11 Best Indoor Dog Gates – Reviews in 2022

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Indoor dog gates have become a global need but are still a relatively new product. As more of us brought our dogs inside to mingle with the family day-in-day-out, there became the desire, or requirement, to separate that dog from the family. 

It may be that you’re a multi-dog household, have young children, a whelping bitch, or an allergy sufferer within the family. Or, it may be that you aren’t one for crate training but still need to keep your dog contained when you’re out of the house or entertaining guests. Indoor dog gates provide a great solution to a multitude of issues. 

A dog gate is different from a playpen, as it gives the dog the entire room to roam in. Dog gates can be small enough to look neat and tidy or tall enough to contain a Great Dane. They can be fabric, metal, or plastic and have many different closing mechanisms, from push shut to lift and lock. 

Today’s dog gates come in various materials, from the pretty to the functional in design and across the price ranges. Many products have been crafted to tackle the most Houdini-inclined of the canine world. Some barely resemble a dog gate at all. 

In this guide, I have featured 12 of the best indoor dog gates around, including the same one I use myself. 

At a Glance: Our Top 11 Picks for Indoor Gates 

Indoor Dog Gates – Why Do You Need One?

In the same way as playpens, outdoor dog kennels, and dog fences can be used to keep a dog from accessing certain areas of the garden, an indoor dog gate will keep your pet from gaining entry into some areas of the home, such as the laundry room, kitchen, up the stairs, or to other non-dog-friendly areas. 

A dog gate will contain a dog in a safe area, where they can enjoy their time there. A dog gate provides more space for a dog than a crate or kennel, and when a dog has a designated area, this quickly becomes their safe place, giving solace – which can help dogs who suffer from anxiety

When a puppy is brought home, he can be very scared of new spaces and quickly get himself into an unsafe area. Having a dog gate this sections off where a puppy could encounter mischief and turns the specific room into their territory. This will help a puppy to settle, feel confident, and ultimately be safe. 

An indoor dog gate can also prevent a dog from escaping and running out of the home, which no dog owner wants to deal with.

Another benefit of dog gates is to place one at the bottom of the stairs, to prevent a dog from walking up the stairs, and exploring a new floor of the home. There are a few things that can be troublesome with a dog going upstairs. 

One is more specific for large breeds and is that their legs are not designed to carry their weight going up and downstairs. A study has found that when puppies use stairs from an early age, this can lead to early hip dysplasia

Another reason why it’s a good idea to restrict upstairs access is that that is where the alpha of the pack sleeps – no alpha in the wild world would share their sleeping space with the pack, and to assert dominance over your dog, neither should you. 

Upstairs can also be a hazardous place with untidied wires, bathroom cleaners, high windows, shutters and blinds, verandas, and balconies. 

Top 11 Indoor Dog Gates 2022

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1. Safety 1st Easy Install Extra Tall Gate – Editors Choice

Safety 1st Easy Install Extra Tall Gate
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The gate I have selected for my home is the Safety 1st Easy Install Extra Tall and Wide Baby Gate with Pressure Mount Fastening, and there are a few reasons I chose this. My Rottweiler is as headstrong as he is physically strong, so I needed something tall, durable, and not easy to jump. I can’t say that he has never jumped it, but it’s been infrequent. As this stands at 36 inches high, it is difficult for most dogs to leap.  

I like the auto-shut function; just push the gate behind you, and it locks into place without any fiddly push-in, or lift-up, mechanisms. I also like that this was a no-tool installation and a pressure fit design. 

Something for other large breed owners to consider is the space between the bars; these need to be more narrow than the paw to prevent it from getting stuck, twisted, or injured. My Rottweiler reached around 10-weeks before his paws were too wide to fit between the bars. 

2. Tulardom Magic Pet Gate Budget Buy!

Tulardom Magic Pet Gate
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A great feature of the Tulardom Magic Pet Gate, other than its budget price, is its retractable design. Although it is a drill fit, requiring joint fittings and four-pipe clips to be installed into the door frame, the gate itself can be retracted for the times it isn’t needed. By being retractable, this means it doesn’t have to be a permanent feature in the home. 

The Tulardom Magic Gate is ‘extra tall’ and ‘extra-wide,’ with dimensions going up to 40 inches across and 31 inches high. For clarity, a Leonberger stands at 31 inches – at shoulder height. A feature I love about this particular gate is the see-through mesh woven fabric. It removes the feeling of isolation for a dog and means you can keep an eye on his activities. The mesh is durable and said to be able to withstand scratches from the dog’s claws. 

This indoor dog gate is designed for small and medium-sized pets, which is confusing given the ‘extra tall’ wording. However, it has been very well received by hundreds of dog owners who rate it highly for durability, design, and value for money. 

3. RONBEI Safety Gate

RONBEI Safety Gate
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The pressure-mounted RONBEI Auto-close Safety Gate is, again, a no-tool installation (although a small wrench is included along with four pressure bolts) and has an auto-close design feature – perfect for when you have your hands full or need to close the gate in a hurry. The RONBEI gate can be extended from 29.53”-31.5” to 35”-37.8” when the included extension is added. 

The RONBEI gate is slightly taller than the average baby gate and heavy, too, weighing 11.82 lbs, but it is extremely sturdy, which easily explains this. It can be jumped at, leaped at, or have dogs throw themselves against it, and it will withhold this well. 

I love the black color and feel this is very fitting with today’s modern home interior. A black safety gate differs from the more traditional white and can complement the surroundings, rather than looking like an out-of-place product in the home. 

4. Regalo Extra Tall Baby Gate 

Regalo Extra Tall Baby Gate
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Another black gate, but this time coming in extra tall (at 41-inches high), is the Regalo Baby Gate. This is an expandable safety gate that reaches up to 36.5-inches wide, and surprise-surprise – it’s another no-drill installation! 

The Regalo Baby Gate is certified to both ASTM and JPMA standards and includes multiple safety-lock features with four wall cups providing extra security. This gate is an all-steel construction, built with strength and durability in mind, and the black color only adds further to the aesthetically pleasing design. 

This is highly convenient to use in a hurry as the lever handle features a one-touch release safety lock. You can transfer the Regalo Baby Gate from room to room, or house to house, with ease, and it stows flat for excellent portability. Due to it being a pressure-mounted gate, no damage to walls or doorways should occur. 

5. North States MyPet Paws Portable Pet Gate 

North States MyPet Paws Portable Pet Gate
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The North States MyPet Paws Portable Pet Gate is an online bestseller made in the USA from strong, durable plastic with a light gray finish and cute paw print accents. This gate stands at 23-inches tall and fits various openings and spaces between 26-inches and 40-inches wide. It is highly portable and easy to install and reinstall, with rubber bumpers included to protect walls.

A great feature of the North States MyPet Paws Portable Pet Gate is the sturdy, curved handle which allows for firm grip and easy mounting. Installation takes seconds with this gate, and it couldn’t be simpler to install straight from the box – just expand the gate using the handle to push it until the side bumpers are against the desired walls, then rotate and insert the handle tab to secure the gate. 

The design of this gate is perfect for those who have a litter of puppies or an individual puppy; when they need to be restricted but still supervised due to its see-through design. – For those looking to entertain a litter of puppies, a small toy bundle is often the most affordable way of doing so.

6. Carlson Extra Tall Freestanding Pet Gate 

Carlson Extra Tall Freestanding Pet Gate
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Here we have the Carlson Extra Tall Adjustable Freestanding Pet Gate. The Carlson Pet Product brand began when they noted a gap in the market for pet-specific safety gates; now they have a comprehensive line of chew-proof, non-toxic indoor dog gates – and the Extra Tall, Adjustable, Freestanding Pet Gate caught my eye for several reasons. 

Designed with medium and large breeds in mind, this gate adjusts to fit spaces up to 70-inches wide and stands at 28-inches tall – St Bernard tall. Its premium wood construction is pretty awesome, and the gate is designed with New Zealand pine – not your typical pet product wood. 

The Carlson Extra Tall Gate is entirely freestanding, allowing for maximum adjustability and minimal setup – again, no tools required! The materials of high-quality wood and steel metal make the gate not only incredibly durable but also very stylish too, and the aesthetics mean it will fit in with modern or rustic homes.

7. Summer Safety Gate 

Summer Safety Gate
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The Summer Extra Tall & Wide Safety Gate is great for dog owners who have extra-wide stairs, doorways, or spaces as it fits openings up to 53-inches and has an extra-wide door, too, perfect for larger breeds. The gate stands at 38-inches high (10-inches taller than the St.Bernard-friendly Carlson gate above) and features a cute arched top above the gate, which is finished in a cool gray color. 

Now, tools are required if owners wish to hardwire mount the gate, but there is the option of a no-drill installation too. I love the auto-close feature and find this of great convenience at home, but something my gate is missing that this one has is the hold-open mechanism that keeps the door open when required – seriously beneficial! 

The item is heavy, at 23 lbs, but incredibly sturdy and durable. If you’re an owner of a hardy breed, such as a GSD, the Summer Safety Gate is one to consider indeed. 

8. PAWLAND Extra Wide Dog Gate

PAWLAND Extra Wide Dog Gate
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Available in three or four panels, the PAWLAND Extra Wide Dog Gate can be used as an indoor dog gate or room divider – given its generous 96-inch width and hefty 31-lbs weight. You could also use it to box in a small section of a room and utilize as you would a dog crate. The PAWLAND dog gate is free-standing, with support feet included, foldable and portable. 

This gate is simple to set up with no assembly required. It can be used in a variety of ways and is simple to store too. The materials used in construction are strong steel wire and sturdy wood, offering outstanding durability and longevity. 

Owners could even use this to section off an area of the garden temporarily to keep dogs safe, but as it isn’t designed for outdoor use, it would be best to bring it indoors during extreme temperatures or when there’s heavy rainfall. Alternatively, it could be treated with a varnish and remain a more permanent outdoor feature. 

9. Momcozy Retractable Safety Gate 

Momcozy Retractable Safety Gate
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With color options of gray or white, the Momcozy Retractable Safety Gate will complement the modern home’s interior. This is a retractable safety gate, which is a great space-saver and can span 55-inches wide to fit the majority of doors and stairs. The Momcosy Safety Gate stands at 33.7-inches tall, so a good choice for medium and large breeds, as well as smaller dogs and puppies. 

The one-hand operation provides great convenience for owners who have their hands full; simply press and rotate the ball cap to lock or unlock. Momcozy Safety Gate is portable and comes with two sets of installation hardware that can be installed in two different areas of the home where the gate could be needed at different times. I believe this gives excellent value for money. 

The customer service from Momcozy shouldn’t be overlooked. Customers are provided with two-year quality assurance, as well as lifelong customer service and technical consultation. 

10. Evenflo Barn Door Gate

Evenflo Barn Door Gate
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The Evenflo Barn Door Walk-Thru Gate isn’t a low-cost gate, and nor does it look like it. Personally, the aesthetics of this gate alone make it worthy of a place in my gate. It is so unique! The barn door look is every bit a farmhouse, rustic and vintage, and a world away from the simple white bar design we often see in safety gates. 

Evenflo Barn Door Gate stands at 30-inches tall and fits openings from 29-inches to 43-inches wide. The beautiful wooden gate has a ‘whisper swing’ door, which swings easily in both directions and auto-closes behind you quietly. It is also a one-hand opening for great convenience. 

A red and green color indicator will show if the gate has been appropriately locked – an excellent safety feature, especially when used at the top of stairs or steps. When the gate is locked and showing the red indicator, it cannot swing out and allow the dog to access the stairs or another room.  

11. Queenii Magic Pet Gate 

Queenii Magic Pet Gate
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The Queenii Magic Pet Gate is a new release going down a storm already, with hundreds of happy owners. This is a retractable gate, with dimensions of 41.13-inches across and 31-inches high – suitable to most door frames. 

A great feature of this gate is the see-through mesh, which is constructed from a tough, woven fabric offering great durability against claws and teeth. The materials are German-important and of superior quality. 

This is super easy to install, with sticky hooks needed to be placed on either side of the opening and the fabric hooks placed over them. It is folding and portable, but the lack of information about the installation does make me wonder if this would lift paint from the wall once removed. To override this, you could use products that offer a damage-free application and removal. 

What to Consider When Choosing An Indoor Dog Gate

There are many things to consider when choosing an indoor dog gate for your home. 

  • Quality and Material: Dog gates come in a variety of materials, ranging from lightweight fabric mesh, to durable metal, and solid wood. The material you select could depend on the aesthetic you’re looking for (those looking for a more sophisticated look may opt for a wooden gate, for example). The dog’s temperament will also have a bearing on the quality/material choice – if your dog is a major chewer then mesh and wood may be best being avoided! 
  • Durability and Security: You should consider the breed you have, as well as his nature. A large high-energy breed may require a taller gate that can’t be easily jumped – or not in a single bound anyway. If you have a muscular, powerful dog then a heavy, more secure gate that can’t be barged through would be wiser. 
  • Where The Gate Will Go: Different spaces in the home will require a different type of gate. Some gates I have chosen will section off a large chunk of a room, whereas others are designed to fit narrow doorways. If you don’t select an easily-adjustable gate, make sure you properly measure the space before purchasing. 

And remember, some gates have separate extensions you can purchase if you under-measure, but over-measure and you simply have a gate that doesn’t fit

Indoor Dog Gates – My Verdict 

I have featured my own gate – Safety 1st Easy Install Extra Tall and Wide Baby Gate with Pressure Mount Fastening, as I trust in its abilities, however during my research I am inclined to upgrade to the Summer Extra Tall & Wide Safety Gate as its hold-open feature would make my life easier. 

For something different, the Evenflo Barn Door Walk-Thru Gate is a beautiful product and very fitting with a rustic, farmhouse interior. I like the incredible versatility offered with the PAWLAND Extra Wide Dog Gate, and believe it could solve a multitude of issues in a really simple way. The Carlson Extra Tall Adjustable Freestanding Pet Gate is another freestanding design, constructed from premium materials.

The Tulardom Magic Pet GateQueenii Magic Pet Gate, and the Momcozy Retractable Safety Gate are all fully retractable safety gates. The Momcozy offers two color choices but the Tulardom is the budget buy of the guide, and the Queenii Gate is made from German-important materials and offers great visibility for owners and dogs. All are good choices when looking for gates that fully retract. 

I am happy to recommend each of the 11 products above, and believe each one to offer something unique to cater to all types of owners, with all types of dogs. 

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