6 Best Dog Conditioner Reviews {2022}

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Want to keep your pup’s coat clean and healthy?

A regular grooming routine is all you need!

And for that, you need both shampoo and conditioner.

Not all dog shampoos are good. This is exactly where a good and effective dog conditioner comes into the picture! Some are there that can strip the natural oils away from your pup’s coat.

Made to nourish and provide moisture to your dog’s hair, a conditioner can soothe and detangle your pup’s fur, leaving your canine companion’s coat ultra soft and fresh smelling.

And not to mention the cozy snuggles you can have into their clean fur!

Best Dog Conditioner

So, which is the best dog conditioner available in the market? Are you confused about which one to choose?

To help you make the right choice, I have come up with a list of the best dog conditioners.

Read on.

At a Glance Our Top Pickup: 6 Best Dog Conditioner Reviews

  1. Cowboy Magic Detangler And Shine
  2. Warren London Hydrating Butter
  3. Pro Pet Works All Natural & Organic Shampoo And Conditioner
  4. Earthbath Oatmeal And Aloe Dog Conditioner
  5. Burt’s Bees for Dogs Oatmeal Conditioner
  6. The Stuff Dog Conditioner
Cowboy Magic Detangler And Shine
  • Cowboy Magic Detangler And Shine
  • Enriched with silk proteins
  • For dry and wet hair
Warren London Hydrating Butter
  • 24-hour hydration
  • Non-oily
  • Two fragrance options
Pro Pet Works All Natural & Organic Shampoo
  • Paraben-free
  • Soap-free
  • Sulfate-free
Earthbath Oatmeal And Aloe Dog Conditioner
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Cruelty and paraben-free
  • pH balanced
Burt's Bees for Dogs Oatmeal Conditioner
  • Colorant-free
  • Natural
  • Veterinarian-recommended formula
The Stuff
  • Detangles and conditions
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Great for sensitive skin

#1. Cowboy Magic Detangler And Shine

Cowboy Magic Detangler And Shine
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Every time you get your dog to a professional dog groomer, your pup comes out looking gorgeous with its shiny and fresh smelling coat.

Do you know what they do with your doggo? Do you want to make them look gorgeous at home without making a hole in your pocket?

The Cowboy Magic Detangler and Shine is what you need!

This leave-in conditioner from the house of Cowboy has a rich formula that can give competition to the salon brands.

And did I tell you that you don’t even need to rinse it?

This makes it a good choice when you want your pup to have a fuss-free bathing session.

The Cowboy Magic Detangler and Shine contains concentrated silk proteins. It not only moisturizes but also strengthens your pup’s fur. Also, it helps in reducing tangles and knots. This product doesn’t have an oily texture, which means it will not weigh your pup’s hair down.

What I liked most about this dog conditioner is that it doesn’t have alcohol or water. And you can use it on both dry and wet fur.

All you have to do is take small amounts of the product in your palm, apply it into your dog’s fur and then smooth it out using a brush.

You don’t need to use a lot of this dog conditioner. A little bit is enough. And the result that you get is salon-like!


  • You can use it to detangle matted fur
  • The rich formula keeps the hair silky and shiny
  • It strengthens your pup’s hair by penetrating below the surface
  • It doesn’t dry out your pup’s fur
  • There is no water or alcohol in it
  • It offers long-lasting effects by repelling dust, dirt, and sand


  • It is a bit costly

#2. Warren London Hydrating Butter

Warren London Hydrating Butter
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Do you have a short-haired breed dog? Are you looking for a deep conditioning product?

Have a look at the Warren London Hydrating Butter!

This hydrating and rich butter for your pup is worth a try.

This application is perfect for pups that are fast-moving. You can use it as a leave-in conditioner. It comes with a handy pump dispenser, making it easy to use.

I already said that it is rich in texture. But that doesn’t make it any greasy. And it doesn’t leave any oily film on your doggo’s fur – all because of the emollient ingredients it has.

The best part?

Once applied, it stays for hours – as long as twenty-four hours. And it releases its conditioning and hydrating benefits every two hours.

There are two formulas that you can get it in. You can choose either acai and pomegranate or mango and guava. Apply this to your pup’s hair, and it will not weigh them down.


  • This leave-in conditioner works great on short or fine fur
  • You can get it in two variants
  • It offers long-time conditioning to your pup’s fur
  • It is easy to apply. Just rub it into your dog’s coat and skin and wait for it to dry. And it will start working. You don’t need to rinse it
  • I loved the two variants. Both smell amazing. Even if your dog is smelly, after using it, they will smell good
  • You can use it for multiple purposes. For example, you can use it as a moisturizer, pet perfume, dog spray deodorizer, or dog cologne
  • It works on all breeds and coats – from French bulldog, Boston terrier, doodle, and Labrador retriever to a golden retriever, german shepherd, poodle, English bulldog, and more.
  • It comes in a non-greasy formula
  • It helps in combating the dry, itchy skin of your pup


  • It might not work great on thick coats

#3. Pro Pet Works All Natural & Organic Shampoo And Conditioner

Pro Pet Works All Natural & Organic Shampoo
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Does your furry buddy have dry, sensitive skin?

Then you can give this shampoo and conditioner from the house of Pro Pet Works a try!

This product smells delicious. Also, it is safe for regular or frequent use.

Did I tell you that it contains aloe vera and almond oil?

Aloe vera is extremely good for sensitive skin. It keeps the coat hydrated after a bath.

Almond oil has natural vitamin E. It helps in keeping your pup’s coat shiny and healthy. You can use this to clean your doggo effectively. Also, it minimizes that wet dog smell.

This dog shampoo and conditioner is specially formulated for dry, itchy skin that gets irritated by grass, food, or flea bite allergies. It is free from sulfate, detergent, and soap. This makes it perfect for using on your puppy too.

I like the lather that this shampoo plus conditioner creates. You can rinse it with ease and leave your four-legged buddy’s coat feeling happy and nourished.


  • This is a two-in-one product. This means you can use it both as a shampoo and a conditioner
  • It is gentle on your pup’s skin and fur
  • It is designed for dry, sensitive, and allergic skin
  • It is free from harmful parabens and sulfates
  • It contains almond oil and aloe vera gel
  • It doesn’t irritate your pup’s skin and fur
  • It contains all-natural and organic ingredients


  • It may take a lot of time to rinse off the product entirely from your doggo

#4. Earthbath Oatmeal And Aloe Dog Conditioner

Earthbath Oatmeal And Aloe Dog Conditioner
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Want to give your furry buddy a luxurious conditioning experience?

Try the Earthbath Oatmeal And Aloe Dog Conditioner.

It contains colloidal oatmeal, which is known for its moisturizing and soothing properties. In addition, it is a conditioning powerhouse for your favorite buddy’s coat.

Did I tell you that this premium formula is 100% biodegradable?

Also, this dog conditioner is cruelty-free and paraben-free.

Now, as I said that it is a premium product, it does come with a hefty price tag. But at that price, you get to have a large bottle of 16ounce. Also, you need to use only a little at a time. So a single bottle of this dog conditioner will go a long way.

It works well as a moisturizer and detangler too.

I am pretty impressed with the ingredients list. The company has used almond and food-grade vanilla to detangle your pup’s coat really well. After using this, your pal’s coat will have a fresh, delicate smell.

Use this conditioner after you shampoo your doggo. You require rinsing this off.

Now, don’t worry. It will not affect any flea treatment. You can use it safely on your favorite buddy throughout the year.


  • It contains vanilla and almond to detangle your dog’s fur
  • It doesn’t affect any flea treatment
  • A little goes a long way
  • The fragrance is fresh and delicate
  • It moisturizes and soothes dry, itchy skin
  • Organic and natural ingredients are used in this conditioner
  • There are no dyes, no parabens, no sulfates, no soap, no alcohol, and no phthalates


  • It is quite expensive

#5. Burt’s Bees for Dogs Oatmeal Conditioner

Burt's Bees for Dogs Oatmeal Conditioner
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Burt’s Bees offers a wide range of products specially made for your favorite four-legged buddy. And this dog conditioner is one of them.

It is made with colloidal oat flour and honey. These ingredients nourish your pup’s skin deeply and support their coats and skin.

Does your doggo have dry, sensitive skin?

Then you can try this dog conditioner out! It is designed to make your pup’s coat shiny without drying them out or further increasing their sensitivity.

What I liked most about the Burt’s Bees for Dogs Oatmeal Conditioner is that it can be used by both adult dogs and puppies. And it will not do any harm in any way.

In fact, this dog conditioner comes in a tearless, mild formula – perfect for use on puppies. Also, it is pH-balanced.

There is a subtle fragrance to it. But, when it comes to treating dry, sensitive, and problematic skin, this dog conditioner from the house of Burt’s Bees is a winner.

You can use it on all dog breeds with all types of coats. And they will be left with soft and glossy coats.


  • All-natural and organic ingredients are used in the making of this dog conditioner
  • It softens, soothes, moisturizes, and conditions your pup’s dry coat and skin
  • This dog conditioner works great as a regular shampoo as it has mild ingredients
  • This tearless dog conditioner can be used by both puppies and adult dogs
  • It is pH balanced
  • It is free of sulfates, colorants, and harsh chemicals


  • Some users have found it to have an unpleasant smell
  • It takes time to rinse out

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#6. The Stuff Dog Conditioner

The Stuff Dog Conditioner
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Here comes another leave-in condition that has made it to my list of the best dog conditioners.

This dog conditioner from the house of The Stuff helps in repelling dust, dirt, and urine. Also, it works great in preventing tangles.

And to do all these, it makes use of water that is there on your pup’s freshly bathed coat. So it can travel deep into their fur. This way, the conditioner gets to where it is required the most.

The Stuff Dog Conditioner suits all types of coats and all coat lengths.

And did I tell you that the formula is hypoallergenic as well as pH balanced?

This makes it an ideal skin conditioner, even for dogs with sensitive skin. It comes in a spray bottle, which makes it easy to apply. All you need is to spray it on your pup’s fur and leave it to work. You can focus on any tangled or matted areas.

Just make sure that you use it sparingly. Be careful so that it doesn’t get on the floor, because it can be pretty slippery.


  • Use it on wet fur and get maximum benefits
  • This dog conditioner is pH balanced
  • It makes the comb-out effortless
  • Using it keeps the coat fresh for long
  • The silicon formulation of this dog conditioner not only protects the skin but also repels dust, dirt, and urine


  • Some users found the quality of the spray bottle to be not so good

Things to Consider While Buying the Best Dog Conditioner

Things to Consider While Buying the Best Dog Conditioner

Before you buy a conditioner for your dog, here are some points that you may consider:

Skin Conditions or Allergies

Just like humans, dogs can have sensitive skin too. Also, they can have certain skin conditions such as allergies that can get irritated and not healed or soothed by dog conditioners. Some dogs can also react to specific ingredients usually found in the grooming products meant for dogs.

So, when you select a dog conditioner, make sure to check the list of ingredients. Watch out for any harsh chemicals. If your doggo is prone to skin issues, I suggest that you always do a patch test before use.

Type of your Dog’s fur and Breed

Every dog is not the same. And most of them may not need a separate conditioner when you bathe them. Some dog breeds, including Labradors, have naturally oily coats.

And using a conditioner can really weigh their hair down, leaving it feeling oily and greasy.

Not sure if your pup actually needs a conditioner? You can ask your vet or dog groomer.

Type of Dog Conditioner

There are different types of conditioners available: rinse off, leave-in or 2-in-1. You need to choose one depending on your pup’s coat, skin, and how much they enjoy bathing.

If your doggo doesn’t like to take a bath, you can save your energy and time by going for a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner.

If your pup’s fur needs some extra dose of moisture, you can go with a leave-in conditioner. Just make sure not to use too much of it, as it can make their coat feel greasy.

And, if your doggo has a normal coat, you can choose the rinse-off formula for them.

Scented or Scent-free

Don’t choose heavily scented conditioners for your pup. A strong scent can irritate your pup, or they might find it unpleasant.

Go for dog conditioners that are free of scent or come with a natural fragrance. This will make your furry buddy feel fresh for a longer period of time.

Non-toxic Ingredients

It doesn’t matter if your dog has sensitive skin or not. Make sure to select dog conditioners that use non-toxic as well as pet-safe ingredients. The more natural the ingredients, the better.

You can look for ingredients such as vitamin E, aloe vera, oatmeal, and jojoba. Avoid choosing dog conditioners with harsh chemicals such as propylene glycol and parabens, as they can be rough on your pup’s skin and coat.


In order to choose the best dog conditioners, you can look for products that are sustainable and ethical, and good for the environment. Look for words such as all-natural, cruelty-free, and organic on the labels. This means that the dog conditioner is safer and kinder for your dog and the environment.

So, which one are you going to pick from my list of the best dog conditioners?

Let me know in the comments!

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