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Dog Looks Tired and Bored Of Having the Same Food Daily: What Should I Do?

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I believe the hardest task of being a dog parent is to feed them appropriately. At times, it is not even our dog’s fault, and we cannot blame them for not eating properly. They tend to look tired and bored of having the same food. But there is only so much that can be done on our part to keep providing them with healthy yet tasty food.

If you have experienced something similar with your dog, kindly ensure that you do something about it, as it could have a negative impact on their health in the long run. The ideal way to deal with a situation is by introducing them to a new diet. Hence, you can mix foods and make them appear more exciting.

There are so many ways in which you can play around with the idea of serving them food and keeping things interesting for them. This way, you can also add some supplements to their food without making it apparent. Do not worry as usually, it is something that can be fixed by dog parents on their own within a short span of time.

Why Does My Dog Look Tired And Bored of Having the Same Food?

Why Does My Dog Look Tired And Bored of Having the Same Food

It will surprise you to know that as compared to the human species, who have 9000 taste buds, dogs only have around 1700. So, the situation of a dog cannot be compared with humans, and one cannot treat the situation similarly. There can be numerous reasons for your dog to behave this way and why your dog is trying to avoid eating the food.

1. Unwell

At times, when dogs are unwell, they try to avoid any social interaction. Also, blame their lethargy or their state of weakness. They cannot ring themselves to eat one of those days. It is fine for dogs to avoid a few meals, but if they have been consistently avoiding food altogether, it is advised to seek professional help.

There are some health conditions in which dogs do not or cannot bring themselves to eat. This is usually the case after they experience vomiting. The idea is to watch out for signs of an unhealthy dog and treat those symptoms to help them get better soon.

2. Discipline

We all know about someone or the other who keeps feeding their dogs random meals at random hours of the day. This, too, can be the reason why dogs don’t show interest in eating when the actual meal is served. Either they could be full or find it difficult to eat regular food after tasting something peculiar and suited to their taste buds.

It is essential to introduce them to discipline and encourage them to eat full meals at an interval. You can fix the time for your dogs to eat so that their system gets accustomed accordingly and does not feel full throughout the day. This is a great way to keep their body informed about when the mealtime is.

3. Engagement

Sometimes when dogs feel bored, they tend to avoid eating. This could be their way of seeking your attention. However, there is nothing wrong with giving your dog the attention they desire. You might wonder how to give them attention and yet feed them food simultaneously.

You can do this easily by introducing some fun activities and keeping them engaged. One of the ways of doing this is to allow them to eat from a feeder bowl. This will allow them to witness something new and extraordinary. Also, you can arrange their dry food in a kind of a puzzle to let them enjoy their food slowly and in a fun manner.

Keep a check on their physical activity as it overall determines the well-being of your dog. Take them for short walks or plays every day, with a few exceptions. This will ensure that they feel hungry around the mealtime and would not resist any food that has been served to them.

4. Allergies

You can get your dog checked for any allergies to single out this option, as this could be why they try to avoid eating food. However, we never know what our pets are going through, and to find out, it is essential to seek professional help that will let you know exactly what the issue is.

In case of allergies, dogs tend to show reluctance towards certain food. You can look out for the food they are avoiding repeatedly and try to avoid from next time. If your dog still finds it difficult to eat, you can consider other options.

What Should I Do?

What Should I Do

You can try and change the food you have been offering your pet with something new and different. It could be a mix of different foods or something entirely new altogether. The best thing about trained dogs is that their regular habits can be easily modified from time to time.

Always keep your dog’s food bowl clean and free from dirt and debris. We may not realize it, but if dogs do not like the smell of something, they tend to get repelled by it. And to maintain the hygiene of your dog’s food dish to ensure they happily eat from it.

You could also try adding some new and different toys to their environment to keep them stimulated. Often households with multiple dogs do not face such issues as pets have their ways of keeping each other entertained. If you own a single pet, keeping them entertained falls on your shoulders.

The market is full of options for dog chews that can be provided to dogs who do not appear interested in eating. By providing them with toys or chews, they can enjoy them while they eat their food. This can help to keep them occupied and help them to stay interested in their meals.

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Dogs are strange beings, and even stranger are their actions. It is fine to allow them to do whatever they want to but always keep a check on their behavior to be on the safe side. If your dog has been looking tired and bored of having the same food, do not blame yourself or your food. The chances are that with a little bit of diet and lifestyle changes, your dog could easily gain their interest back in the same food.

Of course, it is crucial to watch out for any underlying concern that your dog might be facing. If that is the case, it is best to seek help from their vet and reach the root cause of the problem, as it could have serious consequences in the longer run.

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