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Dog wheelchairs allow dogs with a variety of disabilities to remain mobile and active.  Some wheelchairs are custom made for each dog’s specific needs, and others are adjustable.

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Dog wheelchairs are used for many different dog breeds, both young and old. Disabilities such as arthritis and degenerative myelopathy can take away a dog’s mobility. Many senior dogs also lose mobility with old age, such as Rottweiler’s and Dachshunds. 

The best wheelchairs are easily transportable, simple to clean, and fit your dog perfectly. Most importantly, a dog wheelchair should be reliable and last, allowing dogs to be mobile and explore.

There are many different types available in the market. However, it is essential to find the best one for your particular dog. 

Product Reviews

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K9 Carts: The Original Dog Wheelchair

Best Dog Wheelchairs

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The K9 Carts wheelchair can be used both as a walking cart for the front legs and a suspension wheelchair for the back legs. It is durable and made for a wide range of dog breeds and sizes, from extra small to large.

This wheelchair is built from aircraft-grade aluminum, making it extremely light to carry. It is fully adjustable and guaranteed to fit and provide comfort for your dog. 

K9 Carts are designed by veterinarians and tested in orthopedic hospitals. The medical staff tests each wheelchair to ensure its reliability and durability. 

They are built in the USA and are shipped in the same day of purchase. It is easily assembled and adjusted to begin using right away. 


  • The wheelchair is designed and tested by veterinarians 
  • It is built out of durable and lightweight material
  • It can fit a wide range of dog breeds
  • It is handmade in the USA 


  • The wheels occasionally get caught preventing dogs from moving 
  • The wheelchairs occasionally need certain screws tightened
  • There are not many color options

Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair

Best Dog Wheelchairs

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The Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair provides support for your dog’s back legs. The durability of the product allows dogs to be active and playful. It is made to adjust to your specific dog’s needs. 

It is adjustable in height, length, and width, guaranteeing to perfectly fit each dog size.  The patented design ensures a guaranteed adjustable fit for your dog through life changes. This allows the wheelchair to last longer. If your dog’s health needs change, this wheelchair can change with them.

The wheelchairs are easily stored, taking up only a small amount of space. It is easily cleaned and generally uses foam and rubber wheels. The sturdy wheels are made for many different types of terrain. 

It is veterinarian approved and tested for durability. The lightweight aluminum frame allows dogs to be comfortable and stable while being mobile. 


  • Keeps dogs active and playful
  • Adjustable to tailor to your dog’s specific needs
  • Easily stored and transportable


  • Not easily assembled
  • No hook to attach a leash

Best Friend Mobility Dog Wheelchair

Best Dog Wheelchairs

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The Best Friend Mobility Dog Wheelchair is designed to grow with your dog’s needs. It is fully adjustable in many aspects, such as mobility impairment, weight, and breed. This aspect ensures the durability of the wheelchair. 

The wheelchair sizing comes in 5 weight classifications, adhering to most dog breeds. It can be tailored to accommodate breeds that range from 5 pounds to 175 pounds. This guarantees that you can find the exact right fit for your dog breed.

It’s lightweight stainless steel design is easily transportable while also being durable. Its rustproof hardware ensures product longevity. The neoprene harness ensures comfortable riding. 

The product is designed by orthopedic surgeons and is rigorously tested. This confirms that it is the right wheelchair for dogs with specific orthopedic needs. The sturdy design includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee and can be exchanged for a different size to make sure it is a perfect fit.


  • Lightweight and travel friendly
  • Fully adjustable 
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • Not easily assembled 
  • Not many color options 

Newlife Mobility Wheelchair

Best Dog Wheelchairs

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The Newlife Mobility Wheelchair provides support for dog’s hind legs. It uses specific measurements in order to ensure the best fit. This allows the wheelchair to have optimal use. 

It is made with a durable aluminum frame that is stable and reliable. It is lightweight and includes an adjustable harness for comfort and excellent mobility. The lightweight design makes it travel friendly, allowing your dog to be mobile everywhere that you go.

The soft 3D harness entices dogs to try the wheelchair and begin rehabilitation. The comfort encourages use and allows dogs to be more at ease. This makes transitioning to wheelchair use easier and more seamless.

This wheelchair provides extra support for dogs that have spinal and joint problems. The free belly band provides support around the stomach and spine for even more safety.


  • Includes free belly band for extra support
  • Made from durable, lightweight aluminum
  • The soft harness allows for more comfort


  • Not easily assembled
  • Not suitable for every breed

ExGizmo Pet Wheelchair

Best Dog Wheelchairs

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The ExGizmo Pet Wheelchair is specially made for dogs with shorter legs and longer backs. This specification allows for the best fit for specific dog breeds and their specific needs. It provides support for the hind legs, and can be adjusted in height, length, and width. 

This wheelchair is made from a durable, lightweight aluminum frame, making it optimal for travel. It is easily stored in both houses and vehicles, allowing dogs to join the journey. 

The wheels are made from sturdy foam and rubber treads, enabling dogs to explore on different terrain. This allows dogs to explore and travel with you, living a normal and healthy life. It is veterinarian approved and made specifically light to optimize mobility.

It has an adjustable harness to provide the best comfort and mobility. The harness can adjust to find the perfect fit, making walking even easier.


  • Made specifically for shorter dogs
  • Designed to be lightweight and travel friendly
  • Sturdy and reliable


  • Not many color choices
  • Not the best choice for larger dogs

Quaz Four Wheels Adjustable Dog Wheelchair

Best Dog Wheelchairs

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The Quaz Four Wheels Wheelchair is made in a variety of sizes to provide mobility for many different dog breeds with disabilities. This ensures that you can find the exact fit for your dog breed, ensuring optimal use.

It comes in both a four and two-wheel design for either full-body support or hind leg support. No matter what your dog needs are, you can find the perfect fit with this specific wheelchair. It comes in seven different sizes, allowing optimal choices for the perfect fit.

The wheelchair is made with a lightweight aluminum frame, promoting enhanced mobility. The harness is adjustable in order for your dog to be completely comfortable while rehabilitating.

Included is a belly band to provide extra support around the stomach and spine. It is easily assembled and also includes a free leash. 


  • Comes in seven different sizes
  • Made from durable and lightweight aluminum
  • Includes a belly band for extra support


  • Some sharp edges
  • Not many color options

Huggiecart Dog Wheelchair

Best Dog Wheelchairs

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The Huggiecart Dog Wheelchair is made specifically for larger breeds. It is made with strong material to support heavier dogs to ensure long-lasting use. It provides extra support for the hind legs to promote mobility and rehabilitation. 

This wheelchair provides support for dogs 60-99 pounds. The aluminum frame ensures strong durability specifically for larger breeds and long-lasting support. This allows bigger dogs to run and play normally while ensuring that the wheelchair will not break quickly. 

The neoprene chest harness is soft and comfortable for dogs to begin their rehabilitation journey. The harness is adjustable to fit each dog’s particular need and includes leg stirrups. This guarantees the perfect fit, which will make using the wheelchair even easier.

The wheelchair is adjustable in length, width, and height, making sure that it fits your dog perfectly. Made with non-flat wheels with bearings to make for a smoother and more pleasant ride. 


  • Made specifically for larger breeds
  • Made from durable aluminum
  • Comfortable and adjustable harness


  • Heavy and bulky
  • Not travel friendly

Jump Adjustable Dog Wheelchair

Best Dog Wheelchairs

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The Jump Adjustable Dog Wheelchair is designed specially to provide support for dog’s hind legs. The height, width, and length of the wheelchair can be tailored specifically to your dog’s body. 

The frame is designed with lightweight aluminum to provide easier mobility for dogs to run and play. It is easy for travel, easily held, and can be stored in the house, garage, or vehicles.

The harness has soft straps to ensure comfort and adjusts depending on your dog’s size and health. The wheelchair is suitable for dogs with no mobility in their hind legs, as it can be adjusted to support their back and spine completely.

This wheelchair is easily assembled and installed and can be used immediately. It is made with dense foam and rubber wheels, allowing dogs to run and play on different terrain. This ensures that they can continue traveling and exploring with you.


  • Easily assembled
  • Adjustable harness and wheelchair
  • Lightweight and travel friendly


  • Not many color options
  • Better suited for smaller breeds

SYLPHID Adjustable Dog Wheelchair

Best Dog Wheelchairs

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The SYLPHID Adjustable Dog Wheelchair provides support for dogs who are no longer able to use their hind legs. It is designed for dogs weighing nine to forty-four pounds. The specification of weight and breed make sure that you find the optimal fit for your dog.

This wheelchair is made from durable, lightweight aluminum for optimal mobility. The lightweight but sturdy design ensures easy storing. It has an adjustable harness to tailor to your specific dog’s needs. 

The wheelchair is adjustable in its length, width, and height to promote a perfect fit. It includes leg stirrups to prevent the hind legs from dragging. This ensures that your dog will find it’s a perfect fit and can use it properly. 

It is easy to both assemble and disassemble for practical and immediate use. This also makes it travel friendly. It also includes a belly band for more support around the stomach and spine. 


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Adjustable harness and wheelchair
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not many color choices
  • Very large wheels

Anmas Sport Adjustable Dog Wheelchair

Best Dog Wheelchairs

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The Anmas Sport Adjustable Dog Wheelchair is designed to provide support for dogs that are unable to support their hind legs. The sturdy, rubber wheels are specially designed for dogs who still want to be active. This allows dogs to participate in sports and travel in order to lead a normal and healthy lifestyle.

This wheelchair is made from lightweight aluminum material, allowing it to be easily held and traveled with. The lightweight material promotes more mobility and comfort.

There are three sizes to choose from, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for your particular dog. The perfect fit allows dogs to keep the frame sturdy while being playful and active.

The soft harness is fully adjustable and provides extra comfort for the dog. The wheelchair is also adjustable, in height, length, and width. 


  • Sturdy rubber wheels for exploring
  • Lightweight durable material
  • Three sizes to choose from
  • Adjustable harness and wheelchair


  • Not many colors to choose from
  • Not easily assembled 
Best Dog Wheelchairs

Types of Dog Wheelchairs:

There are three main types of dog wheelchairs designed specifically to accommodate a variety of dog’s needs:

Dog wheelchairs that support both the front and hind legs: These are best used for dogs that have neurological disorders, specifically spinal problems. Often times dogs are unable to fully support themselves with their hind or front legs, so these carts have four wheels to support them on all sides. Dogs can run and play normally while having the support they need.

Dog wheelchairs that only support the hind legs: This is best for dogs that may have arthritis, back problems, are recovering from surgery, or have many other disabilities. It is a two-wheeled cart that allows dogs to run and play normally. The back wheels act as their hind legs. It is the most commonly used type of dog wheelchair and comes in many different varieties. 

Dog wheelchairs that only support the front legs: This is best for dogs that have missing or deformed front legs. It can also be used for dogs with neurological and brain disorders that are unable to use their front legs normally. It is much less common and there are fewer models made specifically for them. 

Custom Dog Wheelchairs: Certain styles of dog wheelchairs are custom made for your dog. You provide measurements to the company, and they send you a wheelchair that is guaranteed to fit. This can be beneficial in knowing that your dog will have optimal mobility. However, this can also mean if your dog’s health needs change you will need a new wheelchair.

Adjustable Dog Wheelchairs: Adjustable dog wheelchairs depend on you to find the right size starting out. Many ranges from extra small to extra-large. These wheelchairs are generally adjustable in length, width, and height. They also usually come with a harness that is fully adjustable. Many brands that are adjustable provide a full return policy to ensure that you find the exact right fit for your dog.

How to Select a Dog Wheelchair:

You must consider a variety of factors when picking the perfect dog wheelchair for your dog:

The size of the wheelchair must be able to accommodate your dog: There are many styles of dog wheelchairs that come in different sizes. Many styles come in sizes ranging from extra small to extra-large. Others are made specifically for smaller dogs, or larger dogs, or even dogs with short legs. When they are made for a specific dog size, they might fit the best. 

Dog wheelchairs come in both a four-wheel style and a two-wheel style: Four wheels are generally used for dogs with neurological disorders, while two-wheels are used for support of either the hind legs or the front legs.

Dog wheelchairs can be lightweight or heavy: Depending on the material that the wheelchair is made from, the wheelchair can be extremely heavy and bulky, or lightweight and travel friendly. It is important that the wheelchair is study and durable. However, it is also useful to be able to easily hold and transport the wheelchair, as well as store it. 

Dog wheelchairs can be completely adjustable to change with particular health needs: Depending on your dog’s health, you might need to be able to adjust the harness and wheelchair multiple times. Many dog wheelchairs are made to be fully and easily adjustable. It is more long-lasting when the wheelchair can grow with your dog, and it is important for the harness and wheelchair to fit your dog perfectly. 

Many dog wheelchairs are veterinarian certified: When choosing a dog wheelchair, many styles are designed by veterinarians. There are types tested by orthopedic surgeons, designed by doctors, and used in hospitals. This ensures that the wheelchair is made specifically for dogs with needs. They are reliable and rigorously tested.

Advantages of Owning a Dog Wheelchair:

There are many advantages of owning a dog wheelchair:

Provide mobility: Senior dogs often lose mobility in their back and legs as they grow old. Many dogs are born with neurological disorders, leg deformity, or at some point require surgery that leads to rehabilitation. Movement is important for stopping the progression of certain disorders such as arthritis. Dog wheelchairs provide support and act as their legs so that they can lead normal lives.

Allow an active and healthy lifestyle: Dog wheelchairs allow dogs that lose their mobility to become active and playful again. Dogs that are unable to use their legs are often not able to act like normal dogs. Many dog wheelchairs are made to sustain different terrain so dogs can even go hiking with their wheelchairs. Some are even made to withstand sand, mud, and grass. 

Help with pain and discomfort: Dogs that have neurological disorders and back problems can be in extreme pain and discomfort while trying to walk or use the bathroom. Dog wheelchairs provide support and comfort to relieve their pain without having to take medications. Many wheelchairs also come with a band that wraps around the stomach to provide extra support. This can relieve pressure on the spine and relieve them from unnecessary pain in their back and legs. 


Can dog wheelchairs work on carpet and grass?

Most dog wheelchairs are designed to easily roll on both carpet and grass. There are many styles that use a design of dense foam and rubber. This prevents the wheels from being punctured, and can often even withstand rocky terrain. However, there are some styles that are easily caught and are made more for inside use.

Are dogs able to go to the bathroom while using wheelchairs?

Many styles are designed specifically to allow dogs to use the bathroom while using a wheelchair. Often times using the bathroom can be a painful experience for a dog with a neurological disorder, and dog wheelchairs can alleviate this pain by providing extra support. It depends on the style of a wheelchair, as there are some made with specific straps that prevent dogs from using the bathroom.

Is the wheelchair too heavy for my dog to use for long periods of time?

Most dog wheelchairs are made from lightweight aluminum material. This provides support and stability but allows optimal mobility for the dog as it is not too heavy. Some styles for larger dogs are made out of heavier material in order to provide the best support and durability, but this should not affect the dog’s use.  

What if my dog is hesitant to try the wheelchair?

Often times dogs are a bit hesitant to start using the wheelchair at first. It is best to find a wheelchair that is easily assembled and allows the dogs to easily fit into it. If the dog is comfortable and supported, it will only take a little bit of time before they know it helps them. It is important to find the perfect fit and adjustability for your particular dog. 


Dog wheelchairs offer many benefits for senior dogs and dogs with disabilities. There are many different styles to choose from that accommodate all different sizes and breeds of dogs. It is important to find a particular fit for your dog to ensure optimal mobility.

It is important to take size, style, and weight into consideration. They come in two-wheeled and four-wheeled styles. Many wheelchairs are lightweight and travel friendly.  Most come with adjustable harnesses in order to find the perfect fit.

Dog wheelchairs can provide a happy and healthy lifestyle for pets that are immobile. They can provide support and comfort for dogs that would otherwise be in pain. Let us know in the comments below what your favorite style is and how your pet’s life has changed using a dog wheelchair!

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