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10 Best Dog Car Hammock Review – 2023 {Buyer’s guide}

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If you love nothing more than taking your four-legged friend with you when you head out on an adventure but worry about keeping them safe while out on the road, you’ll no doubt appreciate what a big difference the best dog car hammocks can make to your peace of mind.

AT A Glance: Our Top 5 Picks for Dog Car Hammock

Not that safety is the only reason to get one. If yours is the kind of pooch that gets easily stressed out on long journeys, a good car hammock can help them to feel comfortable and relaxed, and if they’re heavy shedders, you’ll certainly welcome the fact that you no longer have to spend endless hours cleaning dog fur from your back seats.

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to equip your vehicle with a new canine-friendly cover, you’ve probably noticed that there’s an abundance of options out there that can make picking the right one more than a little tricky.

That’s where we come in.

Aided by our own furry friends, we’ve taken scores of this year’s best-selling products and tested them out for all the things that really matter when choosing the best dog car hammock – quality, features, canine comfort, and that all-important non-slip bottom.

Below, we’ve reviewed the top ten hammocks that scored the highest marks in all of those key categories to help you pick the best one for you, your car, and your pet.

Top 10 Best Dog Car Hammocks

Omkee 4-in-1 Dog Car Seat Cover
  • Wearproof & Scratchproof
  • Easy to Install & Clean
Vailge 100% Waterproof Dog Car Seat Cover
  • Anti-slip net
  • Seat Belt Openings
4Knines Dog Seat Cover with Hammock
  • Non-Quilted Waterproof Layer
  • Seatbelt Openings
Plush Paws Products Waterproof Dog Car Hammock
  • Two waterproof layers
  • Thick layers of padding for comfort
URPOWER Upgraded Dog Seat Cover
  • 4-layer waterproof fabric
  • Nonslip rubber backing
Gorilla Grip Original Waterproof Dog Car Seat Protector
  • Waterproof double layer design
  • Slip Resistant
Active Pets Store Dog Back Seat Protector
  • Nonslip rubber backing
  • 4 levels of security protection
Pecute Dog Seat Cover
  • Scratch-proof
  • Non-slip PVC mesh
DKIIGAME Dog Car Seat Cover
  • 600D Oxford Cloth & PPCotton & Non-slip Net
  • Adjustable buckle clips
Duke & Dixie Backseat Dog Hammock
  • Triple-layer design
  • Includes an additional seat belt leash for extra safety

1. Omkee 4-in-1 Dog Car Seat Cover

Omkee 4-in-1 Dog Car Seat Cover
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The Omkee 4-in-1 Dog Car Seat Cover offers everything you could possibly ask for in a good quality dog car hammock all at a relatively affordable price, making it a hands-down winner.

The highly durable polyester material is exceptionally hardy and scratch-resistant, meaning that even if it’s been a while since you last clipped your dog’s nails, there’s minimal risk that they’ll tear through the fabric. 

That’s just for starters. The cover comes with a unique mesh window which not only promotes better airflow to keep them cool and comfortable but also means you can see them better, so you never have to worry about how they’re doing back there. 

Then, of course, there’s the very 4-in-1 design that gives this one its name.

If you’re not happy with using it as a dog hammock, it can be converted into a regular bench car seat, front seat pet cover, or cargo liner. 

Elsewhere, built-in pocket pouches and seat-belt holes, not to mention effortless installation and cleaning all help make this our favorite dog car hammock currently on the market.

2. Vailge 100% Waterproof Dog Car Seat Cover

Vailge 100% Waterproof Dog Car Seat Cover
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There’s a lot to like about the Vailge 100% Waterproof Dog Car Seat Cover, and it’s only the fact that it doesn’t offer as many options as the Omkee that stopped it from taking the top spot.

Measuring 56″ in width by 60″ in length, it’s larger than your average dog hammock, making it an ideal choice for those of you with bigger vehicles.

Meanwhile, the handy side flaps make it easy for Fido to get in and out of the car while still ensuring they’re as safe as safe can be while you’re on the road.

As all good hammocks do, this one comes with a complete non-slip under-surface to ensure it stays firmly in place when you hit the brakes, while added seat anchors enhance the level of stability.

Best of all though, we like the 100% waterproof material. The outer layer is made from 600D Oxford, a type of polyester fabric renowned for its remarkable durability. This is covered with a water-resistant material while the bottom layer uses Thermoplastic Polyurethane, a material known for its water-proof qualities. Together, this makes it a great choice for nervous dogs as well as those who like to go for a swim as part of their exercise routine.

3. 4Knines Dog Seat Cover with Hammock

4Knines Dog Seat Cover with Hammock
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Made in the USA, this heavy-duty Dog Seat Cover with Hammock from 4Knines may be at the higher end of the pricing scale but more than justifies its cost thanks to a superior quality that ensures it’s built to last for years to come.

That exceptional quality comes thanks in no small part to the seven-layer construction.

On top, you’ve got a strong, waterproof coating over that super-durable 600D polyester. On the bottom, there’s a strong, non-slip cover to ensure it stays in place no matter what happens on the road. In between, there’s cotton padding for extra canine comfort, a second non-slip layer, a second water-proof barrier, and yet another layer of 600D fabric.

Along with the multiple seat belt and latch anchors and effortless installation, this makes the 4Knines cover an excellent choice for anyone prepared to pay a little more for quality assurance.

4. Plush Paws Products Waterproof Dog Car Hammock 

Plush Paws Products Waterproof Dog Car Hammock
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There are two key things most people need from a good dog car hammock:

  • It needs to make your dog feel safe and comfortable while traveling with you.
  • It needs to protect your seating from dog scratches, fur, and messes.

The Plush Paws Products Waterproof Dog Car Hammock does an excellent job at achieving both of those objectives.

User reviews from those who own this one note that the four-layered design provides excellent protection for the leather seats in their high-end cars while ensuring that their beloved companions no longer slip-slide around that leather when the car is in motion.

Perhaps most importantly of all, the soft-yet-strong fabric and cozy design do a great job in helping nervous travelers to keep calm and relaxed when riding with their families

5. URPOWER Upgraded Dog Seat Cover

URPOWER Upgraded Dog Seat Cover
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Much like the top-ranked Omkee option, the URPOWER Upgraded Dog Seat Cover comes with a useful window made from a breathable mesh. Unlike the Omkee, this particular window comes in a cute, paw-shaped design.

OK, so the paw-shape may not have much practical benefit beyond being fun to look at, but the window itself can be incredibly useful.

Not only does it allow you to keep an eye on your beloved buddy, but it also means they can see you better, a small touch that can make a big difference in alleviating their anxiety. 

What’s more, the breathable mesh fabric improves air circulation so that they can stay cool and comfortable, something which is particularly important when traveling in hot weather or warmer climates.

The strong, water-resistant fabric combines two layers of 600D Oxford with a non-slip rubber base and a luxuriously soft undercoat to ensure they’re plenty comfortable. 

Finally, we also love how simple this one is to set up. Two seat anchors, four adjustable clips, and a velcro opening for seat belts all help to ensure that you and Rover can be ready to hit the road in minutes.

6. Gorilla Grip Original Waterproof Dog Car Seat Protector

Gorilla Grip Original Waterproof Dog Car Seat Protector
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Our pick of the best budget-friendly dog car hammock on the market right now, the Gorilla Grip Original Waterproof Dog Car Seat Protector is a great choice for those looking to keep a tight grip on their wallet.

It’s also a useful option for anyone who isn’t sure whether or not their dog will respond well to a car hammock, giving you the freedom to test it out without spending a sizable amount of money on something that they don’t like.

Still, don’t mistake the Gorilla Grip cover’s low cost as a sign of low quality. 

Although it only boasts two layers (compared to the typical four or seven of other brands), it’s still a substantially durable product that boasts 100% waterproof and tear-resistant properties, a claim countless positive user reviews can attest to. 

The soft fabric and waterproof coating also hold their own when it comes to protecting your car seats from doggy drool, dirt, and shedding, and even if your pooch does make a bit of a mess, it’s easy to spot clean with a damp cloth or simply pop it in the washing machine. 

As if all that wasn’t enough, Gorilla Grip will even throw in a free portable dog bowl so that they can enjoy a comforting snack while on the move. 

7. Active Pets Store Dog Back Seat Protector 

Active Pets Store Dog Back Seat Protector
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Active Pets Store boasts that their Waterproof Dog Back Seat Protector can be easily installed in under 60 seconds. 

While we might argue that this is a little optimistic, we do have to agree that it really is very easy to set up in your car. A combination of two seat belt anchors and four heavy-duty headrest anchors make this a breeze to put together without compromising on the kind of sturdy, no-slip support you and your dog need to keep them safe.

Though easy installation played a role in the other eight products making it onto the list, Active Pets Store scored particularly high in this area, making it a good option if you’ve struggled to fit things like dog cover seats in the past, or if you generally find such processes pretty tricky. 

Also adding to its appeal is the fact that this one can be fully adjusted to fit just about any type of car, truck, or SUV, so you never have to worry about it not fitting properly.

8. Pecute Dog Seat Cover

Pecute Dog Seat Cover
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Softly padded all the way around, the Pecute Dog Seat Cover comes with handy zippers on two sides that can be pulled in to ensure a comfortable fit for both large breed dogs and pint-sized pooches alike.

If you’re bringing the rest of the family along, those same zippers can be used to adjust the dog hammock so that your kids can sit alongside their four-legged friend with plenty of room for everyone. If your buddy is riding shotgun, the cover can easily be converted into a passenger-side dog seat that surrounds them all sides, or if they’re travelling in the trunk, the cover can be adapted to that too.

It’s this flexibility which really made the Pecute hammock stand out from the countless others we considered,ensuring that one solution covers you for all eventualities.

That said, the more we looked into it, the more we found to like. 

Along with the multiple cover options combines many of the features we liked about other products on this list, including a breathable mesh window, pockets to keep their favorite treats, toys, or dog wipes, and a four-layer design which helps to make it waterproof, tear-proof, and fully scratch resistant. 

9. DKIIGAME Dog Car Seat Cover

DKIIGAME Dog Car Seat Cover
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It was a close call between the aforementioned Pecute hammock and this high-quality dog car seat cover from DKIIGAME.

In the end, Pecute ranked higher due to its versatility, but that’s not to say that there isn’t much to appreciate with the DKIIgame cover.

If your dog is a nervous traveller, enjoys splashing around in water, or simply likes creating a bit of a mess, then you’ll like that this well-designed cover is both 100% waterproof and remarkably easy to clean. 

Most blemishes can be spot cleaned with soap and water while the whole thing does lend itself well to machine washing providing you put it in a laundry back first.

Suitable for both larger SUVs as well as standard cars, this is another four-layer hammock which means it’s guaranteed to provide the perfect combination of comfort and protection.

10. Duke & Dixie Backseat Dog Hammock

Duke & Dixie Backseat Dog Hammock
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Last but not least, the Duke & Dixie Backseat Dog Hammock is another budget-friendly option with a quality, durability, and comfort level which belies it’s affordable price tag. 

The triple-layer design combines a top layer of quilted polyester for maximum comfort while the bottom-layer is made from super-strength rubber mesh to ensure an anti-slip, keeping your pup safe and cozy throughout the journey.

That top layer also provides ample car seat protection against drool, dirt, scratches and tears and can be easily cleaned either with a vacuum or in your washing machine.

For extra safety, Duke & Dixie also include an additional seat belt leash at no extra charge so that you can enjoy perfect peace of mind from the moment you set off to the moment you arrive.

How to Choose the Best Dog Car Hammock: A Buyer’s Guide 

If you’ve read through our top ten choices, you’ll no doubt have picked up on the fact that there were certain things that really swayed our choices, namely durability, ease of installation, ease of cleaning, and additional features.

Below, we’ll explain exactly why we placed such a high priority on these key categories, and how each one may influence your purchasing decision.

Quality and Durability

As with any product, it goes without saying that you’ll want the best possible quality for your money. 

When it comes to dog hammocks, that means choosing an option that is built to last, that won’t rip or tear if your dog starts scratching, and won’t be damaged if your dog has an accident or jumps into the car after playing in the water.

It’s for this reason that we mainly picked out hammocks built from four or more layers, with the bottom layer providing a non-slip grip so that your hammock stays in place and the top providing resistance to water, scratches, and other damage. In between, additional layers can enhance the durability while also providing a soft, quilted cushion to keep your pooch comfy.

Ease of Installation 

When you’re setting off on a long journey, the last thing you want is to have to spend ages figuring out how the back seat cover fits into place, especially if you’ve got a particularly boisterous pet who’s chomping at the bit to get going. 

This is why we’ve picked out options that can easily be installed in a matter of minutes, often using headrest and seat buckle straps to secure everything in place in a way that provides maximum safety for minimum effort. 

Ease of Cleaning 

Let’s be honest, as much as we love our furry companions, they can be a little messy from time to time. If they’re not shedding hair then they’re drooling, and that’s not to mention the kind of problems you can run into if your dog is a nervous passenger or gets car sick.

As such, ensuring that your dog seat is easy to clean is important. Most hammocks can be put in the washing machine, though it’s just as important to find one that can be spot cleaned with wipes or a wet cloth if you have an emergency while out on the road. 

Additional Features 

Though mesh windows weren’t available in all of our choices, we really appreciated those that did have this feature as they can be really helpful in calming nervous dogs, keeping them cool, and allowing you to keep an eye on them.

Other additional features such as travel pockets to keep their snacks, toys, or a “just in case” cloth may also be hugely beneficial depending on the needs of you and your dog.

Alternatives to Dog Car Hammocks 

While there’s a lot to like about top picks such as the Omkee 4-in-1 Dog Car Seat Cover or even the cost-friendly Gorilla Grip Original Waterproof Dog Car Seat Protector, we have to admit that car hammocks aren’t for everyone.

Some dogs, particularly those that like to move around a lot, may not do well sitting still and will make the most of the freedom that a hammock affords them which may not be ideal in terms of keeping them safe and secure. 

If that sounds like your current situation, you may want to check out our guides to the best dog crates or travel harnesses. Alternatively, our look at the best travel seats for dogs may be just the thing to ensure that you, your dog, and your car are all well protected the next time you set out on an adventure.

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