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5 Outstanding DIY Dog Bandana Patterns | Complete Guide

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Does your pup not like wearing sweaters?

Are you looking for some other ways to make them look super stylish?

Try bandanas!

They are fashionable and classy and make your pup look gorgeous!

The best thing?

Your doggo will rock a bandana without creating any fuss!

And did I tell you that you can make these triangular neckties at home in some quick and easy ways?

I have shared some of the easiest ways to make this doggo fashion piece at home in this post. Read on to know about some nifty DIY dog bandana patterns!

Outstanding DIY Dog Bandana Patterns

#1. Easy Dog Bandana Pattern By Spoonflower

Easy Dog Bandana Pattern By Spoonflower

Do you want to add a bit of color to your furry friend’s collar?

This DIY pet bandana is here to make you and your doggo jump in joy! It is an easy project that lets you experiment with your favorite fabric. Want to make the bandana sewing process a bit faster? Use a bandana template!

What you Need:

  • One fat quarter of the fabric of your choice
  • The size of your dog’s collar for reference
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Fabric scissors

How to Make:

  • Start by cutting out the pattern pieces Next, you need to measure your pup’s collar length and divide it by 2. Now select the template of the bandana matching this measurement. 
  • Then take the template and place it on your fabric. Then, take your fabric scissors and cut around the template with them.
  • It is time to hem the bandana. First, fold and press the edges of every side of your bandana ¼”. Then, again, fold under 1/4″ and press. So, you have got your double hem now. To secure the hem, you need to pin it in place. And then topstitch around the whole bandana.
  • To make the collar pocket, you need to fold over the upper side of your bandana. Do this in a way that the edges duplicate the corners that are there on the top of the triangle portion. Now, it is time to stitch it up across the front side’s long edge of the pocket.

And you are done!

#2. Sew Caroline Dog Bandana

Sew Caroline Dog Bandana

This dog bandana pattern designed by Sew Caroline has a simple design. You can do it even if you have beginner sewing skills. I liked the pattern because you can secure it with just a snap. This makes it safe to wear as well as remove. No matter what the size of your doggo is, you can make it for all dogs belonging to small, medium, and large breeds.

What you Need:

  • Fabric
  • Thread
  • Snap kit
  • Sew Caroline template cut out
  • Fabric scissors
  • Sewing machine

How to Make:

  • The first thing that you need to do is print and assemble patterns. For that, you can use an A4 size paper. While printing the pattern pieces, make sure to select 100% or “no page scaling.” This way, the pattern’s pieces will get printed in their actual size. Then, in number order, you can tape those pieces together.
  • To start making the dog bandana, measure the size of your doggo and cut the pattern according to that. Next, use the bandana pattern piece as a template and cut two from the fabric.
  • Pin and stitch all the way around by placing the right sides of the triangle together. Do this by using a ½” seam allowance. Pivot at the corners. For turning, you need to leave 3″ open along any of the one long sides. Before flipping to the right side, you need to clip the corners. Once you do it, make sure to press the edges.
  • At 3/8”, topstitch around the whole triangle. You are doing this to enclose the opening for turning.
  • Now measure 1.5” from the point and add snaps to two corners. 

Make your pup get ready with this and be the showstopper of the day!

#3. My Golden Thimble Dog Bandanna

My Golden Thimble Dog Bandanna

You can make this pattern in five sizes. It includes dog breeds of extra-small and extra-large. So almost all dogs of all breeds can wear this bandana with ease. To use this, you need to tie it around your pup’s neck. So be careful while making your pup wear it so that it won’t snag. Well, you need a lot of sewing to make this. But it’s nothing that you can’t do!

What you Need:

  • Woven cotton fabric
  • Fabric scissors
  • Pins
  • Thread
  • Bandana PDF pattern

How to Make:

  • Start by sewing the straps of the bandana pattern. For this, cut, assemble and pin the pattern pieces “B” with the right sides of the fabric. They need to face each other. Leave one side open and sew around the other sides of the straps. Now press it.
  • It would be best if you cut the straps’ corners. This way, they will be neat when you turn them inside out. Pay extra attention while cutting near the corner. Don’t cut right next to the stitch. Otherwise, you may end up with an open corner. Instead, leave some space and then cut.
  • Pull out the corner after turning the straps inside out. Do this by taking the help of a pin. Now, you want them flat and nice, right? So press them again.
  • Once you are done with the straps, place them in the middle of the pattern piece “A.” This pattern piece is the body of the bandana. Inside the pattern, there will be closed sides. The edges of the body of your dog’s bandana need to match the open sides. Pin the body to the straps. Now fold the body of the bandana right at the center. You need to match the corners. Pin them closed.
  • Take the bandana’s body and sew it along the sides and bottom corners at ¼” from the end. Don’t forget to leave a space open. It will help you to turn the piece inside out.
  • Remember the open space that you left in one of the previous steps? Pull the straps gently into that. Now, press the piece flat with your hands.
  • It’s time for an invisible stitch in that space. 

And ta-da! You have done it!

#4. Dog Scarf by Art Gallery Fabrics

Dog Scarf by Art Gallery Fabrics

This dog bandana pattern by Art Gallery Fabrics has clean lines with a button-closure design. When you use it on your pup, it holds firm. 

However, it is easy to remove. To stitch, you don’t need to be a pro at sewing. It is not that difficult to make this dog scarf. To make it easier to handle, you can use a light fabric.

What you Need:

  • Fat quarter or fabric X
  • Fat quarter of fabric Y
  • Rotary cutter
  • Button
  • Buttonhole foot
  • Seam ripper

How to Make:

  • Start with cutting the fat quarter of fabric X and Y in half. Put the right sides of both the fabric together and sew around so that there is a small opening. Then flip them right side out. Want the finish to be neat and nice? Please give it a stop stitch.
  • Look closely at the settings of your sewing machine. For example, check how to attach the buttonhole foot.
  • Once you know the procedure, sew a buttonhole. First, use a seam ripper to make the opening. Next, you need to hand-stitch the button.  

And your dog bandana is ready!

#5. Reversible, Slip-Over Dog Bandana by Sparkles of Sunshine

Reversible, Slip-Over Dog Bandana by Sparkles of Sunshine

Bandanas look super cute on dogs. But at times, it can be quite hard to get the right size for your furry buddy. And the wrong size can often fall off or be uncomfortable for them. 

What if you get your hands on the right bandana for your pup that doesn’t fall off or gets bunched up around their neck? 

And what if your dog’s bandana is reversible so you can give two looks to your pup with a single bandana? Wouldn’t it be awesome? 

Well, this dog bandana fulfills all these needs!

What you Need:

  • Two fabric types for two sides of the reversible bandana
  • Rotary cutter
  • Straight pins
  • Sewing machine

How to Make:

  • It would be fine if you made a pattern for these fabric pieces. For that, measure your dog’s collar. You need to confirm the height and the length of the widest part of your pup’s collar.
  • To make the pattern, draw a line along the length of your canine companion’s collar. After measuring the width of their collar, you need to draw a parallel line underneath it. Finally, form a rectangle by connecting the ends of these two lines.
  • Be sure about the length of the bandana. Now, starting from the center of the top of the rectangle, you need to draw a line to your chosen length.
  • Draw another line that can connect the point at the bottom of the middle line to the bottom of the rectangle on each side.
  • For seam allowances, add half inches all around. Then, add another half inches on the short side of the rectangle. Now cut the pattern out.
  • Once you have the pattern, take both your fabric choices and use the pattern to cut out a piece from each of them.
  • Across the top, sew a seam of half inches. Make sure that the right sides are facing in. Use an iron to press the seam nice and flat.
  • Fold the side over about half an inch on both sides. Press it, fold over an extra half-inch, press again and pin it. To hem, sew all the edges.
  • Make sure that the right sides are facing in by folding it over. Place the diagonals together, pin them and sew a seam of half an inch along the edges of the bottom. At the top, keep the sides open. The collar will slide through there.
  • Turn out the right side and press it. Place the bandana on your pup’s collar to ensure how wide you want that pocket to be. Now mark it. Sew a seam straight to complete the pocket. Of course, do this after taking out the collar. Now, backstitch on both sides.

Now slide your DIY dog bandana on your doggo and appreciate your craft!

Which DIY dog bandana pattern did you like the most?

Let me know in the comments!

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