15 Best Black Friday Pet Deals on Amazon That You Can’t Afford to Miss!

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Are you a pet parent looking for some gifts for your furry buddy this holiday season?

Between the sweet snuggles, playful adventures, and puppy kisses, you know that your favorite four-legged friend does come with a lot of unexpected expenses!

And that’s the reason why you look forward to sales events such as Black Friday, right?

Well, friends, the wait is over!

The Early Black Friday Deals are LIVE on Amazon!

It’s time to stock up on the things that you want to purchase for your furbaby.

So, why the delay?

Roll up your sleeves and snatch the best Early Black Friday Deals on Amazon before they run out of stock!

Best Black Friday Pet Deals on Amazon That You Can’t Afford to Miss

#1. GLADOG Professional Grooming Scissors for Dogs with Safety Round Tips – 41% Off

GLADOG Professional Grooming Scissors for Dogs with Safety Round Tips – 41% Off
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Do you want to give your canine buddy your favorite haircut all by yourself, but you’re worried that you might hurt them?

This professional pet grooming scissors kit from the house of GLADOG is all you need!

It comes with two scissors, one thinning shear, one comb, one cleaning cloth, and one black leather case.

The brand has taken extra care of your pet’s safety, and so, they have made all the grooming scissors with rounded tips. This means they will not poke your pup’s skin. Instead, you can use it around their sensitive areas such as nose, eyes, ears, face, and paws with ease.

Now, did I tell you that all these grooming equipment are made of extremely high-quality stainless steel?

They are durable, sharp, and cut your pup’s hair perfectly without tugging or pulling.

The ergonomic design of this product is something that you’ll love for sure! They fit in your hands comfortably.

The best part?

You won’t be much tired even after using it for a long duration. Also, there are rubber bumpers on the handle preventing accidental clamping of your fingers. And they don’t make noise and scare your pup like electric clippers.

Like it?

Get your hands on this fantastic pet grooming kit at 41% off on its listed price!

#2. Active Pets Bench Dog Car Seat Cover – 28% Off

Active Pets Bench Dog Car Seat Cover – 28% Off
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Is it often that you need to change the cover of your back seats as every time you get a new one, your canine friend ruins it?

Well, that will be a thing of the past with this dog car seat cover from the house of Active Pets!

So, what’s unique about this seat cover that other car seat covers don’t have?

This dog car seat cover is made of four unique layers, which create a waterproof barrier between your dog and your seat.

This product is all you need to protect your car seats from fur, water, and mud!

And did I tell you that it prevents slips too?

With this dog car seat cover, your pup will feel as comfortable as sleeping on their kennel pad.

Isn’t that something you want?

Don’t worry about its fitting, as it fits all cars, including SUVs.

In order to provide your car seats with maximum protection, this cover comes with side flaps. In addition, the brand has maintained four levels of security. There are two-seat anchors, two heavy-duty headrest buckles, a non-slip bottom, and a Velcro opening for the seat belt buckle.

You can install this quickly and easily. 

This cover is easy to clean. All you need is to wipe it with a damp cloth. Or, you can even choose to vacuum it.

Your furry buddy needs nothing but the best, and so do you.

Get this product at and protect your car seats at 28% off on the listed price TODAY!

        #3. DiroPet Dog Training Collar with Remote – 27% Off

DiroPet Dog Training Collar with Remote – 27% Off
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Are you a parent to a baby pup and all set to start their training?

Then this dog training collar from the house of DiroPet can be of great help!

It comes with three training models: vibration, beep, and shock. With these, you can help your pup follow your commands. Also, this product can help you correct your furry buddy’s annoying behavior, such as biting, barking, digging, and chewing. Finally, communicate with your pup and get closer to them.

The dog training collar has two channels and one security keypad lock.

Now, don’t worry about the shock function of the collar. It is there to remind your pup that they are behaving abnormally. The safety lock is carefully designed to prevent any accident in operations so that you don’t end up hurting your beloved buddy.

You can adjust the intensity of the functions on a scale of 0-99. So, no more hurting your pup during their training!

Did you know that you can operate this shock collar with a remote from as long as 2500ft distance?

Having fun with your dog will become all the more enjoyable!

And this product is waterproof too.

So no more off days! You can train your pup in any weather condition.

The listed price of this dog training collar is $27.99. But you can get 27% off on this price today on Amazon.

So what are you waiting for? Grab it NOW!

#4. QT Dog 5-Quart Adjustable Barstool Diner – 26% Off

QT Dog 5-Quart Adjustable Barstool Diner – 26% Off
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Are you looking for a raised pet bowl for your furry buddy?

Then check this item out on Amazon!

It doesn’t matter what the size of your dog is, as you can adjust the height of this pet bowl according to your pet’s preference.

Did you know that you get to raise the height of this barstool from twelve inches to eighteen inches?

The brand QT Dog really cares about your dog, and so they have made this barstool that actually grows with your pup!

Raised feeding contributes to healthy digestion, as it limits the amount of air that your pup takes in.

It comes with a durable and heavy non-tip base made of iron.

With the barstool, you’ll get the bowl too.

And you can get it in multiple sizes according to the size of your pup.

Buy the QT Dog 5-Quart Adjustable Barstool Diner at a discounted rate of $49.96, while the listed price is $67.22.

Get it before it’s too late!

#5. Pet Porter Fashion Dog Kennel – 44% Off

Pet Porter Fashion Dog Kennel – 44% Off
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Do you find it difficult to carry your pup in your arms wherever you go?

This Aspen Pet® Pet Porter® dog kennel is all you need!

Made keeping smaller dogs in mind, this product is meant for dogs that weigh up to 15 lbs. But, of course, it is available in multiple sizes.

If you want to make your pup’s crate training a good and positive experience, it becomes important for you to choose the right-sized kennel for them.

And that’s exactly where this product comes into the picture!

What if your canine friend wants to turn around, sit down or stand up in the kennel?

Well, the Pet Porter Fashion Dog kennel can fit the need just perfectly!

It can provide your pup with ultimate comfort. Use can use it both in your home or while traveling.

It comes with an easy-to-open latch door. And, of course, there are side vents to provide ventilation and healthy airflow to the kennel.

Get this awesome product at 44% off for a limited time only on Amazon!

#6. Nerf Dog 10 in Atomic Flyer – 20% Off

Nerf Dog 10in Atomic Flyer – 20% Off
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How about some playtime with your four-legged bestie?

Toss them the Nerf Dog Atomic Flyer and watch them take to the skies!

This wide thermoplastic ring is designed for a fun-filled heavy-duty playtime with your canine buddy. And it’s meant for pant-inducing exercise too.

You can now play with your pal with ease – all thanks to the lightweight feel and the circular design of the product.

From your backyard to the beach – you can toss it everywhere.

Did you know that it can ride the waves and float on the water too?

Sounds cool?

And you don’t have to worry about cleaning it. Just toss it into your dishwasher or wipe it down – and you’re all set to use it again.

Now, we have good news for you.

You can get this awesome flyer for your pup at 20% off NOW. Hurry!

#7. FouFou Dog Heritage Rubber Dipped Socks – 20% Off

FouFou Dog Heritage Rubber Dipped Socks – 20% Off
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How about keeping the paws of your furry pal warm in style?

The FouFou Dog Heritage Rubber Dipped Socks is all about providing comfort to your pup in style!

It comes with a fully-textured and thick dipped sole. It protects your pup’s paws from outdoor elements such as snow, salt, dirt, water, and hot pavement.

There’s a Velcro strap in the socks. It makes sure that the socks stay on even when you take them on long walks.

What if you want to use it indoors?

Well, all you need is to detach the Velcro strap!

Want to keep your furry buddy’s paws clean, dry and warm this winter?

Get this NOW and avail 20% discount on the listed price!

#8. Oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers – 44% Off

Oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers – 44% Off
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Want to give your furry friend some good trim at home?

Have a look at this amazing trimmer from the brand Oneisall.

This rechargeable dog trimmer comes with a built-in battery that can be charged even when you use it. So, no more half-groomed dog because of a dying battery!

The blades of this dog shaver are sharp and safe to use. They offer excellent cutting performance. You can detach them, change them and clean them with ease.

You don’t want to scare your dog while shaving them, right?

This low-vibration trimmer has an ultra-quiet design. As a result, the noise that it produces while operating is just 50db.


And did we tell you that you can get six guard combs with this pack?

This makes the entire haircutting experience as smooth as butter!

All you need is to clip your pup’s hair according to its length. And you’re all set to go on with the trimming.

This trimmer is available at a never-before deal of 44% off in the listed price! Make it yours NOW!

#9. Burt’s Bees for Dogs 2 in 1 Dog Shampoo & Conditioner – 47% Off

Burt's Bees for Dogs 2 in 1 Dog Shampoo & Conditioner – 47% Off
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Want to treat your dog with some pampering sessions?

The 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner from the house of Burt’s Bee are all you need!

Wet your pup’s coat, apply this shampoo plus conditioner to their coat, and work from head to tail. Now rinse thoroughly.

This awesome product cleanses, softens, soothes, and conditions your pup’s coat and skin really well.

Did you know what we liked the most about this product?

It’s made with all-natural ingredients.

Yes! There’s linseed oil that deeply conditions your pup’s coat, and then there’s buttermilk to soothe their skin and soften their hair.

It’s 100% safe for your doggo to use. It has no sulfate, no colorant, no fragrance, and no harsh chemicals. Also, it’s pH balanced.

Need more reasons to use it?

Make it yours at a 47% off deal before it goes out of stock!

#10. Dog Puzzle Toys – 24% Off

Dog Puzzle Toys – 24% Off
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Are you looking for some puzzle game for your beloved doggo?

Your search ends here!

This interactive dog puzzle toy from the house of Joansan offers a fun way to challenge dogs.

This is the perfect brain game you need to encourage and train your furry buddy to look for foods by sliding the parts. In addition, it helps in increasing their IQ by letting them learn sequential steps.

With this product, you can train your pet to sense the smell and think of ways to solve any problem. Also, they get to enjoy their food by moving the slider with their paws or nose. Your pup will love this stimulation activity for sure!

Give this puzzle toy to your pup to keep them busy, reduce their boredom, teach problem-solving, and redirect destructive behaviors.

And if they succeed in solving the puzzle, don’t forget to treat them!

This puzzle toy comes in a cute and colorful design. Keeping your dog’s safety in mind, it’s made with non-toxic PVC material.

It’s durable and comes with a non-detachable plastic slider. This is to make sure that your pal doesn’t swallow it.

Get it at 24% off at the Early Black Friday deals from Amazon!

#11. Amazon Basics Pet Grooming & Deshedding Tool – 28% Off

Amazon Basics Pet Grooming & Deshedding Tool – 28% Off
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Does your doggo shed a lot? Are you looking for a de-shedding tool for your furry buddy?

Give this Pet Grooming and Deshedding Tool from Amazon Basics a shot!

With this grooming and de-shedding tool, you can reduce the shedding of your pup. This means less hair on your floor, furniture, and other surfaces in your home.

Sounds good?

This tool safely reaches your pup’s undercoat and removes the excess and loose fur effectively from there.

What type of hair length does your furry pal have? Do they have a dense coat?

No worries, this tool works on different coat types and hair lengths – making it a versatile choice when it comes to people with more than one pet.

You can use this tool with ease. With an ergonomic handle, it offers a secure hold. And you can groom your pup with total comfort.

Now, isn’t that something you want?

You can get this tool in different sizes. The size medium works perfectly for dog breeds that weigh between 25 and 50 pounds.

And did we tell you that it comes with a 1-year limited warranty from Amazon Basics?

Get this tool at 28% off for a limited-time deal!

#12. PetSafe Happy Ride Folding Pet Ramp – 33% Off

PetSafe Happy Ride Folding Pet Ramp – 33% Off
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How about making it easy for your four-legged friend to get in and out of your car with ease?

The PetSafe Happy Ride Folding Pet Ramp offers just that!

Continue having the best adventures with your canine buddy with this pet ramp. It makes it as easy as a breeze for your pup to get in and out of your car, SUV, or even minivan. And they can do it all by themselves – without your support.

How fun it that, isn’t it?

With this product, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your pup. This ramp is independently tested as well as rated to support your pet – up to 150 pounds.

This ramp is lightweight – only 10 pounds – making it easy for you to carry it wherever you go. You can even lift it in and out of your car between stops. It’s that easy!

The side rails and high-traction surface of the ramp keep your best friend from falling or slipping while walking on it.

It’s easy to store too. All you need is to fold it in half and lock it using the safety latch.

Get your hands on this amazing ramp at 33% off! HURRY!

#13. Calming Dog Bed – 37% Off

Calming Dog Bed – 37% Off
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Does your pup like to curl up? Then why not gift them a cute and comfy round dog bed?

This circular donut dog bed screams comfort!

It’s perfect for relieving joint pain, arthritis, hip dysplasia, body aches, and whatnot!

It gives the utmost therapeutic support to your canine buddy.

You can carry it everywhere you go – it’s lightweight and portable. Carry this in your car to provide your buddy with ultimate comfort during traveling and camping.

This fluffy donut bed can carry pets weighing up to 45lbs. As it’s available in multiple sizes, you can get one according to the size of your pup.

The brand has paid special attention to your pup’s safety, so this product comes with a non-skid bottom. This keeps your dog in place – be it on hardwood or tile floors in your home.

And did we tell you how easy it is to clean?

All you need is to machine wash it separately in cold water!

You can get this cute and fluffy bed at 37% off for a limited-time deal. Get it NOW!

#14. Fashion Pet Dog Raincoat – 44% Off

Fashion Pet Dog Raincoat – 44% Off
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Want to keep your furry buddy warm and dry in all climates?

The Fashion Pet Dog Raincoat matches your need to the tee!

This stylish raincoat for your pup is all about feeling good, looking good, and staying active.

It’s designed keeping your pup’s fashion needs in mind. And, of course, it offers maximum functionality.

Featuring a bright yellow color, this poncho comes with a full coverage sporty hood. It’s made with 100% polyester waterproof fabric. In addition, there are leash holes to offer comfort to your pup during long walks.

It fits your pal perfectly.

It has chest straps and Velcro belly for a snug fit. And you can adjust them too. The lightweight fabric makes it quite easy to put it on and take it off from your pooch.

You can wash it and store it or pack it conveniently in your luggage for your next vacation with your furry buddy.

You can get the raincoat in different sizes depending on the size of your pup.

The extremely visible vibrant yellow color with reflective stripes is for your pup’s safety while they are outdoors during inclement weather. The stripes are there on the hood and the back to offer optimal visibility in snow, rain, and shine.

Get this raincoat at 44% off before it goes out of stock!

#15. Orthopedic Dog Bed – 23% Off

Orthopedic Dog Bed – 23% Off
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Is your senior doggo suffering from arthritis? Are you looking for an orthopedic dog bed for them?

Have a look at this product!

With 27 inches wide, 36 inches long, and 4 inches of memory foam, this dog bed is a perfect combination of support and comfort. You can use it for dogs of all sizes and ages.

And yes, as this is an orthopedic bed, it provides some more support for dogs with arthritis.

This bed comes in two layers. On top, there’s high-density foam of 2 inches. At the base, there’s memory foam of 2 inches.

And on top of all these, there’s a warm and cozy Sherpa fabric – perfect for providing your pup with cuddling comfort.

It has an attractive cover with a zipper. So, you can remove it whenever needed and wash it in your washing machine. Or, you can even clean it with a light vacuum.

This orthopedic dog bed is ideal for crates and kennels. You can place it directly on your floor or anywhere you want. To keep the mattress stable, its base is non-slip. This makes it easier for your pup to get on and off this bed without slipping.

Get this highly demanding bed at 23% off today!

Just a reminder: You can avail all these deals only for a LIMITED TIME.

So, are you waiting for?

Click on your favorite deals, add them to your cart, and checkout NOW!

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