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How to Pick the Perfect Dog Muzzle?

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Muzzles are designed to keep your pet and others safe during any interactions, no matter the situation. A dog muzzle is a perfect product for a pet that errs on the aggressive side.

While wearing a muzzle, your dog will be comfortable and calm and present none of the aggressive behaviors you may have come to expect from it. 

Muzzles provide a safe and humane way for you to keep your dog quiet and calm in your home and outdoors! This improves the quality of life for both you and your pet.

Some features to consider when picking a muzzle are the size of your dog, the shape of your dog’s head, and the style of muzzle you want for your pup.

Product Reviews

Baskerville Ultra Muzzle

How to Pick the Perfect Dog Muzzle

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This muzzle by The Company of Animals features a unique design that allows your dog to remain active even while wearing the muzzle. It does this by leaving enough space for the wearer to eat, drink, and pant with it on!

This model uses heat shaping technology to allow for a custom fit on your dog’s head, nose, and mouth. The custom-fit goes even further by offering a variety of sizes based on the breed of your dog.

On the inside of the muzzle, there is a soft neoprene lining that helps with breathability while being worn as well as making sure your dog stays comfortable. 

Pre-webbed holes in the design make sure your dog is able to eat, drink, and pant while wearing the device. This ensures they can always maintain a healthy lifestyle.


  • Heat shaping allows for a custom fit.
  • Soft neoprene liner makes sure the wearer is comfortable.
  • Dogs can remain active while wearing it.
  • Comes in different sizes for different breeds.


  • Straps can irritate the dog’s skin.
  • Because of design allowing for eating while wearing dogs might still be able to bite.
  • Neoprene lining may irritate a dog’s nose if they are allergic. 

Mayerzon Dog Muzzle

How to Pick the Perfect Dog Muzzle

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This muzzle by Mayerzon touts its security features as a must-have for any dog owner. The adjustable yet fitted straps ensure that the muzzle will stay on your dog at all times unless it is removed by you.

The silicone material this muzzle is made of provides durability to the product while simultaneously being soft to the touch and comfortable for your canine to wear!

To the inch sizing provided means that the muzzle is designed to fit your needs exactly. The range of sizes available means that no matter what size your dog is you’ll be able to find a muzzle that will be a comfortable fit.

The basket style of this muzzle means your pet will have no trouble eating, drinking, or panting when wearing the product. This ensures a happy and healthy dog all the time!


  • To the inch sizing options.
  • Silicone material provides product durability
  • Basket style allows for eating, drinking, and panting.
  • Strong adjustable straps ensure the muzzle will stay on.


  • Tight straps may be uncomfortable for the dog.
  • Dog may have trouble eating or drinking if their size is miscalculated.
  • Silicone design may irritate or chafe some dog’s skin.

GoodBoy Gentle Muzzle Guard

How to Pick the Perfect Dog Muzzle

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The Gentle Muzzle Guard by GoodBoy features a comfort-first design that keeps your dog comfortable in the muzzle while also restricting their ability to bite or bark loudly while wearing it.

The soft neoprene design fits snugly around the wearer’s snout and mouth providing a layer of padding that exceeds expectations and ensures that there is no chafing from use.

High-quality buckles are used instead of cheap plastic ones to make sure that the muzzle stays on at all times and can’t be easily or accidentally removed by the wearer. They hold the straps in a set place and are adjustable for an ideal fit.

The guard design allows for the wearer to drink and pant but prevents unwanted biting or chewing. This cuts down on damage done by your energetic dog and keeps them out of trouble!


  • Neoprene design provides extreme comfort and security.
  • Tight guard style prevents unwanted chewing or biting.
  • High-quality buckles and straps prevent accidental removal.
  • Soft padding prevents snout and jaw chafing on the wearer.


  • Guard style prevents the dog from eating, meaning that constant removal may be required.
  • Sizing options are not exact and extra effort may be needed to find an ideal fit.
  • Straps may chafe wearer’s skin if poorly adjusted.

Four Flags Quick Muzzle 

How to Pick the Perfect Dog Muzzle

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The Quick Muzzle by Four Flags features a webbing-reinforced construction that puts safety first. The design assures users that while wearing it, their dog will not bite or chew on anything unwanted.

The muzzle is made of woven pack nylon, a water and dirt resistant material that puts a strong emphasis on the durability of the product.

Features a quick-release buckle and strap design that keeps this muzzle simple and easy for owners to put on their dogs quickly. A high-quality buckle is used to ensure lasting use. 

Unique guard design prevents unwanted bites by your dog and is ideal for dogs that may be a bit too aggressive with strangers.


  • Pack nylon material is water and dirt resistant.
  • Tight guard design prevents unwanted bites and chewing.
  • Quick-release buckle and strap design make for easy application.
  • High-quality buckle ensures long-lasting use.


  • Nylon materials can cause chafing to the wearer.
  • Lack of detailed sizing can cause confusion when deciding what size to purchase.
  • Guard style prevents large jaw movements and could cause the wearer to panic.

Wintchuk Soft Muzzle Cover

How to Pick the Perfect Dog Muzzle

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The muzzle by Wintchuk features a soft and breathable mesh design. This keeps the wearer comfortable and calm while wearing while maintaining its intended use. 

The guard design keeps your dog from biting or chewing on any unwanted food or items. This keeps your pup and others safe and relaxed at all times. 

Uses adjustable straps, buckles, and Velcro technology to keep a secure hold over your dog’s jaw. The adjustable straps also ensure that the size can be customized to you and your pet’s needs. 

Nylon straps and mesh coverings provide water and dirt-proof material that help keep this product clean and well maintained throughout usage and ensure durability.


  • Breathable mesh material ensures comfort and usability.
  • Adjustable straps and Velcro provide the user with options for a snug fit.
  • Nylon straps and coverings protect the product from water and dirt damage.
  • Guard design keeps the wearer from unwanted chewing or biting.


  • Mesh and nylon materials may cause chafing or irritation.
  • Inability to eat while wearing the muzzle may cause some dogs to panic.
  • Adjustable straps and Velcro may not be enough to ensure a good fit for each dog.

Lepark Nylon Mesh Muzzle

How to Pick the Perfect Dog Muzzle

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The dog muzzle by Lepark features an “all-around” mesh design that completely covers the front as well as the sides of the wearer’s mouth to prevent any unwanted behavior.

The nylon mesh design keeps the muzzle breathable and lightweight on the dog’s face. This lightweight design keeps first-time muzzle wearers calm by being barely noticeable weight-wise.

Overhead straps are used to prevent accidental removal and ensure the muzzle will stay on at all needed times. This design assures users of complete and constant safety.

The durable material allows for easy washing and maintenance of the muzzle. This keeps users confident that the product will last!


  • Durable nylon mesh allows for easy cleaning and breathability.
  • Overhead straps ensure safety at all times.
  • The all-around design allows for complete protection from any unwanted behavior.
  • Lightweight design keeps the wearer calm.


  • Nylon mesh can irritate skin and cause chafing during use.
  • Complete design restricts all mouth movement and causes difficulty drinking and panting.
  • Lightweight design can mean less durability during use.

Weebo Pets Breathable Nylon Safety Muzzle

How to Pick the Perfect Dog Muzzle

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This muzzle by Weebo Pets features a sheath style design with comfort and ease as the focus. The padding and soft straps ensure a comfortable fit while being worn. 

The nylon cloth material is lightweight and soft. It is designed to make the muzzle cleanable, usable, and comfortable at all times while in use. 

Designed with temporary use in mind, it is the perfect muzzle for dogs who may get aggressive at the vet or the groomers. It allows for full mouth freedom while still preventing biting or nipping. 

An adjustable neck strap keeps the muzzle in place and ensures a snug fit while being worn. A quick-release buckle is used to ensure ease of use.


  • Quick and easy setup and application.
  • Lightweight and soft allowing for maximum comfort.
  • Nylon cloth material allows for easy clean after use.
  • Fuller mouth freedom keeps dogs calm and relaxed while still maintaining protection.


  • Only for temporary use.
  • Lightweight material and single strap design may not be adequate for all dogs.
  • Nylon material may irritate or chafe the dog’s skin, even with padding. 

Supet Wire Basket Dog Muzzle

How to Pick the Perfect Dog Muzzle

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The basket style muzzle made by Supet puts safety first with its metal basket. This design ensures that accidents are avoided with your pet when they are wearing this muzzle.

The muzzle features adjustable leather straps that allow for a snug yet comfortable fit for the wearer. Since the straps are leather, they are easily cleaned and wiped down during regular maintenance. 

The wire basket is made of extremely durable metal that ensures the wearer will be unable to bite or chew on unwanted objects while in use. 

Since it is basket style, the wearer is still able to eat, drink, and pant. This ensures the health of the dog even while wearing a restrictive muzzle.


  • Durable metal puts safety first.
  • Adjustable straps ensure a snug and comfortable fit.
  • Basket style design allows for less restrictive mouth movement compared to other styles.
  • Leather straps allow for easy maintenance.


  • Metal basket adds weight to the muzzle and may make it uncomfortable.
  • Leather straps may irritate and chafe some dog’s skin.
  • Large gaps in the basket may not prevent the wearer from eating all undesirable objects.

Crazy Felix Nylon Dog Muzzle

How to Pick the Perfect Dog Muzzle

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This muzzle by Crazy Felix features an all-around muzzle protection design. It prevents your dog from biting or chewing with very high rates of effectiveness. 

The muzzle is made of reinforced nylon stitching and a breathable mesh. This, along with built-in padding makes this muzzle extremely comfortable for the wearer. 

A secure lock-on buckle keeps the straps securely in place and allows for adjustment for just the right fit. Your dog won’t be able to take this off without your help!

The all-around design allows for drinking and panting by your pet, while preventing barking, biting, chewing, and even licking! By allowing for drinking and panting, this muzzle keeps your dog calm and relaxed.


  • Extremely comfortable padding.
  • The secure lock-on buckle makes sure the muzzle stays on.
  • All-around design allows for some freedom while restricting biting and chewing.
  • The breathable mesh ensures the wearer doesn’t overheat while wearing.


  • Nylon and mesh may cause skin irritation and chafe during use.
  • Leaving your dog unable to bark or lick may cause panic during use.
  • Sizing may not be able to accommodate all snout sizes.

Birdwell Enterprises Plastic Dog Muzzle

How to Pick the Perfect Dog Muzzle

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This muzzle by Birdwell Enterprises features a plastic basket cage design that allows for use while still maintaining an active lifestyle.

The heavy-duty plastic is durable and resistant to everyday damage. Your dog’s snout will be protected from scrapes with fences, rocks, and dirt. 

The metal buckles and adjustable straps allow for a snug fit of the muzzle on your pet. There won’t be any accidental slip offs and your dog will be muzzled from the time you put it on to when you take it off.

The basket cage design allows for eating, drinking, and panting while being worn. This means your pet can stay healthy, active, and most of all calm while wearing it. 


  • Durable plastic cage.
  • Easy clean in the dishwasher.
  • Adjustable straps mean a snugger fit.
  • Cage design allows for more freedom while being worn.


  • Straps and plastic may cause skin irritation while in use.
  • More freedom of the wearer’s mouth means a higher chance for accidental biting.
  • Heavy-duty plastic may add too much weight to the muzzle, making it uncomfortable. 

Different Types of Muzzles

Each type of muzzle offers a different solution to stopping a dog from biting, chewing, or barking when they shouldn’t.

The Basket Cage: This muzzle has a unique design that allows for the most freedom for the wearer, while still maintaining safety at all times. The mouth of the wearer is always covered by a cage attached to straps. This cage is often made of either plastic, rubber, or metal. It allows for drinking, panting, and eating.

The Mesh Basket: The mesh basket is like the first in terms of it covering the mouth at all times but tends to be a little tighter of a fit. It uses a nylon mesh “basket” to snugly hold the mouth of the wearer. It allows for drinking and panting, but very rarely eating.

The Sheath: The sheath style features an open-ended design, meaning that the wearer has nothing directly covering their nose or mouth while in use. It often is seen as the most comfortable design due to its heavy use of padding around the snout area.

The All-Around: The all-around style combines the mesh basket with the sheath. The mouth is not directly covered, but rather cupped in a mesh basket. It lacks the extreme padding seen in sheath designs opting to instead use mesh throughout the whole thing. 

How To Select a Muzzle

When thinking of a muzzle to buy for your dog, there are many factors that need to be considered in order to find the best fit!


The first and perhaps most basic one is the size of your dog, specifically the size of their snout. This can be measured with a ruler or tape measure, though a tape measure is recommended to be the ideal device. You want to properly measure the snout length and diameter in order to properly pick which size muzzle you need.


You also need to decide which style of muzzle would be best for your dog and your needs. If your dog is very aggressive, make sure to pick a style that allows for very little mouth movement. If your pet is more relaxed, one that allows for both drinking and eating would be okay, since the risk of accidental biting or chewing is smaller.

Length of Use

One more thing to consider is how long your dog will wear a muzzle for at a time. If your pet is going to be muzzled all day, a muzzle that fits snugly and has a lot of padding will make it a comfortable experience. If your dog is going to be muzzled only for short periods at a time, one that is more protective but perhaps less comfortable may be desired.

Behavior of Dog

The last thing to think about is what are you trying to achieve by muzzling your dog. If you want your pet to stop chewing or biting, perhaps a basket style would fit your needs. If stopping barking is your goal, you’ll want a muzzle that allows for low mouth movement and fits snugly. 

Tips for Using This Product

Starting a new thing is difficult for all of us, and dogs are no exception. You can make the transition to muzzling easier with these tips.

Make Sure Your Dog is Comfortable

The last thing you want when starting to muzzle your dog is for it to be uncomfortable. An uncomfortable pet is much harder to properly train to use a muzzle than a comfortable dog. Making sure that your dog is relaxed and calm when you first put on the muzzle is the key to a successful experience.

Ensure the Right Fit

We all hate wearing clothes that are too big or too small, and your pet is no different. Making sure that the muzzle fits properly is key to using one. Thankfully, the adjustable straps on just about every model help make sure that the fit is a snug one. 

Reward Good Behavior

If your goal is to stop your dog from chewing, biting, or barking, the muzzle is a great place to start. To help this process it is a good idea to reward good behavior done by your pet while wearing the muzzle. Perhaps your dog always barks when he hears the mailman. If after being muzzled for a while, he doesn’t even try to bark, that is behavior to be rewarded.

Give Your Dog a Break

Giving your pet a break from wearing the muzzle is a must. The key is to use the muzzle only when necessary and to avoid overusing it whenever possible. This ensures a positive relationship between your dog and the muzzle.


Will a muzzle prevent my dog from eating grass, dirt, and small sticks?

A muzzle will most definitely prevent your dog from eating undesirable objects such as grass, dirt, or sticks. A muzzle also prevents chewing on items like clothes, furniture, and remotes. 

Will my dog be too uncomfortable while wearing a muzzle?

With proper measurements and sizing, a muzzle will fit snugly on your dog. It won’t be too tight or loose over their snouts. Muzzles made of different materials and padding levels are also available as a way to make sure your pet is comfortable. 

Will a muzzle prevent my dog from barking too much when I don’t want him to?

Yes, with the proper style muzzle, your dog will have trouble barking. A tight sheath style muzzle would be best as a way to prevent barking. However, it is recommended that anti-barking muzzles shouldn’t be worn constantly, and your pet should be given a break. 

Is a muzzle able to be used with a collar?

Yes, a muzzle is able to be used with a collar. Most muzzles offer enough room on the wearer’s neck for a traditional collar to be worn at the same time. Some muzzles also have connections for a leash so that the muzzle can be used as both a muzzle and a collar. 

Each dog is unique and therefore there is no specific muzzle that is best for them all. There are many different factors that play into muzzle choice, including sizing, style, and your goal for using the muzzle. 

Now that you know the different things to think about and consider when buying the perfect muzzle for your dog, it’s time for you to go find the best muzzle for you and your dog! Don’t forget to comment below if you have any questions or want to share your experience!

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