6 Best Kennels for Pitbulls – Complete Guide & Review

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Planning to get a new kennel for your Pitbull? We have curated the top 6 best kennels for your furry friend’s comfort. These are a fun way of introducing your pets to the idea of personal space. These are also great for days when they feel low or tired. It is best to introduce kennels to your dogs during their training periods as they will get accustomed to being in there with ease.

PawHut Large Outdoor Dog Kennel

PawHut Large Outdoor Dog Kennel

Our Top Recommendation for Kennels for Pitbulls!

PawHut large dog kennel if you are looking for a sturdy and feasible solution for your pet. It is easy to maintain and dogs get enough space to move around. Coming from a well-known brand, it is ideal for all dog breads and uses high-quality material.

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Best Kennels for Pitbulls

Make the most out of the list as their products are loved by pet owners and are included in this list on their recommendation. Ensure that you focus on the user’s reviews to find out about their experience with the respective kennels.

PawHut Large Outdoor Dog KennelPawHut Large Outdoor Dog Kennel• Relocated quite easily
• Light enough
• Durable steel
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ProSelect Empire Cages - MediumProSelect Empire Cages - Medium• Removable Casters
• Floor Grate With Tray
• 20-Gauge Steel Cage
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SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog CrateSMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate• Heavy Duty&Nontoxic
• Double Door Pet House
• Escape Proof Design
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Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel (6’Hx4’Wx4’L)Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel (6’Hx4’Wx4’L)• Water Resistant Cover Included
• Assembled Dimensions
• Simple Setup
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iCrate Dog Crate Starter KitiCrate Dog Crate Starter Kit• Midwest Homes For Pets Quality Guarantee
• Designed To Fit & User Friendly
• Starter Kit
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 MidWest Homes for PetsMidWest Homes for Pets• Easy to assemble & portable
• Durable & strong
• Updated locking system
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1. PawHut Large Outdoor Dog Kennel

PawHut Large Outdoor Dog Kennel
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Anyone looking for a kennel for their dog or puppy, PawHut has the best solution. Their dog kennel is quite large, which will enable your puppy to move freely inside. Your puppy will never feel suffocated in this kennel. The interior of the kennel is quite spacious, and apart from exercising, your pup can also play and engage in various outside activities in a pet-friendly environment.

Dog are Inside The PawHut Large Outdoor Dog Kennel

Besides, PawHut mentions that this kennel is suitable for dogs only up to 33 pounds, and hence depending on the size and the weight of your dog, you can decide if it works for you or not.


  • The interior of the kennel is spacious enough, and your dog can engage in a range of activities like playing.
  • The kennel is not only suitable for dogs but also for other pets like cats and ducks. So, if you have any other pet animals, you can also use them to keep them safe.
  • This dog kennel can be expanded in size as it allows other channels to be connected with it. You don’t even need additional parts to do so. So, if you have more than one dog or many pets at a time, they will not be lost as you shall be able to keep them together safe inside the kennel.
PawHut Large Outdoor Dog Kennel Customer Review

Pros & Cons Of PawHut Large Outdoor Dog Kennel


  • The high-quality materials of this kennel make this channel strong and durable, and your dog or any other pet is bound to feel comfortable inside it.
  • The latch and the locket are simple and easy to operate, but they ensure that your pet cannot escape the kennel.
  • The canopy that comes with the kennel is both reversible and durable, and it can save your pets from rain and sun.
  • This dog fence is linked, which changes, and it can be connected with other kennels without any additional parts. This can create a larger enclosure, especially if your pet grows in size.


  • If your dog or any other pet is heavier than 33 pounds, this kennel won’t work for them.
  • Certain dog breeds are quite strong, and it is quite funny to know that they have been able to move the kennel themselves. And some of them have also escaped the kennel, as the bolts that hold the kennel together are not very strong.
  • The kennel comes in different parts, and for the inexperienced dog owners assembling it can be quite a challenge in some cases.

User Review: Most users are satisfied with the product, as they have claimed that the strong cage keeps their dogs inside and the canopy protects their pets from both sunlight and rain. Whereas, some of the users have raised their concerns regarding the quality of the cage. They have even claimed that the cage is so light in weight that the whole purpose of owning this product seems to fall apart.

PawHut Large Outdoor Dog Kennel Review

Bottom Line: PawHut’s large dog kennel is a perfect solution for any medium-sized dog or any other pet that you may own. If you are looking for something strong and durable, you can pot for this dog kennel. The interior of the kennel is spacious enough to let your dog move freely, and the canopy of the kennel keeps them safe from sun and rain, enabling you to keep your dog outside your house as well.

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2. ProSelect Empire Cages – Medium

ProSelect Empire Cages - Medium
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If you are looking for a strong and durable kennel for your dog or puppy, ProSelect Empire dog cage might be the best solution available on the market. The kennel is available in both medium and large sizes, and the company mentions the dimension of these sizes.

A Dog Sitting Inside a ProSelect Empire Cages - Medium

While the medium-sized cage is perfect for any dog weighing between 26 to 40 pounds, the larger kennel is the answer if you have a dog weighing between 41 to 70 pounds. So, before buying, you need to keep in mind the size of your dog and choose the size that comes closest to your dog’s measurements.


  • Below the floor of the dog cage, there is a tray that makes the cleanup process quite simple and easy. You need to pull the tray, throw the garbage in the bin, and put it back in place.
  • This dog cage comes with casters that can be attached and removed. Once attached, instead of pulling or dragging the kennel, you can easily roll the cage from one location to another.
  • The medium one weighs around 75 pounds, and the larger one weighs around 100 pounds, as both of them are equally strong, and thanks to the caster wheels, you don’t have to carry the weight of the kennel in either case.
ProSelect Empire Cages - Medium Review

Pros & Cons of ProSelect Empire Cages – Medium


  • The twenty-gauge steel, which is used in making the ProSelect dog cage makes it strong and keeps your dog safe.
  • The removable tray attached to the cage makes it easier for Dog owners to clean the cage easily.
  • Removable casters are attached to it to ensure that the owners do not lift the dog cage. When not in use or you wish the cage to remain in one place, remove the casters.


  • Some users have noticed that the welding on the kennel gate is not up to the mark and has been broken by their dogs, and they have escaped.
  • Some customers have also questioned the quality of the wheels as they have broken off after some time.
  • It has also been noted that apart from the welding, the hinges used in the kennel are also weak, which can break the dog kennel if you have a strong and aggressive dog.

User Review: Most of the users have agreed to the claim of the ProSelect, and they have agreed that, indeed, the kennel is a perfect haven for their dogs, and the durable and strong cage has ensured that their dogs have never escaped from the cage, some of the users have experienced otherwise. Some users have claimed that their dogs have been able to able to break through the bottom of the cage. However, one of the users has complained that the welding that holds the gate together was not well done, resulting in a broken cage gate.

ProSelect Empire Cages - Medium Customer Review

Bottom Line: Overall, it seems that the ProSelect empire cage is a perfect product for strong dogs, and if you have a large dog that has separation or anxiety issues and it craves to be near you, you can use the cage to keep them near you while you are busy with your daily chores. The strongly built cage is meant to keep your dog inside yet allow them to feel relaxed and comfortable.

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3. SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate

SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate
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SMONTER has come up with one of the most durable and sturdy dog crates for your dog. Suitable for any medium to large dogs, the kennel has a unique design that makes it almost impossible for dogs to escape. Keeping in mind the aesthetic appeal, it has a special Y-pattern design, making it impossible for your dog to bite through.

Dog Sitting Inside the SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate

What’s more? SMONTER is dedicated to providing the best customer service, and the company urges its customers to contact them in case of malfunctioning any body parts of the kennel within three years after the date of purchase. They assure the kennel owners that their grudges will be appropriately dealt with.


  • The kennel is made out of a sturdy metal frame, which adds to the strength of the kennel. The frame is designed to allow you to constantly interact with your dog so that they don’t feel isolated and separated.
  • The kennel also has a double lock and safety buckles, and as a dog parent, you are advised to use them together to ensure that your dog cannot escape from it.
  • The steel bars that are used in the dog crate are welded perfectly, and the surface has been finished off non-toxic composition, which ensures that even if your dog chews or licks the metal frame of the kennel, their health is not compromised at any cost.
SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate Review

Pros & Cons of SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate


  • The kennel comes partially assembled. The rest of the parts are supplied along with the assembled parts, and you just have to screw the parts together.
  • There is a removable plastic tray that is attached to the kennel, thus allowing the owners to remove and clean it easily.
  • The kennel is laced with wheels, which can rotate at 360 degrees, and as a dog owner, you can move the kennel according to your and your dog’s convenience. For better stability of the kennel, the wheels also have locking features.


  • Despite the claims of being one of the sturdiest kennels, some users have claimed that their dogs have, indeed, been destroyed and bent through the bars.
  • Some users have also commented that despite the company offering three years of customer complaint redressal system, their complaints about the product have not been addressed.
  • Some users have claimed that given the steep price of the kennel, the product is not worth the price. Also, the overall quality o this product is not up to the mark.

User Review: Based on the reviews and experiences of the users, it can be claimed that most of the users have found the overall functionality to be satisfactory. In addition, they have lauded the quality of the kennel and how it has been useful for their dogs. However, despite the positive reviews, some of the users have commented that their dogs have been able to damage the kennel and that the company’s customer complaints redressal system is faulty.

SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate Customer Review

Bottom Line: Overall, SMONTER’s dog kennel seems to be a perfect product for your dog. It performs as it ought to and has been a lifesaver for dogs suffering from separation issues. Besides, the kennel is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, and the well-ventilated design of the kennel ensures that your dog doesn’t feel suffocated when they are inside the kennel.

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4. Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel (6’Hx4’Wx4’L)

Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel (6’Hx4’Wx4’L)
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The Lucky Dog Uptown welded wire kennel has one size and is available in black color. This dog cage weighs 81 pounds. The kennel is made up of steel, which is perfectly welded. The company claims that the kennel is small and has a specific purpose. It is a perfect kennel to be used in a professional sphere or a residential space. So, in case you wish to get a compact and well-designed kennel for your dog, this product is the perfect solution for you.

Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel (6’Hx4’Wx4’L) Customer Review


  • Along with steel, wire mesh has been widely used in the kenned, which are perfectly welded and then coated to avoid any sharp edges, potentially harming your dog.
  • Additionally, there are elastic cords to hold the cover securely over the cage. These cords are strong and stretchable and won’t break.
  • The cover on the top of the kennel doesn’t allow any water or snow accumulation and ensures that they fall off instead.

Pros & Cons of Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel (6’Hx4’Wx4’L)


  • The kennel comes in modular panels, which can be easily connected with tightening clamps, and your own hands can assemble it. You don’t need any tools for that.
  • The kennel stands on 1.5 inches raised legs, which makes the kennel easy to clean. You can use a hose to clean the kennel base, as a clean kennel will keep your pet healthy in the long run.
  • The Lucky Dog Uptown kennel also includes a water-resistant cover, which keeps your pet dry if there is rain. Besides, it is equally helpful if there is too much sunlight or if it is snowing.
  • UV protection is added to the cover, ensuring that the cover is not ripped, cracked, faded, or peeled and that it runs for a longer period.


  • Some of the customers have complained about the size of the kennel, as it cannot contain any large dog breed.
  • Some users have even commented that they have not received all the pieces required to assemble the kennel.

User Review: Most of the Lucky Dog Uptown kennel users seem to be satisfied with the sturdy quality of the kennel, and they have found that the product performs as the manufacturer has claimed it to be. But a few of them have commented on the kennel’s small size, and some have also claimed that they have not received all the pieces required to put up the kennel together.

Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel (6’Hx4’Wx4’L) Review

Bottom Line: Based on the users’ experiences, it can be said that the Lucky Dog Uptown kennel is a good choice for a small-sized dog. The quality of the kennel is good, and the sturdy body of the kennel has been able to keep one’s dog safe and comfortable. The easy cleaning process is an additional advantage, as it ensures that as a dog parent, you are not spending a lot of time in the maintenance of the kennel.

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5. iCrate Dog Crate Starter Kit

iCrate Dog Crate Starter Kit
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If you are looking for a perfect combo of a dog kennel for your dog, the MidWest iCrate Starter kit is yours. Apart from the actual kennel, this combo also comprises a cover, two dog bowls, and a pet bed. While you can use one bowl to feed your dog, the other can be used to quench their thirst. One of the stark features of this combo is that the company offers one year warranty on all the items. So, even if there is any damage within the first year, you can easily get it fixed at no additional cost.

iCrate Dog Crate Starter Kit Review


  • The kit is available in six different sizes, and depending on the size of your dog, you may choose whichever suits your purpose.
  • This large dog crate includes everything in one place. So instead of rummaging throughout to find beds and bowls from different places, you can order one kit, and everything your dog requires is taken care of.

Pros & Cons of iCrate Dog Crate Starter Kit


  • Perfect solution for new dog parents who don’t have much idea of the requirements of a dog. This starter pack ensures that everything is available to you in no time.
  • The pet bed is made from fleece, making it highly comfortable for your pet. It keeps them warm during harsh weather, and they feel cozy in such a bed.
  • The crate is made out of polyester and can be washed in a washing machine, thus saving your time and energy.
  • The food and water bowl are adjusted at such heights that they can easily reach the bowls even when your dog is inside the cage.


  • Some of the users have noted that although everything a dog requires is included in this starter pack, the quality of the material used in the kennel itself is pretty cheap.
  • Some of the users have also observed that their dogs have been able to escape through the door.
  • Some users have also complained that many times their puppies’ noses and jaws have gotten stuck in the kennel. Unfortunately, their dogs had to go through a traumatic experience.

User Review: While most of the users have hailed the pack and have agreed that the starter pack has taken care of almost everything they needed for their dogs, some of the users have commented on the lack of the quality of the material that has been used to make the crate. Besides, it has also been argued that the kennel is not very safe for small puppies who have got stuck inside the kennel.

iCrate Dog Crate Starter Kit Customer Review

Bottom Line: Based on the overall feedback of the users, it can be said that the iCrate dog starter kit is a great option for all those dog owners who wish to buy everything in one place. There is a divider inside the kennel, and one can adjust the space as their puppy grows in size. Besides, the food and water are an added advantage as you can fix both inside the kennel itself. This allows your fluffy friend to eat and drink without coming out of the kennel.

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6. MidWest Homes for Pets

MidWest Homes for Pets
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The best thing about the MidWest Homes dog crate is that this kennel is available in different sizes and has both single-door and double-door options. They have even laced their kennel with the latest features, which makes the kennel even safer and more secure for your dogs. They have even patented the Paw Block, which they use in this kennel. Even if you have a large breed dog that needs a kennel, which is both sturdy and laced with all the advanced features, this kennel is for you.

To assist the consumers with the kennel, MidWest Homes have also included assembly and safety instructions. To ensure the product’s longevity, the company requests the users to read and carefully follow all the instructions.

MidWest Homes for Pets Customer Review


  • The newly developed and added security features make this kennel a perfect place for your dog, where they can feel safe and comfortable. For instance, the slide-bolt door has a new Paw Block feature. This adds safety to the door and the kennel making it more difficult for your dog to escape from it.
  • The dimension of the door is quite large. It is 48 inches in length, 30 inches in breadth, and 33 inches in height, enabling even large dog breeds to pass through it easily. Besides, there are a lot of sizes available, and if you feel that this site won’t fit your dog, you can easily switch to the next available size.
  • Rollers have also been added to the kennel, enabling the owners to easily move the kennel from one place to another.

Pros & Cons of MidWest Homes for Pets


  • The kennel can be easily dismantled, and hence it is easier for you to carry it, especially if you are going somewhere, like on vacation, where you would like your dog to accompany you.
  • The kennel is designed to allow proper ventilation through the large doors. Your dog won’t feel suffocated in this and will be able to feel relaxed and comfortable in it.
  • This kennel is perfect for any large dog breed, and the company claims that any dog weighing between 90 to 110 pounds can easily stay in it.
  • This dog cage also includes a highly durable and leak-proof pan, making it easier for the dog owners to clean it up.


  • Some of the users have questioned the quality of the kennel. They have claimed that the kennel is poorly built, which has made their dogs uncomfortable in it.
  • Some customers have also commented that the edge of the crate used in the kennel is course and is not up to the mark.
  • One of the customers has also observed that the door was completely out of alignment in this dog kennel.

User Review: Most of the users of MidWest Homes kennel have claimed that the dog cage is perfect for their dogs, and they are satisfied with the overall quality and the functionality of the same. However, some of the users have also commented otherwise. They have claimed that the quality of the materials used in the kennel and the door is poor and not as good as the company it to be.

MidWest Homes for Pets Review

Bottom Line: In a nutshell, the MidWest Homes kennel seems to be a good product at this price range. The range of options and the product’s advanced features seem to be a prominent feature that makes the kennel a perfect product for dog owners, especially if one has a large dog breed. In addition, the robust quality, along with the tray, makes it easier for the owners to maintain, and the simple mechanism of the kennel makes it easy to carry it from place to place.

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