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How to get Hair out of a Dog’s Eye: Simple Steps for Clear and Healthy Eyes

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Taking care of your canine partners is not easy, and it can sometimes be very tiring as you can’t figure out how to solve a particular issue they might have.

We are not the only ones with eye itching and irritation, our dogs can have them, too, especially when hair gets in their eye.

Dog hair can go inside a dog’s eye for various reasons, they might have scratched there, or there was plenty of hair around the eyes or inwards.

It becomes a challenge for everyone around to get the hair out of a dog’s eye and keep it clean and clear.

Here comes the solution, keep on reading this article, and when you reach the end, you will have all answers to your questions, like how to get the hair out of the dog’s eye, how it might have gone in the first place, and what happens is a hair goes into their eyes.

Let us start the read.

How hair may have gone into your dog’s Eye?

These canine partners are always playful and do not even realize what has hurt them or when an inevitable accident has happened and they get bruising or a cut.

They are built that way, and as their caretaker, you have to keep an eye on their every minute behavior and solve any health issue they have.

Hairs going into a dog’s eye is equally painful and uncomfortable as when it goes into a human’s eyes. Can see anything properly, teary eyes, with pain and discomfort. This is precisely how our doggo feels.

A hair in their eyes might have gone because of various reasons; let’s learn about those reasons, which will help us avoid them in the future.

1. Scratching


The most common way a dog can get hair inside their eyes is because of scratching. They sometimes feel discomfort and itch their eyes, and when they do that, chances are hair goes into their eyes.

If you have seen a dog rubbing their face or cleaning their face, you would understand how hair around their eyelashes can get inside the eyes when they scratch.

2. Growing Hair Inwards

Another reason hair might have gone inside a dog’s eye is the inwardly growing hair around their eyes, causing discomfort.

It can be excruciating and cause immense irritation and anger; seeing a vet as soon as possible is better. There are different stages of inwardly growing hair; if not treated early can be very dangerous.

3. Mass Hair Bulk around the Eye

Mass Hair Bulk Around The Eye

A mass bulk of the hair is very beautiful and attracts views which is very pleasing to the owner, but sometimes it can also be a matter of worry.

Apart from causing problems with visibility, bulky hair around the eyes can go inside the eyes, causing agony and irritation.

This usually happens with breeds like Shih Tzu, Terriers, Maltese, and Lhasa Apso.

What Happens when Hair Gets into your Dog’s Eye?

Dogs, very similar to humans, feel discomfort and pain if the hair stays inside the eyes for long periods.

Although there are not many nerve endings in dogs’ eyes compared to human eyes, the irritation, agony, and troubles remain the same.

Animals are very tolerant of pain, and it goes the same for dogs; they are not very easily rattled by issues like hair in the eyes, and they also try to hide their discomfort.

If you observe an irritation or visibility issue with your dogs, check and clean their eyes.

If you see your dog scratching, rubbing his face too often, or pawing towards the eye continuously, these are signs your dog has hurt.

Temporary eye-related issues like hair into the eyes and inturned eyelids should be treated at the earliest to prevent permanent physical damage.

How do you Get Hair Out of your Dog’s Eye?

Now that we know what happens if a hair gets inside a dog’s eye, it is of no use if we do not take active measures and then take out the hair, which is troubling the dog as eyes are the most sensitive part of the body.

And to take the hair out of a dog’s eye without causing pain or trouble to the eyes is very, very tough and challenging.

When you try to go towards their eyes, dogs tend to be in a defensive mode making it hard for you even to touch the eye.

Let’s see how you can get the hair out of a dog’s eye.

1. Try Hands

Try Hands

First, try taking out the hair with your hands; wash your hand properly and then just try to take it out with your fingers.

They are tolerant but still calm and attentive and try to do it quicker. Dogs can get a lot of things into their eyes, and they can be taken out quickly, so do not panic.

2. Saline Rinse

Rinsing the eyes with saline solution or artificial tears until the hair is out of the eyes is a way to treat this issue.

The dog may not be calm while the procedure is being done; try and keep a steady hand, do it as fast as possible.

3. Use Swabs or Cotton Puffs

Use Swabs or Cotton Puffs

Hair can be removed with a swab, but it should be done gently. Take a swab or cotton puff and make its tip wet with saline, not your tongue.

Then try and slowly move the hair towards the eyelids and then through the moist side of the swab, take it out slowly. While doing this, keep on petting the dog; it will help ease their nerves.

4. Take them to the Vet

If you think the issue is severe and needs an expert opinion, or you cannot figure out what should be done, visit a veterinarian immediately.

The eyes are sensitive, and keeping the hair or other things stuck into the eyes for extended periods can cause significant physical problems.

Should you Cut your Dog’s Hair over their Eyes?

Should You Cut Your Dog’s Hair Over Their Eyes?

Yes, Trimming the hair over their eyes improves their vision and discomfort, which they might have if the hair is bulky and covers the entire eye.

Trim the hair just enough, so it won’t irritate them and lowers the risk of developing any significant eye condition.

Long hairs over their eyes can be stressful, especially for fearful dogs, as they can not clearly see what’s ahead of them or what’s coming to them, making them stressed.

This can worsen as hair in their eyes can cause permanent physical damage. Long hairs can scratch their eyes or even cause infections if not cleaned on a regular basis.


Q: Do dogs get bothered by hair in their eyes?

Yes, they feel exactly the same as we humans do; they feel the same pain and irritation when the hair gets into their eyes.

Q: Can human eye wash be used to clean dogs’ eyes?

Yes, some eye washes can be used for dogs, but always consult your Vet before cleaning your dog’s eyes with any chemical or eye wash.

Q: How often should you clean your dog’s eyes??

Cleaning your dog’s eyes every day is a great way to keep their eyes clean and healthy. It takes only two minutes to clean it.


The eyes are a very important body organ, be it a human’s or a dog’s. This article will help you understand how hair may have gotten into your dog’s eyes and what happens when hair is inside your dog’s eyes. Now you can take preventive measures to keep your dog’s eyes clean.

Upon reading the full article, You also learned how to get the hair out of your dog’s eyes and how important it is to cut your dog’s hair around their eyes, and what dangers do they pose.

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