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Dog Chewing with Nothing in Mouth? 9 Top Reasons

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Last month we went out for dinner, and on coming back, I noticed a dog chewing something. I assumed it would be the leftover treats he was chewing even though he had finished the meal we served him before leaving. I almost forgot about that later on. Then, a few days later, I found my dog chewing again in the park, and I checked his mouth to see if he had eaten something that he shouldn’t have. But there was nothing that was chewing on. It was something I never saw him do earlier. And I wondered why is my dog chewing with nothing in his mouth?

That is when I started my research. I got in touch with my dog’s parents, friends, dog vets, and trainers for my research. I realized that this was not a rare sight to witness within a week. Most people I asked mentioned coming across such a situation now and then. But most people quoted different reasons for the same. Therefore, I will be sharing these reasons, which I have explained below.

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Dog Chewing With Nothing in Mouth?

Dog Chewing With Nothing in Mouth

Dogs show very peculiar symptoms when they are sick. But at times, they behave strangely even when they are well. This is because they have their ways of interacting with their loved ones, and they are always curious about their surroundings. They mostly do this with their mouths, and it is quite normal. So, if you ever find your pet chewing without anything in their mouth, the chances are that they did it to grab your attention. Not saying that this is the only reason why your dog must be chewing without anything in their mouth. But this is one of the possible reasons. Let us explore more such reasons now.

9 Top Reasons Dog Chewing With Nothing in Mouth

9 Top Reasons Dog Chewing With Nothing in Mouth

There can be many factors involved when you come across your dog chewing without anything in your mouth, and here are the nine top reasons this must be happening with your dog. Identify the symptoms and treat them accordingly to ensure their overall well-being.


Don’t we tend to fret every time we feel stressed? Please don’t deny it! Our dogs feel the need to manifest their stress physically. As discussed above, it is not always about seeking attention, and sometimes it is just about expressing their inner feelings. If your dog has been chewing with nothing in their mouth, it is probably their way of dealing with stress. There is not much you can do about it except provide them with comfort. You can let them be for a while until they stop doing it.

Lack of Physical Activity

You will be surprised to know that those dogs who do not get enough exercise are more likely to be more destructive. This, in turn, can make your dog chew, even with nothing in their mouth. To avert this situation, you should always try to provide your dogs with some exercise. Ensure that you take them for walks and run daily. Hiking is also another way to make your dog more proactive and curtail its destructive nature.


Bored dogs are usually sulky, and they are much more prone to chew with nothing inside their mouth. Boredom can again contribute to destructive behavior in your dogs. You can always try to engage them in daily activities or take them to walk or run. Besides, you can also give them some dog toys or puzzles to keep them busy. They will also provide them with some mental stimulation and help them stop chewing.


You might be aware that when puppies begin teething, they have a recurring tendency to chew on anything they can. They even chew with nothing in their mouth. Therefore, it is highly recommended to supply your pup with lots of toys so that they can chew on them, and this can reduce any aggressive or destructive behavior in them and be an immense relief for your puppies.

Fear of Loud Noise

Many dogs tend to be afraid of loud noises, and they suffer from anxiety, which arises from the fear of loud noise. Such dogs are much more likely to chew with nothing inside their mouth. Even loud noise can make certain dogs aggressive, and to deal with this situation. You can try to provide them with mental stimulation and keep them busy.

Separation Anxiety

Those dogs who suffer from separation anxiety are much more prone to chew with nothing in their mouth. Separation anxiety is a genuine issue and can lead to aggressive and destructive issues in dogs. Such dogs are often more clingy, and you should try to keep them engaged and calm; they will also stop chewing empty mouthed.

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Environmental Changes

Many dogs, at times, find it difficult to adjust to new surroundings and environments, which in turn can create anxiety in them. Due to their unexpressed anxiety, these dogs end up repeatedly chewing with nothing in their mouth. In such cases, you need to deal with your dog patiently, ensure that they have all the amenities they had in their old spaces, and try to give them a sense of security to adjust to their new surroundings.

Afraid of People

Despite being a man’s best friend, some dogs are afraid of people. This mostly happens if their owners have abandoned them or physically or mentally abused them. This creates anxiety issues in dogs, and they tend to chew with nothing inside their mouths.


Apart from these factors, as mentioned earlier, genes also matter in these instances. For example, there are some dogs who have anxiety issues due to their genes, and as a result of their genes, they also tend to chew without anything in their mouth.

Possible Remedies to Stop Your Dog from Chewing with Nothing in the Mouth

Possible Remedies to Stop Your Dog from Chewing with Nothing in the Mouth

Since we have now dealt with most of the reasons that make your dog chew without anything in their mouth, let us know about the solutions to the problems.

Engage them

To begin with, remember that in most cases if your dog is chewing with nothing in its mouth. This may be a sign that, as a dog parent, you are not engaging them in anything. Therefore, you must engage them in daily activities or household chores. Once they are engaged, they will stop chewing unnecessarily.

Give them Chewable Toys

You can always try to give them some chewable toys, which will let them chew on them, save them from boredom, and relieve your puppies while they are teething. This will keep them engaged, and they won’t be chewing empty mouthed. In addition, chewing on toys will help them to relax, and they will find it easier to deal with their issues.

Divert their Minds

In most cases, you should try to divert their minds and keep them busy with some other activities. Remember that it is important to make them feel relaxed. As a dog parent, you are aware of their likes and dislikes. So try to engage them in activities which they like. This will help them beat anxiety and boredom, and they will stop chewing unnecessarily.

Take them to Walk or Run

There is an easy way out. It would help them if they engaged in some form of physical activity like running or walking. A well-exercised dog is energetic and is far less prone to chew with nothing in its mouth. It is the best way to ensure that their overall well-being and fitness are not compromised. Chewing without anything is not a sign of an unhealthy dog in some cases, but engaging in physical activity can give them something better to do.


Dogs never fail to win your heart. If it is about their well-being, any dog parent will go to any extent to ensure that they are safe and sound. Sometimes dogs show unusual symptoms, and as long as these symptoms are mild and harmful, these can be treated at home. However, such symptoms could also signify a bigger health issue, both mental and physical. In such cases, it is advisable to track their movements and behavior and seek professional help. In general, you should keep yourself active and entertained by means that have been mentioned before.

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