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The Best Dog Waste Stations Review – 2023 {Buyer’s guide}

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There is an increasing need for community waste stations for dogs, anywhere dogs are doing their business. This could mean an open grassy area in a neighborhood, designated dog park, or near a communal apartment building that’s the residence of multiple dogs without private gardens. 

AT A Glance: Our Top 5 Picks for Dog Waste

By installing and offering community waste stations for dogs, you can play your part in keeping your local area hygienic. Often owners aren’t aware of the dangers dog waste can carry or its impact on the environment. Dog waste stations are there to minimize risks and help to keep an area clean and tidy. 

If you want to play a crucial role in keeping your neighborhood, dog park, or apartment complex hygienic and nicer places for residents to be in, then here at Canine Weekly, we’re going to explore the benefits of community waste stations for dogs. 

We will also include our top 5 picks currently on the market and look into the frequently asked questions relating to waste stations for dogs. 

But first, let’s investigate what community waste stations for dogs are.

What Are Community Waste Stations for Dogs?

More than 84 million dogs are living in the USA, and dog ownership continues to rise. With more dogs than ever before living in apartments, we’re well on the road to having more dogs than we have dog waste management solutions. 

There was once a time when dogs roamed freely, and their mess on the sidewalks was considered nothing more than an everyday inconvenience. Now, we know the dangers of animal waste; thus, isn’t it only right we play our part in clearing it up?

By introducing community waste stations for dogs, we can decrease dog waste issues and help residents meet the necessary sanitation standards that keep us healthy. Installing waste stations will encourage people in the neighborhood to pick up after their dog and dispose of their waste responsibly.

There are different types of community dog waste stations. In the majority, they are a multi-part unit that will provide a method for safely disposing of dog waste. They are there to also send a message to visiting pet owners: ‘Hey, we clear up our dog mess here!’, hoping that they will follow suit. Some even come with signs that display clear messages to encourage residents to pick up after their dog.

Dog waste stations have bag dispensers, container varying numbers of bags for dog walkers to help themselves. The waste can is lidded so that the feces can be disposed of, leaving no odor behind. There can also be mini-stations, which don’t tend to have the waste receptacle and only offer bags, sometimes with an additional sign and instructions. 

Community dog waste stations can be made of several different materials, but stainless steel and aluminum are the best to stand the test of time against light vandalism, the elements, and general wear and tear. If you use dog wipes on your walks, you could dispose of them safely within a waste station for extra convenience too. 

If you have yard dogs, it is imperative to keep their environment clean and comfortable. Using specialized ground covers can make a big difference for both the dog and space, and so too can a dog waste station. Dogs who live outside have legal rights to a sanitary space, which a dog waste station can provide in a highly convenient way. 

Commercial dog waste stations are on the rise and branching out from parks and cities into our airports, as more people are traveling with their dogs. Flights can be anxiety-inducing activities for all but especially for dogs, so a safe waste management system within an airport is very important.

Residential or commercial, communal or private, dog waste stations have their place in our society. If you’re unsure where to start, we have listed our chosen 5 best community waste stations for dogs for you to consider. 

Our 5 Best Community Waste Stations for Dogs

Zero Waste USA Dog Waste Station
  • High Strength Aluminum
  • Free 400 Dog Waste Bags
Flybold Dog Waste Station
  • No rust no fade enivronment proof construction
  • Use dispenser for both roll and pull bags
UPGORILO Dog Waste Station
  • Comes with 600 strong dog waste bags and 50 can liners
  • Rain protection & Triple Storage
Fantasticdeals Vertical Metal Sign
  • Made from high quality aluminum
  • Design professionally printed
American Dog Waste Products – Dog Waste Station
  • Comes with 400 Dog Waste Bags and 25 Can Liners
  • Everything Included – Sign, Locking Dispenser, Waste can with Lid, Post

1. Zero Waste USA Dog Waste Station – Editor’s Top Choice

Zero Waste USA Dog Waste Station
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The Zero Waste USA Dog Waste Station is our top choice for community waste stations for dogs. Firstly, it is made from professional-grade, high-strength aluminum and not cheaper, less durable components often found in other brands. 

The Zero Waste USA Dog Waste Station comes with everything you need to start a new community clean-up project, including a post, 400 dog waste bags, a locking dispenser, and an encouraging sign which states: ‘Please Clean Up After Your Dog.’ 

Suitable for parks and recreation grounds, property management solutions, or for your backyard this is a stable structure that can be hugely effective in encouraging others to be responsible with their dog waste. Upon the main container are clear, easy-to-read instructions explaining how to take a bag, with three openings above to pull a bag from with ease. 

One of the things we love about this product is that it is from a long-established supplier of dog waste solutions, with the company being established in the 1980s. They’re not new to the scene, which gives them a significant advantage over newer, less-recognized brands. 

2. Flybold Dog Waste Station

Flybold Dog Waste Station
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The unmissable Flybold Dog Waste Station comes in striking green and purple color with a doggy-shaped top, to make itself known in any neighborhood. It is rust and fade-proof, due to its powder-coated surface and has a substantial capacity for up to 10 gallons of waste! 

The Flybold Dog Waste Station comes with liner clamps, to lock the liners in place and; 400 roll bags, 200 pull bags, and 50 liners. It has a friendly visual, that’s inviting and encouraging, rather than drab or dull and you certainly can’t miss it! We feel this would look great in any dog park, outside a doggy salon, or in a residential park. 

Dog owners have rated this highly online, calling it sturdy, well-built and one buyer has even claimed it has the neighborhood applauding! The dimensions are: 84 in(l) x 12 in(b) x 12 in(h) and its fun look means that it’s sure to stand out. As it comes with 400 plastic, disposable bags you won’t need to worry about restocking this station for some time. 

3. UPGORILO Dog Waste Station

UPGORILO Dog Waste Station
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Now the greatest thing about the UPGORILO Dog Waste Station has to be its glow-in-the-dark design. If you work during the day or have a dog with anxiety, or if your dog has aggressive tendencies, you may choose to walk him at night, but it can be difficult to spot a dog waste station when you do this. UPGORILO has the solution!   

As well as being able to see the dog station at night, you can also avoid touching anything you can’t see (on places that aren’t illuminated) due to UPGORILO’s foot pedal, offering quick hands-free disposal of your dog’s mess. 

This station comes with 600 strong waste bags and 50 liners. It is rust and color resistant and lidded to keep the rain out and odors in. With its generous dimensions: 31 x 16 x 14 inches it is called a ‘triple storage’ waste station, requiring less maintenance than other brands. 

4. Fantasticdeals Vertical Metal Sign 

Fantasticdeals Vertical Metal Sign
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What any dog waste-conscious community needs is a sign, to act as a reminder to residents and notification to passing guests. Fantasticdeals have this covered with their Weatherproof, Aluminum Community Recycling Sign. Coming in three different sizes, this premium quality, fully weather-proof sign is made of high-grade aluminum to ensure great longevity. 

It has bold, clear lettering that can be read from afar and it can be used indoors or outdoors. You can mount the sign to a variety of different surfaces, such as fences, doors, or walls. With a green background and striking white lettering, which reads ‘Keep Our Community Clean’, it is a great visual for any proudly responsible neighborhood, apartment complex, or green space. 

The sign would be an unmissable prompt for residents using outdoor communal areas or a gentle reminder placed within lobbies or shared stairwells for people to pass by when they’re leaving for a dog walk. 

It is treated against UV and water to protect it for years to come. The sign has rounded edges for comfort when installing and comes with pre-drilled holes to make the mounting simple. However, screws, nails, and tools are sold separately. 

5. American Dog Waste Products – Dog Waste Station

American Dog Waste Products - Dog Waste Station
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Offering premier quality at an economical cost the American Dog Waste Products – Dog Waste Station is considerably cheaper than other big-name brands, yet is a leader in the industry. Made of high-strength aluminum metal, it is non-rusting and non-fading and holds a whopping 1000 bags at a time! 

It is compatible with other brands’ bags but claims that you’ll struggle to find greater value than their own – having looked around a little, we’re inclined to agree. This dog waste station comes with everything you need to have a fully functioning station up and running immediately. It also comes with easy-to-read instructions and the brand also offers same-day dispatch.

It can be free-standing or wall-mounted, making it perfect for all locations, from shared gardens to residential streets and parks. There is no scent when the lid is closed and it stands up well against the elements. 

Dog owners are loving the sturdiness of this dog waste station and we struggled to find any negative ratings for the product – aside from just two who state parts were missing on delivery. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Community Waste Stations For Dogs 

During our research into community waste stations for dogs, we have come across a few queries that repeatedly come up. So, we have investigated these to provide the answers for our readers. 

How Are Dog Waste Stations Better Than Other Solutions?

A community dog waste station is effective and convenient to a large number of people, but let’s briefly look into their alternatives to compare:

  • Flushing: Some states, areas, or townships allow for the flushing of dog waste. It is a safe solution, as sewer systems are designed to process waste before it reaches lakes, rivers, or oceans, however, this does mean that you could be walking around carrying your dog waste until you reach your property – which could be somewhat of a nuisance. 
  • Burying: According to some regulations, burying dog waste (5 inches or more) below the ground is an appropriate method and some people can consider this to be an effective way to fertilize plants. 

    But, dog feces isn’t a fertilizer and can create a build-up of microorganisms that are harmful, such as parasites and bacteria. This could lead to contamination within the soil that could easily be contracted by pets or even children. 
  • Throwing Away: Tossing the waste into a regular garbage can means that animals can rummage through the contents and distribute them around the area. Exposure to dog waste can lead to them contracting many health issues and at best it just isn’t hygienic. 

Undoubtedly, the best way to collect and contain dog waste is with a dog waste station.

Why Should We Pick Up Our Dog Waste?

Apart from it being a part of responsible dog ownership, picking up dog waste is also a legal requirement with fines of up to $10,000 nationwide being put in place for owners who fail to comply. 

Picking up after your dog is also important for community health. Dog waste is classified as a pollutant by The Environmental Protection Agency, due to it carrying millions of bacteria, parasites, and viruses. Coming into contact with dog mess for humans or other pets can be dangerous, but especially so for children whose immune systems are not yet fully developed. 

How Do I Get Fellow Residents On Board?

Even if you’re not part of a neighborhood watch, you don’t have a community book club, or even speak to the people in your apartment block or on your street, you can still broach community issues. Someone has to be the first one, right?

If you don’t have a community social media page, noticeboard, or meet-up, there are lamp posts, shop windows or you could even go door-to-door with flyers – depending on your level of enthusiasm.

 A crucial part of dog waste management is awareness and education. When people understand the importance of cleaning up their dog waste and start to see their community supporting it they’ll become inclined to participate. 

Once you learn who your fellow doggy owners are, this opens up a world of conversations about different products and it is excellent for dog socialization too.  

Hundreds of Bags – Isn’t So Much Plastic Bad For The Environment?

Plastic bags aren’t great for the environment, that being said they are somewhat of a necessity when it comes to physically picking up dog poop with your hands. To make an environmentally friendly choice, you could consider biodegradable bags. Earth Friendly makes its bags from recycled ingredients.

BioBag is another good choice, as their bags are vegetable-based and break down in just 90 days. When you compare this to standard plastic which can take decades, they’re certainly an eco-friendly choice.  

So, Which Is The Best Community Waste Station For Dogs in 2023? Our Verdict

Each of the five products we listed had its advantage point; We love the glow-in-the-dark ability of the UPGORILO Dog Waste Station and its foot pedal is a great add-on to provide hands-free waste disposal for your dog’s waste. UPGORILO has a highly generous capacity too, which would be great for areas that are high on dogs but short on caretakers. 

The doggy-shaped top of the Flybold Dog Waste Station we think would make it a good choice for parks and green spaces, where visually pleasing products would go down well. By using the Weatherproof, Aluminum Community Recycling Sign in addition to any of the products featured you are sure to make sure that the waste station is unmissable. 

The materials used in the construction of the American Dog Waste Products – Dog Waste Station guarantee longevity, but we were concerned with the comments from buyers who stated that the station arrived faulty or missing parts. So, we are going to recommend the Zero Waste USA Dog Waste Station as our best buy. 

The Zero Waste USA Dog Waste Station does seem to have it all. Made from professional-grade aluminum (which no other product stated) gives it a superior quality that ensures it will stand the test of time and be protected from the elements. We love that it also comes with 400 free bags and a sturdy metal post for immediate erection. 

This brand is used by 50,500 park and property managers across the nation and is the oldest independent supplier of commercial dog waste stations in the US. When you’re looking for a product that you can trust, one that has been around for decades and is still going strong today is a fantastic option. 

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