Best Dog Diapers for Large Breeds in 2018

Dog Diapers for Large Breeds

Dog Diapers for Large Breeds

There are many reasons that make dog diapers for large breeds a must-have for some dog owners. These products can serve as a short-term tool for house training or help with pets recuperating from an operation. What’s more, dog diapers are also useful for female dogs during their menstrual cycle.

Regardless of whether you want to protect your furniture and carpets from soiling or your dog has an illness and needs diapers, dog diapers are very useful indeed. Over the years, dog diaper manufacturers have been developing these products in an attempt to make them more comfortable as well as more absorbent.

As a result, the fabrics are soft, while the wrapping systems make your pet feel as comfortable as possible. You may be surprised to discover that your dog won’t feel the urge to pull these diapers off.

Big dogs make a big mess, hence it’s crucial to specifically choose dog diapers for large breeds. Only by opting for these size-specific diapers, can you be sure that your dog will be comfortable and your household will remain clean.

In the following article, you will find all the information you need regarding how to choose the right product for your pet. We’ve tested three of the best dog diapers for large breeds and compared them so that when the time comes, you can make the right decision.

HTKJ Washable Dog Diapers

HTKJ Washable Female Dog Diapers Review


Always measure your dog’s waist before purchasing any such product. For pets in the 26.3” – 27.5” waist range, the HTKJ Washable dog diapers are an excellent choice. Clearly designed for extra large dogs, these dog diapers will help to take care of training or aiding pets during a recuperation period.

This product is made from quality cotton and features Velcro in the straps. The soft material is machine-washable and will keep your dog comfy. As a result, your dog won’t feel the need to constantly pull or drag the diaper, so you’ll have no mess to clean up.

These dog diapers are super easy to use thanks to their convenient design. They can be strapped without making the dog feel uncomfortable. Adding a small maxi-pad is no complicated task. Make sure to find a maxi-pad that matches the comfort of the diaper, so that your dog will be comfortable during wear.

The washable feature is helpful, both financially and in terms of durability. The usage your dog can get from reusable dog diapers is lasting and this also makes the product environmentally friendly. The material is even durable enough for machine washing.

Because some owners care about appearances too, the dog diapers by HTKJ come with a stylish design. The diaper features camouflage pattern, available in red and a blue.

Apart from using these diapers for a recuperating dog, some owners use them for house training purposes. Even if your pet is not sick or in heat, these doggy wraps fit well and won’t bother the daily activities of man’s best friend.

Although it is rare that house training occurs in such fully matured dogs, if the situation arises, these diapers can save the day. In some instances, owners use these diapers for long journeys when the dog just won’t get the chance to go outside.


  • Reusable
  • Soft fabric
  • Sturdy velcro wrapper
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Affordable
  • Multipurpose
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable


  • Only for large dogs
  • Needs separate maxi-pad for menstruating female pets
  • Only three models
  • Just one waist size
  • The material is not too absorbent

BWOGUE Premium Dog Diapers

Bwogue Premium Dog Diapers Female Review


The dog diapers by BWOGUE come in multiple sizes. Whether your pet is large or extra large there are many choices available. The three sizes include; 19.6” -23.6” waist, 23.6” – 27.5” waist and the XXL version with a 27.5” -31.4” waist.

Just as with the dog diapers from HTKJ, the ones made by BWOGUE are reusable. The high-quality cotton is suitable for cleaning and drying. As a result, these products are durable and very economical.

Dog diapers still need to have a very secure fit. The ergonomic Velcro closure you find in the BWOGUE design will help keep the diaper on your dog and in turn, your house clean. The wrap is not too tight so the dog can use it for many hours at a time without feeling any discomfort.

Big pets that suffer from incontinence, are untrained or are menstruating will get the most use out of dog diapers. The product from BWOGUE helps by providing owners with an easy to use model with a comfortable, cozy design.

Moreover, this model also helps to stop foreign substances entering the pet’s genital area, preventing infections.


  • Reusable
  • Long-lasting
  • High-quality materials
  • Very secure velcro closure
  • Comfortable
  • Economic
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Versatile
  • Good for both genders
  • Multiple waist sizes


  • Only two color patterns
  • Can sometimes require a maxi-pad
  • Takes a few tries to figure out the right balance for proper fit

Washable Dog Diapers by Pet Parents

Pet Parents Premium Washable Dog Diapers Review

With a good range of 26”-35” waist sizes, the dog diapers for large breeds by Pet Parents are also a top choice. The easy to use Velcro strap is highly adjustable, so you can fit this item on large sized pets and XXL dogs. The hole made for the tail is well-placed, and there will be no leakage to worry about.

Unlike HTKJ and BWOGUE, Pet Parents made sure that their dog diapers are already equipped with a highly absorbent pad that is sewn onto the inside of the diaper. By eliminating the need to purchase separate maxi-pads, the product becomes more economical and boasts a better design.

High-quality stitching and fabrics make the dog diapers by Pet Parents a very comfortable product for big pets. This also allows the item to be washed multiple times without tearing.

Hand washing or using the washing machine at a lower temperature are both good and easy ways to clean the diapers.

This is a very affordable product when you think about much you can save when you don’t need to purchase extra accessories such as maxi-pads. Long-term, you will spend less with reusable items than you would on disposable dog wraps. Besides, most products designed for a one time use are not as comfortable either.

The adjustability of the strap makes the product versatile in terms of usage. Menstruating females will have a good experience because of the absorbent pad and should be safe from any infections.

Pet Parents may offer stylish and modern dog diapers but it’s not all about looks with this line of products. The inner lining is smooth and because of it, dogs will have an easier time adjusting to them.


  • Washable
  • Great fabrics
  • Non-abrasive interior lining
  • Secure and highly adjustable velcro closures
  • Very modern color patterns
  • Some designs blend in with the fur
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Comfortable
  • Economic
  • Durable
  • Good for multiple uses
  • Prevents accidents and infections
  • Keeps female dogs safe during periods
  • Does not require separate maxi-pad
  • One waist size that can fit multiple dog categories
  • Works for dogs of both genders


  • Can sometimes shrink around the closures if dried at high temperatures
  • Thick bobbed tails can cause the diaper to shift around
  • The outside is not impermeable so it’s not suited for wearing outside in bad weather


Choosing the perfect reusable diaper is not a quick task. It requires some research and paying attention to details. Carefully looking at information regarding weight or waist size is the first thing you should always do. All products offer these details so there are no excuses for picking the wrong size.

When shopping for large breed dog diapers, the fabrics also matter a lot. Even if the items are made with cotton and are reusable, not all the material combinations have the same percentages. This is why some end up being softer and others more rugged after a few washes.

Leakage is another major factor to take into account when judging a diaper’s performance. While the wrap can prevent a mess from incontinence, you can still end up having an issue without sufficient absorbance or fit.

All three of the products mentioned in this article have quite a few similar features. For one, all of them are manufactured from high-quality materials, perfect for long-term use; durability is not an issue.

Although all three products have sturdy designs and good fabrics, Pet Parents offer more interesting and effective stitches. Their diaper also seems to fit a bit better than the other two which means they have no or very little leakage. This is very important because leaks are a major reason why owners get dog diapers in the first place.

The environmentally friendly feature is present in all dog diapers made by Pet Parents, HTKJ, and BWOGUE. This also makes the products a good economic choice for people who have an untrained, menstruating, or sick pet. As long as washing and drying are done with care, all of the above items will keep your dog happy for a long time.

All the dog wraps have performed extremely well under the same circumstances and under similar conditions. However, if you are looking for the absolute best then the washable dog diapers from Pet Parents are a perfect choice. They have outclassed the others in almost all categories.

One of the main reasons for Pet Parent’s victory is the addition of the pad to the inner lining. Because you don’t have to use a separate maxi-pad and position it each time you want to strap a diaper around your dog, the whole fitting process goes much more smoothly.

In the end, this diaper will feel more natural to your pet. The modern look and wide waist size range are also clear indicators that Pet Parents have their consumers in mind.

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