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16 Large Great Pyrenees Mixes: Breed Facts & Information

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Did you know that the Great Pyrenees is powerful protector of their families?

However, they are a loving breed too!

This is one of the reasons why they have been so popular among dog lovers for years. Their distinct and attractive white coats, love for their family, and soft personality have made them good for mixing with other dog breeds to have the “perfect” large dog breed.

Now, when two purebred pups of different breeds are bred together so that you can create a new dog breed, it is known as designer dog breeding.

Did you know that multiple designer dogs are created from mixing a different breed with Great Pyrenees?

Many good Great Pyrenees mix-breeds are looking to get adopted by some pet-loving owners.

Do you want to have one?

Then you can ask for them in your local shelters. Who knows, they might have one!

So, without further ado, let’s make you aware of some of my favorite large Great Pyrenees mixes.

Read on!

#1. Great Pyredane

Great Pyredane

Here comes the huge Great Pyredane!

This large dog breed is created from mixing a purebred Great Pyrenees and a purebred Great Dane.

Now, when parent dog breeds have “great” in their name, it sure raises your expectations, right?

This mixed breed is pretty independent. However, the Great Dane seems to have separation anxiety which the Great Pyrenees assists in tempering.

Are you one of those who would like to have a Great Dane but are worried about how they cope with separation?

Then the Great Pyredane would be the perfect large Great Pyrenees mix for you.

Let me tell you, with this breed, you can expect a lot of hair! This is because they shed heavily throughout the year. Also, compared to a traditional Great Dane, this giant breed is somewhat more active. This is because their Pyrenees parent needs to roam around.

Do you have young kids at home?

Then you might want to go for a different breed.

If you don’t allow them to socialize correctly, they might become guarded and overprotective. And if you let them socialize from a very young age, you will have a huge, happy yet boisterous doggo.

#2. Great Pytriever

Make some ways for the Great Pytriever!

This dog is very affectionate. You can find it quite similar to that of a large golden bear.

Did I tell you that the Great Pytriever is a mix of the Great Pyrenees and the Golden Retriever?

They are extremely energetic, very spirited, and love to make lots of friends.

Do you live in an apartment?

Then this dog breed is not something you would like to have – considering their size and nature.

Do you have a backyard?

Then you can definitely have this mixed dog breed, as they love to roam in your rooms and enjoy lounging and exploring your backyard.

The chances are that you will let this adorable cutie get away with a lot. If you ignore this, this dog breed can strongly dislike boundaries and structure. And you will have a hard time handling them. However, I recommend that you give them consistent training and affirm strong leadership.

In order to burn off their high levels of energy, you need to make the Great Pytriever exercise regularly. And you will not regret having a people-loving, affectionate and cute pup!

#3. Great Wolfhound

Great Wolfhound

When the Great Pyrenees and the Irish Wolfhound are mixed, it gives birth to the Great Wolfhound.

They are faithful, giant, and have lots of love to give! When this giant breed becomes mature, it gains a lot of weight – with more than 100 pounds.

Are you equipped well to be a parent to such a giant breed?

Make sure that you have a positive answer to it!

The Great Wolfhound will be a perfect choice if you need a guard dog. They are protective over their loved ones, and you will feel safe when they are around – all thanks to their giant stature!

And they become aggressive only on some rare occasions.

Don’t worry if you have kids at home. The great Irish Wolfhounds are very gentle with kids. That being said, never leave them alone with your children, because, you know, accidents can happen!

Make sure to socialize this mixed dog breed daily with other dogs as well as people. They can be overprotective and suspicious at times. In order to cope with this, you can introduce them to brand new situations at regular intervals.

#4. Pyrenees Husky

Pyrenees Husky

The Pyrenees alone is a huge and impressive giant breed. And when it is combined with the Husky, it becomes a very large doggo.

Of course, if a Pyrenees Husky takes after their Husky parent, then it can be somewhat small.

This great Pyrenees mix breed is pretty energetic. And if you are an active family, they can be a superb adventure partner for you.

Please note that they can become destructive if you leave a Pyrenees Husky under-stimulated. This makes it essential for you to take them for regular exercise.

The Pyrenees Huskys are independent yet highly loyal to their loved ones. Their Husky parent contributes to this trait.

Did I tell you that this mixed breed is brilliant?

They can be stubborn at times. So make sure that you train them consistently and be a firm trainer.

Do you have children at home?

The Pyrenees Huskys are great with kids – gentle and protective.

They will be devoted and amiable to you if you give them attention, love, and stimulation. This makes them a great choice when you have a dynamic family.

#5. Great Bernese

The Great Bernese is the combination of the Great Pyrenees and the Bernese Mountain Dog. This is a gorgeous hybrid!

This mixed breed has two large breeds as parents; it weighs somewhere between 85 and 190 pounds. Now, don’t get intimidated by their large size. They are incredibly amiable.

That being said, know that they need space to roam around. So, if you live in an apartment, I would say that this dog is not for you.

You can get this dog breed with a loving family and a backyard where the Great Bernese can roam. Then, they will be more than happy to be with you!

This naturally well-natured and pleasant dog breed can be stubborn at times. You need to train them regularly. It would be better if you could take help from a professional trainer.

The Great Bernese can be a great companion for your family with proper training.

#6. Anatolian Pyrenees

Anatolian Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees and Anatolian Shepherd are popular for guarding livestock. It is quite unusual to mix these two dog breeds. Anatolian Pyrenees is the name of their mix.

The giant pup is very amiable and great with kids of all ages.

They may be very protective at times if they take after their Great Pyrenees parent. However, they are not aggressive. In fact, they do well even with strangers. But, of course, for that, you need to provide them with proper training and socialization skills.

Do you have previous experience with large dog breeds?

Then the Anatolian Pyrenees will do better with you – all thanks to your strong leadership quality!

You need to give this great Pyrenees mix an ample amount of space so that they can move around and play. So, don’t go for it if you live in an apartment.

They can be a very devoted four-legged companion if you provide them with the right structure. They are affectionate and laid-back.

Now, do you want to have a snuggle companion?

Then the Anatolian Pyrenees can be the one!

All you need is to make sure you have a lot of space on your favorite couch.

#7. Pyrenees Pit

Make way for Pyrenees Pit!

They are a combination of the Great Pyrenees and the Pitbull.

This powerful breed is muscular and athletic.

Do you have previous experience handling large dogs?

Then the Pyrenees Pit will be right for you. This is because they need a strong leader whom they can follow.

Did I tell you how incredibly loyal they are?

They love their family, and they can go to any extent to protect their family. This makes it vital for you to train your Pyrenees Pit to understand when to guard and when not.

Don’t get intimidated by the looks of this hybrid. In most cases, they are actually very gentle. People have tons of misconceptions when it comes to the nature of Pit Bulls. But, if you place them in a proper environment, you will know that they are actually very gentle.

Now that doesn’t mean you can leave them alone with your kids! And with strangers and unfamiliar animals!

The Pyrenees Pits are always eager to please you. This means they are obedient, and you can train them easily. This large Great Pyrenees mix may look intimidating, but they just want you to love them – just like most other dogs.

#8. Pyredoodle


Here comes the Poodle and the Great Pyrenees dog mix!

You may already know how popular Poodles are when mixing them with other dog breeds. The Pyredoodle is one such mixed breed.

Poodles come in different sizes. For this hybrid, the most used is the Standard Poodle. So the Pyredoodle is pretty huge in size. When they get matured, they weigh around 100 pounds.

You need to make them exercise regularly.

Don’t make them feel under-stimulated. Otherwise, they will be mischievous. So makes sure to keep a consistent exercise routine.

Are there many people in your family?

Then this dog mix will love to stay with you. Also, they are extremely loyal. However, both its parent breeds tend to be suspicious of strangers. So you can use the Pyredoodle as a watchdog. But, of course, to lessen their overprotective nature, you need to make them socialize regularly.

Now, the Pyredoodle may not take the first step in being friends with people. But they are not aggressive and can be a perfect companion if you introduce them properly.

#9. Germanese

Does the name of the breed sound funny to you?

Well, the combination between a Great Pyrenees and German Shepherd is not a matter of joke!

Both the parent dog breeds are gorgeous and regal. They are completely devoted to their owners and can be pretty formidable and protective. This trait makes them fantastic guard dogs and watchdogs. But giving them proper training and socializing them regularly are two critical things. This is needed so that they can differentiate between friends and foes.

Did you know that the Germanese is also known as Shep Py and Shepnese?

They are agile and mighty. Most of them weigh 100 pounds.

Now, they need to understand that you are the alpha. Otherwise, they can overpower you. So go for this pup only if you have a strong leadership quality or previous experience with handling large breeds.

Do you have kids at home?

This dog breed does well with kids. However, don’t ever leave them alone with your children. Always supervise them.

#10. Pyrador

The Pyrador is the mix of a Labrador Retriever and a Great Pyrenees. This mixed breed is full of energy. They are friendly most of the time. However, you need to train them properly and consistently so that they remain that way!

Did you know that pyradors shed heavily?

So you need to have a vacuum and a brush handy.

Do you live in an apartment?

Then the Pyrador would not be the right choice for you. They are active, and you need to have a lot of activities with them so that they can stretch their legs a bit.

Do you have children?

The Pyrador loves to be with kids. Also, they are very protective of their family.

Are you on the lookout for having a four-legged companion that can protect your family from intruders?

This dog mix can be a great fit for that!

End your search here if a great exercise buddy and devoted companion are what you are looking for!

#11. Australian Pyrenees

Australian Pyrenees

The Australian Pyrenees is the combination of the Great Pyrenees and the Australian Shepherd.

Are you looking to have a smaller dog breed than the Great Pyrenees and a little bit bigger than the Australian Shepherd?

Then this hybrid would be the right match for you!

Depending on their parents, you will have a large or medium-sized dog.

The color of their coats can vary a lot. However, in most cases, their coat color matches their Aussie parent.

This hybrid works great as the perfect family doggo.

As one of their parents is an Aussie, the Australian Pyrenees comes with an energetic and friendly personality.

They behave well with strangers. Also, compared to their Pyrenees parent, they are a bit smaller in size. This makes them perfect for families with kids.

This dog hybrid has herding instincts. And they are not territorial or aggressive. However, if you provide them with proper training and exercise, it can subside.

#12. Great Weilernees

When the Great Pyrenees and the Rottweiler come together, it gives birth to the Great Weilernees.

The coat of this hybrid ranges from medium to long.

Coming to their size, well, they can be about 100 pounds. This makes them fall under the giant breed category. Compared to females, males are more prominent.

Their coats can be of different colors. Generally, it resembles their Rottweiler parent. However, you can see a combination of their parents too.

Talking about temperament, did I tell you how good the Great Weilernees can be with families?

However, their size is such that you might not want to get it if you have kids at home. They can clear your table with just a single swipe of their tail!

Always make sure to socialize them properly. Otherwise, they may develop territorial behaviors.

Now, if you look at their parent breeds properly, both of them are different kinds of guardian dogs. This makes it quite hard to deter their inherent nature.

You need to be a strong leader for your Great Weilernees. They can be headstrong at times. So, you need to train them consistently and regularly.

#13. Chownees

The Chow Chow and the Great Pyrenees breed mix is known as the Chownees!

This is a fluffy dog mix with lots of hair. Their color can be black, orange, white, and in some cases, multi-color. Generally, they come with long, fluffy hair.

There is a fair chance that your Chownees with have a different-colored tongue –all thanks to their Chow parentage!

Compared to the Chow, the Chownees are quite more extensive. However, it is smaller compared to a purebred Great Pyrenees.

The Chownees shed throughout the year and at a huge amount. So, give them proper and regular grooming sessions.

This dog hybrid can be territorial. Both their parents are pretty famous for their guardian instincts. They are not known for biting people. However, if strangers come to their space, they can be assertive and even aggressive at times.

If you have a big family with kids, I would not suggest going for the Chownees. Again, it is because of their temperaments and size.

#14. Saint Pyrenees

Saint Pyrenees

When a Great Pyrenees and a Saint Bernard dog breed are mixed, it is called a Saint Pyrenees.

As the parents of the Saint Pyrenees are both giant breeds, they are huge too. They can weigh more than 100 pounds.

Like other large dog breeds, the Saint Pyrenees have a short life span. They live for about ten years.

If you have kids and looking for a pup that can be your family companion, then the Saint Pyrenees can be the one!

Now, do you reside in small spaces or apartments?

Then I would not recommend this doggo –all because of its huge size.

Like any dog of a giant breed, the bills for the Saint Pyrenees are more enormous. So go for this dog breed only if you have enough room and, of course, a budget.

And if you manage to get it, know that they will shower you with love!

#15. Maspyr

The blend of a Mastiff and the Great Pyrenees is known as Maspyr.

Did you know that this huge breed can weigh about 200 pounds?

Now, that is a lot of weight, isn’t it?

The beautiful Maspyr is one of the biggest dog breeds I have mentioned on this list – not everyone can handle it.

This powerful pup needs a confident as well as a strong handler in order to assert its dominance. And also to train them properly.

Apart from their huge size, the Maspyr can be pretty strong-willed. So you need to have a lot of patience as well as persistence to train.

Like other large dog breeds, this breed, too, has a shorter life span. Generally, they live for about eight years.

So, why this short lifespan?

Well, it’s mainly because of their size, which can be hard on their body.

If you dedicate your love and time to this gorgeous Great Pyrenees hybrid, they will give you love and endless devotion in return.

#16. Border Collie Pyrenees

The rare mix between the Great Pyrenees and the Border Collie is known as the Border Collie Pyrenees. This large size dog is pretty energetic. Because of this, you can’t keep the Border Collie Pyrenees in your home that has limited space.

The Border Collie Pyrenees dog breed is very intelligent. They need mental and physical stimulation more than any average dog breed.

If you have a home with a fenced backyard, this breed can stay there with ease. But you need to give them many opportunities to be active too.

This dog hybrid craves attention! If you leave them alone for long hours, they can become destructive. However, as they are intelligent, you can train them easily.

That being said, the Border Collie Pyrenees are pretty stubborn. So you need to train them consistently to make them master specific commands.

Now that you know all about the large Great Pyrenees mixes, which one are you going to get for you?

Let me know in the comments!

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