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5 Best Harness for Blind Dogs – Our Top Pickup

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Dogs become our friends to give us a lifetime of selfless love and companionship. Guide dogs help provide directions to blind people. We often feel we are obliged to ensure that we provide the best possible care and support to our dogs and, at the same time, find ourselves enjoying the process. But vision-impaired dogs need a little more care and attention. They thrive on love and compassion, and dog parents who have blind dogs would know that they reflect emotions manifold.

Despite many myths circulating about the adoption of blind dogs, let us clarify that they can be easily adopted. Many people worldwide have accepted blind dogs into their families with open arms. And they do not require high maintenance. Like other dogs, they need a little more than basic requirements, but mostly they need emotional support.

We are connected with many dog parents who own blind dogs in our community. We discuss and have healthy debates regarding what is good and what is bad for dogs in general based on individual experiences. These blogs are just a way of sharing our mutual understanding about dogs and dog products to spread love and care to as many pets worldwide as possible.

Halo Harness

Halo Harness

Our Top Recommendation for Harness for Blind Dogs!

Among all these products, the one that stands out in terms of quality, durability, design, and utility is the Walkin’ Halo Harness. It is particularly popular among dog parents and for all the right reasons. Most dog parents noted that their dogs found it comforting and useful.

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One of the products that you can purchase to maintain the safety of your blind dog and to allow them the freedom to do whatever they wish to without any restrictions is a decent harness.

A dog harness allows the pressure on the leash to distribute evenly, making the dog training experience easy and fun for both the dog and the dog parent. Blind dogs also find this product useful as they do not have to depend on anyone else.

5 Best Harness for Blind Dogs

To help your blind dog, prone to get injured easily, find their own way, we have curated a list of the five best harnesses for blind dogs. We have measured the quality, comfort, and durability of the products based on the user experiences. All these products are designed to keep the needs of blind dogs in mind. You may make your decision based on your requirements and our recommendations. So please keep reading to know which harness is the best for your dog, and watch out for our recommendation based on every pets’ requirements. On the way, you will find some useful tips to help you make your decision better.

Halo HarnessHalo Harness• keeps the needs of blind dogs a priority.
• Durable
• High-quality
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Haploon Blind Dog Harness Guiding DeviceHaploon Blind Dog Harness Guiding Device• Anti-collision harness
• Adjustable
• Highly durable
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Muffin’s Halo Blind Dog Harness Guide DeviceMuffin’s Halo Blind Dog Harness Guide Device• Different color available
• For increased flexibility, it uses Velcroe near the chest area.
• Created by a devout pet owner to help blind dogs.
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Blind Dog Halo SBlind Dog Halo S• Best quality polyester
• Adjustable
• Lightweight materials
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Blind Pet Anti-Collision RingBlind Pet Anti-Collision Ring• Sustainable
• Ultra-lightweight
• Comfort and ease
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1. Halo Harness

Halo Harness
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Coming from the house of Walkin’ Pets, which is known to produce quality and genuine products, here is our first recommendation. This has to be the cutest dog harness but is only meant for smaller pets under 30 pounds. It is designed to assist small pets who cannot carry a heavy harness around. It is extremely lightweight and highly flexible. It ensures your pet’s safety when there is no one to assist them around.

Halo Harness Review

It provides the much-needed confidence for your little visually-impaired pet to move around without injury. It fits perfectly well and doesn’t hinder your pet’s everyday routine or activity. You can see the difference in your pet’s spirits and how physically active and engaged they get once they become used to this harness.


  • Lets your dog move freely without any fear of being injured
  • Best suited for the visually impaired and is designed to be dog-friendly
  • It comes with a D-ring clip to attach a leash and make it more user-friendly
  • Prevents your pet from bumping into walls and furniture by ensuring a barrier
  • It weighs 12 Ounces, which makes it easy to handle
  • It is available in customized sizes
    • 3XSmall- 14- 16.5” girth of chest,
    • 2XSmall- 16- 18.5” girth of chest,
    • XSmall – 18- 20.5” girth of chest,
    • Small- 20- 22.5” girth of chest,
    • Medium – 22- 24.5” girth of chest.

Pros & Cons of Halo Harness


  • This product may be adjusted for a comfortable grip and a good fit.
  • It is an easy-to-assemble harness that can be assembled at home manually.
  • The brand is known to produce only high-quality products.
  • Designed to best suit the requirements of a blind dog.


  • No major cons were to be seen or experienced.
A Blind Dog is Wearing Halo Harness

User Reviews: Most users found the quality and design of this harness to be top-notch. They have kept the sizing part in mind to provide a seamless purchasing experience to the customers. Most customers got the perfect fit for the size they ordered.

Pro Tip: You can easily assemble this harness by unbending it to form a horseshoe shape. Then you can adjust the harness to fit comfortably on your dog’s body by sliding the clip to lock it. Put the screw to lock it for your dog’s safety. Ensure that the Halo is adjusted parallel to the ground and should encircle your dog’s head at the forehead level.

I Made My Dog Wear Halo Harness. So, We Can Go Out for Walk

Bottom Line: If you need a harness that ensures the safety and security of your dog and provides comfort, then this is the right product for you. It is very easy to use and a highly efficient product that can be used both indoors and outdoors. In addition, it is specially made to provide confidence to blind dogs who are hyperactive and are never to be found at rest.

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2. Haploon Blind Dog Harness Guiding Device

Haploon Blind Dog Harness Guiding Device
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If sizing has been an issue for you in choosing your dog’s harness previously, this product can help you as it has many sizes. It is a sturdy harness made from high-quality polyester. It allows your dog to continue with everyday activities like eating and sleeping without any disturbance.

Haploon Blind Dog Harness Guiding Device Review


  • This is an anti-collision ring that ensures that your dog doesn’t hurt themselves.
  • Meant for dogs who are scared to walk alone for fear of hitting themselves against walls or furniture.
  • Protects your dog’s face and head well so that you do not have to worry about their whereabouts.
  • It is an easy-to-wear dog harness that is also adjustable for a perfect fit and is light in weight.
  • Features many sizes to provide comfortable wear
    • XXS fits bust size- 12-22inches
    • XS, fits bust size- 15-24inches
    • S fits bust size- 17-31inches (suitable for weight up to 200G)
    • M fits bust size- 17-31inches (suitable for weight up to 225G)
A Blind Dog is Wearing Haploon Blind Dog Harness Guiding Device

Pros & Cons of Haploon Blind Dog Harness Guiding Device


  • Comes in different sizes.
  • Uses ultra-light foam material.
  • It can be hung using the ring provided.
  • Features hollow bag and double buckle.
  • This is a sturdy and highly durable product.
  • Its undercut design doesn’t let pets break free.
  • The nasal distance can also be adjusted as per requirement.


  • Size has been seen as an issue with customers. However, it is mostly loose when compared to other products.
I Made My Dog Wear Haploon Blind Dog Harness Guiding Device

User reviews: Some users found that this product generally was loose to fit. So, if you are planning to purchase this product keep this in mind and place the order accordingly. Also, some customers received a damaged product wherein the guards were broken. You need to contact the brand immediately in such a situation.

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a harness that supports the need of your growing dog, then this is a good try as it has many options that let you expand it along with expanding the size of your dear pet. You need to ensure that the size you purchase has been correctly measured using a soft measuring tape. If you want a perfect fit for your dog, buying a smaller size is recommended.

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3. Muffin’s Halo Blind Dog Harness Guide Device

Muffin’s Halo Blind Dog Harness Guide Device
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Muffin’s Halo is a comfortable and efficient dog harness that lets your little buddy navigate on your own. This harness is the perfect solution for dogs who cannot see or have trouble walking even indoors. It is thoughtfully created by a devoted pet owner whose dog lost his sight.

Muffin’s Halo Blind Dog Harness Guide Device Review

It works by transferring the weight of the harness evenly across your pet’s body without compromising on their comfort and giving them the confidence to move around freely.


  • Available in various colors and sizes.
  • It fits perfectly well when the size is ordered correctly.
  • Ideal for blind dogs, it allows them to navigate the house freely.
  • Protects your dog’s head, face, and nose from accidents.
A Blind Dog is Wearing Muffin’s Halo Blind Dog Harness Guide Device

Pros & Cons of Muffin’s Halo Blind Dog Harness Guide Device


  • Easy to use and long-lasting.
  • No discomfort in falling asleep.
  • Feasible as compared to other harnesses.
  • Features Velcroe on the chest for increased flexibility and comfort.
  • It is sold in a variety of colors.


  • The back support is not at par with the overall quality of the product.
  • However, it is still decent to survive long enough.
I Made My Dog Wear Muffin’s Halo Blind Dog Harness Guide Device

User Review: Most customers were happy with the purchase as this product seems to deliver what it claims. It has helped many dog owners witness their blind dogs learn to be on their own. Many customers have shared their experiences and included this product at the top of their list when asked about the necessary and mandatory accessories for blind dogs.

Bottom Line: Unlike other harnesses, this one has a mixed reaction amongst customers regarding the additional feature provided in the form of Velcroe. Some found that it enhanced their dog’s experience by allowing them to sleep better. However, others complained that it got stuck in the rug, and they had to struggle hard to release their dog from such a situation.

Except for this, people’s overall quality and experience with this product were quite positive.

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4. Blind Dog Halo S

Blind Dog Halo S
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This product is also designed keeping in mind the special requirements of visually impaired dogs. Blind dogs often hit walls or other corners in a house, and to avoid that situation, this dog harness is laced and upgraded with safety features. It is meant to protect the head and the vital organs of your blind dog. Using this will save your dog, and they will be able to maneuver themselves better, even if there is a shortage of space in your apartment. Besides, Halo’s anti-collision harness will also protect your dog’s face when you have taken your pet for a walk on the street or to a dog park.

Although the dog harness can be easily adjusted to suit the special requirements of your blind dog, it is advised to record the proper size of your dog’s nose. Certain breeds of dogs have longer snouts, and especially if you own a dog with long snouts, like a German Shepherd or Alsatian, it is even more important to understand how comfortable your dog will be while wearing the harness.

Unboxing of Blind Dog Halo S


  • This product protects the face of your dog.
  • It is built from light material, which is easy for the dogs to carry, and they do not feel bogged down.
  • It doesn’t affect the daily routine of your dog.
  • The product is made from genuine polyester, which adds to its durability of the same.

Pros & Cons of Blind Dog Halo S


  • Halo’s anti-collision harness is extremely light in weight.
  • It can be adjusted to the snout of your visually impaired dog.
  • The harness is both sturdy and durable and is comfortable for your dog.


  • Some users have complained that the size of the product does not match the available chart describing the products, which has tampered with the overall performance of the harness.

User Review: Scores of users have extensively used the Halo anti-collision harness, and most of the dog parents who have used the harness on their dogs are satisfied with the overall performance of the harness. In addition, they have observed that their blind dogs feel safe now, which has helped them become more confident. In short, for the majority of the users, the harness has delivered what it promised to deliver from the beginning. But a few of the customers have also complained about the mismatch between the size of the harness and the guide chart, and a few of them have also complained about the quality of the harness.

A Blind Dog Is Wearing Blind Dog Halo S

Bottom Line: Made of the best quality polyester and EVA foams, Halo’s anti-collision harness is one of the best products, specially designed for dogs with visual challenges. Your dog can continue its daily routines and activities like eating and sleeping and remain unaffected by the harness. If your dog doesn’t require the harness anymore, you can always return it to the company so that more pets can benefit from it.

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5. Blind Pet Anti-Collision Ring

Blind Pet Anti-Collision Ring
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If you own a small dog who is either blind or may be suffering from the problem of cataract, which has affected their vision, as a dog parent, you are aware of the potential problems that your dog might be facing. Needless to say that your pet keeps bumping into hard surfaces, and it is gradually affecting their daily routines. But you can change this with this blind anti-collision ring, which is specifically designed for small breed dogs. Therefore, it is available in small size and is bound to be useful for your visually impaired dog.

Moreover, the harness has been prepared in a way that is simple to use. Even if your blind dog faces problems in watching, the simple yet elegant design of the harness makes it easy for your dogs to wear them.

I Made My Dog Wear Blind Pet Anti-Collision Ring


  • Simple and elegant double-buckle design, making it easy for your dog to don it.
  • Made out of ultra-lightweight EVA foam, making it easier for your dog to bend and maneuver itself even after wearing the harness.

Pros & Cons of Blind Pet Anti-Collision Ring


  • It is bound to save the face and head of your small pet from a collision.
  • Meant for indoors and outdoors.
  • It is environmental friendly.
  • Laced with a hollow belt, the harness is light in weight.


  • Customers have complained regarding the sizing of this harness. They have tried to adjust the harness on their blind dogs, but it is extremely difficult, and even after trying for a long, they could not fit the harness on their dog.

User Review: While most of the users who have used their harnesses for their blind dogs have found that the harness is of excellent quality and delivers as promised, a few of them have found that the process of customization of the harness is tiresome.

Bottom Line: This is a great product for your blind dog, made up of light material. While on the one hand, the harness allows them to bend according to their needs easily. On the other hand, the harness does not affect their day-to-day activities, and your dog can continue with its daily routines. Its double protection and the hanging ring can also be used as a sling if you are going out somewhere.

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Important Parameters to Look for Before Buying a Harness for Your Blind Dog

Here are a few important things to know when looking to buy a harness for your blind dog.

1. Comfort

This has to be one of the essential parameters to watch out for when selecting a harness for your dog. Some harnesses can poke into your dog’s body, making them feel highly uncomfortable. The only to check the comfort of the new harness is to use it on your dog and observe them for a few days.

2. Non-Restrictive

For whatever reasons, if your dog has stopped being active and is no more showing interest in things that were enjoyed by them before using the harness, then you probably need to reconsider your decision. Some dogs do not adapt as quickly to getting used to a harness as others, and it is fine. Each dog is unique, and so are his/her requirements. However, any product that was meant to ensure their comfort in the first place eventually ends up restricting their routine is not worth it.

3. The Durability of the Harness

A good harness needs to be treated as an investment by dog parents as it helps uplift their fluffy friend’s confidence. That is why the durability of the product matters to avoid any incidents of your dog breaking free; it is important to ensure that the product is made from durable material and doesn’t tear off easily.

4. Additional Features

There are very few brands in the market that lay a considerable amount of focus on the detailings of a product. However, the ones that do does a great job at it by providing some essential features for a seamless consumer experience. Among these features is a D-ring that enables one to attach a leash to the harness so that it becomes easy to monitor and direct your dogs’ movement manually.

Another thoughtful feature is an availability of a handle or a strap for a proper grip. Some harnesses are also machine-wash to ensure hygiene and cleanliness levels. Many brands provide a warranty to gain the trust of their customers and allow them to use the product without worrying about any untimely damage.

Among all these products, the one that stands out in terms of quality, durability, design, and utility is the Walkin’ Halo Harness. It is particularly popular among dog parents and for all the right reasons. Most dog parents noted that their dogs found it comforting and useful.

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