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Top 15 Fastest Dog Breeds in the World

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There are many qualities of a canine that make them a great pet, including loyalty, friendliness, and compassion. While some people choose a dog to make a great family companion, others may get them for other purposes. For example, dogs are given training for police work, so they can sniff objects that would help track down criminals while hunters use dogs to hunt wild animals.

There are many different types of dog breeds. Some people love giant dogs, but others like smaller canines. There is another class of people that likes the fastest dogs.

If you have an active lifestyle are and looking to adopt a fast dog breed, we’ve got you covered. To help you get familiar with different speedy dogs that might be a potential option for you, we have compiled a list of 15 fastest dog breeds. Read on to select a four-legged friend that you find most appealing.

Fastest Dog Breeds

RankingNameHeightWeightLife spanBreed sizeTemperamentOrigin
1Greyhound28-30 inches61-100 lbs10-14 yearsgiantGentle, outgoing, anxiousEngland
2Ibizan Hound26-28 inches44-66 lbs10-12 yearslargeStubborn, Clownish, Intelligent, IndependentIbiza
3Vizsla22-25 inches44-64 lbs12-15 yearslargeAffectionate, Energetic, Loyal, QuietHungary
4Saluki23-28 inches40-60 lbs12-14 yearslargeAloof, Intelligent, Reserved, QuietFertile Crescent
5Afghan Hound24-26 inches50-60 lbs10-12 yearslargeAloof, Dignified, Clownish, HappyAfghanistan
6Jack Russell Terrier13-15 inches 13-17 lbs 13-16 years medium Stubborn, Clownish, Intelligent, Energetic United Kingdom
7Dalmatian23-24 inches33-35 lbs10-13 yearslargeOutgoing, Friendly, Intelligent, EnergeticCroatia
8Whippet18-22 inches18-48 lbsup to 15 years medium Friendly, Intelligent, Lively, Affectionate England
9Doberman Pinscher26-28 inches88-99 lbs10-13 yearslargeIntelligent, Energetic, Alert, Loyal,Germany
10Borzoi30-33 inches60-105 lbs 11-12 yearsgiantRespectful, Intelligent, Independent, AthleticRussia
11Weimaraner24-27 inches70-81 lbs11-14 yearslargePowerful, Steady, Aloof, Intelligent, Stubborn,Germany
12Scottish Deerhound28-32 inches70-130 lbs 8-11 yearsgiantDignified, Docile, Friendly, GentleScotland
13Poodle13-17 inches40-55 lbs12-15 yearsmediumIntelligent, Alert, Active, InstinctualFrance, Germany
14Border Collie19-22 inches30-44 lbs10-17 yearsmediumTenacious, Intelligent, Energetic, KeenAnglo-Scottish border
15German Shepherd22-26 inches66-88 lbs9-13 yearslargeIntelligent, Stubborn, Curious, AlertGermany

1. Greyhound


The Greyhound is the fastest dog in the world. At maximum acceleration, this dog can reach a speed of 45 mph within its first six strides from a standing start.

These canines make a great companion due to their gentleness, nobleness, and sweet-character. The unique inverted S shape of the Greyhound dog looks amazing, and it could be the reason why the dog is so fast.

Naturally inclined towards high-speed pursuits, these canines feature shock-absorbing pads in the feet and an aerodynamic skull. The Greyhound can stand as high as 30 inches and weighs about 65 to 70 pounds. The life expectancy of these canines is 10 to 13 years.

2. Ibizan Hound

The Ibizan Hound is another fast dog that was bred as a rabbit courser. This Spanish sighthound can reach speeds up to 40 mph, which is absolutely amazing.

Ibizan Hounds need a lot of space to air out their engines, and you would need to give them plenty of exercise. The racing body of these canines stands 22.5” to 27.5” at the shoulder with coat colors white or red, or white and red patterns.

The rosy-colored leathers of their nose, lips, and eye rims perfectly complement the beautiful coat.

3. Vizsla

The Vizsla is a red-coated gundog that can reach speeds up to 40 mph, making it one of the fastest dogs.

These elegant athletes were the pride of Hungarian sportsmen and are now popular in the United States. Their sleek golden-rust coat makes them easily recognizable, and these canines can stand up to 24” at the shoulder. The long and silky ears of the Vizsla frame a sensitive and loving facial expression.

These dogs form a strong bond with their owners and don’t like to be left alone. The Vizsla excels at different activities and sports. They have a lot of stamina, making them perfect biking or running companions. However, if they decide to run at their full speed, you would struggle to keep up.

4. Saluki

Saluki is one of the world’s oldest dog breeds, and in the past, it was used by kings for hunting purposes. These canines are agile and swift sprinters who love to run. An adult Saluki can reach a maximum speed of 42 mph, which makes it among the world’s fastest dog breeds.

These canines make independent, gentle, dignified, and loyal pets. Male Saluki can stand up to 28 inches at the shoulder while females are much shorter. These dogs come in many patterns and colors. Their large eyes give an expression of intelligence and warmness. Saluki can work and live in almost any climate.

They are great pets, but owning them might not be easy for everyone.

5. Afghan Hound

fast Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound looks absolutely stunning, but it can also run at very high speeds. The maximum speed of an adult Afghan Hound is 40 mph, just a little less than that of Saluki’s.

Despite his rigid appearance, this canine can exhibit a profound loyalty to their owners. The thick and silky coat of the Afghan Hound looks very beautiful, but it serves another important purpose – protecting him against harsh climates.

Beneath the silky coat is a powerful and agile canine that stands as high as 27” at the shoulder. Afghan Hounds have huge paw-pads that act as shock absorbers when they are running.

6. Jack Russell Terrier

The adorable Jack Russell Terrier is friendly, upbeat, lively, and inquisitive. It was developed for use in foxhunts but make a great family companion.

When it comes to speed, the Jack Russell Terrier can run as fast as 38 mph, which is surprising considering their small size – these dogs stand 10” to 12” at the shoulder. Their dark eyes and V-shaped ears give a keenly intelligent expression.

All three coat types of Jack Russell Terrier are mostly white with tan or black or tan-and-black markings. These dogs move confidently and are loyal and friendly.

7. Dalmatian


The Dalmatian is famous for his spotted coat. The delightful and eye-catching spots of liver or black adorn a very distinctive coat in the animal kingdom.

The Dalmatian can stand as high as 23 inches at the shoulder. He is muscular and was originally bred for guarding coaches and horses. The maximum speed of the Dalmatian is 37 mph, which makes it one of the fastest dogs alive. Reserved and dignified, these canines are dependable watchdogs and don’t get along well with strangers.

With their owners, Dalmatians are bright, loving, and loyal dog breeds. They are strong and active athletes with plenty of stamina, so make sure to meet their exercise needs.

8. Whippet

Whippet fastest dogs

The sleek and sweet Whippet is another fast dog breed that you can get. Whippets aren’t as quick as the canines listed above, but they can still get up to speeds of 35 mph; this is in part due to their distinctive running style.

The Whippet is amiable and dignified, but if you give him something to chase, he will quickly run after it. This canine looks similar to the Greyhound and stands up to 22” at the shoulder. A lean head supported by an arched neck, trim waist-deep chest, and slim legs give a picture of a sleek and agile athlete.

Whippets love to relax and stretch out for long hours, provided you give them plenty of exercise. One of the best things about these canines is that they rarely bark, which makes them perfect for city dwellers.

9. Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman Pinscher is another fast dog breed that possesses a magnificent physique as well as intelligence. The maximum speed that this canine can reach is 32 mph.

This vigilant and fearless pooch makes for a fine protection dog. The Doberman is sleek, powerful and muscular, and can stand as high as 28 inches at the shoulder. They are well-built, and their coat colors include fawn, blue, red, or black.

The Doberman Pinscher has a wedge-shaped head, and he moves in an athletic fashion. He can play the role of a guard dog to help protect your home against intruders.

10. Borzoi

The Borzoi is an incredibly beautiful and calm large dog breed who is loved for his agreeable temperament. He is a complete package of grace, strength, and stamina flying by at 36 mph.

Borzois are quite large, and a male can stand at least 28 inches at the shoulder and weigh up to 105 pounds. Females are smaller. Beneath the luxurious coat, Borzoi’s construction follows the Greyhound template.

These canines can be hard to train, and you will need some patience and consistency to get the job done.

11. Weimaraner


The Weimaraner is beloved by hunters as well as pet owners for their obedience, friendliness, and beauty. They love to exercise and will need plenty of it to maintain good behavior. When it comes to speed, the Weimaraner can run as fast as 35 mph.

Their silvery-gray coat allows them to stand out, and they can be as high as 27” at the shoulder. A Weimaraner that’s properly bred will be solid colored and may have a small white spot on his chest. The face is amiable while the eyes are amber or blue-gray in color.

Overall, the breed makes a good family dog as the Weimaraner is excellent with kids. Loving nature, easy grooming, and trainability make them great pets.

12. Scottish Deerhound

The Scottish Deerhound is another fast dog breed that you can consider owning. The maximum speed that this canine can reach is 35 mph.

The Scottish Deerhound was bred for stalking the wild red deer. Though similar to the Greyhound, this canine is more heavily boned and larger. A male can stand 32” at the shoulder while weighing around 110 pounds.

The crisp coat of the Scottish Deerhound is seen in a number of colors, including dark blue-gray. These canines have a long neck and tapered head that add more lift to them.

13. Poodle

The Poodle is among dogdom’s true aristocrats. He features a curly, low-allergen coat, and beneath that, you will find an elegant companion and athlete for all reasons.

Poodles come in three different sizes – Standards are over 15” tall at the shoulder; Miniatures are 15” or under while Toys stand no more than 10”. All three varieties have similar build and proportions. The Poodle might not look like a fast dog, but it can reach speeds up to 30 mph.

These dogs are athletic, eager, and wickedly smart and have amazing versatility. The Standard Poodle is the best athlete for the family, but all of them can be trained.

14. Border Collie

Border Collie

The Border Collie is a remarkable dog, and it might be a bit too much for owners without the energy or time to keep it occupied. When the workday is over, these energetic dogs will settle down to cuddle.

The maximum speed that a Border Collie can reach is 30 mph. These are medium-sized herders and stand 18” to 22” at the shoulder. The overall look of this dog is that of a muscular yet nimble worker. Both the smooth coat and rough coat come in different patterns and colors. The almond eyes of the Border Collie suggest an intelligent expression while the intense gaze is the breed’s hallmark.

These dogs are among the kingdom’s most durable, agile, and balanced citizens. Having a job or activity to perform – like obedience or herding work – is key to Border Collie’s happiness.

15. German Shepherd

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is the canine kingdom’s finest all-purpose worker. It is a muscular dog of high intelligence and noble character. Not only that, but it can also run at high speeds – a maximum of 30 mph.

Steady, confident, loyal, and courageous, the German Shepherd makes an ideal family companion. These canines can stand as high as 26” at the shoulder and present a picture of graceful curves. The natural gait of the German Shepherd is a free-and-easy trot that can still reach great speeds when needed.

The defining attributes of the German Shepherd are confidence, loyalty, courage, the ability to learn different dog commands, and the willingness to defend at the cost of their own life. Overall, German Shepherds tend to be gentle pets and steadfast guardians.

Final Thoughts

That’s all from our list of fast dog breeds. Fast dogs are just as great as any other canine. However, they are ideal for people who want to use their pets for hunting or other outdoor activities. Some of them can also play the role of a guardian dog. If you want to make a fast dog your pet, choose one from our list. You can’t find a faster dog than these.

We hope you find the information provided above helpful. In case you need more information about any fast dog listed above, feel free to reach out to us.

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