Top 10 Best Dog Anxiety Vests and When to Use Them

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We all have fears or things that make us anxious, and sometimes it can be difficult to gain control and come back to reality in scary situations. Well, dogs feel the same way!

At A Glance: Our Top 5 Picks for Dog Anxiety Vests:

Owning an anxiety vest for your dog helps them calm down when they become uncomfortable and uses compression on their body to offer them a sense of reassurance. Anxiety vests are a perfect option for when your dog is routinely trembling, hiding, running away, panting and whining, and restlessness.

We all wish we could help our pets in one way or another from their fears or when they get uncomfortable. Luckily, there are a variety of anxiety dog vests out there that you can choose from that are a perfect fit for you and your pet, as well as different colors and styles, and different weight options for the size of your pet! You should first familiarize yourself with the options available and go for the ones that are featured that are right for you!

The best anxiety vests are those that are made with light-weight material, are adjustable, and durable! Some other features to consider when buying an anxiety vest is the size of your dog, if it’s manufactured by a known brand, and customer service (do they offer warranty for the damaged product). 

Product Reviews

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WINBATE Adjustable Dog Anxiety Jacket-Keep Calming Vest

Best Dog Anxiety Vests

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WINBATES Dog Anxiety Jacket is designed to calm and give comfort to your pet when they are anxious. The wrap of the jacket allows consistent pressure on the dog’s torso and is recommended for those who are scared of fireworks, thunder, separation or who constantly have anxiety.

This jacket is adjustable, to allow comfort for your pet and the perfect pressure to their body that isn’t too tight or too loose. There is also a D-ring that you can attach your leash to, to prevent choking and discomfort while out walking, and the vest is reflective to provide safety when out for those nighttime walks in the neighborhood.

This particular vest is made with two layers. The top layer is made with breathable polyester and free of heavy chemicals and dyes, with the reflective strip attached, and the bottom layer is made of 117% Crystal velvet, which is what provides comfort to your pet.

The training handle that is connected to the jacket to provide security and connection to the owner that reduces separation anxiety, while allowing the owner more control. The vest also is available in all sizes from XS-XXL, for a wide diversity of dogs. 


  • Great customer service and a refund provided for defected and unsatisfied products
  • Has a variety of sizes and adjustable
  • Provides a hook for a leash and handle for control
  • Waterproof and reflective


  • Fits a little differently lengthwise
  • Has two layers meaning thicker fit and fabric 

Surgi~Snuggly Dog Cone – E Collar Alternative for Dogs

Best Dog Anxiety Vests

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Surgi’s Snuggly Dog Cone Vest is perfect for protecting your pet’s wounds, bandages, and hot spots, as well as providing comfort and anxiety relief. This dog onesie is great for your pet while healing from surgery, and protecting them from itching, scratching and bacterial infections in the area.

It is scientifically proven that it eases post-surgery anxiety in your pets, and is made with comforting material for every type of weather and season. It is veterinary approved, as it is used by 1,000’s of veterinarians, trainers, and professionals worldwide.

The fabric also makes it easier for them to relieve themselves, so there is no need to take off their vest when going out to use the bathroom. Also, the fabric contains no toxic chemicals or dyes so it is safe for your pet’s health and body, and provides a proper fit for whatever size pet that you have.

Since it reduces the anxiety of your pet post-surgical care, it prevents them from biting or scratching their wounds or bandages. It also keeps the area clean and prevents it from infections from being exposed to bacteria.


  • Protection from itching, scratching, and bacteria entering into the wound
  • Durable fabric and fits well on pet
  • Easy to move around in
  • Veterinarian approved


  • Difficult to put on and take off
  • Correct sizing is important when purchasing


AKC – American Kennel Club Anti Anxiety and Stress Relief Calming Coat for Dogs

Best Dog Anxiety Vests

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This anxiety vest by the American Kennel Club is made to be a stress reliever for your dog while also giving the ability to calm their body from anxiety and fright. It provides relief for your pet who is often fearful of pet visits, noise, thunderstorms, or create anxiety. It also works well for pets who have a high level of hyperactivity, anxiety, and excessive barking.

This order comes with one small coat that fits chest sizes from 16 to 23 inches, so be sure to know exactly your pet’s size before purchasing this product. It is also a safe and drug-free alternative compared to other manufactured dog vests.

The compression around your pet’s torso, allows them to become accustomed to new surroundings or situations that they may not be comfortable with. Moving into a new home, or having to travel in a thunderstorm, allows easier guidance and a controlled relationship between you and your dog.

The compression with this vest also allows easier breathing and controlled respiration when your pet is frightened. It helps ease anxiety causing them to have more control of their breathing, and stopping from being frightened or nervous.


  • Helps calm breathing
  • Safe and drug-free
  • Comfortable fit on the torso
  • Easy velcro


Thundershirt Sport Dog Anxiety Jacket

Best Dog Anxiety Vests

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The dog anxiety jacket from Thundershirt has helped millions of dogs around the world. It has over an 80% success rate and is highly recommended by thousands of vets, trainers, and other pet owners. Thundershirt products are committed to providing effective, and easy-to-use solutions for real problems faced by pet families.

The design of this strap on the vest provides a comfortable pressure that is constant and gentle to the body. It helps soothe over-excitement, anxiety, and triggers from the surrounding environment. Also, if your pet is experiencing anxiety due to blindness, it has proven effective in about 80-85% of anxiety cases including blind pets.

It helps ease environmental factors such as the fear of lightning, thunderstorms, traveling, vet visits, separation and more with no needed medication or training. This vest is a great option for providing enough comfort to your pet, and is great for rescue or service dogs as well!

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, Thundershirt will provide a 100% money-back guarantee. All you have to do is simply return and in exchange, you are provided for a full refund. Make sure to properly measure your dog’s chest size, before purchasing and referring to the sizing chart provided. 


  • Highly recommended by vets and trainers
  • Provides comfort
  • Full refund if unsatisfied with the product
  • Breathable fit


  • Sizing is a little off
  • Velcro fabric can fall apart

Geyecete Calming Vests for Dogs, Dog Classic Dog Anxiety Jacket, for XS Small Medium Large XL Dogs

Geyecete Calming Vests for Dogs

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This calming vest from Geyette is designed to gently apply pressure to calm anxiety, fear, and hyperactive dogs. It is available for XS to XL breeds and is a great quality that you will love. Be sure to measure your pet properly before purchasing using the sizing chart provided.

This vest is made with breathable and durable fabric and is made with 90% polyester and 10% spandex. It is also elastic so it provides a comfortable fit, as well as mild pressure on the body relieving both stress and anxiety. It’s easy to put on and take off, so there is no hassle or struggle with your pet.

Its main function is to calm during fireworks, thunder, travel, separation, vet visits and so much more without training, and without medication, so your dog remains drug-free. It’s a great alternative for rescue and safety dogs.

This vest is already over 80% successful as it has helped millions of dogs. It is recommended by thousands of vets and trainers.


  • Durable fabric
  • Elastic fit
  • Easy to use
  • Recommended by vets and trainers


  • Sizing fits larger around the neck
  • Hard to get in touch if unsatisfied with the product

Apetian Dog Anxiety Jacket Calming Vests

Best Dog Anxiety Vests

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This Apetian Thunder dog wrap and vest are designed to calm and reduce anxiety for your pet. It is recommended by many pet owners that say they see amazing changes in their pet’s behavior.

It is made with durable material that makes the product last. Unlike common dog vests, this one has high elasticity that allows a close and comfortable fit for your dog, while also including continuous and mild pressure.

 This makes them have the feeling of an embrace, that achieves the effect of keeping the dog calm. His vest is best for calming your pet during thunderstorms, fireworks, separation anxiety, traveling, visitation to the vet, crowded places, and etc. 

This vest comes with a no sleeve design so that it is easy and seamless to put on and take off. It also includes three rows of the velcro, which allows you to adjust it to the perfect size fit. It’s weight and size range is meant for smaller breeds, so it’s best to use this product if that fits your pet’s range. A size chart is included before you purchase, so be sure to measure your pet correctly before purchasing.


  • High elasticity
  • Easy to use
  • Velcro for adjustment
  • Durable material


  • Meant for only smaller breeds
  • Sizing may fit differently

Mellow Shirt Dog Anxiety Calming Wrap

Best Dog Anxiety Vests

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This Mellow Shirt dog anxiety calming wrap applies gentle pressure to your pet as if you were swaddling an infant, but eases anxiety and nervousness! This shirt used gentle pressure to calm a variety of stress and anxiety problems that your dog may have and is stretchy and soft for added comfort.

This wrap is best used for fears such as thunder, fireworks, vet visits, crating, traveling or if they excessively bark or panting. There is no need for any type of training or medication, so it’s safe and easy to use for quicker results!

It is made with lightweight, breathable, machine washable, and drug-free fabric that is safe and comfortable for your dog. Perfect for warmer weather climates, so you don’t have to worry about your pet overheating while it’s outdoors. It’s also very easy to take on and off and comes with hook-and-loop fasteners that allow gentle pressure for most any size pet.

Small sizes fit up to 15-25 pounds, and they highly recommend measuring your dog before purchasing. However, this wrap can fit all breeds up to 70 pounds. 


  • Comes in different colors
  • Quick results
  • Lightweight material
  • Easy to use


  • Does not come as a harness to attach a leash
  • Doesn’t cover most of your dog’s body like over vests or wraps

ZenPet ZenDog Anxiety Wrap for Dogs

Best Dog Anxiety Vests

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ZenPet’s anxiety wrap for dogs is a perfect drug-free way to soothe your pet or calm them down with their compression designed shirt. The shirt is designed to activate certain pressure points on their body, allowing them to calm their nerves and become less anxious in fearful situations.

It best helps alleviate stress when it comes to crate anxiety, noise, separation, constant barking, travel and car sickness, and overall anxiety in pets. Like humans, pets have pressure points on their bodies that when being activated provide a calming effect for even the most anxious of dogs.

Made with durable and lightweight fabric that is drug-free, and acts as a cooling garment when wet. The four-way stretch garment fabric provides a comfortable amount of pressure to your pet to allow the calming effect without feeling too tight on the body.

This wrap comes in 6 sizes which are X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large. In order to put on, it is made as a pull-on design rather than a velcro or buckle type vest. This wrap should not be used as a harness as the rubber side under the belly would cause discomfort for your pet. 


  • Adjustable fit
  • Lightweight and durable fabric
  • Activates pressure points
  • Acts as a cooling garment when wet


  • Cannot be used as a harness
  • May be difficult to put on or take off with its pull-on design

Ushero Dog Anxiety Calming Wrap

Best Dog Anxiety Vests

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Ushero’s dog wrap is great for calming anxiety using compression in the body that provides stress relief for your pet. Made with high-quality material, this wrap is made with premium cotton material that is lightweight, breathable, durable, machine washable, and easy to use!

It comes in 3 available sizes including small, medium, and large. However, these sizes are adjustable and can fit almost any size pet. Be sure to use the dimensions chart before purchasing this product to see which size would be best for your dog.

Like swaddling an infant, Ushero’s uses the right amount of pressure to calm all sorts of fear and anxiety problems. Best used when calming your pet who has certain anxiety over fireworks, thunder, separation, travel, vet visits, and more with zero training or medications, making this a drug-free option. It is also great for safety or rescue dogs. 

This vest is simple to use and to put on or take off, as it includes hook-and-loop fasteners that make it easy to adjust the right amount of pressure for any size pet. So you won’t have to worry about the struggle of pull on vests or shirts.


  • Good material
  • Adjustable fit
  • Easy to put on, or take off
  • Drug-free option


  • Sizing may be off depending on dimensions of vest and pet
  • Not a cure-all solution

Gold Paw Sun Shield Dog Tee

Best Dog Anxiety Vests

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Gold Paw’s Sun Shield tee provides many uses that help you and your pet! It provides UV protection, anxiety relief and protection from potential wounds that irritate or hurt your pet when biting or scratching the area. It is also machine washable and can be worn for all seasons.

The Sun Shield Tee protects up to 98% of UV rays. It is designed for all seasons of the year and gives your pet the ability to enjoy the outdoors without feeling too hot or in warmer weather areas. It also provides anxiety relief and keeps your pet calm and comfortable while being relaxed in an easy-fit shirt.

Made with recyclable materials, this sun shield tee is a green way to provide for your pet and offers an eco-friendly option for those sunny days. It’s not chemically treated and instead is made with the mechanical quality of the yarn so that it is protected from washing machine damage. 

This shirt comes in sizes 2 to 30, so it is fit for any breed that can look stylish when out for a summer walk. It is also designed with a 4-way stretch so it is easy to fit any breed. Recommend you consult the size guide before purchase, so you can determine which size is best for your pet.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Washer safe material
  • UV protection
  • Relaxed fit


  • Larger fit on the shoulders
  • Not durable 
Best Dog Anxiety Vests

Types of Anxiety Vests

There are many different kinds of anxiety vests to choose from that are great drug-free options that not only keep your dog calm but also healthy. Before choosing one, however, you want to think about what kind would be most beneficial for you and your pet. Here are just a few of the main kinds to choose from:

Common Anxiety Vests. A common vest is used to provide comfort, and constant pressure to the torso or body of your pet in order to reduce anxiety. They mostly come with velcro, or buckles to ensure a proper fit and one that isn’t too difficult to put on or take off. They also are durable and can be easy to clean most of the time, just be sure to look out for the material that is used to make that product. 

T-shirt Anxiety Vests. These are lightweight and can provide a relaxed fit for your dog that makes them feel calm and content. The material used for these products are often machine washable, but sometimes not very durable if your pup is used to running around or chewing up items in the house or outdoors. Their sizing is a little different, as it fits a little shorter than most vests, but if you are looking for an anxiety vest option that is great for warmer weather, this option helps keep your dog cooler. 

Protective Anxiety Vests. These vests are great for when it comes to post-surgery or open wounds, as they protect them from your pet or their surrounding environment. They are made with heavy and durable material, and some can even be used while out walking. Veterinarians believe that protective anxiety vests are great drug-free options because not only do they protect your pet from possible infections from wounds, but they also keep them calm and less anxious about them.

How To Maintain An Anxiety Vest

Anxiety vests are designed to be a drug-free and comfortable alternative to soothe and calm your pet. However, sometimes people don’t realize how to properly care for one so that it lasts a long time and is convenient for you and your dog. Here are some things to remember on how to maintain your pets anxiety vest:

Clean your dog’s vest. Whether it’s out walking, or even you haven’t given your pet a bath in a while, it’s always wise to be sure that their vest is clean and sanitary. Some vests, you need to research and find out if they are machine washable, as some fabrics or material can become damaged if not washer safe. You can hand wash it and leave outside to dry if that is the case. Otherwise, use a limited ingredient detergent that won’t harm your pet’s skin or cause it to itch. Recommended though that you always leave it out to dry, as using a dryer can cause it to become damaged, or shrink in size.

Leave it in a dry space. After using your pet’s vest, or if you are just taking it off for a short period of time, be sure to put it in a dry space. If it is left somewhere wet, clammy, or confined, it can cause bacteria to enter on the surface, and eventually onto your pet.

Handle it gently. Most vests are durable and easy to put on. Some, however, that are lightweight and use a slip-on concept, can be easier to tear, rip, or break your pet’s vest. Be sure when putting it on your pet that you handle it gently, as well as taking it off. Also, if your pet is prone to chew items or toys, it is best that you put it somewhere out of reach. 

Advantages of Owning An Anxiety Vest For Your Dog

Having a vest that reduces the anxiety of your pet, and creates a more calm and controlled environment for you and your dog. In fact, many advantages of owning one include:

The decrease in stress levels. If your dog is prone to barking excessively, howling, shaking, or whining, you know that this can easily become worrisome and stressful over time. With an anxiety jacket or vest, your pet will feel a lot calmer leaving, as a result, a quiet and calm environment for you as well.

Control in situations. You know if your pet is scared of thunderstorms, the vet, or even traveling it can be difficult to control them when they feel uncomfortable. Having a vest that gives constant pressure to their bodies, allows them to reduce anxiety and walk into a situation they normally would be frightened of. It also allows you to take better control of those situations when they do arise.

It can provide protection. Some anxiety vests, allow protection after post-surgery or open wounds so that your dog won’t irritate those areas. They reduce the anxiety or stress they feel when it irritates or itches and also is a comfortable fit so they don’t feel like it is squeezing on the area. 

Are a drug-free alternative. While some vets recommend certain medications for your dog when it comes to anxiety, they also recommend anxiety vests as they are longer-lasting, and are a drug-free alternative. Some are even made with eco-friendly materials, and non-chemically treated fabrics that could potentially harm your pet’s skin. 

How To Select An Anxiety Vest For Your Dog

We all want an option that is going to be best for our pet, but how can we be sure which one? There are many factors that come into play when choosing the right product for you, so here are just a few to think about:

What purpose. Is your dog afraid of lightning, vet visits, separation, or just anxiety in general? Did they recently have surgery or a wound that needs time to heal without him/her irritating it? Do you have a service dog and need something to calm them in difficult situations? You must figure out what purpose it is that you’re buying a vest for, as some anxiety vests work differently than others.

What material. Material matters, especially where you live! You don’t want to get a super thick material if you live in an area that is super hot or humid. There are lightweight options that are perfect for warmer weather and fit your pet just right while keeping them calm. You also may want to check with your vet as some materials on your pet’s skin can irritate it, so being aware of that can help you decide for the benefit of your dog’s health.

What size. Some dog vests fit differently from others. You must take the measurements of your pet, and fit it next to the sizing chart provided for certain products to figure out if you should buy a small, medium, large, etc. This is because of some of the sizing is different from other vests. One vest may fit looser around the shoulders, while the other could be shorter on the back. 


Anxiety vests are a great and healthy option for your pet who struggles with certain fears or even just normal anxiety. By having one for them, you will experience a more calm and controlled environment, as well as making them feel better in everyday situations.

Be sure to find one that fits for not just your dog, but the external factors as well such as the weather and it’s durability so that it is able to last you a long time. You’ll be amazed how much of a difference it makes to have a drug-free option available that keeps your pet calm and happy all of the time!

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