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Best Artificial Grass For Dogs in 2023 {Top 7 Reviews}

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Artificial grass is a garden surface that can make both humans and animals happy, and it’s increasingly common for pet owners. But, what is the best type of artificial grass for dogs?

AT A Glance: Our Top 5 Picks for Artificial Grass For Dogs

In this guide, we will review our top finds of artificial grass for dogs, respond to some popular FaQ’s and investigate all there is to know about dogs and artificial grass.

We’re going to explore the different artificial grass types and select our top 7 that we deem the most suitable for dogs. We will also look into the compatibility of artificial grass and dogs, including whether the dog will ruin the artificial grass. 

Will My Dog Damage My Artificial Grass?

Another concern for dog owners is: will the dog destroy the artificial grass? After investing in a new garden, the last thing you want is for your pup to come and sabotage your efforts. The good news is that artificial grass is pretty resistant when it comes to dog activities. 

Fake grass is easy to clean, and even being used as a dog’s toilet won’t negatively impact it. As with natural grass, urine will dry, and feces can be picked up with the residue hosed away. When a puppy is trained not to bite or chew, he will learn that chewing the garden up is also not OK! 

Eliminate the chance of your dog even being remotely interested in your artificial grass by providing garden activities and toys, or you could section the garden off with the use of a dog-friendly playpen so there is no uncertainty for the dog about where he can and can’t go. This is especially wise for puppies, who will try to eat anything – more than once! 

Best 7 Types of Artificial Grass For Dogs 

GL Artificial Grass Turf Lawn
  • Made of quality poly polypropylene yarns
  • Grass height about 0.4inch in length
Petgrow Artificial Synthetic Grass Turf
  • Durable polypropylene fibres
  • Grass Height about 0.8” in length
STARROAD-TIM Artificial Grass for Dogs
  • Weather resistant synthetic yarn
  • Easy to clean
Fortune-star Artificial Grass Dog Grass Mat
  • made of quality UV resistant polyethylene
  • Non-toxic and Lead free
XLX TURF Thick Artificial Grass Rug
  • Made of PE&PP synthetic material
  • Easy to clean and dry quickly
PICK FOR LIFE Artificial Grass Patch
  • Made of polypropylene material
  • Fit for Dog crate or kennel
Fezep Artificial Grass Patch
  • Made of eco-friendly material
  • Grass height about 1.6-inch in length

1. GL Artificial Grass Turf Lawn

GL Artificial Grass Turf Lawn
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At Canine Weekly, we’re all about the dogs, and GL Artificial Grass Turf Lawn tailors to them perfectly. With their lead-free, non-toxic, rubber-backed artificial grass, they have designed a lawn perfect for any type of puppy playtime. 

You can select whatever size suits your needs, from 2 x 3 feet up to 13 x 82 feet. This superior quality artificial grass with its resistant synthetic material is suitable for yards and gardens of all sizes for all dog owners. 

It’s high density and has a height of 0.4 inches, making it ideal for smaller breeds such as Pocket Pitbulls. It has a 4 tone pattern and is lush and soft, meaning that you’ll have a natural-looking and feeling lawn all year round. 

2. Petgrow Artificial Synthetic Grass Turf

Petgrow Artificial Synthetic Grass Turf
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Dog owners are raving about Petgrow Artificial Synthetic Grass Turf and deeming it as ‘the solution.’ You can purchase various sizes, from 1 x 12 feet to 13 x 82 feet, meaning any sized outdoor or indoor space can be brought back to life simply. Easy installation, easy drain, and ease of maintenance is an excellent buy for busy homes.

We imagine this grass to provide a haven for our much-loved lazy hounds to lie on and enjoy the sunny days in comfort. The fake turf is 0.8” high, so beautifully lush and natural feeling for those padding paws.

High-energy dogs will be able to run around happily all day without getting dirty in the process.  

3. STARROAD-TIM Artificial Grass for Dogs

STARROAD-TIM Artificial Grass for Dogs
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What better product to include in a dog-specific guide than a dog-specific product. Here we have the STARROAD-TIM Artificial Grass Rug Turf for Dogs, equipped with a convenient rubber pad and coming in 39.3 x 31.5 inches, with the ability to be cut down to size for any balcony, yard, terrace, or garden. 

Products like this are increasingly common for dog owners who live in apartments or homes with limited outdoor space, as a training mechanism for toileting. It isn’t healthy for a dog to hold their pee for a long time, but we appreciate that repeated peeing in one concrete area can quickly leave a nasty odor that can be hard to eliminate. 

Whether you choose to use the STARROAD-TIM Artificial Grass to add an additional floor to a smaller concrete area for hygiene purposes, or you’re buying it to teach your puppy where it’s ok to pee, this is an incredibly convenient solution that dog owners are loving online. It is easy to clean, waterproof and non-toxic and its natural multi-tone finish means it looks good too. 

4. Fortune-star Artificial Grass Dog Grass Mat

Fortune-star Artificial Grass Dog Grass Mat
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We think that the Fortune-star Artificial Grass Dog Grass Mat is perfect for a puppy-proof area when you’re potty training inside the home, but it’s a great choice for an outdoor area too. Being UV resistant with a drainage hole, it’s easy to clean and quick to dry. As it is non-toxic it’s safe for the family dog and the children to play on inside, in the yard, or on the balcony.  

For dogs who shed a lot of fur, the Fortune-Star Artificial Grass Mat is a great alternative to natural grass as you can simply sweep (or even vacuum) the fur away and it won’t get stuck to or in the blades, as it would a natural lawn.  

This is soft enough for people to walk on with bare feet and claimed to be more comfortable than actual grass, if it’s good enough for us it’s good enough for our dogs! 

5. XLX TURF Thick Artificial Grass Rug

XLX TURF Thick Artificial Grass Rug
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Looking at the close-up images of the XLX TURF Thick Artificial Grass Rug and it’s pretty hard to tell it apart from the real thing. For dogs intent on chewing, the varying textures may be a little too tempting but that being said, it is still less likely to be damaged by a high-energy dog than a natural garden. 

The non-slip XLF TURF is extremely soft and feels just like real grass which makes it an ideal product to use as a training method for older dogs who may have more sensitivity to harder surfaces and be reluctant or unable to venture outside to do their business. 

For our younger dogs too, this product also has them in mind with its strong rubber bottom that is not easy to tear or chew. It has drainage holes on the back which means it’s easy to keep it hygienic.

6. PICK FOR LIFE Artificial Grass Patch 

PICK FOR LIFE Artificial Grass Patch
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Especially suited to larger breeds, the PICK FOR LIFE Artificial Grass Patch is advertised as making ‘Pet potty training easy’ for ‘apartment dogs’. This may sound like a contradictory term but there are many large breed dogs perfect for apartments and big breed can very often mean lazy breed!   

This jumbo-sized turf (39.3″x 31.5″) is ideal for large dogs or litters of puppies as a toilet training tool, or to provide comfort for dogs who have concrete yards or outdoor areas. It looks very much the real deal with its 4 tone blades and is made from safe synthetic that is non-toxic.

Unfortunately, we have come across quite a number of negative reviews for this product who note it as being thin and not long-lasting, but for a litter or an old, large dog who needs some short-term toilet training, it could be great for the here and now. 

7. Fezep Artificial Grass Patch 

Fezep Artificial Grass Patch
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At 1.6” high, this is the plushest grass patch we have featured. The Fezep Artificial Grass Patch is specifically designed for toilet training, indoors or outdoors. It has a soft, dense natural look and can be easily washed to remain hygienic. 

It is claimed to be ‘highly durable,’ but some owners have disputed this and say that their puppies seem intent on chewing it. Whether that’s down to the product, the puppy, or the training, we can’t be sure. Possibly some indestructible dog toys could also be purchased.  

Other owners have called it essential for toilet training as a convenient method, especially throughout the night, or for those living in multi-story buildings who don’t have quick access to an outdoor space. 

How to Choose The Right Artificial Grass For Your Dog

With so many different types of artificial grass out there, how do you find the one that’s right for your dog?

As with most things, budget is always an essential factor, but some other things are worth considering. 

These include:

  • Pile height and density 
  • Materials used 
  • Underlay  

Ideally, you want the height and density to be comfortable under the paw but not too long that it’ll pique interest in chewers! You also need it to be easy to sweep for our shedders. It can feel like something of a trade-off between the three. 

We would recommend a shorter grass, somewhere in the range of 20 – 30 mm, to ensure that cleaning can be done thoroughly without mess or residue being left in between the fibers. Pile density isn’t a great concern for dogs, so this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. Something good but not over the top is a happy medium. 

When choosing suitable materials, the same consideration for pets should be applied as if you were purchasing for toddlers or children. This means chemical and lead-free, non-toxic, and highly durable! 

For underlay, you need something that is anti-slip – this will mean it won’t be confused as a toy from our younger pups and reduce the risk of injury for older dogs. Rubber is an excellent material and featured in the majority of the products in this guide. It’s hard-wearing, too, which is a big bonus. 

Installing Dog-Friendly Artificial Grass

There are two typical ways of installing artificial grass: with grass tape or with staples. Either method should secure the grass in place. When you’re installing dog-friendly artificial grass, it is precisely the same process as with any other type of artificial grass. However, there is one distinction: Drainage. 

If you’re going to be placing the artificial grass on a surface with poor drainages, such as concrete, it would mean that you’d likely have to hose down and thoroughly clean the grass more regularly. Sharp sand is the most appropriate surface to allow for easy drainage and the elimination of odors. 

When you have completed the artificial grass installation, it’s essential to trim around the edges to prevent any injuries (…or temptations) to your dog prior to securing it in place. You should then ‘brush up’ the grass with a soft-bristled brush and leave it to settle for around 3 hours – or more, before walking on it. 

Dog-Friendly Maintenance of Artificial Grass

One thing in particular requires consideration when it comes to dogs and artificial grass, and this is odor. Even the greatest-quality artificial grass will harbor an odor over time if a dog regularly uses it to go to the bathroom. 

Luckily there are ways to eliminate the smell of dog poop and pee from your artificial grass quickly and effectively. 

Products like Simple Green Outdoor Odor Eliminator for Pets, Dogs, Ideal for Artificial Grass & Patio uses powerful, natural enzymes to neutralize odors and is safe for artificial grass, dogs and children. If you want to go even more natural, you could use a simple spray bottle and make up your own solution of vinegar and water (equal measures) and then finish by hosing down the area. 

It is common for people to use a jet wash or power hose for artificial grass, which is incredibly effective and dries extremely well. The bonus of this is that there are absolutely no chemicals, toxins, or well, anything other than pure water. 

Unlike natural grass, artificial grass can get very hot in warm weather, not to the point of causing burns but it could be pretty uncomfortable for bare paws. Dogs’ paws can suffer a great deal without preventive measures and it’s not like they can tell you if they’re sore or in pain.

Reduce the chances of paw discomfort on a hot day by considering laying down some sand, a white thin blanket or a cooling mat for your dog to escape the grass on. You could also spray or hose down the artificial lawn with cold water.  

When raking leaves from the artificial grass it is important to use a plastic rake, in place of a metal one as metal spikes could damage the grass. It has been known for people to even vacuum their artificial lawns, and you can sweep it with a soft bristled brush to ensure it’s free from any garbage or mess. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Artificial Grass for Dogs

Is Artificial Grass Safe For My Dog?

There are no dangers from artificial grass for a dog. It is a synthetic lawn that’s inviting, warm and soft. It doesn’t harbor ticks, mites, or fleas like traditional grass and is often less toxic than chemically treated lawns. 

Do Dogs Like The Feel of Artificial Grass?

If your dog is used to playing on a hard surface or a natural lawn that is wearing thin then installing artificial grass is almost as if you’re re-carpeting the ground with something dense and soft. Dogs love comfort and tend to adapt to artificial grass quickly. 

Can Fleas Live in Artificial Grass?

Fleas can live almost anywhere! Hardy little creatures, they’ll reside in soft furnishings, clothing, bedding, and yes, artificial grass. However, they are much less likely to as there’s no plant matter for them to feed in, nor any soil for them to find shelter. 

What Is The Best Artificial Grass For Dogs in 2023? Our Verdict. 

Artificial grass is a great choice for your garden, outdoor area, and for your dog. It is low maintenance, durable, and will last for years. We particularly like the GL Artificial Grass Turf Lawn, at 0.4” high, and with its 4 tone finish it looks beautifully natural while being perfect for small dogs as well as larger breeds.

The Petgrow Artificial Synthetic Grass Turf comes in a range of sizes and is extremely easy to clean, making it a great choice for homes and gardens of any size. The dog-specific STARROAD-TIM Artificial Grass Rug Turf for Dogs is praised highly by owners who live in apartments or multi-story buildings and we love the strong rubber bottom that makes it both anti-slip and highly durable. 

If you’re looking for softness then the Fortune-star Artificial Grass Dog Grass Mat could be the one for you, with owners reporting to love walking on it themselves in bare feet! For a stunning replica of real grass, the XLX TURF Thick Artificial Grass Rug looks very much like the real thing and we think this would be perfect for our older 4-legged friends who deserve high comfort for their golden years. 

For owners of large breeds, or litters PICK FOR LIFE Artificial Grass Patch could be your product. It’s jumbo-sized and aesthetically pleasing, however, owners have reviewed this as short-lasting and not durable. Other owners state that their puppies acclimated to it quickly and that cleanup is a breeze. We found similar contradictions with the Fezep Artificial Grass Patch.

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