7 Best Harnesses for Pitbulls [2022] – Reviews and Guide

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Walking your Pitbull is an inevitable part of pet ownership, but many owners still dread this daily ritual. A dog that pulls on a leash can make this chore feel unbearable and may even cause injury to the owner or itself. If you have already tried the traditional approach with a collar and leash, it may be time to try using a dog harness for your Pit Bull.

Using one of the best harnesses for Pitbulls on our list can be a safe and minimally aversive way to train your dog to walk properly on the leash. In fact, they can even result in fewer injuries for your dog.

All you need to do is learn more about how to properly use a harness and find out which ones are worth the investment. Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from your harness and review the top pitbull harnesses you can buy.

Best Harness for Pitbulls: Quick View

Best Harnesses for Pitbulls

Why Your Pitbull Needs a Harness

Walks with your dog are meant to be an enjoyable way to get both of you active and moving. Walking a large and muscular dog like a Pitbull can be an extremely exhausting event for you as an owner. If your Pitbull is not used to loose leash walking, it can even be a tiring and painful thing for your dog.

Most new Pitbull owners believe that they should be able to walk their dog on a standard flat collar and leash. If the dog is used to yanking the leash or fighting with you during a walk, this traditional method puts a great deal of pressure on the neck and trachea. It can even cause severe injury if you go for regular walks and repeat this pattern multiple times each week.

A harness is designed to distribute some of the pressure away from the neck and place it around the chest area. This is not only more comfortable for your Pitbull, but it also prevents long-term injuries.

Another primary reason why Pitbull owners tend to prefer harnesses for their dogs is because of the security they offer. Many Pitbulls are smart enough and strong enough to wiggle their way free of a pesky collar.

It is much more difficult for them to slip out of a properly-fitted harness that fits around their chest and front legs. You can rest assured that your dog is not likely to free himself and run off during your next walk.

Last but not least, it is often easier for training purposes to get your pit ready to walk with a harness. An excitable dog may have a hard time sitting still for you to secure a Gentle Leader or a Halti around the back of their head. Clipping a leash to the front or back of a harness can be done swiftly, making it a much more pleasant experience for both parties involved.

Best Harnesses for Pitbulls

Best Harnesses for Pitbulls

When it comes to purchasing a harness, you want to make sure that you are getting one that will last. You want your Pitbull to be comfortable and safe with their new training tool. Here are the top five harnesses that you may want to consider for your furry friend.

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#1 – PetSafe Deluxe Easy Walk Harness

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PetSafe is one of the biggest name brands in the business when it comes to dog training tools, so it makes sense that their Easy Walk harness would it make it onto our ranking. This harness is veterinarian recommended and is uniquely designed to help your dog learn to stop pulling on the leash.

This particular model does attach the leash to the front of the harness, forcing your dog back to your side each time they reach the end of the leash. When your dog does pull, the weight is distributed along their belly and chest to minimize damage to the trachea or windpipe. Make sure you measure correctly for the best fit among their four different sizes. It also features four different adjustment points.

Choose from one of four colors including trendy shades like rose pink, ocean, and apple. You can even get easy replacement parts if your Pitbull chews up a portion of the harness. All you have to do is contact their United States-based customer service support line.


  • Four adjustment points
  • Front-clip attachment
  • Four stylish colors
  • Can purchase replacement pieces


  • Cannot attach leash to the back
  • No reflective colors

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#2 – OneTigris Tactical Dog Harness

Best Harnesses for Pitbulls

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If you want a slightly different appearance from the traditional dog harness, the OneTigris Tactical harness might be for you. It is a military-style harness that is constructed of extremely high quality 1000D nylon with extra padding located at major pressure points. This harness is going to be extremely comfortable for your dog to wear, particularly if they are prone to pulling.

The harness isn’t something that you are likely to keep on your dog all day long. Fortunately, it is easy to take on and off with four convenient quick-release buckles.

On top of the harness, you will find a handle so that you can lead and control your dog in tight areas. However, you can also take them on your typical walks and clip the leash to the attachment on the front of the vest.

The sides feature two straps and hoop and loop strips so that you can attach patches or small pouches.

The vest itself comes in four different colors, all of which are relatively neutral. You can choose from ranger green, grey, black, or coyote brown. Make sure to measure carefully to get the right size for your Pitbull among their three different sizes.


  • Easy release clips to take the harness on and off
  • Four different colors and three sizes
  • Hoop and loop strips for patches or pouches
  • Front-clip attachment to help prevent pulling


  • A little more expensive than other harnesses

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#3 – Kurgo Dog Harness

(Best Heavy Duty Dog Harness for Pitbulls)

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If you want a harness for everyday wear, the Kurgo dog harness is a basic yet comfortable solution for your Pitbull pup. The fabric is durable but lightweight enough to breathe and keep your canine companion cool during a long walk. You can even use this harness to comfortably take your Pitbull on a jog with you.

Much like the other harnesses listed on our ranking, the Kurgo model has a D-ring on the front that you can attach a leash to in order to prevent pulling. The harness can be easily put on and taken off using quick-release buckles. There are five different adjustment points to ensure that every Pitbull is a perfect fit in one of their five sizes.

As an added bonus, this harness comes with a ten-inch seatbelt tether so that you can safely load your pup up to spend a day walking around the local park.


  • Quick-release buckles
  • Five adjustment points
  • Lightweight fabric perfect for jogging with your dog
  • Comes with a seatbelt tether
  • Front clip or back clip for leash attachment
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects


  • Fabric may not be durable enough for dogs who chew or are hard on their harnesses

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#4 – Ruffwear Front Range Everyday No-Pull Harness 

(Best No-Pull Harness for Pitbulls)

Best Harnesses for Pitbulls

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Are you and your Pitbull an extremely active pair? Owners and their canine companions who spend lots of time in the great outdoors may want to consider this model from Ruffwear. It is extremely lightweight while remaining durable, making it perfect for extended wear all day long.

The straps are padded with foam to make wearing this harness significantly more comfortable. There are also four points where you can adjust the size of the harness to ensure the perfect fit every time.

You can easily attach a leash to the front of the harness to keep your dog from dragging you along on new adventures. It even features reinforced webbing at the chest to prevent tears in the fabric from heavy pullers. However, you can also attach it to the aluminum ring on the back if this is not an issue you and your dog face.

This model comes in five different sizes and six colors. The fabric is easily visible and feature reflective trim so that passersby can spot you, even at night.


  • Padded straps and reinforced webbing
  • Four adjustment points
  • Front-loop or back-loop attachment points
  • Reflective trim


  • A little expensive

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#5 – Chai’s Choice Outdoor Adventure 2

Best Harnesses for Pitbulls

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Owners who find themselves wandering the streets late at night with their Pitbull will want to mark the Chai’s Choice Outdoor Adventure 2 at the top of their list. This is a fully reflective vest that comes in three unique colors and five different sizes. It has multiple adjustment points so that you can ensure the perfect fit for any Pitbull.

The material itself is made of nylon webbing with comfortable lightweight mesh. Along the chest and belly piece, you will find some soft sponge padding that makes the weight distribution from the harness even more comfortable for your canine.

Much like the other top dog harnesses for Pitbulls, this one from Chai also features two attachment points for the leash: one on the front of the harness to prevent pulling and one on the back.

In addition to the regular features you would find on a dog harness, this one also includes a handle on the back that is perfect for looping seatbelts through. This allows you to take your dog with you on the go without worrying about them being secured in your vehicle.


  • Reflective color
  • Padded chest and belly area
  • Handle to loop seatbelts through
  • Front and back-clip attachments


  • Very bright colors

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#6 – BabyLTRL Big Dog Oxford Soft Vest Harness

Best Harnesses for Pitbulls

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The BabyLTRL harness for medium and large dogs is a surprisingly well-regarded harness amongst Pitbull owners. Considering its value price, this no-pull harness has consistently received positive reviews for its durability and longevity. It also provides several features typically reserved for harnesses in a higher price range. 

Its simple design offers quick snap buckles allowing for easy on and off so you can get out the door quickly with your pit for a walk. Many find this harness’s adjustable straps provide a comfortable fit and work well for medium-sized dogs like Pitbulls with chest girth ranging from 22-35 inches.


  • No Pull Design to prevent pulling and choking
  • Sturdy easy grab handle and D-ring attachment for easy control
  • Quick snap buckles for easy on and off
  • Locking snap feature for an additional secure fit making for safe walks, runs, hiking and hunting
  • Reflective strips for safe nighttime walks 
  • Premium nylon oxford material for long-lasting durability
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • Plastic locking latches tend to break
  • Not finding a proper fit, which is a common issue with dog harnesses

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#7 – Rabitgoo No-Pull Dog Harness Adjustable Pet Vest

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The RABBITGOO No-Pull Dog Harness is a high-quality harness that will work very well for most large dogs.

It is made with the same types of high-quality materials as some other harnesses, yet it is priced much more affordably than many similar models. Many low-cost harnesses feature substandard components and design flaws, but none of these problems seem a problem with the RABBITGOO Dog Harness. In fact, it is rated quite similar to many harnesses that cost double.

Most owners reported that the RABBITGOO No-Pull Dog Harness was quite strong and durable. Several dog owners reported that it held up much better than other harnesses.

Many will find the harness to be well-fitting and comfortable for their canine. The soft padding received plenty of praise, as did the breathable mesh material used in the harness’s manufacturing. Because it features two different leash rings (including a chest-mounted ring), it helped many owners put an end to their dog’s pulling behavior.


  • Slip-on design for easy on and off 
  • Designed to distribute leash pressure over large portions of the body 
  • Breathable materials help promote airflow 
  • Surprisingly durable
  • Adjustable side straps for an ideal fit
  • Two extra strong metal leash rings – front and back
  • Reflective strips 
  • Three colors available


  • Most negative reviews involve sizing problems. Be sure to measure your dog carefully before selecting a size.
  • Trouble with fraying webbing or loose stitching

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Honorable Mentions

Peshouco Genuine Leather Dog Harness Vest (Best Leather Harness for Pitbulls)

PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness (Best Harness for a Pitbull Puppy)

Best Harnesses for Pitbulls

What Should You Look for in a Pitbull Harness?

Browse the aisles of any local pet store and you’ll find a wide variety of harnesses in every color, shape, and style. Your Pitbull can walk in style with a trendy color or opt for the more classic look of a plain harness. While many of the choices are purely aesthetic, there are some features that you want to keep an eye out for while shopping.

  • Multiple Adjustment Points: You want a harness that has multiple adjustment points so that it can fit your dog comfortably. It should adjust around the front legs, the chest, and across the back. If you cannot adjust the harness to a comfortable setting for your Pitbull, he is unlikely to happily wear it and may fight back when it comes time to put it on.
  • Durable Fabric: You want a harness that is going to be able to stand up to the strong and muscular nature of your Pitbull. Look for designs that feature strong fabrics and wider straps that can help to distribute the weight more evenly.
  • Front-Clip Ring: If your dog is a puller, you will definitely want to get a harness that allows you to clip the leash in the front. Some owners do not have a dog that pulls, but they still want a harness to help distribute weight better than a flat color and leash. If this describes your situation, then a back-clipping harness should work fine for you.
  • Reflective Color: Owners who often take their dogs for walks at night might want to consider a brand that features reflective color. This is not a necessity though.

Are Harnesses Good for Pulling?

A strong Pitbull who pulls on leash is a bad combination for owners, particularly if you lack the upper body strength to hold them back. Your dog may be accustomed to dragging you down the block and into the woods to chase that squirrel, but you can begin to nip some of that behavior with the proper training devices such as no-pull harnesses.

Harnesses are great for redistributing pressure from around the neck to the chest and upper body of the dog. They are a great way to give your dog some degree of comfort during the walk, but they also serve to give owners a bit more control over your dog’s movement.

An anti-pull harness typically loops around the two front legs and spans the chest and upper back of the dog. There should be a metal clip in the front where you can attach your leash, but some models may also have a clip on the back.

If your dog is a major puller, you will want to attach the leash to the clip on the front of the harness. Whenever your dog reaches the end of her leash, she will be forced to turn her body back toward you. This prevents your Pitbull from continuously dragging you in the direction that she wants to go, and it puts her attention back on you as the owner.

Choosing the Right Harness for Your Pitbull

Many owners choose to use harnesses with their dogs because they can be great training tools for dogs who prefer to pull on the leash. However, a strong and muscular dog like a Pitbull requires a high-quality harness that can stand up to their size. There are a few common attributes that all good quality harnesses have, and these top five harnesses all meet the criteria you should be looking for.

Next time you need to purchase a harness for your dog, keep these five models in mind!

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