The Best Retractable Dog Leash and When to Use It

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Walking your dog can sometimes be as easy as a walk in the park, or it can be like running a marathon. Owning a retractable dog leash is perfect for your pets who tend to often sprint or run while out on walks and is used so that it protects both you and your pet! 

At A Glance: Our Top 5 Picks for Retractable Dog Leashes:

Many dog owners know the pain of having to find a leash that gives them control. There are many different brands of retractable dog leashes that come in many colors and sizes and offer different features. You should first familiarize yourself with the option available and go for the features most important to you.

Some features to consider when buying a retractable dog leash are whether it is tangle free, is it easy to grip, is it strong enough for the size and weight of your dog, is it durable, is it manufactured by a known brand, do they offer warranty, etc. 

Retractable Dog Leashes Reviews

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Ruff ‘n Ruffus Retractable Dog Leash

Best Retractable Dog Leash and When to Use It

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This retractable dog leash from Ruff ‘n Ruffus is designed for durability as well as comfort for both you and your canine companion, which also includes an auto-lock system for the times when your pet tries to run away on a walkout in the neighborhood.

Ruff ‘n Ruffus Retractable Dog Leash is made with extra-tough nylon so that your dog does chew through the leash, as well as having a problem with it fraying or snapping off. This leash has a toughness that can withstand 110 pounds on daily use, so you don’t have to worry about too much force making it snap as well.

The ‘brake-n-lock’ system within this leash, allows the owner full control while giving your pup the ability to walk free of discomfort. You can also engage a free-roaming mode to let your dog explore, lock in place, or reel in slowly with the touch of one button.

The anti-slip handle provides comfort for the owner, and the leash includes a premium retracting spring that’s tough enough to withstand colder temperatures.


  • The retracting leash is made with tough nylon to prevent fraying, splitting, and chewing. 
  • The auto-lock feature is smooth and gives control to the owner, while also giving comfort to their pet.
  • Sturdy and good quality product that can withstand up to 110 pound of force.
  • Customer service is excellent.


  • The lock is backwards from other common retractable leashes, causing the button to be difficult to use.
  • Has a clunky feel to it when using the product.


Hertzko Heavy Duty Retractable Dog Leash

Best Retractable Dog Leash and When to Use It

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This retractable dog leash from Hertzko is a heavy-duty leash built with tough nylon that extends up to 16ft. It is built for both small, medium, and large-sized dogs.

The Hertzko Heavy Duty Retractable Leash has a secure locking mechanism to adapt to any length your pet wants or tends to walk. It also is made with a durable Nylon ribbon that makes it safe and comfortable for both you and your companion to walk.

It includes an easy brake button, so whenever you need to you press the single brake button and it locks the leash length in place. This lock system gives you full control for when you need to adjust as needed. This is also safe and comfortable for your pet when having to stop them from running away, as it doesn’t pull or strain on their body.

This is a strong leash meaning it can carry up to 110 pounds and is specially designed for a comfort-grip and anti-slip handle for proper control. If you are unhappy with your purchase, the company will give you a full refund after 30 days.


  • Tough nylon ribbon for leash
  • Secure locking mechanism
  • Can carry up to 110 pounds
  • Money back guarantee after 30 days


  • Not as easy to use as cheaper alternatives
  • Too much weight can cause mechanism to jam 


LAIKA Retractable Dog Leash 

Best Retractable Dog Leash and When to Use It

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This tangle-free dog leash leaves you and your pet more comfortable and less stressed when walking around the neighborhood or park! Sizes include both medium and large breeds, and with the leash, it’s durable for any sizes between 15-50 kg (33-110 pounds). Any more weight can cause the leash to break when walking, or losing control of your pet.

This leash is made with premium ABS+TPR durable material, which prevents it from cracking when accidentally dropped, or potentially chewed on. It also includes a reflective and strong nylon ribbon, that is safer for walking your dog around the block at night. The tangle-free nylon ribbon also makes it safer when walking your pet by preventing tripping, falling, or losing control of the leash.

The brake and unlock button on the leash allows smooth retraction and comfort for your pet. You can easily retract the leash inwards, or let loose some of the lengths with a single button, allowing more control. 

This leash also includes a bag dispenser with one roll of disposable bags included! If you are unhappy with the product, you are allowed a full refund or replacement of the product.


  • Tangle free
  • Made with strong material
  • Smooth retraction when locking and unlocking
  • Free refund or replace the product


  • Material only prevents cracking, not chewing damage
  • Handle is hard to hold onto


AIPET Retractable Dog Leash

Best Retractable Dog Leash and When to Use It

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The AIPET Retractable Dog Leash includes a 360-degree tangle-free leash made with tough nylon to prevent it from tearing or fraying, as well as providing a safe walk for both you and your pet. It also includes a pause and locks feature, that can withstand small, medium, and large dog sizes.

The leash includes a comfortable and anti-slip grip, that allows more control for you when going out with your pet, and is made with ABS material casing, as well as durable nylon taping to prevent scratching, tearing, damage to the product.

This product recommends that you reference your dog’s weight before buying the product, as it can hold up to 55-110 pounds of weight, and are only able to use the leash within this weight range. More than 110 pounds could cause the leash to break or become damaged over time and isn’t very reliable for controlling your pet if they were to run away.

The leash is also easy to use as it uses a quick lock and unlock feature with a roll-on and off button and has a tangle free 360 movement part of the leash. This allows seamless and comfortable walks that are easy and safe for both you and your pet.


  • Easy lock and unlock feature
  • Made with strong material
  • Suitable for small dogs to larger dogs
  • Anti-slip grip 


  • Is a smaller size leash
  • Is a cheaper alternative to other leashes made with strong material


CheerMaker Retractable Dog Leash

Best Retractable Dog Leash and When to Use It

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The CheerMaker Retractable Dog Leash is a 360-degree tangle-free heavy duty dog leash that is made with strong and reflective nylon has a comfortable grip, and a break and a pause button for controlling your pet while walking.

This leash includes sturdy and durable material made to withstand and control the toughness of up to 110 pounds. It is made with extra-tough reflective nylon ribbon making it also safe to use at night and prevents it from breaking, fraying, or being chewed apart.

This particular leash can extend up to 26ft long (longer than most retractable leashes), making it strong and accessible for daily use, as well as including a smooth retracting spring for the comfort of your pet and its freedom of movement.

By using its unique brake and lock system, you are able to have control when out walking, and with one button you can put it on a ‘free mode’ that enables your dog to have more freedom to explore, while also having the ability to stop it or reel the leash back in closer to you if need be.


  • Great for any outdoor exercises such as jogging, running, hiking, and camping.
  • Easy to use
  • Heavy duty and durable
  • Allows dogs to roam and explore comfortably


  • Retracts slowly
  • Hard to handle or hold on to 
  • Hard to operate with gloves on in colder temperatures


UPSKY Retractable Dog Leash

Best Retractable Dog Leash and When to Use It

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The retractable dog leash from the brand UPSKY is a 16ft walking leash for small-medium breeds. It includes a flashlight for safe nightly walks, as well as a break and lock button for control of the leash if your dog tends to run from you.

With the break and lock button feature on the UPSKY leash, it gives more comfort and freedom for your pet in open areas allowing them to explore more comfortably. This also gives you the ability to adjust the length of the leash and gain complete control for your dog’s safety when needed.

 The leash rarely tangles, so you are protected from tripping and falling over when out walking with an energetic pet. This retractable leash is also made with an ABS plastic case that is durable to prevent damage to the product as well as it being non-toxic and odorless.

It provides a comfortable grip for you when your dog is either running or walking, and also comes with a detachable flashlight that gives you maximum visibility for nighttime walks while also making it safer. If you have an issue with the product, UPSKY is willing to work and/or help you with any issues that you may have.


  • Made with strong nylon and plastic to prevent damage
  • Rarely tangles
  • Includes a flashlight for nighttime walks
  • Good customer service


  • Not suggested for larger sized dogs
  • Button is difficult to use when retracting


Cadtog Retractable Dog Leash

Best Retractable Dog Leash and When to Use It

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Cadtog’s Retractable Leash is a 16ft leash meant for medium-large breeds allowing your dog more space to free roam, which includes one lock and brake button to ensure safety and comfort, and a dog waste dispenser bad with a refill as well.

The durable and anti-slip handle of the leash is made with ABS plastic casing that makes walking more comfortable and stable and provides more durability and support of the product.

The thick and long nylon-based leash can withstand a force up to 110 pounds, while also making it difficult to snap or break, but still keep in mind the weight of your pet when purchasing this product.

You can walk your pet in an open area with the brake and lock button providing control between your and your pet, as well as the release and recoil function to let go or reel in the length of the leash. This allows your dog to be released with control and at comfortable ease, without feeling pulled or pressure on their bodies.


  • Comes with a disposable bag holder and set of bags.
  • Great customer service
  • Sturdy and Durable


  • Difficult release system
  • Weak coil
  • Makes noises when recoiling and releasing the leash


Reelok Automatic Retractable Cord Leash

Best Retractable Dog Leash and When to Use It

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Reeloks Automatic Retractable Cord Leash comes with a blue flower pattern and can pull up to 45 pounds which means that this is a leash made for smaller breeds. The leash can extend to up to 16 ft and is considered to be a durable, heavy-duty, and super strength leash that makes it safe for long walks.

Made with a strong and durable Nylon cord, this leash extends to 16ft, allowing your dog the freedom to walk, run, or explore. Also made with anti-rust rope design for your dog’s security and safety when using the brake and lock mechanism.

It also comes with a simple one thumb locking mechanism, that allows you to have full control when walking your pet while providing a safe and comfortable experience of them as well.

The leash provides a comfortable anti-slip handle, made with ABS plastic to provide a long-life usage and durability, as well as good strength for smaller breeds.


  • Sturdy Design
  • Good strength for smaller dogs
  • Good size Leash


  • Brake and Lock Mechanism is difficult to use
  • Only one design
  • Cord is sometimes faulty when using the locking mechanism


LOVSHARE Double Retractable Dog Leash

Best Retractable Dog Leash and When to Use It

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LOVSHARES double retractable dog leash comes with a 360 degree and tangle-free leashes that allow you to walk both your dogs at the same time! It allows you to walk two dogs both up to 50 pounds each and comes with a 10 ft reflective leash for both pets.

The separated buttons come with two ropes for both dogs, that allows comfortable and safe free-roaming space. This design also comes with an anti-slip handle that allows a comfortable grip for control over both pets.

The brake and lock mechanism is a single-handed one-button control that can stop and retract the cords back into the leash when needed. It is also convenient to use at night time as it comes with a reflective cord for both pets, as well as a detachable flashlight for your convenience.

It is designed for controlling and feisty smaller dogs up to 8 to 50 pounds, and the internal stainless steel cord provides smooth and comfortable use. So be sure to keep in mind BOTH of your dog’s weights if you choose to walk both of them at the same time.


  • Comfortable grip 
  • Convenient for nightime walks
  • No tangles within the leashes
  • Sturdy product


  • Retracting is slow and difficult to operate
  • Only 10 ft long
  • Used only for smaller dogs


American Kennel Club AKC Metallic Double Lock Retractable Safety Leash

Best Retractable Dog Leash and When to Use It

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American Kennel Clubs Double Lock Safety Leash has a double lock feature, that allows safety and control of your pet when going on walks. It allows you to stop, retract, and release the leashes length depending on the walking situation that you are in.

This leash can extend up to 15ft, allowing a good distance between you and your pet. All you do is press down on the black button on the leash to lock the desired distance in place. 

You can slide the brake button up to release the leash farther, and down to release it shorter, allowing your pet enough space to roam, providing a calm and comforting environment, even if they are trying to run while out walking. This mechanism is easy to use and simple when using the brake and lock button. 

This particular leash can hold up to 55 pounds, so it is meant for smaller breeds, so be sure to keep in mind your dog’s weight before buying this product.


  • Simple double lock feature
  • Good size and color
  • Good leash for smaller breeds


  • Low reliability
  • Leash not that durable


Different Types of Retractable Leashes

By choosing a retractable leash, you want to think about how it affects both you and your pet. You mostly want to consider the weight of your pet, if they tend to run or pull when walking, and what kind of outdoor activities do you do with them (walking, running, hiking, etc.).

With so many different types of retractable leashes out there, it’s hard to choose which is right for you. Here are some ways to figure out what type is best for you. 

Weight. If your pet is more than 50 pounds, and tends to pull when walking, you’ll want to find a leash that is durable and strong. Many leashes are made with tough nylon, which is good for heavier dogs. If you have a smaller dog, be sure to get one that isn’t too big for then, and gives them a comfortable distance between them and their owner. 

How many dogs. If you tend to walk BOTH of your dogs at the same time, look for a leash that provides a two-in-one and that is tangle-free.

Length of Leash. Some retractable leashes are longer than others when choosing one you’ll want to base it off of your pet’s behaviors. If they tend to run and explore, purchase one that can release more distance. If they tend to stick by you, one with a smaller release distance is good too!

Types of Walks. Does your leash provide a detachable flashlight or a reflective nylon ribbon? If so, these are great options for if you tend to walk at nighttime. If you tend to hike with your pet, then a retractable leash that is durable, has a long release, and maybe an extension to hold disposable bags is a great option for you!

How to use a Retractable Dog Leash (Things To Remember)

A lot of people tend to own regular leashes that are just held on by a wristlet or handle. So sometimes seeing or using a retractable dog leash can be a little intimidating.

I’m here to tell you that it is so much easier, and a lot safer for both you and your pet as it gives you more control on walks as well as giving your dog comfort instead of trying to pull or run.

Use the brake and lock button

On your retractable leash, there is most likely a single button used to stop, retract, or release your leash. Some leashes work differently from others, but here is what all of that means. If you want to release your leash, you use your button to let out some of the lengths from inside, and this gives your dog the ability to roam free and walk more distances. 

If you want to stop your leash, this will tighten the spring inside the leash causing it to break, so that your dog can’t run into the street or pull too hard on the leash itself. Lastly, if you want to retract the leash, this allows you to reel in the length of the leash that has been let out.

Find a good size

Size is important for you and your dog. You want something durable enough to where your pet won’t break the product but also comforting for you as well. An anti-slip grip is a great solution if you’re afraid of losing the leash when walking. 

How to Maintain Your Leash

Cleaning it

Be sure to frequently disinfect or clean off your retractable dog leash. Whether it be mud or germs, it’s good to always keep it clean for safety measures. Just used a damp cloth to clean off the hook, cord, and handle after or before going on walks. If your leash gets wet, be sure to extend the leash all the way out at maximum length, and leave out to dry. Otherwise, the coils could end up rusting and ruin the locking mechanism inside. If you take good care of your leash, it can last for many years to come!


Be patient with this product. Don’t get frustrated or angry the first time you try it out, once you work out the brake and lock system, it will be easy as pie! But if you frantically try to press the button too many times, you could break the inside spring that allows it to retract and release, so be careful!


If your dog likes to chew, I would recommend keeping this product up in a high space or somewhere hidden. Most retractable leashes are made with durable plastic casing, but still can be scratched or the leash itself can tear off. This chewing habit can affect the durability of the product, causing it to break sooner or become faulty out on walks.

Advantages of Having A Retractable Leash

It’s less stressful

Trust me, it’s never a fun day when your dog tends to take off while you’re hanging on to the leash with dear life, or your clip comes undone and your dog chases after a squirrel too fast to catch them. Retractable leashes give you as the owner more control when going on walks. So you don’t have to worry about letting go of the leash from too much force, or it slipping out of your hands.

Train your dog

When used appropriately, a retractable leash can help train your dog to conserve its energy instead of running or sprinting immediately out the door. When using the brake lock, you can tell your dog to stop or slow down, and retracting the leash back in tells them they are too far, and need to stay closer to you. You can also use the release button which allows them to explore and roam free at a comfortable distance. 

You have the control

No matter how much force is being pulled, you still have control over where you are. With a leash that has an anti-slip handle, you have a better grasp in difficult situations. If your leash can hold up to a certain weight limit, then you don’t have to worry about your dog’s force being too much for you to handle.

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