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6 Best Heated Dog Bed Reviews 2023

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If you’re looking for a heated dog bed, then look no further. I have done the research to find the best heated dog bed reviews of 2023, including all the information about the products I have selected – and why I have chosen the ones I have. 

If you live in a cold area, have a dog breed sensitive to the cold, puppies, or a senior dog, then looking at heated dog beds can make these dogs more comfortable. Whatever the size of your dog, and however big your budget, there will be a heated dog bed on my list to suit. 

For dogs who live outside, I have previously written a guide to the best dog heaters that could be used in addition to a heated dog bed to provide extra warmth for outdoor dogs.

The Benefits of a Heated Dog Bed 

If you’re more of an old-school owner, it can be challenging to change the mindset from considering dogs to be hardy, robust animals who need very little from their owners and acclimatize to the multi-billion dollar pet product industry; that includes everything from dog shoes and boots, to dog Halloween costumes! 

Of course, some pet products are gimmicky, but some have a real purpose, and this absolutely includes heated dog beds. A heated dog bed is a small investment that can make a big difference to the comfort, health, and well-being of a dog. 

Dogs of all ages will benefit from having a warmer bed to sleep on; puppies need extra warmth as they can’t generate their own body heat within the first few weeks. And, senior dogs can experience muscle and joint pain that can be soothed with a heated bed. Only a few breeds were built to withstand cold weather, so a heated dog bed will be appreciated by most.

At A Glance: 6 Best Heated Dog Beds 2023

Choosing the Best Heated Dog Bed for Your Dog

Some heated beds have lots of features which can be confusing – are they necessary? In truth, not always. At Canine Weekly, we are focused on honesty, and if we feel something is purely a marketing technique that will not benefit a dog, we will flag this up. Remember that every brand wants you to buy their product, and some are pretty unashamed in the techniques they use. 

With this kept in mind, the best thing to do is to consider the following points in order to make the best purchasing decision for you – and your dog. 

The Size of Your Dog

The size of your dog is the most significant factor to consider when looking to buy a heated dog bed. Some brands will claim that their bed is large, so it would be easy to think this will be suitable for your large breed and make a purchase. However, what one brand deems as large, may be another brand’s medium. 

For your convenience, I have added dimensions to each bed listed. You can also scroll back to here, where I have linked to a handy website of breeds and their average dimensions. 

Indoor or Outdoor Use

Where you’re looking to place the bed matters. Some beds will be suitable for outdoor dogs, and some won’t be able to withstand being outside at all. I have added a couple of beds to the list that are designed especially for the outdoors. 

If you decide to purchase a heated bed for the outdoors, not on my list, it would be wise to check the materials used and how well the wires are protected from the elements. 

Your Dog’s Comfort 

Some dogs are creatures of habit, and if they’re used to sleeping on a pad bed, for example, buying a heated cushioned bed with a boulder may not be not to their liking. Some dogs are more amenable to change, but there are those stubborn breeds who just know what they like and won’t be persuaded. 

How is it Heated?

There are a few varieties of heated dog beds. The warmest and highest quality tend to be the electrically powered beds. However, there are beds with thermo-reflective materials that provide heat without being a drain on your utility bill. 

If you plan to use an electric heated dog bed all day, every day throughout the winter season, this will keep your dog warm and cozy, but it will also raise that electric bill. Depending on the level of need, you could look at more affordable alternatives such as a dog sweater or use a sweater intermittently when the heated bed is turned off to give your energy bill a break. 

Is it Washable?

Electric and water aren’t a good mix, but this has been taken into account with most heated dog bed manufacturers. Some you can remove the electrics to machine-wash, and others are wipe-clean only.

Consider what this may mean for your situation when selecting a heated dog bed. If you choose a wipe-clean only for a bed subject to constant use, this could be highly time-consuming.

Does it Fit into the Budget?

Even the most dedicated dog owner out there can find that money is the biggest obstacle when it comes to pet products. It can be challenging to know whether to splurge on quality or hold back and go for budget-friendly options. I would advise you to look at the highest level of quality that you can afford; if it is safe and comfortable, they really are the main boxes ticked.

6 Best Heated Dog Beds 2023

K&H Pet Products Deluxe Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed with Bolster
  • Orthopedic Foam
  • Automatic Temperature Response
  • Machine-Washable Cover
K&H Pet Products Letro-Soft Outdoor Heated Pet Bed
  • 3 Size Options
  • Exceeds USA/CA Electrical Safety Standards
  • Complimentary Fleece Cover
RIOGOO Pet Heating Pad
  • Auto Power Off Function
  • 7 layer Protection Structure
  • Chew-resistant Cord
K&H Pet Products Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper Heated Pet Bed
  • Cuddler Style
  • 2 Size Options
  • Removable 6 watt heater
QUASILOVE XXL Heating Pad for Large Dogs
  • Waterproof
  • Chew-proof Cord
  • 12 Months Guarantee Seller Guarantee
Bestio Pet Heating Pad
  • Soft Fleece Cover
  • Flame Retardant Materials
  • Lifetime Customer Service

#1 K&H Pet Products Deluxe Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed with Bolster – Our #1 Top Pick!

K&H Pet Products Deluxe Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed with Bolster
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I have chosen the K&H Deluxe Outdoor Heated Bed for the top position for many reasons, but overall its versatility is the most impressive aspect. The unique selling point of this bed is the fact that it is an outdoor heated bed with soft orthopedic foam and a comfortable surround bolster – there is nothing else like this available that I have come across. 

For outdoor dogs, this is a heated bed that has it all. It is thermostatically controlled, which means that it responds automatically to temperature changes and will warm the dog with no input from you needed. There are three size options; Small: 19.5-in x 23-in, Medium: 26.5-in x 30.5-in, and Large: 34.5-in x 44.5-in.

If you have an outdoor dog house, shed, barn, or another sheltered area, this heated bed is the perfect accompaniment to ensure the comfort and warmth of your small, medium, or large breed dog. It has been vigorously tested and certified by MET Labs and exceeds USA/CA electrical safety standards.

The K&H Deluxe Heated Bed is designed for outdoors but can also be used indoors. In both settings, it looks good and offers excellent comfort to dogs. The boulder is sturdy and, I believe, will stand the test of time. The heat is not overpowering but impressive and very low on power consumption.

The fleece cover of the bed comes fully off and is machine-washable. For the pad, a simple wipe down with soapy water is adequate. I can’t yet speak of the durability but verified consumers rate this bed very highly in all areas, and it is easy to see why. The only drawback to this bed is that it is not the most affordable out there.

#2 K&H Pet Products Letro-Soft Outdoor Heated Pet Bed 

K&H Pet Products Letro-Soft Outdoor Heated Pet Bed
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Another heated bed by K&H Pet Products is the K&H Pet Products Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Pet Bed, yet this one is much more affordable than the #Top Pick. Coming in three different sizes; Small: 14-in x 18-in, Medium: 19-in x 24-in, and Large: 25-in x 36-in, this is a water-resistant bed with therapeutic foam, a fleece cover, and internally regulated heat thermostat.

Although you can use the Lectro-soft Outdoor Heated Pet Bed indoors, it has been specifically designed to withstand outdoor use and is perfect for already-built shelters, like dog houses (which, if you haven’t got, we show you how to build your own). The material is soft to the touch but also durable, and you can machine-wash the fleece cover. 

I found the 5.5ft steel wrapped cord to be extremely tough. The generous length removes the need for extension cables and more wiring in an outbuilding too, which is a great benefit for owners who have inquisitive chewers. 

The energy consumption is low to unnoticeable. Even when left on all day, the heat remains on but lower when not in use, making it more energy-efficient. 

The bed has also been tested and certified by MET Labs to exceed USA/CA electrical safety standards, and there is a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. K&H advises you not to purchase this bed if you have a destructive dog, and instead, they suggest their Original Version, which has a more durable exterior.  

I would recommend this bed for a senior dog, puppy litters, or aid recovery for a dog post-surgery.

#3 RIOGOO Pet Heating Pad – #Best Budget Buy! 

RIOGOO Pet Heating Pad
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Our budget buy is the RIOGOO Pet Heating Pad, which comes in small (17.5-in x 14-in) or medium (18-in x 18-in). For just over $20, this feels like a much more expensive bed; although not plush, it is soft, and the seven-layer protection structure brings great peace of mind.

The exterior cover is made of soft polyester, which is entirely removable to be washed by hand. I found using a lint brush kept the bed in good condition, and wipes can be used to catch stains before they cement. The bed and cover are also waterproof, so if you have a dog who suffers from incontinence, this won’t damage the bed. 

The fabric also means that this bed would be suitable to use outdoors on occasion, but it is more suited to an indoor environment for the long term. My favorite feature is the time setting, where owners can choose between 1 to 12 hours of constant heat, and the auto power-off function will stop the heat if you forget to turn it off. 

Inside the bed is a temperature sensor that will prevent too much heat that could result in discomfort for a dog who may be less mobile and able to move off the bed quickly. For this reason, I feel that the bed is most suitable for animals recovering from injury or illness, arthritic pets, or very young puppies – who need the extra warmth but aren’t yet at the chewing stage! 

The quality is excellent for the price you pay, and there is a one-year guarantee from RIOGOO. 

#4 K&H Pet Products Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper Heated Pet Bed 

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper Heated Pet Bed
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My third and final bed from K&H is the K&H Pet Products Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper Heated Pet Bed, a great self-heated bed in medium (20-in x 26-in) or large size (24-in x 31-in). This is an excellent example of an interior dog bed, and the aesthetically pleasing neutral tones will likely fit in with most home decors.

This bed only utilizes six watts of power, so it is highly energy-efficient. It is thermostatically controlled to respond automatically to temperature changes, which means it ramps up the heat when the dog is detected. You can easily remove both the internal cushion and the heater for easy cleaning. You can also fully remove the heater during the warmer months. 

The sturdiness of the surround is impressive; it easily takes the weight of a dog’s head and sustains its upright position. The bottom of the bed is an extremely comfortable pillow, which can be machine-washed.

When the bed arrives, you are advised to let it air for 48 hours, much like you would with a mattress for a human bed. After two days, the bed is visibly more prominent and plusher. This would be an excellent bed for dogs who crave the feel of a cuddle, but not recommended for dogs who crave to chew!

The price point is mid-range and definitely reasonable for the quality you receive. Dogs seem to take to this bed almost immediately, mine included!

There is a one-year limited warranty available.

#5 QUASILOVE XXL Heating Pad for Large Dogs

QUASILOVE XXL Heating Pad for Large Dogs
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The QUASILOVE XXL Heating Pad for Large Dogs is a good example of how terminology can be confusing; advertised as XXL, you would be forgiven for thinking that XXL would be suitable for a Great Dane sized dog. However, this bed has dimensions of 10-in x 10-in x 2.5-in; a Great Dane is around 42-inches long. This aside, the QUASILOVE Heating Pad is still a great choice.

This is a fairly thin bed, around half an inch thick, but sturdy. I would recommend placing it on top of a plush dog bed for extra comfort. I liked the design, which is a black rose pattern on a gray background, it isn’t overly floral, but it is pretty and compliments a more neutral home decor. 

The cord has a hard, chew-resistant covering, and there are several heat settings – from 30-degrees to 50-degrees. 

On the highest level of heat, I would suggest that the heat is similar to that of a heated car seat – evident, but it won’t burn or cause discomfort. The bed is waterproof and can be used outside, as well as in. 

This bed is not machine-washable and should be wiped down by hand. It is a more affordable heat bed that will provide heat and comfort to dogs who need it without breaking the bank. 

#6 Bestio Pet Heating Pad 

Bestio Pet Heating Pad
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Highly affordable in whichever of the three sizes you require, the Bestio Pet Heating Pad is an extremely comfortable heat pad that has a lot to offer aging dogs, dogs recovering from injury or illness, or dogs who are sensitive to the cold. Choose from small; 12-in x 15.75-in, medium; 15.75-in x 19.68-in, or large; 19.68-in x 25.59-in, with the largest option being just over $30! 

Inside the cover are two sponges which result in great comfort, and the outside has a lovely soft finish with a soft-touch fleece cover. It isn’t exceptionally thick and more of a pad than a bed in itself, but it is a fuss-free, energy-efficient, cost-effective product that really works well. 

The Bestio pad has two bi-metal thermostats inside, which control the temperature to stay at the vet recommended 100°F. The pad won’t overheat and cause discomfort or burns, and you can clean easily with a damp cloth. 

The length of the cord is a generous 6-feet and compatible with an extension cord if you wanted to allow your dog to rest on the porch, or outside decking, on an Autumn day. The pad can be used outdoors, in dog houses or outbuildings, but has been designed for indoor use. The materials used are flame retardant, and there is a lifetime customer service available from the brand. 

My Verdict

For those with outdoor dogs who need a little extra heat, you cannot go wrong with the K&H Deluxe Outdoor Heated Bed; the comfort offered with the plush cushion and sturdy boulder is like nothing else on the market. However, it is expensive. 

A much more affordable option for indoor and outdoor heated beds is the K&H Pet Products Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Pet Bed, which comes in at a fraction of the price of our top pick. For extreme comfort indoors, this brand shone again with their K&H Pet Products Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper Heated Pet, which not only warms but also cuddles the dog into a peaceful sleep. 

The budget pick RIOGOO Pet Heating Pad is a good choice for those who already have a good-quality bed in place and are looking for a little extra warmth at an affordable price. 

For those without an existing bed who want a low-cost heated pad, I would recommend the Bestio Pet Heating Pad – its softness is incredible, and its price point reasonable. Another affordable pad is the QUASILOVE XXL Heating Pad for Large Dogs, but be wary of the XXL terminology with this product. 

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