive barking by sending vibrations around the dog’s neck when he is behaving in an undesirable way. Although this is a natural dog behavior, there are times when owners can be at their wit’s end and even facing eviction due to continuous barking.

A vibrating dog collar can stop the barking, but in the same way as a harness will stop a dog pulling – it will not stop the dog from wanting to pull, and as soon as these aids are removed, the dog will return to its unwanted behaviors. This is why many trainers will only advise using a no-pull or no-bark product in a crisis situation and for a short period – until the behavior is properly corrected through traditional training methods.

However, vibrating dog collars can hugely positively impact the relationship between a deaf dog and its owner. They can aid communication and make the world feel a little less lonely for a dog who can’t hear his owner call him.

Vibrating dog collars can also stop a deaf dog from getting lost, or into a dangerous situation, by alerting him in the same way one would by shouting to a dog who can hear.

What are the Alternatives to Vibrating Collars?

What are the Alternatives to Vibrating Collars?

Depending on what you want the vibrating collar for, there will be an alternative product. We will look into some here:

  • Prong Collars

Prong collars are not suited to everyone. Prong collars are considered effective at correcting a range of issues, from leash pulling to aggressive lunging. They work by applying something frightening and painful to stop undesirable behavior. For example, if a dog pulls on the leash, the prongs dig into the neck – this reduces the chance of the dog wanting to pull.

Some trainers will state that when used correctly, i.e., good-fitting, prong collars are humane. However, the prongs dig into the sensitive neck area, which can risk severe damage to the trachea, esophagus, and thyroid.

  • Electric Collars

Electric collars work by a remote that the owner controls to ‘zap’ the dog with mild-to-moderate electric shocks to the dog’s neck area. Owners use electric collars to stop a dog from barking, acting aggressively, escaping, or exhibiting unwanted behaviors. This is considered an adverse training method and is heavily criticized.

  • Deaf Dog Collars

A collar that can’t be criticized for a deaf dog is simply one which alerts people of the dog’s condition, such as this one here by DexilLimited. If your dog has some degree of hearing, then whistle training can be hugely effective.

I would recommend reading ‘Dogs Can Sign, Too: A Breakthrough Method for Teaching Your Dog to Communicate’ by Sean Senechal, the foundcer of the AnimalSign Center. You can purchase the book here.

FAQs About Vibrating Collars

Are Vibrating Collars Cruel?c

Whether or not vibrating collars are humane is down to personal preference. Although vibrating dog collars are generally considered mild compared to shock or prong collars, they are somewhat controversial. When it comes down to it, they are a tool that relies on discomfort and fear to punish a dog, and this can have some serious repercussions.

I would advise looking at all the alternatives, such as dog training classes or even hiring a dog behaviorist, before subjecting your dog to this type of collar.

What Does the Humane Society Say About Vibrating Collars?

The Humane Society has given their view on different specialty collars, which you can find here. When it comes to vibrating collars, they state, “Vibrating collars can be useful to train a deaf dog who can’t hear your voice or a clicker.”

What is Canine Weeklys Stance on Vibrating Collars?

Our role is to provide the information we collect during our research of products; we then try to give a non-biased view and leave it up to the owner to decide. In this post, I have advised of the vibrating collars that I find to be the most humane and included some other options.


If you’re looking to use a vibrating dog collar to correct a behavioral issue, or to communicate better with a dog that is deaf, then any of the vibrating dog collars I have listed should be adequate.

I like the tone, vibration, and light settings of the Paws Furlosophy NO Shock Dog Collar and the fact that it is easy to carry and has a large yard range. But, it isn’t suitable for all breeds, is relatively expensive, and has just one color option.

The bargain-buy PawPets No-Shock Vibrating Dog Collar is every essence of humane and will enter sleep mode rather than excessively vibrate against the neck. This comes as a two-pack, and both rubber collars feel strong. The Dogtra 1900S / 1902S Remote Training Collar is an expensive option but comes with a clicker and safety guide.

The DogRook Rechargeable No-Shock Vibrating Collar has five stages of beep and vibration, which work automatically, with no owner input. This collar would be a good choice for those who have to leave a dog alone and are receiving noise complaints. You get 14 days of use from 3 hours of charging, and this collar features durable nylon material with reflective stitching.

There are two collars supplied by Paipaitek, one of which is reflective. The collars use beeps and vibration, of which there are ten sensitivity levels. But, this is not suitable for larger dogs.
The most expensive in the guide is the Sport Dog Brand Training Collar, but the features are very impressive, such as the fact it is submersible and has 21 simulation levels.

The Amazon bestseller and rated number one for bark collars is the NBJU Vibrating Dog Collar. The price is good, and the leather material feels very soft; however, I was concerned to learn this has a shock function – although owners can simply not use this, it is there. The prongs are also larger than I would like, but that could be a personal preference.

Whether you opt to use a vibrating collar or not, one thing you should always use is patience – and at Canine Weekly, we certainly know how dogs can test that!

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