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Brindle Dog Bed Review: How Does This Memory Foam Bed Stack Up?

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Orthopedic dog beds provide more than just a plush place for your dog to sleep – they also cushion your dog’s hips, knees and other joints from the hard floor below.

This can provide dogs already suffering from joint problems with some pain relief, and it can often help healthy dogs avoid developing joint problems.

There are a number of orthopedic mattresses on the market, and they differ greatly. Many orthopedic beds offer nothing special aside from the “orthopedic” label and an expensive price tag, but a few – including the Brindle 4-Inch Memory Foam Dog Bed – provide your dog with the cushion, support, and comfort he deserves.

In the case of the Brindle Memory Foam Dog Bed, this comfort comes at a very reasonable price.

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About the Brindle Memory Foam Dog Bed

Unlike many other orthopedic dog beds at the affordable end of the price spectrum, which rely on shredded memory foam pieces, the Brindle 4-Inch Memory Foam Dog Bed features two separate foam sheets: a 2-inch-thick solid memory foam top and a 2-inch-thick structural foam base.

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This ensures that the bed will retain its shape for a long time. Mattresses constructed from shredded foam pieces often develop a large gap in the middle, as the pieces of foam spread to the corners. This will prevent the mattress from cushioning your dog properly and will defeat the purpose of the orthopedic mattress entirely.

But, the Brindle Orthopedic Dog Bed includes a number of other helpful features too. For example, it features a removable cover, which you can machine wash and dry.

This will allow you to keep the cover clean, fresh-smelling, and flea-free (although you should still use a high-quality preventative flea treatment). Additionally, the bottom portion of the cover features a non-skid surface to prevent the bed from scooting around your home.




The Brindle 4-Inch Solid Memory Foam Dog Bed comes in three different sizes:

  • Small (22” x 16” x 4”)
  • Medium (34″ x 22″ x 4″)
  • Large (46″ x 28″ x 4″)


The Brindle 4-Inch Memory Foam Dog Bed is available in three color options:

  • Charcoal / Black
  • Mocha / Blue
  • Khaki

Brindle Dog Bed User Reviews

The Brindle 4-Inch Memory Foam Bed received relatively good reviews from most pet owners who tried it. Most dogs appear to love the mattress and find it quite comfortable. Several owners noted that their dog’s stiffness and joint pain seemed to decrease after using the bed for a few weeks. This not only held true for dogs with hip dysplasia, arthritis, and other long-term illnesses but those recovering from injuries or surgery as well.

However, a few owners who tried this orthopedic dog bed found that the cover was not constructed from terribly durable materials. Accordingly, many dogs managed to rip the cover to the bed within a few days or weeks. This is more likely to occur for larger dogs, who tend to create a “nest” on their bed, as well as those with untrimmed nails.

The Bottom Line

The Brindle 4-Inch Solid Memory Foam Dog Bed is a relatively high-quality orthopedic dog bed that is available at a very reasonable price. It is not only valuable for dogs with hip or joint problems, but it is a great choice for healthy, young dogs too (particularly large breed dogs). It is the perfect option for pet owners seeking a good bed, but who don’t want to break the bank in the process.

Because the Brindle Dog Mattress does not feature a particularly durable cover, it may be wise for owners of destructive dogs and “nesters” to look elsewhere for a dog bed. Alternatively, you may want to consider purchasing or making a separate cover for the bed, to help prevent rips and tears.

There are a number of higher-quality orthopedic dog beds on the market, but you’ll have to pay much more money for a super-premium bed (as much as double the price of the Brindle Dog Bed in some cases). So, if cost is an important factor for your decision-making process, the Brindle Memory Foam Dog Bed deserves serious consideration.

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