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5 Best Dog Harnesses for Large Dogs to Stop Pulling

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Looking for a high-quality large dog harness to stop pulling? A no pull dog harness is an indispensable tool that almost all large dog owners need.

But while there are a variety of different no-pull harnesses on the market, relatively few are appropriate for large dogs.

At A Glance: Our Top 5 Picks for Dog Harnesses for Large Dogs to Stop Pulling:

Some are simply too small to fit large breeds, while others lack the strength and durability to withstand the wear and tear a large dog can dish out. Still, others simply lack some of the most important features you would want in any harness.

But we are here to help! Below, we will discuss some of the most important features of a quality dog harness for large dogs, as well as explain the right ways to obtain a harness that fits your dog well.

But if you just stopped by to find the best large dog harness to stop pulling, you can just check out the table below.

ALT TEXTRUFFWEAR Front Range Dog Harness• Durable, colorfast shell fabric
• ​Two attachment points
• Four adjustment points
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ALT TEXTRABBITGOO No-Pull Dog Harness• Easy to put on and take off, thanks to its slip-on design
• ​Designed to distribute leash pressure
• Breathable materials help promote airflow
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ALT TEXTRuffwear - Web Master Harness• Five different adjustment points
• ​Foam padded chest and belly straps
• Provides two different attachment points
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ALT TEXTKurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog Walking Harness• Largest size fits dogs with 42-inch chest
• ​Kurgo’s lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects
• Broad, padded chest plate ensures a comfortable fit for your dog
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ALT TEXTChai's Choice Best Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness• Ergonomically designed to fit your dog’s body
• ​Easy to put on and take off
• Comes with back- and chest-mounted leash rings
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Our Recommendation for the Best Dog Harness

Although any of the large dog harnesses discussed above should work very well for your canine, the RUFFWEAR Front Range All-Day Adventure Harness is clearly the best harness for dogs that pull of the five.

It not only received a ton of positive reviews from very happy owners, but it is also made with the best materials available, including an aluminum leash ring on the back.

Additionally, RUFFWEAR is simply one of the best dog harness manufacturers in the business, and most of the harnesses they make have been very well-received by owners. The Front Range All-Day Adventure Harness is one of their most impressive models, so it should handle everything your large dog can throw at it.

It isn’t the cheapest harness available on the market, but it isn’t prohibitively expensive either. You could save a little bit of money by opting for one of the other models (such as the RABBITGOO No-Pull Harness), but it is hard to put a price on your dog’s well-being and safety, so many owners will simply want the best no pull harness money can buy.

And for large dog owners, that is clearly the RUFFWEAR Front Range All-Day Adventure Harness.

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best dog harness to stop pulling

5 Best Large Dog Harnesses to Stop Pulling

The following five are easily among the best large dog harnesses to stop pulling. Just be sure to review each model carefully to ensure you select the most appropriate option for your pet.

1. RUFFWEAR Front Range Dog Harness

RUFFWEAR Front Range Dog Harness
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RUFFWEAR Front Range Dog Harness is the best one that you can get for your pup for their everyday walking and training.

Made with durable and colorfast shell fabric with reflective trim, this harness is built to last. It is perfect for all-day outdoor adventures. And did I tell you that it is designed for an easy on and off?

Picture of RUFFWEAR Front Range Dog Harness

Notable Features:

  • It is made with lightweight and durable material – perfect for training, walking, and all other outdoor adventures.
  • It comes in a hassle-free design that makes it easy to put on and off your doggo. All you need is to slip it over your doggo’s head.
  • It has two leash attachment points.
  • The reinforced webbing at the chest gives you extra control by standing up to pulling.
  • There is an aluminum V-ring on the center of the back.
  • To provide your pup with an extra layer of comfort, this harness comes padded – great for walking, running, and resting.
  • To provide your doggo with the perfect fit, it comes with four points of adjustment.
  • It has ID pockets that are easy to access, and you can store your dog’s tags safely in it.
  • You can get it in ten different colors. Choose the one that you like the best.
  • It is available in five size options so that you can choose according to the size of your pup.
  • It has reflective trims that allow your dog to be visible in all circumstances – be it day or night

User Reviews:

The majority of those who tried the RUFFWEAR Front Range Dog Harness loved it as they can use it on their furry buddy for all kinds of outdoor activities. Also, it can be great for daily use.

Most owners of this dog harness are happy with their purchase as it is durable, stylish, and easy to put on and off their pup.

Picture of our dog wearing RUFFWEAR Front Range Dog Harness while testing it's quality

Coming to dogs, they quite like the RUFFWEAR Front Range Dog Harness – all thanks to the padded strips across the belly and chest. They will be comfortable all along. It makes sure that there is no abrasion or discomfort in dogs. It doesn’t matter for how long your pup will wear it.

Our dog wearing RUFFWEAR Front Range Dog Harness

Most owners were also happy that the RUFFWEAR Front Range Dog Harness comes with two leash attachment points. The reinforced webbing is at your dog’s chest so that you can redirect them when they pull. And the aluminum V-ring is centered on your pup’s back – perfect for everyday walks.

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2. RABBITGOO No-Pull Dog Harness

The RABBITGOO No-Pull Dog Harness is a high-quality harness that will work very well for most large dogs.

It is made with the same types of high-quality materials as some other harnesses, yet it is priced much more affordably than many similar models.

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Notable Features

  • Easy to put on and take off, thanks to its slip-on design
  • Designed to distribute leash pressure over large portions of the body for maximum comfort
  • Breathable materials help promote airflow around your dog’s coat and skin
  • Largest size fits dogs with a chest circumference of up to 38 inches
  • Adjustable side straps ensure a perfect fit
  • Comes with two heavy-duty metal leash rings – one on the back and one on the chest
  • Reflective strips will help passing motorists see your pet
  • Available in three colors

User Reviews

The RABBITGOO No-Pull Dog Harness received surprisingly good reviews for such an affordable product. Many low-cost harnesses feature substandard components, poor craftsmanship and design flaws, but none of these problems seemed to occur with the RABBITGOO Harness. In fact, it was rated quite similarly to many harnesses that cost twice as much.

RABBITGOO No-Pull Dog Harness

Most owners reported that the RABBITGOO No-Pull Dog Harness was surprisingly durable. Several owners reported that it held up much better than other harnesses, and very few owners seemed to have trouble with fraying webbing or loose stitching – two problems that often plague other harnesses.

My Dog Wearing Rabittgoo No-Pull Dog Harness

Most owners also found that the harness fit well and seemed comfortable for their dog. The padding received plenty of praise, as did the breathable material used in the harness’s construction. Because it features two different leash rings (including a chest-mounted ring), it helped many owners put an end to their dog’s pulling behavior.

We have made our dog wearing RABBITGOO No-Pull Dog Harness for whole and it's quite comfortable and good

Most of the negative reviews related to sizing problems, so be sure that you measure your dog carefully before selecting a size.

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3. Ruffwear – Web Master Harness

Ruffwear is one of the leading manufacturers of dog harnesses, and their Web Master Harness is one of their best models.

Designed with your dog’s anatomy in mind, the Ruffwear Web Master Harness distributes the load over your pet’s entire torso. This ensures greater comfort for your dog and helps to prevent injuries.



Notable Features

  • Five different adjustment points provide great sizing flexibility and ensure a good fit
  • Foam-padded chest and belly straps provide comfort for long walks
  • Provides two different attachment points on the back of the harness: A metal V-ring and a fabric loop
  • Available in six sizes and three different colors
  • Largest size fits dogs with a 42-inch chest
  • Hand loop on the back gives you greater control of your dog and allows you to help lift him up over obstacles
  • Reinforced stitching helps ensure this harness will last for years
  • Reflective trim helps keep your dog visible to motorists in low-light conditions

User Reviews

The Ruffwear Web Master Harness is one of the best-reviewed harnesses on the market.

Most owners absolutely love the design and recommend it highly. Owners explain that the harness fits very well and allows for a great range of motion, while still being secure and preventing dogs from backing out of the harness and escaping.

Although this is not a no-pull harness, many owners were pleasantly surprised that it stopped their dog from pulling.

Additionally, while many of the owners found that the Ruffwear Web Master Harness was great for young, strong and active dogs, others found it very useful for older or injured dogs, as the fit allows owners to lift dogs gently and securely.

Some owners did complain that it was time-consuming to adjust the many straps at the outset, but once the proper fit was achieved, the strap buckles did not slip as occurs with many other harnesses.

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4. Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog Walking Harness

The Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog Harness is designed a bit differently than many other harnesses, to help ensure that the pressure from the leash is primarily applied to your dog’s chest.

This not only provides superior comfort, it helps protect against injuries to the throat and neck.



Notable Features

  • Largest size fits dogs with 42-inch chest
  • Kurgo’s lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects allows you to buy with confidence
  • Broad, padded chest plate ensures a comfortable fit for your dog
  • Available in five sizes
  • Five different adjustment points ensure a great fit for any breed
  • Largest size fits dogs with a 44-inch chest
  • Comes with 10-inch lead for training or clipping your dog to the seatbelt in your car
  • Two different attachment points: V-ring on the back and a no-pull D-ring on the chest
  • Harness is black with yellow trim

User Reviews

The Kurgo Tru-Fit Harness received good reviews from most owners who tried it, with many claiming that it was the best dog harness they had ever tried.

Many of the owners found that it stopped leash-pulling behavior almost immediately, and it encouraged their dog to walk by their side, rather than lagging behind or racing ahead.

Most owners who tried the Kurgo Tru-Fit found that it was easy to adjust and obtain a secure fit. Most dogs appear to find the harness very comfortable to wear, and the padded chest plate did not rub, chafe or cause any problems.

A few users found the design of the rear strap to be slightly problematic, as it moves around a little bit, but other owners failed to mention this at all. A very small number of customers also complained about the front clip coming unfastened.

Additionally, a few owners noted that their dog was able to chew on the front strap, which could lead to problems.

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5. Chai’s Choice Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness

The Chai’s Choice Outdoor Adventure Harness is a premium dog harness designed to do two things:

Keep your dog safe and comfortable. It is made entirely from super-premium materials, and it is clearly one of the highest-quality harnesses for large dogs on the market.

Notable Features

  • Ergonomically designed to fit your dog’s body
  • Easy to put on and take off – simply slide it over your dog’s head and connect the side clips
  • Comes with back- and chest-mounted leash rings
  • Padded chest and belly areas ensure your dog will remain comfortable while wearing the harness
  • Nylon webbing features 3M reflective material to improve your dog’s visibility
  • Sturdy handle doubles as a seat belt loop that’ll keep your dog secure in the car
  • Largest size is appropriate for dogs with chest circumferences of up to 42 inches
  • Available in 10 colors

User Reviews

The Chai’s Choice Outdoor Adventure Harness is one of the best-reviewed dog harnesses we’ve ever seen. A high percentage of owners who tried it rated it as a 4- or 5-star product.

Several owners raved about the harness’s ability to stop their dog from pulling during walks, and most dogs seemed to find the harness comfortable to wear. This is especially important for owners and dogs who like to go on long adventures, which will require your dog to wear the harness for hours at a time (many owners even leave it on their dog on a semi-permanent basis).

Several owners reported that the reflective material used in the harness was very effective and made it easy to spot their dog in dim conditions. Most owners also found that this harness was very easy to put on and take off their dog, and the included seat belt loop was very well-received.

Sizing issues were also pretty rare for this harness, likely because it is highly adjustable, so you can customize it to your dog’s body.

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Types of Dog Harness

Dog harnesses essentially ensure that you have better control over your dog while you take it out for walks or play. There are numerous options with dog harnesses, and they come in a lot of styles.

Let’s quickly look at the major types of harnesses that dog owners use for their favorite pooch.

Dual Clip Harness

These harnesses allow you to attach the leash both at the front as well as on the back of your dog. This gives you more options, and depending on the dog’s requirements, you can choose whichever you think will be more helpful. If your dog begins pulling, you can quickly change the harness to the front-clip mode. Otherwise, the back mode would do.

Unfortunately, these harnesses are comparatively pricey, and you should opt for them only when you think they will benefit you.

Back Clip Harness

As the name suggests, these harnesses are tied to a dog’s back. These are the most widely used type of harness around the world, which is very convenient for the dog and their owners.

This kind of harness is designed so that it remains away from the dog’s trachea. This feature makes it extremely popular with smaller dog breeds. But unfortunately, the amount of control a handler has with this kind of harness is much less.

Moreover, if your dog is very aggressive and often pulls the harness, this might not be your best solution.

Front Clip Harness

These harnesses are not that common, but they have certain advantages over traditional ones. Since the leash is below your dog’s front neck, it is difficult for your dog to pull. Hence, this kind of harness is often preferred by professional dog trainers.

Yet, one needs to be careful before using this variant of the harness. Your dog’s feet can be tangled if the owner is not attentive. Besides, if the leash is not handled properly or is loose on a dog’s body, it might be difficult for the owner to control.

Step-in Dog Harness

Step-in harnesses are quite different from most other harness variants, as they are worn on the front legs. You have to spread the harness on the ground, and your dog can just step in through the openings. Just pull up the harness and clip it to your dog’s back. If your dog is obedient, this is a perfect solution.

Remember that you should procure a harness that will perfectly fit your dog. Most of them have straps, suiting almost all average-sized. But if your dog is small in size or to a large breed, you must get the right fit.

How to Choose the Best Dog Harness for Large Dogs

While no two harnesses are exactly the same, and different owners prioritize some features more than others, the best dog harnesses for large dogs feature or provide the following:

Secure Fit

A harness that doesn’t fit your dog well can lead to chafing and discomfort, and it may even allow your dog to slip out of the harness – a truly frightening scenario.

To a degree, the fit of a harness is influenced by the basic design and materials used in its construction, but most rely on adjustable straps to help ensure the best fit possible.

While some harnesses only include one or two places in which you can adjust the length of the straps, the best harnesses for pulling typically provide four or five places to adjust the fit.

Multiple Attachment Points

All walking harnesses will obviously feature a place for you to attach the leash — usually on the top of the harness, between your dog’s shoulder blades or a few inches behind them.

While this leash attachment placement works well for many dogs, it encourages others to pull on the leash. Accordingly, most of the best dog harnesses (especially those designated as “no-pull” harnesses) also include a leash attachment point on the front of the harness, which sits in the center of your dog’s chest.

By attaching your leash to this ring, you can better control dogs that are prone to pulling.


Although some harnesses fit comfortably without padding, most of the best dog harnesses on the market feature padding on the straps and near the chest.

These padded areas help to spread out the tension and help prevent the harness from chafing your dog’s skin or pulling out his hair.

Reflective Stitching or Trim

It is important to ensure you are visible to passing motorists and pedestrians; so, many premium harnesses feature reflective materials or stitching.

However, you can purchase reflective stickers and similar items for harnesses that do not feature reflective surfaces, so this is not a deal-breaking criterion.

High-Quality Hardware

If you have a 5-pound Chihuahua, you don’t really need to worry about him breaking the metal D-ring or the buckles on his harness.

But if you have a 150-pound Mastiff, you better select a large harness with hardware robust enough to withstand your dog’s strength.

Generally speaking, premium harnesses come equipped with very robust D-rings, adjustable straps, and other accessories, which are strong enough to withstand your dog’s pulling and lunging.

Large Breed Dog Harness Sizing Guidelines

When you set out to purchase a harness for your dog, you’ll see that most are labeled by familiar sizes, such as small, medium and large.

However, taken by themselves, these labels mean very little. One manufacturer’s “large” may be another manufacturer’s “extra-large.”

best dog harness for large dogs

You always want to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and sizing chart, as different harnesses fit in different ways.

But, almost every harness on the market uses some combination of four different measurements to determine the proper size.

Chest Circumference

Chest circumference is the single most important measurement to consider when purchasing a harness.

To obtain an accurate measurement of your pet’s chest, wrap a tape measure around the largest part of his rib cage, behind the front limbs.

Neck Circumference

Neck circumference is also an important measurement for ensuring a good fit, although not all harnesses list the neck circumference range for their harnesses.

Measure your dog’s neck circumference the same way you measured his chest, by wrapping a tape measure around the largest part of his neck, near the shoulders.

Torso Length

Although torso length is not an important consideration for most harnesses, a few products recommend using this measure in addition to the chest and neck circumference.

You’ll have to consult the manufacturer’s instructions for measuring your dog’s torso length, as different manufacturers measure torso length differently.


Although weight alone should never be used as a criterion for determining the proper harness size, it can be an important consideration with some harnesses.

The stitching, metal hardware and buckles are typically rated for dogs of a given size, so you’ll want to be sure your dog’s weight falls within the range recommended by the manufacturer.

What Dog Harness Works for Larger Breeds?

Many of us think that with larger dog breeds, any harness with stronger material and bigger size would work. But is getting a harness that simple? Let’s find out.

If you own a larger dog breed, you would want to make your furry friend comfortable with its harness. 

However, to ensure that your dog is not feeling suffocated in its harness, you must first ensure a proper-sized harness that will give your dog maximum comfort while walking.

In addition, the harness should be hygienic and washable in machines, as this will lessen your burden. Besides, the function and size of the harness should allow it to adapt to any unforeseen changes. 

Finally, the harness should also be stylish, with a range of motions for the front legs. 

You would also want the material to be pet friendly and the harness durable, as finding new harnesses after short durations can be challenging. 

Last, the harness should be comfortable, and if you live in a warm country, please ensure that the material used can easily dissipate heat during the summer season.

What Should Small Dogs Wear?

Be it a large dog or a smaller breed, instead of regular collars, vets and dog trainers often recommend harnesses. 

Without putting strain on any specific area, a dog harness distributes the force equally on your dog’s entire body when it tries to pull away, so there is no reason why pet parents should not use it.  

Small dogs are more likely to get hurt from a collar strap when they suddenly jerk to cut loose. A harness will have less impact as it will disperse pressure on a larger surface area of a dog’s body, thus, protecting small dogs from injury. 

Moreover, harnesses are more secure than collars, especially for smaller dog breeds. Also, certain small dogs can slip through collars, but harnesses can ensure their safety.

What Exactly Is A No-Pull Dog Harness?

Unlike a dog collar that can only be fastened on the neck, a no-pull harness is a harness that gives complete control of the dog’s front body. 

A no-pull harness takes the shape of two loops attached to vertical straps. The front upper loop encircles the dog’s chest and shoulder, and the other surrounds the rest of the torso behind the front legs. 

One of the vertical straps from the chest portion of the loop, passing between the legs, joins the loop beneath the abdomen. The other joins the two loops on the dog’s shoulder and ridge.

There is a clip on the loop near the chest. You can connect the lead with this clip. However, there is no fixed rule for placing a clip, but the front clip works best. 

Thus, the design of a no-pull harness is made in a way that limits the front body movement of your dog. Now, you have less trouble applying more strength to take control of your dog.


What kind of harness is best for a dog?

The kind of harness that best suits your dog depends on the nature and temperament of your dog. For example, your dog pulls a lot, so it needs a front clip harness. On the other hand, if your dog is gentle and obedient, a step-in dog harness will work equally well.

What is the best padded dog harness?

Some well-known and popular padded dog harnesses are Ruffwear – Web Master harness and Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart dog walking harness.

Why you shouldn’t use a dog harness?

Dog harnesses have certain drawbacks as well. To begin with, not all dogs are comfortable with the idea of a harness, which can sometimes make them grumpy. Besides, it is difficult to get the perfect fit for your dog. Also, if your dog has long hair, it can get tangled in the harness. Last, extended usage of harnesses can lead to skin problems.

What is the most effective no-pull dog harness?

The most effective no-pull harness is RABBITGOO No-Pull Dog Harness, which is well-known for its comfortable fitting and durability. Besides, it has also been praised for its high-quality breathable material.

Is it better to walk a dog with a harness or collar?

Although both collar and harness have their utilities, most dog owners and vets argue in favor of a harness. When walking, unlike a collar, a harness won’t hurt your dog’s neck. Additionally, you get good control over your furry friend.

Should I take my dog’s harness off at night?

It depends on the nature and the setting of your dog. For instance, if your dog escapes a lot, then no. But if it sleeps, let’s say, in a crate, taking off the harness at night will be of great help.

Besides, you won’t have to deal with any collar sound to wake you up at night. It will also help your dog’s skin to enjoy some air and save them from matting or skin issues.

Can a dog wear a collar and a harness at the same time?

Theoretically speaking, yes, it can. While a collar alone is used to give a dog some protection, a harness is an additional support.

So, for those dogs that tend to pull on their leash, a harness can be of great help. They not only save the dog from saving itself but also enables the owner to handle them easily.

Are no pull harnesses cruel?

On the positive side, while no pull harnesses do not allow your dog to pull too much on the leash, they also restrict the movement of the shoulder. Therefore, continuous usage of no-pull harnesses can negatively impact the normal body structure of a dog. Moreover, it is difficult to find the right size, especially if your dog is a small one, and it can cause them to tumble.

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