4 Best Bike Basket for Dogs – 2022 Reviews

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At Canine Weekly, it’s no secret that we love our big breeds. But, of course, there is a place in our hearts for the smaller canines too, and it is for these breeds that we will be looking for the best bike baskets for dogs in 2022. 

Bike baskets for dogs can be seen as a gimmick product, but they actually have many benefits, especially for dogs with mobility issues or senior hounds. Even dogs who have lost limbs still love to be outdoors, and it brings many more health benefits to a dog than simply physical exercise. 

Even for perfectly fit and healthy young dogs, your evening jog or cycle could be just too far a distance for them to keep up with comfortably. They can’t tell you this, but they may display signs such as continuous stopping, excessive panting, or it may be the next day you’ll note that they’re more lethargic than usual or having trouble with their joints. 

Over-exercising a dog can be just as damaging to his health as under-exercising him. But, with a bike basket, he can still accompany you on your daily exercise and remain in comfort while your legs do all the work! A bike basket for dogs can come in handy, too, as a temporary solution, for when a dog is recovering from surgery or an illness.

What about larger breeds? You may ask. Well, this is Canine Weekly, so I have featured a couple of fantastic products just for them further on in the guide. But, first, let’s look at what we’re here for. 

At A Glance: Our 4 Best Bike Baskets for Dogs

What Benefits to Dogs do Bike Baskets Have?

Some breeds thrive in living outdoors and are built for this way of life. Other breeds are homebodies. But, all breeds benefit from spending at least some time outside. 

A home is a place built for human entertainment; we can read, surf the net, play board and video games, draw, do crafts and socialize with our friends. Dogs don’t have this many activities or ways to pass the time indoors. 

Especially when an owner is at work, a dog’s entertainment is limited to whatever toys you leave lying around – and even the best toy in the world can lose its appeal day after day. Dogs can also suffer with separation anxiety when left alone for long periods, without adequate stimulation. 

The great outdoors does so much more than provide physical exercise; it stimulates a dog’s senses, provides extra Vitamin D, and gives them some variety in life. Outside is where all the good stuff happens. 

Even if some, the majority or all, of his outdoor time is limited to a basket when outside, he can still sniff the air and pick up thousands of new scents, watch the world go by, and spend time with his favorite person in the whole world. A dog bike basket gives this to a dog who would struggle without it – it isn’t all about those cute social media photos! 

Bike Baskets – What About Large Breeds?

A large breed simply isn’t going to fit in a bike basket that attaches to the handlebars. But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use your bicycle to drive them around town – or to the local dog park. This dog trailer can accommodate a breed of up to 100lbs, which are your large and giant dogs. 

Alternatively, you could use a dog-specific stroller. I like this dog stroller, and it can accommodate dogs that weigh up to 120lbs. Or, it could be used for two smaller dogs simultaneously. 

Another product to catch my eye was this dog travel system; it very much resembles a baby travel system and has the same parent/owner conveniences like a cup holder, extra-large storage basket underneath, 360-degree rotating front wheels, and has three different color options.

Best 4 Bike Baskets for Dogs in 2022 

PetSafe Wicker Bicycle Basket
  • Fleece Lined
  • Removable Sun Shield
  • Elegant Look
ANZOME Small Dog Carrier Bicycle Basket
  • Foldable
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
Petsfit Safety Dog Bike Basket
  • Safe & Secure: Drawstring Mesh Top
  • Soft Cushion Interior
  • Side Storage Pockets
COFIT Pet Bike Basket
  • Multi-Purpose Use
  • Collapsable for Easy Storage
  • Waterproof

1. PetSafe Wicker Bicycle Basket – Our Top Pick! 

PetSafe Wicker Bicycle Basket
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The aesthetics of the PetSafe Wicker Bicycle Basket were what drew me to the product in the first place, but on further research, I discovered there’s so much more to this classically styled, durable-resin wicker basket to love. 

The full sheepskin liner provides high comfort for a dog during travel and is machine washable too, which I find to be a great advantage of any pet product! The wicker is a breathable material, allowing a light breeze to keep the dog cool, and I love the fact it comes with a removable sunshade (in matching wicker) to keep dogs out of direct sunlight

Another great thing about the sunshade is that it is included in the price and not sold separately for additional money, which it could easily have been. I feel this is another feature that justifies the slightly higher price point of this bike basket. 

There are three-way adjustments on the bracket to allow a more secure fit to the bicycle while having no negative impact on brake cables or the frame. The bracket has a unique system which means it can be attached or removed by one hand in a matter of seconds. The interior safety leash that’s included is also adjustable.

PetSafe is a long-established brand who guarantees quality with their products. This item comes with a 1-year warranty and is for dogs that weigh up to 13lbs. The basket weighs 5.95 lb with the sunshade and 4 lb without, and the full dimensions are 15 in. x 11 in. x 9.5 in. 

2. ANZOME Small Dog Carrier Bicycle Basket

ANZOME Small Dog Carrier Bicycle Basket
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 The ANZOME Small Dog Carrier Bicycle Basket is for dogs under 11lbs and is multifunctional too – use for grocery shopping or as a handy storage basket for things needed on the road. The quick-release handlebar mount is a great feature, and the fact that it is waterproof means that if you get caught in a shower, the basket will remain sturdy. As it’s waterproof, it’s also easy-clean. 

The materials used in construction are of good quality and offer longevity and durability. The frame is metal, and the fabric is ‘Solid Oxford’ – a fabric made from a combination of polyester, cotton, and elastane and known for being light, lustrous and soft. You will often find Oxford fabric used in high-quality dresses, gowns, and shirts. 

The ANZOME Basket is compact, with dimensions of 12.9in x 8.6in x 9.8 in. It weighs 1.9 lb. There are two inside pockets for storage, and when the basket is effortlessly released from the bike, the easy-carry handles make it a portable basket. 

I struggled to find out any information about the internal safety system of this basket, and it is not specified whether there are internal straps or a harness for dogs, which worries me slightly. However, I do believe that a harness around the handlebars would provide adequate safety. 

This basket feels stable when in use, and for its highly affordable price, it is an excellent choice for owners of small breeds under 11lbs. 

3. Petsfit Safety Dog Bike Basket 

Petsfit Safety Dog Bike Basket
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Petsafe is known for combining quality with affordability and creating some fantastic dog products. The Petsfit Safety Dog Bike Basket possesses some excellent features while being sold at a reasonable price point. Oxford material (in a modern, cool gray color) has been used in construction, along with a highly breathable mesh fabric that provides excellent ventilation. 

The mesh allows for airflow and is on the upper part of the basket, which is a drawstring for additional safety – ideal for anyone with a Houdini inclined hound! Other safety features include the internal safety leash and the solid wooden bottom, which prevent dogs from sliding down or injuring themselves against the bike’s frame or its wheels. And I particularly like the reflective strip around the exterior of the basket to increase visibility for nighttime travel.

Laying upon the wooden bottom is a double-use mat. For winter, you can use the plush side and the cooler nylon side for warmer months. The mat is also fully removable and machine washable. I love the side pockets on the basket for owners to store items during travel, such as tasty treats or the leash clip. 

The Petsfit Safety Basket is easy to install and quick to disconnect from the bike. It can also double up as a pet carrier with the longer handle or as a dog car seat. The versatility is incredible for the price. The dimensions are 15.8in x 12.8in x 9.1in, and it folds down flat for easy storage. 

4. COFIT Pet Bike Basket – Best Budget Pick! 

COFIT Pet Bike Basket
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In basic black color, the COFIT Pet Bike Basket is my chosen budget pick. Please note that other color options have a slightly higher retail price. This is a multi-purpose basket, which can be used as a shopping bag or personal organizer bag – and I personally think it would also make a great beach bag. 

The materials are of good quality and include waterproof oxford cloth and rustproof aluminum frame, which have tearproof, soft sponge pads. The materials make it easy to clean, and the basket is fully collapsible for easy storage. It is a compact basket, with dimensions of: 13.8in x 9.2in x 2in, and weighs 1.75 lbs making it the most lightweight of the baskets I have featured. 

The COFIT Pet Bike Basket is suitable for small dog breeds that weigh under 11 lbs, and it has a reinforced bottom for additional safety. It feels very sturdy once attached to the bike, and the foam handles to use when used as a dog carrier are comfortable.

Included in the packaging is an installation guide and set of basket accessories, including an Allen wrench, handlebar buckles, and the necessary screws and gaskets. 

Getting Your Dog to Use The Basket

Often, our own dogs will look nothing like dogs in dog products’ advertisements, which can be highly accurate the first time you try to place a dog in a basket! You may drop lucky, and your dog takes to a bike basket straight away, or it may be (and this is more likely) that a little training is required before you can feel confident in hitting the road with your new buy. 

I have written a few step-by-step instructions below that I hope will help get your dog adequately adjusted to the concept of basket riding.


I would recommend introducing your dog to the idea of being in a basket by gently coaxing him inside with treats and words of encouragement in the home. Once he’s inside, he gets the treat and the praise, which continues as you lift the basket off the ground. Master, the step of having a content dog in a basket, held high in the home, and you’re halfway there. 

It would be wise to use a short leash at this time, just in case he gets cold feet and makes a leap for it! 

Walk Before You Can Ride 

Once you’re happy that the dog is calm in the basket once it is attached to the bike, push the bike on foot so he can get familiar with the sensation. He will soon learn that nothing bad is going to happen, and that this can be a pleasant experience for him. 

As with all training steps, treats come in handy here too. I use Nudges Natural Dog Treats, due to the all American beef 1st ingredient, and nothing artificial included.  

You’re Good to Go 

Start off slow and expect the odd hiccup along the way. It would be wise to avoid steep hills and bumpy terrain in the beginning, sticking to areas that are predominantly flat. Stick with the praise, and the treats, and enjoy this new past time with your pooch! 

Best Basket for Dogs 2022 – My Verdict 

Each of the four dog baskets I have chosen offers something unique to the dog and owner. My editor’s choice, PetSafe Wicker Bicycle Basket, looks sophisticated and elegant while providing maximum sheepskin comfort and extra protection with the optional-fit sunshade. It costs a little more than other baskets, but I feel for what you’re getting, the price point is reasonable. 

The ANZOME Small Dog Carrier Bicycle Basket feels exceptionally stable when in use and is highly affordable too. This basket can also be multi-functional, and I like that it is waterproof, easy-clean, and consists of Oxford Cloth. The handy inside storage pockets are a great feature too.

I found that the Petsfit Safety Dog Bike Basket offers excellent safety for the dog, with the solid wood floor and drawstring mesh fabric. There is great ventilation and extreme comfort inside, plus I like that the included mat has two sides to either provide extra cool or extra warmth, weather depending. 

The fully collapsible multi-use COFIT Pet Bike Basket is my budget pick – in basic black, other colors incur a slight price increase. The handles are foam encased for great comfort when used as a carrier, and the bottom is reinforced for use on the bike. Dogs feel secure, and owners have peace of mind that the basket is attached correctly due to the included installation guide and tools. 

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