Our Review Of The Best Dog Ear Drops For 2018

Our Review Of The Best Dog Ear Drops

So, how do you know whether you need to buy ear drops and which ones to go for? You may have already consulted your vet, and it's advisable to do so if your dog is unwell, however signs to look out for include scratching or rubbing at the ears, unusual head shaking, an abnormal odor that's originating from the ear, redness or swelling.

In terms of which dog ear drops are going to be appropriate, it of course depends on the symptoms your dog is exhibiting. You may also simply want ear drops that can be used on a regular basis to prevent infections from taking hold, rather than drops which are only designed to treat established infections.

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You will notice that some ear drops state they are for treating infections and will list all the bacteria they fight, whereas others are simply for cleaning the area and offer no treatment qualities, so it's important to choose the right type for your dog.

Dog ear drops take one of two forms. One consists of a dropper with a short nozzle, that requires you to lift up the ear, and gently squeeze out a couple of drops down into the ear canal before carefully massaging in.

The other is a long nozzle that goes right down into the ear itself to release the drops. Both are effective, but also depend on how badly swollen and infected your dog’s ear is, to best determine what would cause them the least stress and discomfort.

Understandably, if your dog is suffering pain and irritation due to an ear infection, then even going near the ear to put the drops in can be quite challenging. Try and keep your dog as calm as possible and reassure them, but also consider the use of positive reinforcement such as a clicker or treat after the drops have been applied.

When it comes to applying ear drops in your dog’s ear, you should keep in mind that their ear canal is actually L shaped, so it requires careful lifting up of the ear flap to administer the drops.

Putting ear drops in dog's ear.

As difficult as it is when your dog is in pain, try and keep calm so the dog does not become tense or agitated, and be sure to read the label so that you administer the right dosage without having to go back in a second time.

To prevent further recurring irritation, it is a good idea to get on top by regularly cleaning your dog’s ears. By cleaning your dog’s ears on a regular basis, they will get used to you going near the area, making it easier for you to do so should an infection occur.

Cleaning is quite simple as after you apply the drops, simply wipe away any build-up on the part of the ear you can see using a cotton pad, only when you flop the ear back. Next go in with a Q-tip again only in the area you can see; avoiding poking too far down or reaching too deeply into the ear canal.

You will notice after you complete the first step, your dog will naturally shake it off, which in turn will also help dislodge any debris in the ear canal.

Zymox Otic Pet Ear Treatment With Hydrocortisone

This ear drop solution by Zymox both cleans and prevents infections and irritations of the ear canal; it is also a treatment for when an infection has developed. As it can be used every day, or when needed, it's useful to have for general health and hygiene, as well as to treat more troubling issues.

It contains 1% hydrocortisone which effectively treats acute and chronic otitis externa, that are caused by bacterial, fungal and yeast infections.

Pet King Brands Zymox Otic Pet Ear Treatment with Hydrocortisone

source: importitall.co.za

Hydrocortisone is also very effective at reducing inflammation and itching, both of which can be very distressing and uncomfortable for your pet, and is one of the first signs you will note when an infection has taken hold.

The bottle contains a short dropper as opposed to a long thin in ear applicator, so if your dog is mid-infection, it will be much less distressing for you to apply.

Quite simply, you just need to lift the ear flaps up, squeeze liberally and then afterwards, gently massage the dog’s ear.

You will need to flush the ear out with these particular drops, which might be difficult if your dog is distressed due to the pain and inflammation.

Having said that, these drops work incredibly effectively and have been tested against the following bacteria: pseudomonas, malassezia pachydermatis, Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, Proteus mirabilis, Escherichia coli, Streptococcus intermedius and Streptococcus pyogenes.

These drops also have an enzymatic formula which will help treat and ultimately break down any bacteria. Remember the dog’s ear is L-shaped and reaches much further down than what you can see, so being able to get right down into the ear with a formula that will clean, soothe and treat any issues is exactly the right course of action.


  • Contains hydrocortisone which relieves inflammation and itching
  • Treats acute and chronic otitis externa due to bacterial, fungal and yeast infections
  • Contains a 3-point enzyme system to destroy antibiotic-resistant microorganisms
  • Short, non-intrusive nozzle for extra comfort when applying to the ears

Our Rating


  • Can be used as both a cleaner and a treatment
  • Works without antibiotics
  • Available to bulk buy to spread the cost
  • Only needs to be applied once daily
  • Suitable for use on cats too


  • Cannot be used in conjunction with any other ear treatment or cleaner
  • Ear requires flushing out after treatment


These drops offer dog owners great value for the money as they are an easy answer to everyday cleaning as well as treating any issues that may occur, which cuts out the need for separate products for both needs.

They offer fantastic protection against a wide range of bacteria that can wreak havoc on your dog’s health, especially as ear infections can be very distressing to your pet, plus they are easy to use.

Just be sure to have cotton pads and Q-tips at hand to be able to clean out the results, as this is equally important as applying the drops.

Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleaner

Virbac is a popular company for producing health-related products for your pet; in fact, you may already be using some as recommended to you by your vet.

Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleaner

source: drsfostersmith.com

This particular product is their advanced ear cleaner, which is designed to be used regularly to keep your dog’s ears clean and help dislodge any buildup that may have occurred. It contains an alcohol- and chlorhexidine-free solution, and has a pleasant but mild scent.

You can use the size of the bottle to your advantage, as the long but weighed tube will assist in applying as much as possible with the lightest squeeze.

This is useful given dogs can often hate having their ears cleaned if they haven't been positively reinforced since they were a puppy, let alone if they regularly tend to get irritations and discomfort.

It's important to apply liberally, especially as you need enough of the product to help you with the next stages of physical cleaning, not to mention when the dog naturally shakes to help dislodge the excess.

While it's fantastic at cleaning your dog’s ears on a general basis, an obvious downside with this product is that it's not a treatment if your dog has an infection. Therefore, while using it regularly may help avoid said infection, you will need to buy another product or consult your vet should more troublesome symptoms occur.


  • Antiseptic formula
  • Contains no chlorhexidine or alcohol
  • Product has a neutral pH
  • Anti-irritant technology

Our Rating


  • Regular use will help keep infections at bay
  • Drying solution makes it great for post bath


  • Acts as a cleaner rather than a specific treatment


A vet-recommended formula that should be a staple part of your dog’s grooming routine. When used regularly, it will help fight ear infections, irritation and general discomfort.

However, it cannot be relied upon to be used as a treatment against inflammation and infection, so a vet will need to be consulted and different treatment sought in the case of anything serious.

EcoEars Dog Ear Infection Formula

When your dog is in pain or showing signs of irritation in their ears, naturally you want to help them. However, you might be aware that many treatments contain harmful and strong ingredients which may even further irritate the ear, especially if your dog is particularly sensitive.

EcoEars is a fantastic product as not only can it be used for cleaning your dog’s ears, but also for treating a variety of problems such as yeast infections and irritations. It is also recommended for use after water-based activities to ward off any infections that may occur due to the bacteria and molds your dog may be exposed to.

Probably one of the biggest advantages with Ecoears is the fact it's totally free from strong, harmful, toxic ingredients.

It is a product that has been formulated under the Vet Organics brand, which produces innovative, effective, natural products for pets without the need for harsh ingredients.

In addition to this, the company only uses pure, high-grade herbs and essential oils and they produce all their products exclusively in the USA.

Unlike some brands, Ecoears proudly displays a plethora of customer before and after shots showing real life results from using their product, instead of writing claims alone with no photographic evidence to back them up.

Owners have reported their dog’s relief from a variety of issues such as redness, irritation, foul odors and other signs of infection that can make your dog utterly miserable if not taken care of.

Vet Organics EcoEars Dog Ear Infection Formula

source: vet-organics.com

This product doesn't contain antibiotics, instead relying on the natural ingredients which kill bacteria instead. While these ingredients have been proven to be very effective, you may need to consult with your vet.

All in all, a fantastic product worth woofing from the rooftops about.


  • Natural formula that's free from pharmaceuticals, synthetic chemicals, hydrocortisone (steroids) or antibiotics
  • Can be used either as a cleaner or treatment
  • Helps destroy antibiotic-resistant organisms in dog's ears
  • Specially formulated to promote faster healing of ear infections

Our Rating


  • Non-toxic while remaining safe and effective
  • Amazing customer before/after results from a variety of ear issues
  • Money-back guarantee if it doesn't cure the problem


  • Doesn't contain antibiotics which may be a problem if your vet has recommended them


This is an interesting, yet very effective take on more sterile forms of ear drops which typically contain harsher ingredients.

The Ecoears Dog Infection Formula can be used for everyday maintenance for cleaning and dislodging debris; however, it can also be used if your dog starts to develop redness or an infection of the ears. It is also very effective at removing unpleasant odors from the ear, which often can be one of the first signs of infection.

This is in addition to head shaking (due to the discomfort of irritation) as well as any discharge from the ear.

The formula of this product has been specifically designed to encourage faster healing times, which is something you understandably want as an owner, as it is not a nice experience to see your dog in distress due to infection or inflammation.

While this product doesn't contain antibiotics, it is full of ingredients that are known to treat bacteria and other conditions of the ear which is why it's so effective.

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